Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 33

“I’m jealous.”

“What brand of coat is Ou Shaowen wearing? Damn it, he’s so fucking handsome in it.”

“If someone is handsome, he is handsome in a ragged sack.”

“What are you fooling around with on New Year’s Eve? When you break up, Ou Shaowen will be the one you’re not going to get.”

“Yes, yes, why don’t you break up yet? It’s been three months, and you haven’t arranged any resources for him. If you don’t like him, you can break up quickly. Ou Shaowen looks so delicious, a group of hungry wolves is waiting to pounce.”

“You scum, let go of the boy and let me get him. Little brother, come and play with me, kiss and hug me.”

“President Ou, are you interested in interviewing a self-recommending Sixth Aunt? There are a large number of private photos on Weibo.”

“Fifth Aunt is so virtuous.”

Ou Renjin scrolled through the many comments, ignoring those who called him a scumbag and didn’t answer to those who wanted to rob him, but instead replied to the one that praised Ou Shaowen’s virtuousness.

The tone of the reply was extraordinarily serious: Don’t call him that in the future.


“woc” (WTF)

“Damn it!”

“No, Ou Renjin, please explain what you mean by this sentence? Are you going to turn the little aunt into the proper wife?”

“The prodigal son comes home, are you serious?”

“You’re not going to get married, are you?”

One stone stirred up a thousand waves, and with the excitement of suddenly having melons to eat, people began to take screenshots of various comments and repost the discussion.

Seeing that Ou Shaowen was still looking at his mobile phone with his head down, Ou Shaowen didn’t urge him, and stood quietly moving the spoon in circles to cool the porridge.

After Ou Renjin replied to the comments, he looked up at Ou Shaowen, who appeared serious and meticulous, stirring the porridge in a consistent manner circle after circle, like a cute clockwork automaton.

“Come and feed me.” He called Ou Shaowen with a smile.

Ou Shaowen sat down by his bed with porridge, scooped up a spoonful of porridge and handed it to his lips. Ou Renjin cooperated with him to take two mouthfuls and saw that for some reason a very faint smile slowly floated on Ou Shaowen’s lips.

“What are you smiling about?”

“It’s fun. There was such a scene in a TV series I watched some time ago.” He had never taken care of others like this, and he had never been taken care of by others like this. He felt a rare novelty, as if a certain wish of his had come true.

It was fun. As long as he was with Ou Renjin, he found every minute and every second very interesting.

Ou Renjin couldn’t understand his unexplainable excitement. He gave in to his inclination to make bad taste jokes and took advantage of his illness to make use of Ou Shaowen, first asking him to pour him water, then saying he wanted to hear him sing. Ou Shaowen was like a little gyroscope, spinning around the ward non-stop, never having time to sit quietly.

Every time Ou Renjin asked him for help, he would smile and say “thank you” to him. After a few times, Ou Shaowen finally responded to his thanks.

“You don’t have to say thank you to me.”

“Why not?”

Ou Shaowen said seriously: “I didn’t do anything you would need to thank me for.”

“Then what do you think you have to do to deserve my thanks?” It was this idea of thinking these things were natural, of feeling that nothing you do was worthy of anyone’s attention that intrigued Ou Renjin and made him very eager to challenge it.

Ou Shaowen thought for a while, then shook his head, “There is nothing you need to thank me for.”

“Even though you just told me that you want to donate your heart to me, do you think I don’t need to express my gratitude?”

“This is the way it should be.” Ou Shaowen’s eyes that looked at him became sparkling again. Ou Renjin was so kind. Obviously, the remuneration that should be paid had been paid to the laboratory a long time ago, and the amount spent to buy him off for such a long time must have been enough to pay for all the organs in his body.

But he still didn’t want to hurt him even a little bit, he would still smile and say “Thank you” to him because he had done such little things.

Obviously… the rich people who had his heart transplanted to them before never thanked him for it.

Ou Renjin couldn’t understand his emotions at the moment. His brain circuit was in another latitude. He couldn’t help but narrow his eyes, feeling that Ou Shaowen’s tone was really irritating.

“Who said this is the way it should be? Ask everyone in the world, no one will think this is the way it should be.”

Ou Shaowen shook his head disapprovingly, “It can’t be counted that way, I’m initially different from everyone in the world.”

He had been born for this, and it wasn’t as if he was going to die like everyone else.

Initially, initially, the kid really liked to say this thing.

Ou Renjin held back the anger in his heart and decided to change his approach. He patted the bed and motioned for Ou Shaowen to sit over.

As soon as he walked to the head of the bed and sat down, Ou Renjin moved to the side again, “Come up and lie down with me for a while.”

Ou Shaowen looked at the somewhat narrow hospital bed, and then glanced at Ou Renjin’s arm with the needle for transfusion, hesitating a little.

“Good boy, come up here.”

Ou Shaowen couldn’t resist when Ou Renjin called him that. It seemed that once Ou Renjin said these words to him, he was instantly surrounded by the sweet air. He couldn’t think of anything, he could only obediently do as he was told.

By the time he reacted, he was already lying in the hospital bed that was too narrow for two adult men. His heart was beating a little fast. It was different from their previous bed-sharing. Ou Renjin’s soft hair touched the tip of his nose, and they were close together, their shoulders and their arms.

“Didn’t you want to give me a gift before?” Ou Renjin adjusted his posture. He held Ou Shaowen’s hand under the quilt, feeling that his whole body suddenly became very warm.

“Yes.” Ou Shaowen nodded heavily.

“I suddenly kind of want it again.” Ou Renjin directly overturned what he had said before, and felt a little funny about it, “In the future, when you want to give something to me, just give it to me whenever you like.”

Ou Shaowen squeezed his fingers excitedly, his bright eyes like two beautiful stars, “Am I qualified to give you a gift now?”

Although he didn’t quite understand at that time, he still firmly remembered what Ou Renjin had said. He said that only when two people were equal in status would he be eligible to give him gifts. He originally thought that he would have to wait a long, long time until this day.

“You have always been qualified.” Ou Renjin would not explain to him how twisted and complicated his mood had been when he said this.

“Then what gift do you want to receive, do you finally have something you like again?” Ou Shaowen held his hand and shook it.

Ou Renjin pretended to think for a while, and said seriously: “I most want to receive… your favourite gift. What you want most, what you like best, buy me that.”

Ou Shaowen looked puzzled, “But I like you the most!”

It seemed that an arrow whooshed through the air and directly pierced his heart. Ou Renjin didn’t even know how to respond for a while.

After a while, he pulled out his hand and knocked on Ou Shaowen’s forehead, “It’s useless to like me. No matter how much you like me, you can’t buy me. Think about what you can buy.”

“But you don’t necessarily like what I like.”

“No. Have you ever heard of loving the house and its crow (similar to “love me, love my dog”)? I will like everything you like.” Ou Renjin slightly hooked his little finger and raised it in front of him, “It’s a deal.”

Ou Shaowen looked at his movements with bright eyes, “I know this, this is pinky swear!” He hooked Ou Renjin’s little finger, shook it gently, and pursed his lips tightly, as if he was participating in a sacred ceremony.

Ou Renjin insisted on leaving the hospital in the evening of the 30th before the New Year. But because the doctor explained that he still needed a long period of recuperation, he couldn’t accompany Ou Shaowen to the crowded supermarket, nor could he eat things that were too greasy and heavy.

Ou Shaowen accompanied him to a light dinner, and then they sat in the courtyard of their house and set off half a trunk full of fireworks.

Since then, in Ou Shaowen’s memory, the New Year was equated with stunning, gorgeous fireworks, and there was no scene more beautiful than this night.

Ou Renjin, as before, would thank him for the glass of water he had handed him. As he kept hearing it, Ou Shaowen got used to it and, following the common etiquette, would say “You’re welcome” to him.

The vacation for a few days was too short. When Ou Shaowen returned to the company to start the training course, Ou Renjin was not ready to go to work, so Ou Shaowen reluctantly said goodbye and then got into the car with Qi Yue who specially came to pick him up.

“I haven’t seen you for a few days. Our Shaowen has become more handsome again.” Qi Yue greeted him with a smile, complimenting him all the way from the strands of his hair to his new sneakers.

“What’s wrong with you today?” Ou Shaowen felt a little strange.

“It’s nothing, I just think I seem to like you more.”

Ou Shaowen’s eyes widened. In his perception, liking was a very happy and beautiful emotion that could only be produced for specific people. So when Qi Yue said this word to him, he was too surprised.

He hadn’t digested and sorted out Qi Yue’s words about liking him when he entered the company elevator and was accosted by a young girl. She looked at him with excitement, trying to restrain herself from making a gaffe. Eventually she just moved closer to him and asked in a cheerful tone: “Ou Shaowen, I like you very much. Can you give me an autograph?”

“But…” Ou Shaowen frowned slightly and took a half step back, “I don’t know you.”

“But I know you. I’ve known you since the time you were in ‘Desperate Escape’. I work in the company. I saw you practising dance in the practice room before. You are really amazing. You will definitely become a great idol in the future. I will always like you and always cheer for you.”

Ou Shaowen, somewhat confused, wrote down his name in a single stroke in a notebook she casually took out.

It turned out that in this world, there were really people who would like people they had never come into contact with before. But was this really considered liking? Was it the same as his liking for Ou Renjin?

The originally stern musical instrument teacher seemed to be in a particularly good mood today and would praise him without hesitation because he played the right chord again.

As he fumbled in front of the vending machine to buy water, a young man behind him stepped forward and silently showed him how to do it.

“Thank you.” Ou Shaowen took the water he handed over and shook the phone he was holding, “You paid for it just now. I’ll pay for whatever you want to buy this time.”

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