Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 36

“No.” Ou Shaowen let him rub his forehead, which wasn’t even slightly red, with some enjoyment, “But if you’re happy because of me, I’ll feel very accomplished.”

Ou Renjin finally patted him on the top of his head and withdrew his hand, “I am very happy because of you every day.”

“You’re coaxing me again.” It was clear that the tone of voice was not right.

Ou Renjin really laughed now, “It’s amazing, now I know I’m coaxing you.”

Seeing the way he always took every word of him so seriously day after day, he thought Ou Shaowen would always believe every word he said unconditionally.

“It’s okay, Qi Yue said being coaxed means the other person likes you and cares about you. I will coax you more often from now on.” During this time, he actually tried to learn how to coax Ou Renjin. The Internet said that coaxing people meant to say what the other party liked to hear, which Ou Renjin could easily do, but he couldn’t. He didn’t know what Ou Renjin liked to hear, and he was not sure if he was getting the real feedback.

Because Ou Renjin liked to laugh, no matter what Ou Shaowen said, he always looked good-natured and smiling. He had been angry a few times before, all because Ou Shaowen did something wrong. As long as he was good and obedient, Ou Renjin would always be gentle and smiling.

Thinking about it this way, he felt that Ou Renjin was really talented; what he said casually could make Ou Shaowen so happy.

“Ou Renjin, let me ask you a question?” He leaned over in front of Ou Renjin, with an inquisitive look on his face.


“What makes you the happiest when you hear it every time?”

“That depends on who the person talking to me is.” Ou Renjin sat up, pulled Ou Shaowen into his arms, hugged him from behind and put his chin on his shoulder, a little tired, “If it is a business partner, I’m the happiest when I hear that things are finalised and he says that the cooperation was good; if it is an employee, I’m the happiest  when I hear that the company’s efficiency has increased many, many times…”

He didn’t dislike Ou Shaowen’s naive question and answered it quite seriously.

“What about me, what makes you the happiest to hear me say?” Ou Shaowen was like a poor student who was about to be overlooked by the teacher, a little excited and a little nervous.

“You?” Ou Renjin’s soft, aerial laughter sounded in his ears, “I’m happy every second I see you. Not happy because I hear a certain phrase that I want to hear, but happy because you are you, so every word that comes out of your mouth makes me happy.”

Here we go again.

He could always casually say things that made Ou Shaowen’s eardrums tingle and his body go numb all over. As if dropping a spark causally, Ou Renjin could make his whole person start burning and boiling, and happy emotions would keep bubbling up, one after another, without stopping until the whole pot of water boiled dry.

“You are coaxing me.” Ou Shaowen’s earlobes were slightly red, but his tone was very determined.

“I’m not coaxing you.” Obviously, he himself was the most natural little sweet pea that could turn the whole air sweet and creamy in a second, but he was oblivious to it.

Staying with him was more interesting than watching a show.

But… it might also be that he was too special, himself like a mysterious and wonderful drama. You would unconsciously look forward to every answer and every reaction from him.

Ou Shaowen wanted to turn his head to check the expression on Ou Renjin’s face, but he was firmly locked in Ou Renjin’s embrace and couldn’t move. Of course, if he wanted, he could easily break free, but when he was hugged by Ou Renjin, he was lazy and didn’t want to move.

“Ask the teacher for a day off tomorrow, I’ll take you out to play.”

“To play where?” Ou Shaowen hooked one of Ou Renjin’s fingers dangling in front of him and gently shook it.

“Take you to play with things you haven’t played before.” For a kid like Ou Shaowen who liked to play with remote control racing cars, it should actually be the best decision to take him to the amusement park. But because of Ou Renjin’s physical condition, he couldn’t ride 80% of the projects, so Ou Shaowen could only be wronged, going with him to play the “senior citizen program”, feeding the animals and riding the cable car to see the flowers and plants.

“I’m so happy. I’m not happy because I’m going out, but because you’re you and I’m happy to be with you.”

Ou Renjin coughed lightly and let go, holding his shoulders and keeping him at a distance from himself, “No imitating me. You have to think of your own love words, it’s no fun saying what others have said.”

“Can’t I repeat?” Ou Shaowen was a little disappointed, even more so because of Ou Renjin’s somewhat too bland response, “But I don’t know how to say it.”

“Silly.” Ou Renjin knocked on his forehead and stood up, “If you don’t know how to say it, don’t say it. Just say what you want to say.”

He felt that he had to go back to his room quickly. If he stayed with this little friend for too long, he would die of cuteness.

Ou Renjin went to the study on the pretext that he had something to do. Ou Shaowen lay down in the same spot where he had just laid down, looking at the ceiling, thinking that he couldn’t just give up, he had to learn how to coax people.

He jumped up from the sofa abruptly and sent Qi Yue a WeChat message: Today I asked Ou Renjin what he likes to hear me say the most, and he said that as long as it is me, every word I say can make him happy. So I still don’t know what I can say to coax him. Who do you think will know the answer to this question better?

After two seconds, Qi Yue sent him back a long string of exclamation marks.

Before Ou Shaowen could ask him what he meant by this, Qi Yue’s next message was immediately sent over. “Crap, what did I do wrong? I have to be fed dog food by you in the middle of the night.”

“So can you answer this question?”

Qi Yue called him directly, probably because it was too troublesome to type. “I’m not too sure about what’s going on between the two men. The experience I had in coaxing my girlfriend was that I had to detect her true inner thoughts before she made them explicit, which is difficult and basically impossible to do without deep skills. Learn some basic things at first. For example, pay more attention to President Ou, send him a message on WeChat when you think of him, make phone calls, remember his birthday, anniversaries, all kinds of days that mean a lot to him, stand by him in everything, think of him, give him support, and just let him feel your love.”

“But…” Ou Shaowen was a little puzzled, “Isn’t this something that should be done? Is this also considered coaxing?”

Ou Shaowen’s words seemed to give Qi Yue a huge lethal blow. He choked on a mouthful of old blood, rendered speechless.

“If this isn’t enough, then there’s definitely nothing I can do about the advanced tutorial, you should just figure it out by yourself.” He giggled twice and hung up the phone without adding a word.

Ou Shaowen held his mobile phone in a daze for a while. With no one he could ask for help, he could only continue to look for strategies on the Internet. Netizens had whole paragraphs of long discussions, and all of them contained perfect theoretical knowledge, but when Ou Shaowen applied those things to Ou Renjin, he felt that these actions seemed to be of little use to him.

Would Ou Renjin really be happy if he let him play games all night?

After searching for a long time, there was only one that fit: praise him to his heart’s content no matter what, admire him and let him find a sense of existence and satisfaction in you.

So, the next day when Ou Renjin took him out, Ou Shaowen started to praise him on various occasions along the way.

“Ou Renjin, your driving posture is so handsome.”

“Ou Renjin, how do you even know which road will have a traffic jam?”

“You have overtaken a lot of cars along the way, you drive better than them all!”

“What does that roadside sign mean? How do you know everything, you are really amazing.”

Only when he got on the cable car was Ou Shaowen instantly distracted by the open skies and beautiful scenery, and finally had no intention of continuing to rack his brains to praise Ou Renjin.

He was leaning on the guardrail, his whole body was tilting down, and he felt that his whole being seemed to be floating in the air. The feeling was particularly novel and interesting.

Ou Renjin grabbed his arm, motioned to him to be careful, and laughed: “What? Is your first attempt to coax people over? The performance was pretty good, I’ll give you a score of 60 points.”

As soon as he spoke, the scenery of the mountains and fields instantly lost its attractiveness. Ou Shaowen turned his head to look at him and was surprised: “Really? Are you very happy?”

Ou Renjin looked into his eyes and couldn’t help but hold Ou Shaowen’s face and kiss him with his eyes closed on the wet, cold, shaky height.

Of course it was true, he would be happy because of his presence. Every careful step Ou Shaowen took towards him, every sincere and passionate thought he had, Ou Renjin could actually feel them all. It was precisely because he could feel them that he felt that he could no longer act as he wished.

They maintained a fairly long kiss until Ou Renjin heard the sound of a staff member coming to unlock the knob not far ahead. Then he finally let go of Ou Shaowen, whose cheeks were already flushed. He moved his hips, took a quiet look at Ou Renjin, and then looked at the point of destination getting closer and closer to them and regretfully controlled his mood. 

“Is it fun?”

Ou Shaowen nodded eagerly, “Can you play again?”

Ou Renjin smiled, not saying yes or no.

Ou Shaowen held his hand and shook it gently, “I want to kiss you again, shall we ride again?”

At this moment, Ou Renjin wanted to tell him that every time he expressed his mind in such a straightforward way, it seemed to poke him in the heart. He could be himself as much as he liked; every word he uttered naturally was so much better than the awkward and deliberate compliments he had just given. But the kid had probably reached a rebellious stage; he told him the truth, and he didn’t believe it.

“Okay, we’ll do as you wish today, we can ride as many times as you want.”

“Is there no kiss share? Can I kiss you as many times as I want?”

“Yes,” Ou Renjin looked at him and smiled, “As many times as you want.”

Ou Shaowen seemed to have been given an amazing gift. This morning, he really took Ou Renjin to ride the cable car seven times, going up and down, and every time he would lean over and kiss him halfway, not caring about an occasional cable car sliding past them or the people sitting in it and staring at them in a daze.

Only when he finally had enough fun and they were ready to leave, and the staff were trying hard to keep their professional smiles on but couldn’t stop ogling them, was Ou Shaowen surprised and a little shy when suggested that they could pick up a souvenir photo of them sitting in the cable car.

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