Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 40

It was a bjd doll, wearing a reduced version of silk pyjamas. There was a smile at the corner of the doll’s mouth but its eyes looked a little cold. It was obviously an anime-like exaggeration, but it inexplicably caught his charm, so that people who knew him could see at a glance that this was Ou Renjin.

“If I’d known, I wouldn’t have let him give me his favourite thing.” If people saw him with a doll of himself around, they would have misunderstood him as a narcissist.

Ou Renjin fiddled with the doll’s joints, making it sit with its arms crossed on its chest, and placed it on top of his computer screen.

No wonder there were so many weirdos who raised their dolls as their children!

Although it would be a little awkward to stare at a face that looked like his own, he thought about it for a while and still didn’t put the doll into a more concealed place. Let it sit on his computer screen and own a piece of territory that belonged to him.

He was in a somewhat good mood, probably because every second his eyes fell on this doll, he was reminded that there was someone in the world who truly valued him as a treasure.

He was his gift.


When Ou Shaowen and Song Yijiu walked into the recording hall, the scene instantly became noisy. Nearly half of the people had already taken their seats in the very magnificent pyramid of seats in front of them. Everyone gave a very exaggerated reaction to their entry, exclamations ringing out again and again.

“Ah, it’s Ou Shaowen!” 

“He’s really here.”

“When the news broke earlier, I thought it was a deliberate hype by the programme team.”

“What’s his strength like? All I know is that he’s super good at running.”

“This face value is too high, and the figure is too good. The existence of this kind of person completely makes us ordinary people feel inferior!”

“Who is Ou Shaowen, ah?”

“Really, kid, go online more, it’s time to catch up on your lessons. You don’t even know Ou Shaowen, the boyfriend of Qimeng’s President.”

“Oh my god, did a company as big as Qimeng really send someone here?”

Ou Shaowen, bathed in everyone’s attention, behaved quite calmly. He lowered his head and asked casually, “Do you have a seat you like better?”

“What about you? Do you want to go up there and sit and watch?”


“Then let’s go up.” Song Yijiu didn’t care very much. Having come to record this time, he had already prepared himself mentally and just thought of himself as the prince’s study companion.

They walked all the way to the top tier, and everyone looked up at them with their heads up, watching them sit down in the fifth and sixth seats.

“Are we sitting a little too high? Why do I feel panicked all of a sudden?”

“No way.” Ou Shaowen said, “When everyone performs later, we will see it more clearly from here.”

“You say it like you’re from the melon-eating masses, do you think you are here to watch the show?” Song Yijiu originally wasn’t going to argue, but then he thought about Ou Shaowen’s nature, which was even less talkative than his. If they didn’t talk more while Ou Shaowen was still spending time with him, someone he knew well, it was hard to say whether he’d actively fight for the camera afterwards when everyone was split and divided into classes.

“The recording time is also long, and the seats up there are soft, so they’re more comfortable to sit on.”

“Do I even want to praise you for your special pragmatism?”

All 101 seats were finally filled, and the show creators and mentors entered one by one. This whole time Song Yijiu was talking to Ou Shaowen in a casual manner. In many cases, Ou Shaowen had some very cute brain circuits, but you needed to take the initiative to dig into them before he slowly revealed his interesting inner self to you.

“Why do they all look surprised by the competition system? This is not the first season. Shouldn’t they have known about it a long time ago?”

“This group danced great.”

“It seems out of tune.”

“I like the one who wears a hat. He has a good sense of rhythm in dancing and it makes people happy to watch him.”

When each group of players performed, he would put on his serene face and give feedback in a calm tone.

Then a pair of contestants went unimaginably far off pitch as soon as they started singing. To what extent did they go off pitch? So far that almost the entire audience, to their dismay, booed quietly.

“How about this group?” Song Yijiu looked at Ou Shaowen with an expression of looking forward to eating melons.

Ou Shaowen thought for a while, as if he couldn’t find the right words to evaluate them, and finally replied: “If I were them, I wouldn’t even have the courage to come over to get a lunch box and watch the show at the public expense.”

Song Yijiu burst out laughing, trying hard to control his expression so as not to appear too gloating.

When he was finally about to succeed, Ou Shaowen glanced at him lightly, “Don’t laugh so happily, it’s easy for others to think that you are gloating.”

Song Yijiu couldn’t hold back anymore and began to sway back and forth.

Ou Shaowen set his sights on the stage again and stopped caring about him.

Finally, it was time for them to perform.

Song Yijiu practised his voice backstage, his expression stiff, his voice chopping a verse on a high note.

“Don’t be nervous.” Ou Shaowen patted him on the shoulder in comfort, looking very reliable with a look of certainty on his face.

Song Yijiu somehow seemed to feel less nervous.

They stood on the stage, and when the music started, Ou Shaowen’s gaze immediately changed. His face was still cold and expressionless, but everyone could see that he was in a completely different state. His eyes were sharp, and his whole body filled with assertiveness.

His voice was also somewhat magnetic, accompanied by his soft breathing, sounding particularly charming and attractive.

After all, Song Yijiu had been in the play for a long time. Although he was nervously counting the beats and remembering the movements throughout the whole process for fear of making mistakes or omissions, his expression was casual and relaxed, and even, in one movement where he fell half a beat behind, he covered it up with a half-turn.

The last high note, accompanied by Ou Shaowen’s stunt-like flip in the air, was easily sung by him.

At the end of the performance, at the final fixed point of the dance, Ou Shaowen looked straight at the camera, his eyes dark and deep.

The ninety-nine young men sitting in front of them were already exclaiming in low voices again: “Wow, that look!”

Ou Shaowen alone knew who it really was that he was trying to see through the camera right now.

You said you want me to stay in the last ten, and you said you expect me to show a different self.

There are very few things I can do for you, but once you make a request to me, I will definitely not let you down.

At the end of the performance, they stood together and bowed to the judges and mentors. The expressions of the mentors seemed very satisfied; they praised them in a few words, and sure enough, gave them time to introduce themselves separately.

Song Yijiu imitated the voices of many famous singers in a sketch that was a very effective solo performance.

Ou Shaowen didn’t feel he had anything else to show. In terms of singing and dancing, he had already shown his highest strength just now, so when the mentors asked, he thought for a moment and replied, “I can show my memory, I have a good memory, for example…”

He glanced up at the ninety-nine young men sitting on the pyramid, “I can remember the names of each of them.”

Everyone began to subconsciously block the name tags they were wearing, although from Ou Shaowen’s point of view, he couldn’t see the names anyway.

“Oh? Really?”

“So confident?”

The mentors were really interested.

Some resourceful participant was already waving from above, hiding his name tag and shouting, “Me me me, what’s my name?”

Ou Shaowen picked up the microphone in his hand, “Trainee from Yitian – Zhang Houyue.”

Zhang Houyue rounded his mouth into an o-shape, and sighed flippantly: “That’s too powerful.”

One of the show creators stood up and pointed at a few random people, asking what their names were; Ou Shaowen answered without hesitation.

When they returned to their seats, even Song Yijiu couldn’t help asking, “How come even I didn’t know about your ability to remember everything?”

“Probably because I didn’t find the opportunity to show it off.”

Song Yijiu didn’t know why, but he always found the way Ou Shaowen answered the question in a serious manner particularly hilarious, so he laughed again, causing Ou Shaowen to look at him as if he was wondering why he liked to laugh so much today.


It was after Ou Renjin got home and took a shower that he lay leisurely on the bed and started watching the show.

He originally wanted to click on the show when it first went on air at eight o’clock, but thought better of it and held back. His mood at the moment was somewhat like waiting for the vast audience to discover a treasure that had originally belonged to him alone, anticipating everyone’s comments more nervously than he did every time he himself was judged.

He waited for a few hours specifically to click on the episode accompanied by the already dense barrage.

When Ou Shaowen appeared on camera, that constant, continuous but usually invisible emotion suddenly bubbled up and Ou Renjin began to realise that he really did miss him a little.

The first episode of the show gave Ou Shaowen a lot of footage. Usually, when he stayed by Ou Renjin’s side, he didn’t have much of a presence in many cases, especially when he was quiet and didn’t disturb you. It seemed that you could just overlook him if you were not careful. 

So Ou Renjin was always a little worried about what he would look like when he was on the show, worried about whether he would adapt to the entertainment industry that he had been pushed into.

Now it seemed that he adapted well and performed well.

In the first scenes, the barrage giggled and praised Ou Shaowen for being funny; there were also some who were throwing shade at Ou Renjin and Ou Shaowen’s relationship and some who thought that his interaction with Song Yijiu was very cute and cp-worthy.

After he came to the stage, the part of the barrage that criticised him was instantly suppressed, and everyone began to appreciate the performance seriously, the entire barrage full of praises.

“Oh my god, Ou Shaowen’s limbs are long, he’s strong and relaxed, and dances so beautifully.”

“I originally thought Fifth Aunt was planning to take advantage of Big Brother’s power to go for the vase persona (beautiful but not talented), but he’s actually a powerhouse, what a surprise.”

“Don’t call him Fifth Aunt, okay? President Ou has spoken.”

“I’m dead, Ou! Shao! Wen! I’m dead through and through.”

When Ou Shaowen carelessly repeated the names of so many participants correctly, the screen filled up again.

“Damn, round after round of crit strikes, my friends, I can’t stand it anymore, I’m going to turn fan!”

“I can do this, I can do it too.”

“Oh my god, he is too cool, right? Who can resist it? No wonder President Ou fell head over heels.”

“Is there anything that Ou Shaowen can’t do? A good singer, a good dancer, a good athlete, and has such an excellent memory.”

“I have a hunch that he will soon become the new dream lover of thousands of girls.”

“Hurry up and break up with Ou Renjin, I won’t be your fan until you do.”

Ou Renjin used his excellent reading speed to read the entire barrage in one glance, and his worry was completely gone. He knew that he didn’t need to have any doubts about Ou Shaowen’s subsequent performance any longer.

Sure enough, dancing in front of him was different from dancing on the stage. The level of handsomeness had soared by several levels, and even his eyes were unfamiliar.

“That’s amazing, Ou Shaowen.” He laughed softly, thinking that in the next few years, Qimeng might have one more cash cow.

His vision was really good, wasn’t it?

Those scenes that followed without Ou Shaowen he watched by dragging the progress bar and fast forwarding. After watching, he purposely dragged the progress bar back to the comment that told Ou Shaowen to break up with Ou Renjin quickly and not being a fan until he did.

After that he posted the screenshot on Weibo with his post: Then take your time waiting.

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