Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 26

“It’s okay, if you come back tonight, I’ll wait for you to have breakfast tomorrow morning.” Ou Renjin comforted him in a low voice.

“I will come back.” Ou Shaowen’s feet were a little stiff with cold, and he stomped on the spot, “We still have a little more footage to shoot and it’s over.”

“How are you doing? You haven’t been scolded by the director, have you?”

He replied “No” with a little pride; the few times they ng’ed (ng “no good” – blooper) were not his fault.

“That’s great.” Ou Renjin praised him without hesitation, and then said, “I’ll take your quilt to your room later, so you can sleep in your own room when you get back tonight, okay?”

“Yes,” Ou Shaowen pursed his lips. “Can you make up for the missed day afterwards?”

Ou Renjin laughed. Ou Shaowen’s persistence and entanglement in this kind of thing always made him feel funny, “No. I occasionally have something to do at night, and there are always times when we don’t sleep together. So if we go on like this, how can we make up for it?”

“It can be made up.” Ou Shaowen’s tone was a little puzzled, “If you miss a few days, you can make up for a few days. How can you not make up for it?”

“Let’s talk about this later. If you are good during this period of time, then I will make it up to you.” Originally, to him, Ou Shaowen was a quiet and well-behaved sleeper, so it didn’t matter whether he slept with him or by himself for a few more or fewer days. But seeing how concerned Ou Shaowen was with it, Ou Renjin couldn’t help but tease him.

“Okay, then it’s a deal.” Ou Shaowen defended himself, “I’m always good.”

“Shaowen!” The assistant director shouted not far away, “It’s time to shoot, come here! Last few shots, let’s get back after we’re done.”

“Good.” He responded, a little reluctant to end the call with Ou Renjin, “We are going to start shooting.”

“Well, keep up the good work, I’ll hang up then.” Ou Renjin on the other end of the phone did not realise his reluctance and hung up the phone decisively.

Ou Shaowen stared at Ou Renjin’s name on the call page for two seconds before putting his phone away and running a few steps over.

The last few shots were stuck twice because of Ou Shaowen. He was never so exhausted that he would be unable to move, that is, he was always energetic and he rarely felt tired, so he didn’t quite understand how to express this state. Fortunately, he had a strong ability to imitate, and after a few times, he knew how to follow the template of several other group actors, and the shots passed smoothly.

The crew began to pack up the equipment and prepare to go back. Ou Shaowen volunteered to help them, thinking that if he could go back earlier, Ou Renjin might still be awake when he went back, as he would occasionally be delayed by sudden work until very late.

However, he only symbolically helped lift things twice, and the entire crew refused. They were touched, but one thing was that they were afraid that Ou Shaowen would break their equipment accidentally, and the other was that they felt that after all, he was the one that the boss of Qimeng Company was determined to promote and they couldn’t really treat him as a newcomer in the entertainment industry, letting him do these laborious heavy tasks.

The assistant director was smart enough, and when he saw this, he hurriedly said, “Well, Shaowen, go and help clean up the garbage that everyone left after eating and drinking. We will take it away with us, we can’t pollute the environment.”

“Okay.” Ou Shaowen nodded and went without another word.

The crew continued to carry equipment. Beside them, several group actors gathered together, chatting as they walked towards the car. Someone glanced in that direction and couldn’t help but open his mouth, “I have to say, Ou Shaowen has a really good personality. Although he doesn’t talk much, he is much more human than some guys.”

“Otherwise, why would he be the endorser?”

In the group, Dong Qiao, who was walking in the rear, paused as he glanced behind and hesitated for a moment, then rejected the idea of going to help. Ou Shaowen’s help was natural, but if he went to help, he might be described as flattering and trying to please.

The crew that shoots commercials, not worthwhile.

Finally after packing up their things, everyone got into the car.

Before driving, the assistant director looked around and asked, “Ou Shaowen, has he gotten in the car yet?”

“He seems to have taken a seat in the two cars with the group actors. I just saw him talking to one of them, they looked like they had a good relationship, as if they were friends.”

“Okay, then let’s drive.”

Meanwhile, Dong Qiao looked at the two bags of plastic lunch boxes and beverage bottles in Ou Shaowen’s hands, “Are you done?”

“There are still some napkins and cigarette butts on the ground.”

“Now that the lights are off, it’s not easy to clean up. Just leave those little things alone and get in the car.” Dong Qiao opened the trunk and threw two bags of garbage in.

Ou Shaowen stood in silence for a while, took out his mobile phone and turned on the flashlight, “I’ll go and have a look again.”

“That’s fine.” Dong Qiao paused for a moment, smiling a bit sarcastically for some reason. He pulled out a garbage bag and handed it to Ou Shaowen, “Then you go, come back soon, we should leave.”

“Uh-huh.” Ou Shaowen nodded, turned around and quickly walked into the darkness. The fog in the mountains at night was heavy, and the light of his mobile phone quickly disappeared in the mountain mist and could no longer be seen.

Dong Qiao stared at Ou Shaowen’s back for a while. The driver who was about to drive came over to count the number of people, and asked, “Where is Ou Shaowen, is he leaving in our car?”

Dong Qiao turned his head and suddenly smiled, “He went to the front car. There are seven people in our two cars, how could he possibly squeeze with us.”


Ou Shaowen squatted on the ground and picked up the last scraps of paper. Suddenly, he heard the sound of the car starting. It was far away so he couldn’t be sure. He carefully listened to it, stood up abruptly and ran in that direction.

As he ran, he could already see the taillights of the last car. He opened his mouth but before he could call out, the lights slowly disappeared into the mist.

He stopped in his tracks and stood there a little in a daze. After a long time, he looked at the mobile phone in his hand. The screen of the mobile phone still showed the call record between him and Ou Renjin. He subconsciously wanted to press “dial”, but his fingers touched the screen and stopped again.

Ou Renjin told him before that if he was awakened while sleeping, he would feel very uncomfortable.

He had to be good and not make him feel uncomfortable, otherwise Ou Renjin would not be willing to make up for this day.

The time on his phone was not yet ten o’clock, Ou Renjin didn’t actually usually sleep this early, but Ou Shaowen wasn’t willing to gamble on that possibility. He walked slowly forward in the direction where the car lights had disappeared, calling Qi Yue as he went.

But Qi Yue didn’t answer.

After all, it was so late; everyone would have their own things to do when they returned home.

Ou Shaowen clenched his mobile phone and walked for a while, as if waiting for something. After some time, his exposed fingers felt a little cold, and he stuffed his hand with the mobile phone into his pocket.

His memory was pretty good. He went the wrong way in the middle and groped his way back again. After walking through this section of the mountain road full of forks, he finally reached the concrete winding road. By then he was already hot and didn’t feel cold at all.

So he took out the phone again, squeezed it in the palm of his hand, and pressed the button from time to time to take a look.

The battery of the mobile phone had only 18% left. He finally glanced at the time and put the mobile phone in his pocket again.

The world was silent, there was not even the sound of the wind or the cry of birds, only the sound of his own footsteps moving forward firmly. He was actually not afraid, he just felt a little… How to describe this feeling? He would unconsciously think about what Ou Renjin was doing now, was he asleep? Did he wash his hair tonight? Would there be that refreshing and good-smelling aroma on the pillow?

He really wanted to hear Ou Renjin’s voice. Ou Renjin always liked to smile when he talked to him. He looked so beautiful when he smiled. Ou Shaowen didn’t seem to be able to learn the kind of smile that could make people feel happy in an instant.

In fact, he was also easily awakened when he slept. Occasionally, someone would come to observe his equipment in the middle of the night, and someone would prick his vein and inject drugs into it. But he would not react in any way, he would stay with his eyes closed and pretend that he was still sleeping.

But Ou Renjin was definitely different. He had a bad heart, so he would surely feel a thousand times more uncomfortable than him. At this time, he suddenly felt that he was also very lucky. Although he was a monster without a father and mother, he seemed to never be able to be defeated by any disease, and he could save many hurting and desperate people. Most importantly, he could save Ou Renjin.

So, he remembered the question that had been on his mind for a long time. When would Ou Renjin let him transplant his heart? After the transplant, even if he was awakened in the middle of the night, he wouldn’t be so uncomfortable. At that time, could he occasionally take his hand while he was sleeping?

After Ou Renjin’s name filled his mind, he suddenly understood what he was feeling at this time.

A bit… lonely.

How long was this road? He felt that he had been walking for a long time.

He stopped suddenly, looked at the winding road that turned round and round, was silent for a while, then stepped over the low guardrail on the side of the road, and prepared to take a shortcut.

It should take him twenty minutes to walk from here to the winding road below, but if he slid down the hillside, it might not take two minutes.

What a good idea! He measured the slope, zipped the pocket with the mobile phone, and rushed down without hesitation. The hillside was not too steep, and he could still run down, but he couldn’t control his speed in the last few steps and stop in time, so he could only hit the guardrail below with a bang.

He squatted down and rubbed his stomach in pain. It was weird, he seemed to be a little bit more afraid of pain than before. Maybe it was because he hadn’t been in pain for too long.

After stepping over the railing, he walked a little further, took a few shortcuts according to the plan, and finally saw a few houses at the foot of the mountain at 1:30 am. He stood at the door of the house and hesitated for a while, then gave up the intention of knocking on the door.

Everyone was asleep, so it was better not to wake them up. Besides, he had to get back in time to have breakfast with Ou Renjin in the morning!

So he continued to walk, and after walking for a long time, he finally saw the occasional car passing by him on the road. He tried to stop a van, negotiated a good price, hitchhiked, and finally returned to the entrance of the community at more than three o’clock in the morning.

He got out of the car and waved goodbye to the kind driver. After thinking about it for a while, he took out all the cash he had and gave it to him, “I’m sorry to have delayed you, thank you.”

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