Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 18

“Okay, it’s getting better and better now, so you are bringing someone to commit murder?” Ou Yiyun stopped and glared at them angrily but did not take another step forward.

Ou Shaowen glanced at him coldly, holding the handle of the knife without moving or speaking.

Ou Renjin put a hand on his shoulder, leaned over and poked his head out from behind Ou Shaowen’s back with a casual look, “Eldest Uncle, you can’t talk nonsense. This is called self-defence. It was an accident that Eldest Aunt was hit. If you want to blame, blame Grandpa, he threw the teacup. It’s not our fault.”

“Ou Renjin!” Ou Zhenghui was extremely angry but managed to calm down and looked at Ou Renjin coldly, “From now on, don’t ever come back to the old house again. With such a person like you in the Ou family, I don’t have the face to walk out of the house. From now on, I will pretend that I don’t have you as my grandson.”

Ou Renjin’s smile grew happier and happier, “It was not easy but I finally heard this sentence from your old mouth, so everyone is the most satisfied.”

He reached out and gave Ou Shaowen a hug, “Come on, let me take you to eat something delicious, it’s hardly possible to have an appetite with these people’s faces around.”

He pulled Ou Shaowen along and walked towards the door, waving his hand as he went, saying without looking back, “I’ll delete your contact information later. You’d better have some face and keep your word, and never seek me out again in your life.”

Not caring if the family behind him was angry, Ou Renjin took Ou Shaowen back to the car, and then his face darkened, the previous playful and casual look disappearing. He snapped his fingers again and again, thinking about something.

Ou Shaowen kept quiet all the way. After a while, he turned his head and glanced at Ou Renjin, and suddenly said, “I seem to have accidentally taken away the knife.”

Ou Renjin turned and saw Ou Shaowen still holding the dinner knife, looking at it in some confusion.

He instantly laughed out loud and reached out with both hands to tug at his hair. “You’re so fierce today.” He took Ou Shaowen’s hand and carefully checked for any cuts, “So fierce but heartwarming.”

Ou Shaowen felt his palm that had been touched by Ou Renjin was a little itchy. He pursed his lips, a little embarrassed, and stuffed the knife into his hand, “It’s something from your house, give it back.”

“That’s not my house.” Ou Renjin said it lightly and casually, but a hint of harshness flashed in his slightly lowered eyes.

These so-called family members had shown him the most chilling darkness in this world, and from that day on, he knew that the people he should guard against the most in this world happened to be his relatives who were related to him by blood. Don’t look at them rattling their swords just now; he knew that the more they fought, the more at ease they were with each other, and that if they were really nice and warm to him, he would have to start worrying that he would soon follow in his parents’ footsteps.

How ridiculous was that, right?

When Ou Shaowen heard this, he casually threw the knife into the small box in the car, “Uncle Li, I leave the knife here, please help clean it up later.”

“Ugh, good.” Uncle Li gave Ou Renjin a somewhat cautious look. He had only sent President Ou to the old house twice, but every time he came out of there, President Ou was not in a good mood.

Ou Shaowen was born in the laboratory and had no family, of course. He had deeply longed for this thing for a long time. Every time the researcher’s son came over to his dad when he was on vacation, playing intently in the corridor with his toy racing car, every time the otherwise fierce and cold man smiled while talking to his wife on the phone, Ou Shaowen couldn’t help but feel how moving this natural bond was.

But then, since when did he stop envying these people?

Probably when he accepted that if something didn’t exist, no matter how much one desired it, it couldn’t exist.

So at this moment, he calmly and lightly said, “It’s okay, not everyone will have a family, and not all family members can be called family.”

Ou Renjin gave him a look. He remembered the first time they met, this man shook his head and stated that he had no family or friends. Suddenly he felt that Ou Shaowen needed a comfort at this moment, so he turned over his hand that he held and kissed his fingers, “I seem to have found a treasure.”

Ou Shaowen expressed confusion with his eyes.

“You are the treasure I have found.” His words of love came as soon as he opened his mouth.

Ou Shaowen’s eyes lit up with surprise. Then he moved his body closer, took Ou Renjin’s hand and kissed his fingers one by one, just like Ou Renjin had done a moment ago.

Ou Renjin felt a little itchy and a little funny, so he laughed happily, and while laughing, he also gave his other hand to Ou Shaowen to kiss, “Come on, there is this one.”


The show “Desperate Escape” was broadcast on the tenth day after filming. Ou Renjin happened to have a social engagement that night and couldn’t come over to watch the show with him, and Ou Shaowen also didn’t feel that his first appearance in the show had any special significance. If it wasn’t for Aunt Zhou who remembered this matter after cleaning up in the evening and excitedly dragged him to turn on the computer, he probably wouldn’t have gone to watch it on purpose.

Of course, there was a lot of footage of him, even including the footage of the two cameramen performing their rotation.

In the competition of pure speed, the unique charm of the young man’s athleticism was vividly displayed in the program, and the barrage exploded at high-energy moments again and again 

“Crap, Ou Shaowen is so awesome.”

“Hahahaha, he was so cute when he was waiting helplessly for the cameraman to come over.”

“I get Ou Shaowen’s charm, he’s too good, isn’t he, has both power and stamina.”

“I suspect you’re driving (meaning “you’re making a dirty joke”).”

As Ou Shaowen threw the men in black off again and again, all the viewers seemed to start relishing his shots.

“Hahahaha, did you guys see the NPC’s expression, we haven’t gone through the plot yet, hey, is it so easy to jump through the window?”

“Pissed myself while laughing, still able to lift the NPC’s back again?”

“Ou Shaowen said: ah, so troublesome, then I won’t play, it’s more interesting to find the little brother in black to race and run.”

“Hahaha, the man in black is going to beat someone up too. It’s over, Ou Shaowen will be beaten up by the cameraman and the man in black in partnership at the end of the shoot, right?”

“Ah ah ah, my little Wenwen is going to die, three men in black come over to surround him, what to do?”

“The men in black said that the group battle can be lost but Ou Shaowen must die.”

“Oh my god, you can’t die like this!!!”


“Oh fuck!”

“Damn it!”

In the end, the consensus was –

“So why did Ou Shaowen become a model, shouldn’t he have become an athlete? Running faster than even the provincial champion.”

Of course, as soon as the show was on air, Qimeng Entertainment contacted the marketing account to release the news that Ou Shaowen had donated half a million yuan after the show. The PR pushed Ou Shaowen’s image as straightforward and cute, so by the time the show ended with Ou Shaowen asking with a puzzled face if the money didn’t belong to him, the barrage was full of those taking the initiative to explain that it wasn’t that he was reluctant to donate, he just felt that the money was meaningful and that there was a supplementary donation of half a million later. The audience’s reaction was surprisingly harmonious, and many were even attracted by his eccentric nature and genuinely found him cute.

Ou Renjin only went to watch the show after the heat had lasted for two days. Although the PR got the instructions from him, he only remembered that the variety show had already aired when more and more people suddenly mentioned Ou Shaowen with envy and jealousy under his Weibo account.

He then watched the entire episode while feeling incredulous and very natural at the same time.

When he turned his head to look more closely at the Weibo comments, there were already many people asking in a serious manner who was catching and who was pitching between the two of them.

Ou Renjin narrowed his eyes dangerously, picked one comment and replied with –

“Why do you care? Anyway, you can’t see him when he’s cooking for me at home with his apron on and you can’t see him kissing my fingers one by one with his eyes shining.”

The man quickly replied with a “Fuck”.

Ou Renjin had always been polite and courteous on formal occasions, but on his Weibo account he always spoke bluntly and freely. But his fans, no matter whether they admired power or were attracted by his beauty, just loved his behaviour.

Among his exes, Qin Yining had been with him for six months, which was not a short period of time, and the reason why he had the lowest status among the “Aunts” together with Liu Changran, the one who got broken up with in less than 80 days, was because Ou Renjin personally replied once to a comment asking what was the reason for breaking up with Qin Yining.

At the time, his reply was: appearance, figure and personality are equally boring.

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