Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 47

Ou Renjin fell silent when he heard these words, and said after a long time: “People always have traces of living in this world.”

He Yixin looked at him for a while, then suddenly suggested, “If you really want to know his past, you can actually ask him directly. Since he has revealed some things to you, it means that he will be willing to tell you more.”

Ou Renjin pursed his lips and shook his head, “You can continue to investigate first. By the way, Guan Qijun also checked him at the beginning, but he didn’t go deep. You can ask him to see if there are any other clues.”

“You fired him and now you tell me to ask him for help. Will he be willing?” He Yixin smiled and waved his hand. “Don’t look at me like this. I had a few drinks with him a few times anyway. If it weren’t for your order, he would have never left his job.”

Ou Renjin raised an eyebrow, “So what, are you taking up his grievances?”

“Uh…” He Yixin choked, “I see, I’ll just ask him. I really owe you in my previous life.”

“Also,” this time Ou Renjin was silent for a long time, “you should monitor the comments on the internet during this time. If there are those who question Ou Shaowen’s past, those who reveal his past, those who say they used to know him, don’t let it go, check them out one by one.”

He remembered Ou Shaowen’s hazy words, “Buy some things I had.”

What things? He dared not think further.

Ou Shaowen had been in good health during his previous medical check-up, there was no damage anywhere, so what could have been bought? In his heart, he felt so fierce that some radical thoughts rose up. This hellish world was so unjust, some evil people could live comfortably by sucking the blood of others, while the innocent could only suffer in silence, drowning in the darkness of despair, and even if they escaped, they would remain in the shadows for the rest of their lives.

He wasn’t sure if his true feelings for Ou Shaowen would last for the rest of his life, but just because the kid had said without hesitation that he was willing to give him his heart, Ou Renjin would take him under his wing and protect him. He wouldn’t be able to sleep or eat without catching those people.

He Yixin cheekily asked Guan Qijun to help. Meanwhile, Ou Shaowen had finished recording his first debut song and filmed enough footage for the group show release for three months, so he had a few days to rest.

However, even during these two days off, the other side had given them a task to live-stream once, for no less than an hour.

Ou Shaowen had his homework on his mind and started chanting before he finished his meal, “Ou Renjin, I’m a bit nervous, what should I say to everyone during the live broadcast? It feels a bit strange to sit alone in front of the camera.”

Although he was used to treating all kinds of cameras as nothing, he was still a bit reluctant when he was asked to take the initiative to communicate with others, especially with a group of strangers separated from him by network cables.

“If you really don’t know what to say, just eat and broadcast. Maybe you can start it now, it just so happens that Aunt Zhou’s dishes are quite rich today.”

Ou Renjin casually made a suggestion, but Ou Shaowen’s eyes lit up. He immediately jumped up from the chair and went upstairs to find the mobile phone stand.

Ou Renjin watched Ou Shaowen’s back disappear quickly at the top of the stairs and shook his head, eating slowly as he waited for him.

Ou Shaowen quickly ran down again, set up his mobile phone in front of the table, and opened a live broadcast room on the live streaming platform he was working with, just as his manager had taught him before. Then he sat in front of the screen silently, and five seconds later, he giggled and turned his head to ask Ou Renjin stupidly, “Can I just continue eating?” 

Ou Renjin couldn’t hold back his laughter, “First share the live broadcast room address on Weibo, otherwise who knows you’ve started live streaming, ah?”

“Oh.” Ou Shaowen nodded and took the mobile phone from the stand again. When he clicked on the live broadcast room again, there was already a dense barrage on the screen.

Ou Shaowen pursed his lips and took a deep breath, somewhat nervously.

That look was really silly. When Ou Renjin was looked at once again as if he was begged for help, he reminded Ou Shaowen, articulating soundlessly, “Don’t be stunned, say hello to everyone.”

Ou Shaowen then waved at the screen and introduced himself very formally, “Hello everyone, I’m Ou Shaowen.” After thinking for a while, he added, “I have two days off, but the management assigned me a live broadcast task, so if I don’t finish my homework, I won’t be able to have fun. So I’m going to start a live broadcast now.”

The pop-up screen was filled with “hahahahaha” at this straightforward statement.

“I don’t know what I’m going to broadcast, so I’ll just eat and show you.” Then he picked up his chopsticks, took a piece of pork ribs and gnawed on it intently.

Ou Renjin had almost finished eating, so he put down his chopsticks and watched him quietly, also finding it interesting.

When he finished eating a rib, he raised his eyes and saw Ou Renjin smiling at him, warm and gentle like a spring breeze. Ou Shaowen felt his cheeks get a little hot for some reason, so he picked up a chicken foot and said, hiding behind it: “What are you laughing at?””

Ou Renjin raised the corner of his mouth and shook his head.

“The chicken feet Aunt Zhou made are particularly delicious, I can chew five a day. I brought a box to the dormitory and calculated that it would last for a month, but they were devoured in a few days by those beasts.” He complained as he chewed on the foot, spitting out the little broken bones one by one before going for the piece of meat in the middle of the foot, looking happy and satisfied.

Fans blamed him for poisoning their eyes with late night eating but found that even his hands were fascinating as he squeezed the chicken food, making them want to lick the screen while looking for food and ordering takeaway.

Ou Shaowen finished half a bowl of rice with a fragrant commentary. Before he got up and started to clean up the table, Aunt Zhou brought a plate of fruit and a few puddings, and smiled and accepted the plate in his hand, “You can chat with your fans, I’ll get it.”

He looked back at his phone screen and nodded in agreement, “Thanks, Aunt Zhou, I’ll make breakfast for you tomorrow.” Naturally, he asked Ou Renjin, who was at the side, “What do you want to eat? I’ve learnt how to make dumplings, how about making dumplings for breakfast tomorrow morning?”

Ou Renjin somewhat froze and gestured with his chin to the live camera next to him. Ou Shaowen didn’t grasp his meaning at all and looked bewildered, “What’s wrong?”

Ou Renjin kept quiet for so long, thinking of not showing up at Ou Shaowen’s personal events to invite hate. Private was private, and fans could keep fooling themselves if they didn’t actually appear together in the open. 

But Ou Shaowen didn’t understand the psychology of fans at all. He didn’t know that in the entertainment industry, fans could tear apart even the most loving couples, not to mention their already controversial relationship and not to mention Ou Renjin’s reputation as a man with a chaotic private life.

Before Ou Shaowen joined the competition, he was the one who piggybacked on Ou Renjin’s popularity, but now that he was shining brightly, Ou Renjin had become a thorn in the eyes of many fans.

When Ou Shaowen looked over the screen just now and asked what he was smiling about or something, there were many netizens who had a vague guess, and now there was no way not to know that someone was next to Ou Shaowen, and who that person was naturally was self-explanatory.

“I’d say, why does this background look so familiar? It appeared in the last vlog, it’s that legendary golden house.”

“F*ck, it’s too damn disgusting, isn’t it? First you make yourself into a prodigal son, and then you have little brother Shaowen living here?”

“Ah ah ah ah, it’s President Ou, right? Wenwen, you’re too bold, not avoiding suspicion at all.”

“Brother Shaowen is too soft and cute, Ou Renjin, if you dare to make Shaowen sad, you’re dead, you know?”

The barrage was flooded with all sorts of comments, not without some bickering and profanity, but the two of them were not focused on the pop-ups at the moment.

“You’re weird, why aren’t you talking?”

Ou Renjin whispered “Never mind”, and because he subconsciously wanted to lower his voice, he sounded even more gentle.

“Do you want to eat dumplings then?”


Ou Shaowen’s eyes shone brightly, and he temporarily forgot the thousands of fans in front of the screen, “Then can we go out to play tomorrow?”

“Not really, your holiday was a bit too sudden and the company has a lot of things that can’t be moved.”


His “ah” was a hundred times more than a word, revealing an obvious coquettish meaning.

“Next time you have a holiday, tell me earlier and I’ll make arrangements to spend time with you. Don’t waste your holiday, ask your friends to go out and play with you this time.” People only heard his voice but didn’t see him. Surprisingly, they felt that at this moment Ou Renjin was so sweet that people who had never heard this tone of his voice before couldn’t help but want to see the expression on his face.

The words he said seemed calm, casual, gentle, and with a tolerance and doting that you could definitely appreciate, giving people a natural sense of security.

“I can’t, I can’t stand it, this dog is too much of a tease. Even I can’t resist it, let alone young and ignorant Brother Shaowen.”

“It’s kind of sweet.”

“Yes but this couple’s image is too good to be true.”

“So pampered, ah, don’t ask, just get married immediately.”

Ou Shaowen didn’t dwell on it. After hearing the answer, he only shook his head regretfully, “The holiday without you is meaningless. Tomorrow I will go to the company with you. I will practise and accompany you by the way.”

Ou Renjin didn’t need to look at it, he could imagine what was going on in the barrage now. He thought it was fun. Obviously, he was very considerate of Ou Shaowen just now, but it didn’t prevent him from having a kind of pleasure of being able to affect the public’s emotions.

If it was before, according to his careless personality, he would have walked into the camera and lightly kissed Ou Shaowen right there, but now he just smiled and replied, “Okay.”

Ou Shaowen was about to say something else to him when he finally reminded him, “Kid, you’re broadcasting live now, focus,” then waved his hand at him mercilessly, “I’m going up, be good and finish your task first.”

Ou Shaowen, taken aback, raised the plate in front of him, “But you haven’t eaten the fruit yet?” He took the opportunity to glance at the time and showed a cute flattering smile, “It’s been forty minutes, I’ll be done soon, can you sit here and wait for me?”

Ou Renjin sighed softly and spoke with some mischief, “I can wait for you, but don’t just talk to me, the fans are going to be jealous.”

“Okay.” Ou Shaowen held up his fingers and shook them as if taking a vow, obediently withdrew his gaze and concentrated on interacting with his fans.

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