Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 19

Of course, he knew the measure, and he had a very precise grasp on what occasions he could be arrogant and on what topics he had to be humble. So far, he had never flopped.

Originally, he was used to this style, and replying to a comment like this was nothing special, but who knew that it wouldn’t be long before Ou Shaowen himself came over to join in the fun in a silly way.

He replied to Ou Renjin’s reply, “But what does it mean who’s catching and who’s pitching?”

The moment Ou Renjin saw this comment of his, he held his forehead, feeling a bit of a headache. And sure enough, after a single refresh, this comment simply detonated the crowd, and the melon-eating masses began to party excitedly.

“I feel like I know something! Go for it, little brother Shaowen, try your best to climb onto President Ou’s bed and conquer him completely with your body! [funny.jpg]”

“This innocent lover persona has gone a little too far.”

“Ask your boyfriend, he knows best about this.”

Some kind fans didn’t laugh at this stunt and gently replied, “Hahahaha, it means asking who is the top and who is the bottom when you are sleeping together.”

Before Ou Renjin could contact Ou Shaowen to stop, he saw him reply to this comment, “When we sleep together, he’s on the left and I’m on the right, there’s no one who’s on top and who’s at the bottom.”

Angry and amused, he called Ou Shaowen, and the phone was picked up as soon as it rang. The voice that came through was a little surprised, “I was just replying to your Weibo and you called!”

“Good boy, now log out of your Weibo account and don’t go back.”

“Okay.” Ou Shaowen answered without hesitation, followed by asking, “Are you calling to take me out to dinner?”

Usually, receiving a call from Ou Renjin meant that something joyous was going to happen.

Ou Renjin flipped through the itinerary that Guan Qijun had just sent over and could only reject him mercilessly, “No, I still have work tonight.”

“Okay.” Ou Shaowen didn’t regret it too much but suddenly remembered the delayed heart surgery, and couldn’t help but remind, “Don’t be too busy, don’t stay up late, drink less alcohol and pay more attention to rest.”

You have to get well quickly before you can have the surgery.

Ou Renjin laughed as Ou Shaowen said the lines that were often recited among relatives, “Who taught you to say that? You also know about staying up late and drinking!”

“Of course I know.” Before, doctors often told those rich people these things.

Ou Renjin unconsciously softened his voice and sounded somewhat gentle, “Good, I will.”

“Come and play with me when you have time.”

Ou Renjin stifled another laugh, “Okay, little friend, I’ll come and play with you when I’m free.”

When Ou Shaowen hung up the phone, the car had already stopped downstairs of a well-known dance club. Qi Yue turned and looked at Ou Shaowen over the backrest, “From today onwards, you will go to the company in the morning to practise your basic dance skills and come to the dance club in the afternoon to learn advanced courses. One lesson here is super expensive, you have to focus on learning, understand?”

Originally, he didn’t plan to bring Ou Shaowen to the dance club so early, but who knew that after only two classes in the company’s practice room, the dance teacher found him, saying in surprise that Ou Shaowen must have had a dance foundation because he knew all the basic movements after being taught once and needed to just be repeated twice to get a feel for it, so it would be more appropriate for him to rush to the advanced classes.

Qi Yue hurriedly signed up Ou Shaowen for a class here and brought him to the class for the first time today.

Previously, as a little assistant on a fixed salary, Qi Yue had been personally called into the office by President Ou to discuss Ou Shaowen’s route of development. Qimeng Entertainment was a film and television production company and had never been involved in idols before, but after careful consideration based on his knowledge of Ou Shaowen, Ou Renjin felt that he was more suitable to become a singing and dancing idol than an actor. At the same time, fashion circle resources and variety show resources would be used as auxiliary, and then, depending on Ou Shaowen’s qualifications, Ou Renjin would make a decision.

It was precisely because there were no excellent dance teachers in Qimeng that Ou Shaowen could only go to an outside dance club to learn dance first.

Ou Shaowen didn’t have any objection to this from the beginning to the end. He even took the initiative to download dance videos and taught himself when he wasn’t working. As long as he thought that he could earn more money for Ou Renjin by practising hard, he was very motivated.

“By the way, I have something else to do, I can’t come and pick you up later. You should have no problem taking a taxi back by yourself, right?” In theory, with Ou Shaowen being an adult living in a big city, Qi Yue shouldn’t have asked him such a question, but somehow, Ou Shaowen didn’t make him feel at ease.

“Yes, no problem.” He’d seen it on TV, just take a taxi.

“No problem really?” Qi Yue sent him to the elevator, making sure again and again, “If you run into any situation, call me, okay?”

Ou Shaowen nodded, waved to him and went up on his own.

His dance class today wasn’t one-on-one; there were a few other trainees from other entertainment companies here too. They seemed to know him, occasionally glancing at him with a kind of scowling look that didn’t feel very friendly.

Ou Shaowen had a very good memory. He could quickly remember some basic movements that did not require special skills and follow the teacher to make them. Only when he encountered difficult movements, did the teacher need to come over for individual guidance.

At the end of the dance class, his face was not flushed or sweaty. He was particularly conspicuous among the panting trainees and teachers. A very white, tender and cute young man came up to him, took a few breaths, and asked him with a look of helplessness: “Wow, are you not tired at all? I feel like I’m going to die.”

Ou Shaowen gave him a somewhat puzzled look and shook his head gently, saying “No”.

“Come on, you’re going back too, let’s share a car.” The young man put his hand on his shoulder in a very natural manner.

Ou Shaowen took a step back, avoiding his hand, not realising how rude he was being, and continued normally, “Share a car?”

“Yeah, save some money on the fare, we’ll each pay half.” The young man didn’t really care and enthusiastically tugged on his sleeve, pulling him out.

They passed by the group of trainees, whose eyes instantly focused on the two of them, and then some curled their mouths and turned their heads in disgust. Whether that look was for Ou Shaowen or the young man walking next to him was unknown.

After stopping the car downstairs, the young man smiled and said to the driver: “Go to Qingxiwan Community.”

Then he turned his head, as if he was already very familiar with Ou Shaowen, “Let’s send you home first, you live there, right?”

“Right.” Although Ou Shaowen felt that this person was quite strange, he didn’t bother to refuse.

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  1. SPOILERS (?) for those who don’t read NU tags like me lol

    I know that Ou Shaowen entered the entertainment industry but it didn’t sink in since he doesn’t look the type + his circumstances. I checked the tags on NU to be sure hahahah

    *sees Celebrities & Showbiz tag*
    Me: Dang. Shaowen must be an alien from another planet then. That’s why he’s not getting dragged back to the lab
    *sees Transmigration tag*
    Me: Oh. He really is one.

    Sorry Ou Renjin for thinking you might not be rich or influential enough because you don’t know where to buy a heart orz I kept imagining you with a Nokia but your phone is prolly better than mine! Thanks for the translation!

    1. Ahaha, right 😅😅 As long as there is a good-looking guy, the story has the highest chance to turn into a showbiz story. But it was interesting to see how Shaowen fit into it 🙂 🙂
      Tags… sometimes serve as spoilers. But God forbid forgetting some tag by chance, you can’t imagine what a sh*tshow some people are able to create over a missed tag… even when the tag doesn’t even exist on NU in the first place 😊😊

      1. When is there ever a danmei MC/ML who isn’t good looking-looking 😂 Shaowen is definitely adorable and entertaining so he will do well here! Would definitely root for if he exists irl.

        I don’t mind spoilers from tags but I still find it amusing how my train of thought was validated immediately. Also, I don’t get why people would fuss so much over a missing tag… Hope it doesn’t happen to you again any time soon!!

      2. You’re right, there are often posts on NU forum asking for BL recs where the MC and the ML are not perfectly handsome but… there are very, very few such novels 🙂 🙂

  2. Ohhh so mc did transmigrate :0 was still thinking when will the lab take him back someday and read the drama of ml vs lab 😅 or mc saying he gotta go back but ml doesn’t wanna and drama drama
    Or also ml react strongly to what mc experienced all these time 🥺
    Some part of me wonder still how mc couldn’t see, even a bit, or like have an inkling with the difference between this world and his old?? 😅

    They have a smoother journey now~~ Ml also has godly luck for encountering someone like mc 😌😭

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