Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 30

“President Ou!” Ou Renjin’s eyes were closed, the sound of his rapid breathing disturbing to hear. When Guan Qijun stretched out his hand to touch his skin, he felt cold. He held Ou Renjin’s unconscious body and unscrewed the medicine bottle with trembling fingers, took out two pills and poured them with the warm water from the thermos into Ou Renjin’s mouth.

Then, he quickly moved Ou Renjin to the back seat, observed his breathing, let out a little sigh of relief, returned to the driver’s seat and slammed on the gas.

At the same time, he was already calling the private hospital. He didn’t say much except for, “President Ou has another attack. He has already taken medicine. We are now on our way to the hospital, I will try my best to arrive within an hour.”

Dr. Chen on the other end of the phone immediately stood up and walked out of the office, “He should be fine for the time being after taking the medicine. Don’t worry. Be careful when you drive. I will send an ambulance to pick you up.”

Although they were nervous, they were already proficient and methodical in the procedure.

Half an hour later, the two cars met in the middle of the road, and Ou Renjin was transferred into the ambulance, had an oxygen mask put on him and underwent a preliminary examination and recovery treatment.


Ou Shaowen stared at the words “game over” on the phone screen, his thoughts unconsciously wandering off. He exited the page and watched in a daze the time on the lock screen moving forward second by second.

It was 9 pm and the whole villa was so quiet that he could hear his own breathing. Ou Shaowen was a little bored; he rubbed the smooth suede surface of the sofa, watching the two shades of colour constantly changing under his hands. He couldn’t help but wonder why Ou Renjin hadn’t come back yet. Usually, even if he was delayed by something at night, he would at least make a phone call or send a text message to inform him; it was impossible that there would be no no news until now.

He glanced at the phone again and began to hesitate whether to make a call. Ou Renjin emphasised to him before that he should call him as soon as he encountered something, so… He shouldn’t mind being disturbed very much, right?

Let’s try, let’s try, and if he doesn’t answer, or if it interferes with his business, then don’t call again.

After a long period of mental self-convincing, Ou Shaowen finally opened the address book page and dialled the number.

After two beeps, it was picked up by someone. The person on the other end answered “Hello”. Ou Shaowen’s mood instantly dropped. He was a little disappointed and replied softly: “Hello.”

“Hello, Mr. Ou.” Guan Qijun didn’t wait for Ou Shaowen to ask and explained first, “I was about to tell you, President Ou has a temporary business trip today, and he is about to fly abroad soon. It may take four or five days to come back. You have to take good care of yourself these days.”

Ou Shaowen frowned, “But Ou Renjin only told me yesterday that it will be New Year’s Eve and he can finally take two days off to rest.”

“Yes, yes.” Guan Qijun stumbled, “It was supposed to be the New Year, and it was time to take a good rest, but suddenly there was a little problem in the overseas business, and President Ou has to solve it himself.”

Ou Shaowen’s tone became more hesitant, “Can’t he answer the phone now? Why doesn’t he talk to me himself?”

“President Ou, he… is talking to someone about business now, and it is not convenient to answer the phone.”

“Are you going with him?” Ou Shaowen already sat upright, with a dejected expression on his face.

“Well… yes, I’m going with President Ou. We are already at the airport and we are about to board the plane. We can’t talk on the plane. When we land, I’ll have President Ou call you back.”

“It’s time for the patient in Bed 23 to have his dressing changed.” As soon as he said that, a young man walked past him and complained softly to the nurse at the nurse station, “No response after ringing the bell several times, the blood is pouring out.”

The moment Guan Qijun heard that, he ducked farther away but was half a second too slow to cover the phone microphone.

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and then Ou Shaowen’s somewhat lost voice came, “Well, then have a good trip.”

Guan Qijun didn’t know if he felt lucky or disappointed for a while. He hung up his phone and glanced at Dr. Chen who was standing next to him.

“Is that the kid who was a successful match?”

Guan Qijun nodded with mixed emotions.

“You deliberately leaked the news that President Ou is at the hospital because you want to secretly let him know about President Ou’s condition?” Dr. Chen smiled and patted him on the shoulder comfortingly, “Don’t bother with this. There will be no sane person in this world who is willing to give his heart to others. Survival is everyone’s instinct, even if it is a close relative.”

How could Guan Qijun not understand this; but people who had been floating in the abyss of despair for a long time would become so perverted that they would be unwilling to give up any faint hope.

Of course, he would not expect Ou Shaowen to be eager to give up his life as soon as he learned of President Ou’s condition. He just hoped that Ou Shaowen’s feelings for President Ou at this moment were at their hottest and most unreasonable point, and this unreasonableness would make him willing to sign the organ donation consent form to ensure that in the event of an accident, President Ou would get the healthy beating heart in his body.

At that point, things would have more room for manoeuvre. If they could find another source of heart as soon as possible, it would be good, and it would be good if President Ou’s condition was stable and he had no attacks. But in case things came to the most critical juncture and they were faced with a desperate situation with no way out, then it would be time for this heart of Ou Shaowen to come in handy.

“I know.” Guan Qijun hid the dangerous light in his eyes, lowered his head and said softly, “It’s okay, if he comes to the hospital, then he will come to the hospital.”

Ou Shaowen hung up the phone and stared blankly ahead of him. After a long time, he clenched his fists and murmured a single word, “Liar!”

He got up and walked to the coat rack to get his coat, pushed the door open expressionlessly and walked out.

As Ou Shaowen sat in the taxi, his mind was a mess, like a large handful of beads that couldn’t be strung together, spilling onto the floor with a rattling sound.

Strange, it was really strange. During these calm and beautiful days, he had guessed countless times whether the reason why Ou Renjin did not arrange the surgery immediately was because his body was not in the best condition. Or were there other medical restrictions that made it impossible to perform the transplantation quickly? Or was it simply because he was afraid of pain and wanted to postpone the surgery for a longer period of time?

But all these guesses couldn’t explain why Ou Renjin had to go to such great lengths to keep it from him even when he was sick. Why hide it? Wasn’t he here to save him?

His limited perception didn’t allow him to understand why this situation had arisen and he could only ask the taxi to drive a little faster.

He wasn’t actually sure which hospital Ou Renjin was at right now, but when the driver asked him about his destination, he subconsciously said the name of the private hospital, perhaps because he had woken up there, or perhaps because the nurse there had once told him some gossip about how the hospital had opened less than eight years ago and Ou Renjin had invested hundreds of millions into it. So this hospital should have been the place that enabled Ou Renjin to turn down the lab equipment and take him outside.

When he got out of the car and walked into the hospital to the front desk to mention Ou Renjin’s name, the nurse did not hesitate at all and politely and directly told him where Ou Renjin’s ward was.

“Thank you.” He got on the elevator to the designated floor. Once the doors opened, there was an unusually quiet corridor that was completely different from the lobby. Ou Shaowen’s head was still a little dizzy. He walked forward step by step like a robot without any self-awareness, unable to figure out what was going through his mind.

Just when he came to a corner, a deliberately lowered voice not far away reached his ears.

Ou Shaowen stopped abruptly.

“Don’t mention it again, President Ou doesn’t want that.”

It was Guan Qijun’s voice!

See, saying something about being at the airport was really a lie.

“Can’t you talk to Ou Shaowen to make it clear? President Ou has been hiding his condition from the outside world for many years. In fact, it’s time to find someone to share it with. Ou Shaowen has been at the hospital for a while before, the kid looks quite healthy and calm. Just let him take care of President Ou more. It’s better than President Ou being alone.”

“I can’t help it if President Ou doesn’t want to talk about it. He simply likes Ou Shaowen, and bringing him to the villa has nothing to do with whether Ou Shaowen is a successful match or not. President Ou wants to fall in love with someone purely and simply, and doesn’t want to reveal his condition and let other things get mixed in between the two of them. What do you think, if Ou Shaowen knew about President Ou’s condition and knew that we took advantage of his injury and secretly made a heart match with President Ou, how awkward it would be! At that time, even if President Ou explained that he had no plans about his heart, he would not believe it.”

Ou Shaowen’s brain began to buzz; he was dazed, as if he had received a hammer blow.

What did their words mean?

Were they saying that Ou Renjin had been silent about his condition all this time because he was simply not prepared to transplant his heart? That he had brought him to the villa for no reason at all, just because he wanted to fall in love with him purely and simply?

What they said about falling in love was different from what he normally understood. What did they mean by falling in love? Did they mean not wanting to take a heart from him even in the face of the threat of death?

Why, was it because Ou Renjin was afraid that he would be in pain?

Ou Renjin always seemed to be afraid that he would be in pain. On a regular basis, he would tenderly lick off the blood when he cut his fingers a little bit. When a little bruise appeared on his body, it would actually disappear soon, but Ou Renjin would still meticulously rub the medicine on him.

Whenever this happened, Ou Shaowen felt sour in his heart; he was obviously very happy, but he also wanted to cry a little bit, he didn’t know why.

He held back every time before.

But this time…

Ou Shaowen lowered his head and a tear slipped down his chin and gently dripped onto the floor.

In fact, it wouldn’t actually hurt him very much.

Or if it hurt, it would soon pass. He wouldn’t even be wailing in pain day and night, like the rich people who had their surgery at the same time as him, after waking up from the anaesthesia.

He wouldn’t be upset either. He was willing to give Ou Renjin his heart, he was willing.

With a sour, unbearable emotion in his heart, he stepped forward, step by step, silently but firmly, and walked around the corner towards the two men who were talking.

At the sound of footsteps, they immediately stopped talking and turned their heads towards him in unison.

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  1. Omg these people are bastards!!! How can a heart be given easily, no matter whether he is a “lab grown” person or not

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  2. its making me feel nauseous that ML’s secretary kept disregarding his intention of not manipulating MC to sacrifice for him. in situations like this where MC is unconscious, the power of the secretary’s word is immense and of course MC will follow his plans. and its worse that no one knew MC able to regenerates his organs omg 🙁 🙁
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    1. The secretary guy… he is really obsessed, more than that, he seems to be obsessed with getting the heart for the ML through wrong means. It’s like all good means fell through many times, so he subconsciously feels he has to commit a crime to “pay” for the heart. But he also is ready to sacrifice someone else, not himself.

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