Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 31

“Mr. Ou, how did you…” Guan Qijun looked panicked and confused.

Dr. Chen, who stood aside, sighed softly, lowered his head with a complicated expression in his eyes and remained silent.

Ou Shaowen calmly walked up to them, his serene eyes like two deep pools of water. He said as if casually, as if it was a joke, without any hesitation or fear, “You don’t need to think so much. In fact you can just ask me, I am willing to give my heart to Ou Renjin.”

The words Guan Qijun had planned to say, the expression he had prepared to use, were forgotten at this moment. Ou Shaowen’s words were like thunder, like a sharp blade that cut through all his years of knowledge and beliefs.

“You, you…” He was speechless.

Dr. Chen frowned. He glanced at Ou Shaowen, perplexed, and explained softly: “Mr. Ou, heart donation is not like bone marrow transplantation or kidney transplantation that can affect the donor to a minimum. But not the heart. There is only one heart. A person can’t live without it.”

“I know.” Ou Shaowen was a little dazed and puzzled. No one in the world knew the structure of the human body better than him. It was precisely because people couldn’t live without a heart that Ou Renjin needed to have a surgery quickly. ”So, when are you going to arrange the transplantation? I can cooperate at any time.”

Seeing that the eyes of the two people in front of him were still shocked and hesitant, Ou Shaowen raised his eyebrows and tried to convince them sincerely: “You don’t have to think about me, it’s okay with me.”

For the first time in so many years, the pain he had endured so many times had been noticed. This feeling of being cared for and valued filled his heart, causing him to feel a certain strong desire to return the favour, “Is it because Ou Renjin is unwilling? Don’t worry, I’ll just go and talk to him myself.”

He bypassed them and was about to go in.

Guan Qijun finally recovered, “Wait a minute.” He stopped Ou Shaowen, was silent for a moment, and opened his mouth with some difficulty. Ou Shaowen looked at him suspiciously, waiting quietly for what he was about to say.

At this moment, it seemed that a pointer in the middle of Guan Qijun’s heart was swinging back and forth, and he was so close to giving up on saying those words. But in the end, he went on, “If you are truly willing, sign an organ donation consent form first.”

His gaze became firm again, and he even smiled expectantly and encouragingly at Ou Shaowen.

“Okay.” Ou Shaowen followed them to the office at the end of the corridor, signed his name on the consent form, and asked again, “How is Ou Renjin’s physical condition now? How long will it take to arrange the operation?”

His signature was dashing and casual, and Guan Qijun’s heart that was hanging in the air finally settled. He was almost in disbelief and couldn’t help but wonder if it was all just a fantasy produced by his obsession.

Up to this moment, Dr. Chen still looked stricken. He took Ou Shaowen’s organ donation consent form, turned to the page where his name had just been signed, and looked at it quietly for a long time. When he raised his head and looked at Ou Shaowen again, his eyes were extremely shocked, moved, pitiful and hesitant.

He said, choking, “The hospital is not qualified to arrange this surgery, even if you are willing.”

“Why?” Ou Shaowen was a little anxious.

“This practice goes against humanitarian principles. You know, even euthanasia hasn’t been passed in the country yet.”

Ou Shaowen frowned, and was about to say something, when he was interrupted by a knock on the door. He turned his head and saw the nurse with a surprised expression on her face, “Dr. Chen, Mr. Ou Renjin has already woken up.”

“We will discuss this matter later.” Dr. Chen waved his hand, put on his stethoscope and quickly walked towards Ou Renjin’s ward. Ou Shaowen also followed, his gaze relaxed and contemplative.

So, he didn’t even notice that when Ou Renjin saw him standing behind Dr. Chen, his pupils suddenly shrank.

“Ou Shaowen.” He called his name coldly.

Ou Shaowen came back to his senses, walked to the bed and squatted down, took Ou Renjin’s hand and kissed it gently, “Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt soon.”

The tone of his speech was so gentle that Ou Renjin was a bit in a daze. He pursed his lips tightly and gently withdrew his hand.

Ou Shaowen lowered his head to kiss his wrist. His lips were like candy floss touching his skin. Ou Renjin felt a little itchy, and coldly reprimanded, ”Stop it!”

Dr. Chen quickly completed the most basic examination and said that Ou Renjin’s condition was stable for the time being and there was no major problem.

He glanced at Ou Shaowen, who was squatting by the bed with crystal clear eyes, and exited the ward as quickly as possible. As soon as he walked out, he grabbed Guan Qijun, who was standing here, by the arm and dragged him away, “Don’t stand here, let’s go.”

Glancing at the ward door closed by Dr. Chen, Ou Renjin allowed Ou Shaowen to tilt his head and press his cheek against his exposed wrist, but his expression was still cold, “Why are you here? Did Guan Qijun call you over?”

“No, he lied to me that you were going to go on a business trip abroad. I heard the voice of the nurse calling for a change of dressing on the phone, so I found you.” Ou Shaowen raised his head, as if emphasising and boasting, “You always think I don’t understand anything, but I actually understand a lot of things.”

Ou Renjin felt that his gaze was so hot at this moment that it was scorching, so he turned his head to avoid it. Right now, his emotions were a bit complicated. There was a little bit of unpleasantness of having his weakness exposed in front of others, and there was a little bit of peace of mind as if someone you had been waiting for a long time finally arrived. It seemed that another hand had finally reached out and shared his burden that was so depressing that he could barely breathe.

“Ou Renjin, are you in pain?” Ou Shaowen asked, smiling softly, his smile looking a little blurry and distant, “Can I give you my heart to transplant?”

Ou Renjin turned his head abruptly. He was almost stunned as if he was hit by a heavy hammer on the top of his head. It took a long time to make sure that the sentence just now was not his own auditory hallucinations. Then he fell silent for a long time and chuckled lightly, “Saying that you understand everything, when clearly you still don’t understand anything.”

His voice was gentle, but it sounded very dangerous, “Who told you about this, and who persuaded you to agree? Do you understand what this means?”

“What does it mean? It means cutting out my heart and putting it in your chest. It’s that simple. Why do you think I don’t understand?” Ou Shaowen’s tone was even a little indignant as he was rebutted over and over again. What was there not to understand? For the people in the lab, it was clearly a simple matter, matching, surgery, recuperation, the cycle repeating itself, done time and time again. Why did people outside always have to think so much about it, imagining things to be so complicated?

He understood, he understood it all.

He understood what it meant to violate humanitarian principles but everything he had experienced since the inception of the “renewable organ petri dish”, since he was born in this world, had been violating those so-called humanitarian principles. Therefore, the laboratory couldn’t make the research results public, and couldn’t make his existence public. They were like cockroaches hiding in the gutter and secretly breeding, cautiously exploring the world with their antennae in order to secretly obtain enough benefits for their survival and research on other subjects.

“I know what you are worried about, it’s okay, we can ask the doctor to do it quietly, not in the hospital, just so no one finds out.” His tone was matter-of-fact and a little impatient, like a moth that was rejoicing flying towards the flame.

Ou Renjin’s eyes were lowered. He was not looking at Ou Shaowen or speaking, his fingers clenched unconsciously. His whole body seemed to tremble slightly.

“What’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable again?” Ou Shaowen sat on the bed and leaned down to listen to his heartbeat.

Ou Renjin stroked his face halfway, not letting him lean on his chest. He chuckled slowly, leaned close to his ear, and lowered his voice, “Would you like to donate your heart to me?”


“But unfortunately,” he gently pushed Ou Shaowen’s face away, his movements firm and a little unkind, “I don’t want it.”

Ou Shaowen was anxious and impatient, and a bit angry, “But my heart is better than the hearts of all people who could be a successful match for you.”

“No matter how good it is, I don’t want it.” Ou Renjin even felt a little ridiculous. He tried his best to put aside those messy feelings and divert Ou Shaowen’s attention. Ignoring the sea of emotions in his heart, he suppressed his urge to look at Ou Shaowen and began to think back, step by step.

What had Ou Shaowen been through, what kind of environment had he grown up in, what kind of past had he encountered, to make him say “I’ll give you my heart to transplant” to someone he had only known for a few months?

Until today, Ou Renjin had never felt that he had gone too far in making fun of people to amuse himself. Life was so short, and spending it on things that made you happy was the best arrangement.

However, just now, when Ou Shaowen firmly and eagerly insisted that he would give his heart to him, Ou Renjin suddenly regretted it. He felt that he shouldn’t have known such a person from the beginning. And such a person shouldn’t have known him.

Ou Shaowen was the most unsuitable person in the world to play that kind of hypocritical game with. He was too real, showing the most sincere emotions in every move. He would collect any tiny bit of kindness given to him by any person, and drain his whole body of hot blood in return.

He didn’t want his blood, he was not worthy of his blood.

Ou Renjin’s throat felt choked slightly; his fists were clenched so tightly that he felt pricks and needles travelling through his veins.

The whole ward was stiff and dull.

After a while, Ou Renjin took a deep breath and said calmly: “You go back and rest first, and call Guan Qijun in. I have something to ask him.”

Ou Shaowen didn’t answer at first. Ou Renjin held back for a while but still could not help but turn his head to look at him.

Then he saw that the toy he had picked up, the one that didn’t know how to cry or laugh at first, was now quietly bowing its head, and its tears kept falling down one after another. There was no expression on Ou Shaowen’s face, and his eyes were so dim that no light could be seen in them.

Ou Renjin reached up and clutched his chest, feeling that this person really gave him a headache and made his heart feel very uncomfortable.

“I’ve never seen such a stupid fool before.”

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