Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 32

Ou Shaowen still didn’t speak. He shook his head, denying that Ou Renjin said he was stupid.

Ou Renjin stretched out his hand and gently wiped away the tears on his face with his fingertips. His voice was very soft and gentle, “Good boy, I will make you give up on this idea.”

Ou Shaowen raised his eyes, still glistening with tears, and looked at Ou Renjin, aggrieved. He felt that he had never been so sad before. No matter how green the leaves were, no matter how beautiful the scenery was, no matter how fun things were, he couldn’t stop his emotions from slowly hitting rock bottom.

He had so little to give Ou Renjin. He bought him gifts but he didn’t want them; he earned money for him, but Ou Renjin didn’t need it. This heart of his was the only thing Ou Renjin needed and the only thing he could give. He had always held this thought in his mind so that he could stay by Ou Renjin’s side with peace of mind, so that he could justifiably let Ou Renjin kiss him and hug him, sleep with him and eat with him.

But now, even the only thing he had, Ou Renjin didn’t want it.

His voice was muffled and his tone was pleading, “I will not be in pain, I’m different from you, I won’t hurt much when I have the surgery, believe me, I won’t…”

Ou Renjin reached out and caressed the back of Ou Shaowen’s neck, pulling him closer and blocking his lips.

He had taken the medicine before, and his mouth was bitter. He didn’t want to contaminate the little sugar pea in front of him, so he pursed his lips and just rubbed them against Ou Shaowen’s lips quickly.

It was his fault that he had overlooked the fact that Ou Shaowen was not a young man with a correct world view, outlook on life and values. The most distressing thing was that he was not like a blank piece of paper or like a child. He already had his deep-rooted ideas. He had no self-awareness. His thoughts were always centred on self-sacrifice. He didn’t have a particular favourite food, he didn’t have a particular interest in anything, he was like the little fox in ancient myths and legends who wanted to repay your kindness. You accidentally became his benefactor, so you could easily control his likes and dislikes and receive his sincere feelings. (Foxes in Chinese mythology aren’t usually the symbol of gratitude. The only tale about foxes’ gratitude I managed to find is from Japan. It is pretty depressing but actually in line with what Ou Shaowen, in Ou Renjin’s opinion, is going to do. Perhaps there are similar Chinese tales.)

He shouldn’t let such a person act according to his own ideas. He couldn’t imagine what kind of stupid things Ou Shaowen would do in such a state of mind.

It didn’t matter; next he would take his time to teach him how interesting the world actually was.

He should have friends he could joke with, someone he could share his heart with, someone he would turn to when he was in trouble, and someone who would lend a hand when he needed help.

He could also go on interesting trips, see many different places and meet all kinds of different people.

Or, have a successful career, stand in the centre of the stage, get the love and admiration of countless people, and enjoy the enthusiasm and care of countless people. At that time, he would get countless flowers and receive countless letters full of the sincere feelings of fans who would care about how many hours he slept every day, would pay attention to the slightest bruise on the inside of his wrist, and would support him in any decision, letting him know what it was to be unconditionally favoured. 

At that point, he wouldn’t want to give them gifts one by one and wouldn’t give his heart to his fans without hesitation.

Thinking about it this way, Ou Renjin even felt that turning Ou Shaowen into a person who could calmly accept the love of others seemed to be much more interesting than the dramas and games he had created before.

“Well, I believe you won’t hurt.” Silly, without a heart, with consciousness disappearing into the anaesthesia, of course it wouldn’t hurt anymore.

“Then we..”

“Awesome!” Ou Renjin hooked up his lips and smiled, “This heart of mine now is not completely to the point where it can’t work, right? How about we wait until it’s completely scrapped and then we can discuss this topic?”

Ou Shaowen blinked, a few drops of tears hanging on his eyelashes, and looked at him hesitantly, seeming somewhat persuaded, “You don’t want to have the surgery now?”

“That’s right.” Ou Renjin stretched out his index finger playfully and poked at the tears on his eyelashes, “I don’t want to do it yet. It’s not time for surgery, is it? So, don’t think about giving your heart for the time being. I’m a little hungry now. Can you cook me some porridge? There is my own kitchen on the right side of the elevator on the sixth floor. There should be some simple ingredients in the refrigerator.”

He raised his eyebrows and confirmed: “Can you successfully complete the task?”

Ou Shaowen stood up and nodded softly, “Yes.”

He finally put aside the matter of whether to have surgery or not and was about to go to the kitchen to cook porridge for Ou Renjin. As soon as he walked to the door, Guan Qijun knocked on the door and walked in with an exquisite packing box.

“President Ou, I asked Yuyang Pavilion to send two servings of lean meat porridge over. You and Mr. Shaowen should fill your stomachs first.”

Ou Shaowen turned his head and looked at Ou Renjin, as if waiting for him to order him what to do next.

Ou Renjin frowned and smiled at him comfortingly, “But I want to eat what you cooked, just white porridge is fine, don’t add anything.”

“Good.” Ou Shaowen nodded, becoming a little happier again because of Ou Renjin’s words.

Guan Qijun stood still. As Ou Shaowen closed the door softly after himself, the entire ward fell into a stagnant atmosphere. Guan Qijun could predict what kind of situation he would face next. He calmly walked to the bedside, put down the porridge in his hand, and called out: “President Ou”.

Ou Renjin chuckled lightly, “I remember I seemed to tell you that I hate others making their own decisions for me the most. At that time, your answer was: there will be no next time.”

Guan Qijun stood straight and bowed his head in silence.

“Accidentally heard the voice of the nurse asking to change the dressing on the phone?” Ou Renjin flicked at the tiny bubbles in the infusion tube in boredom, “Why do I remember that I brought you to the company as my assistant not because of how outstanding your abilities were, but because you were considerate and subtle. Now it seems that your mind is indeed very subtle.”

“I’m sorry, President Ou.” Guan Qijun had nothing else to say.

“Do you think that I am usually high and mighty in front of outsiders, but in private I look too pathetic? Isn’t this contrast interesting and does it make you feel a burgeoning desire to protect?” Ou Renjin looked at him with a playful gaze and raised his eyebrows slightly, “Otherwise, we are not relatives, why are you always worrying about this crappy heart of mine?”

“President Ou.” Guan Qijun looked up and shook his head, his eyes red, “I just can’t accept the fact that you’re going to die.”

“Can’t accept it?” Ou Renjin smiled even more happily, “If you can’t accept it, you can cut out your heart and give it to me. Then I will definitely be very moved.”

Guan Qijun clenched his fists, “If the matching were successful, I would.”

Ou Renjin looked at his determined eyes. For a long time, he seemed to believe it. He curbed the mocking smile on his face. His eyes darkened slightly, and his expression was serious: “How do you know that the matching is not successful?”

Guan Qijun’s heart thudded and his eyes widened in disbelief.

“You didn’t know, right? At the beginning, I changed the matching report before it was given to you.” Ou Renjin didn’t seem to notice that what he said was like a nuclear bomb. He glanced at Guan Qijun lightly, “I don’t want my assistant to work for me worrying all the time that he will be killed by his boss.

“At that time, I didn’t covet your heart, and now, I won’t touch Ou Shaowen’s heart either.” Ou Renjin was silent for a while, and gave an ultimatum, “You will leave your job from tomorrow. You can wait for the end of the year to complete the resignation procedures.”

“I…” Guan Qijun let out a rapid broken sound.

Ou Renjin looked straight at him, as if waiting for him to say something.

Guan Qijun’s brain was still trapped in the shock of the bomb-like news. There was no way he could accept this sudden truth quickly; he opened his mouth, but his throat felt as if it was blocked by something, and not a single word could come out.

Half a minute passed like this; Ou Renjin watched the rare overwhelmed look on Guan Qijun’s face, and suddenly laughed, “I lied to you, it seems that my acting skills are still very good. Don’t be afraid, the matching report was true, you really didn’t match me successfully in the first place.”

The second nuclear bomb exploded in his mind, and Guan Qijun instantly realised something. He looked at Ou Renjin with begging eyes, trying to explain something.

“I thought…” Ou Renjin just shook his head slightly, not much disappointed, “that you would repeat you were willing. But now it seems that it is nothing more than that.”

This was the reaction that normal people would have.

Oh no, this was the reaction only someone close to him would have had. If normal people heard such words, they would only think he was crazy, and then the first thing they would do was call the police and accuse him of intent to murder.

So, this boy, Ou Shaowen, was really an anomaly.

“What are you still standing for, go.” From the beginning to the end, Ou Renjin’s expression was relaxed, and he never showed the slightest anger. After saying this, he even waved his hand and said, “I wish you a bright future.”

Hearing Ou Renjin’s tone, Guan Qijun actually understood that there would be no room for manoeuvre. He was not in the mood to think about other things at this time, still shocked by the hesitation that naturally arose in him just now.

During the long years of accompanying President Ou through pain and suffering, during the process of searching for the organ source, getting hope only to be disappointed, Guan Qijun had thought over and over again that if only he could be President Ou’s match, he would have no more worries in this world and would rather give his own life in exchange for President Ou’s.

But just now, after believing in President Ou’s words, why didn’t he say the sentence he had thought about so many times, just as he had intended?

Ou Shaowen finished cooking the porridge and carefully carried it to the ward. When he walked towards the ward, he saw Guan Qijun sitting on the bench in the corridor like a piece of wood. He glanced at him suspiciously. Seeing that Guan Qijun didn’t seem to take the initiative to talk to him, Ou Shaowen quietly passed by him, opened the ward door and walked in.

“The porridge is cooked.”

Ou Renjin was sitting on the hospital bed playing with his mobile phone. The moment Ou Shaowen opened the door, he took his photo, then set the focus on the portrait and added bokeh mode, and posted it on Weibo with satisfaction with the words: Look what a virtuous little boyfriend.

A group of fans who were still addicted to swiping their mobile phones on New Year’s Eve quickly began to comment.

Ou Renjin scrolled through several pages. Except for those who scolded him for demonstrating his love, it was a group of envious and jealous people praising Ou Shaowen for his long legs, thin waist and smooth face.


The author has something to say:

I can tell you very clearly that Shaowen has indeed transmigrated. Because it was written from Shaowen’s point of view, I didn’t directly point out this matter. There is no laboratory in this world. This explains why Shaowen has always actually felt the technological backwardness of the outside world. But in the light of the fact that the people in the lab proudly said that the technology in the lab was five to ten years more advanced than in the outside world, Shaowen has always just assumed that the technological difference he felt was the difference between the lab and the outside world, and not the technological difference between the two worlds.

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