Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 21

“He is not my friend.” At this moment, Ou Shaowen was a little sensitive to hearing such words.

“Is that so?” Ou Renjin clicked the mouse to zoom in on that screenshot, “You’re even allowed to cuddle with people who aren’t friends now?”

He remembered when he had just brought Ou Shaowen to the villa, it was still their second meeting and Ou Shaowen had already let him hold his hand and put his arm around his waist without any resistance. At that time Ou Renjin thought to himself that this person was really here for him and ready for him. Now, on reflection, it seemed that perhaps Ou Shaowen was not so much unresisting to him as unresisting to all tenderness, all kindness, all closeness.

Just look at the gifts he had in mind to buy for the housekeeper and the driver who looked after him. He was so stupid that if anyone treated him a little nicer, he would begin to pour out all his heart for that person.

“Cuddle? Cuddle?” Ou Shaowen recalled for a while, only to remember that Dong Qiao did hug him when he was almost at the door, “After letting him hold me for about 2.4 seconds, I pushed him away.”

Ou Renjin chuckled softly; neither joy nor anger could be heard in his tone, “Do you remember this so clearly?”

“Well, I have a good memory and I am very sensitive to things that have standard measurements. Such as the first time we kissed, we kissed for 28.7 seconds.” Ou Shaowen was very happy to have the opportunity to talk to Ou Renjin about what made him different from ordinary people.

“Ahem.” Ou Renjin cleared his throat, not knowing what to say for a while.

This guy always likes to unconsciously tilt the topic.

“Then why did it take you 2.4 seconds to push him away, couldn’t you have pushed him away in 0.4 seconds?” By this point, he wasn’t actually questioning anymore, instead he was teasing Ou Shaowen like a child, anticipating his every reaction.

“My hand was ringing the doorbell at the time, and I didn’t have time to push him away.” Ou Shaowen answered, well-behaved and serious.

Ou Renjin replayed the surveillance video again, “Okay, you pass the test.”

Ou Shaowen didn’t want to continue to talk to him about Dong Qiao and instead said: “I tried to cook the steak today. Aunt Zhou said that I was getting better and better, and my skills were about to catch up with hers. She also said that the steaks I practised with these days were of average quality, and she will get a more delicious steak tomorrow…”

He didn’t express the invitation clearly, but Ou Renjin could hear his anticipation. He smiled softly, “I see, I’ll come over to have dinner with you tomorrow.”

“How do you know I want to cook it for you?” The tone of the voice on the other end of the phone rose unconsciously, as if it was so incredible that Ou Renjin could guess what he was thinking.

Usually, Ou Renjin would accompany him to eat Chinese food as long as they ate together, but Ou Shaowen knew from Aunt Zhou that Ou Renjin used to prefer Western food a little bit more. So in the past few days, he learned a few dishes from Aunt Zhou that Ou Renjin liked. After practising for a long time, he felt that it was enough for Ou Renjin to taste it.

“It was easy.”

“How did you do it?” Ou Shaowen was very curious, “It’s so cool, I want to learn this too, can I guess what you will say before you speak?”

Ou Renjin was amused by him, “Then wait for me, I’ll come over tomorrow and teach you slowly.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Ou Shaowen was a little reluctant to hang up the phone, “I have learned a very good dance these days, and I will show it to you tomorrow.”


“I scrolled your Weibo to the last page today. There were many posts I wanted to comment on, but you told me last time that I shouldn’t reply to your Weibo, so I held back.”

Ou Renjin felt that the call had reached the point where he had to hang up. He had already closed the monitoring page and turned to the documents he needed to sign, “Well, that’s good.”

“So can you sleep with me tomorrow too?”

Ou Renjin stopped moving the mouse, his eyes smiling, “If there are no unexpected arrangements, yes.”

“Good.” There was a moment of silence on the other side of the phone before finally a formal goodbye came, “Then, bye.”

“Hanging up.” Ou Renjin took the initiative to hang up the phone, lest Ou Shaowen bring up some more topics. After solving the matters at hand for a while, when he picked up the cup and drank tea, Ou Renjin suddenly remembered something Ou Shaowen had just said.

“I scrolled your Weibo to the last page today.”

He had always been casual on Weibo. When he was with those beautiful young men, he never refrained from posting their photos on Weibo. When he ended the game, he never deleted the posts on Weibo. Whether the “current love” cared about these things had nothing to do with him. Whether he cared or not, it was equally very interesting. Of course, the main reason was that he was too lazy to rummage back and forth through his Weibo. He wasn’t idle enough for that.

But Ou Shaowen told him in such a calm and natural tone today that he had scrolled his Weibo to the last page, and Ou Renjin suddenly reacted with embarrassment that came from some unknown source. And he was a little inexplicably curious. He wanted to ask Ou Shaowen what he thought about those Weibo posts, but it was impossible to ask him directly.

Looking forward to his answer, but a little resistant to it, too.

Since he was a child, he had always been curious, and he had always liked to create situations to observe the reactions of others. The thing he was best at and most interested in doing was satisfying his curiosity.

So he didn’t hesitate; he made a phone call and spoke as soon as he was connected, “Xiao Yao, come and do me a favour.”

Xiao Yao was his first object made public and an artist of his company. This man was sober, rational and purposeful. In the fifth month after he moved into the villa, Ou Renjin discovered that this guy used his name to suppress his opponents and fight for a role for himself. In the face of his half-sarcastic and half-flirtatious inquiries, he confessed to Ou Renjin very bluntly that being with him was all about resources, high-quality and high-end, a steady stream of them, and the more resources, the better.

Ou Renjin admired his directness, so after they separated later, they still had follow-up interactions in the form of a simple boss-employee relationship, which allowed Xiao Yao to use the banner of his “first” and his “white moonlight” to help himself.

“What, it’s time for you to watch a show again?” Xiao Yao seemed to be flipping through a script, accompanied by the sound of turning pages, “I think this little friend is quite delightful, isn’t he?”

“A little friend is something you can also be called.” Ou Renjin glanced at the time carelessly and turned the computer off, “I’ll give you a few interviews, want them?”

“Sure. Let’s talk about it, what script do you want me to act in this time?”

“Come to my office, and I’ll tell you when we meet.”

When Guan Qijun walked to the door of President Ou’s office, he saw Xiao Liu from the secretary department raise his eyebrows at him and say meaningfully: “Wait a moment, Xiao Yao just went in two minutes ago.”

Guan Qijun frowned.

Xiao Liu had been Ou Shaowen’s temporary assistant for a day before, and he still had a good impression of him, so at this moment, he half regretfully said, “By the way, how long has our new Fifth Aunt been on top? It’s not been two months. Won’t it set the record for the fastest break-up?”

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