Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 17

At that time, Ou Renjin had just finished the meeting and a group of people were packing up the materials in front of them, preparing to leave. The moment he saw the text message, he subconsciously laughed out loud. In the silence, with all eyes on him, he coughed lightly twice and put away his phone, trying to maintain his majesty as the president.

Back in his office, he touched his phone screen again to look at the two text messages and tapped his fingers on his desk lightly. Half a minute later, he sat up straight and finally returned the message.

“There’s a family gathering tonight, will you come over and accompany me?”

Over the years, since he came out of the closet, the old man had lost his previous gentle and loving look. Every time there was a family gathering, he always followed Eldest Uncle’s family to reprimand him explicitly or implicitly. When Ou Renjin remembered their shady look, he thought it might be a very interesting thing to bring his young lover directly home.

Ou Shaowen replied quickly, “Yes, I’m coming.”

Sure enough.

“I’ll have Uncle Li send you over.”


So, when Ou Renjin walked into the underground garage after work, he saw Ou Shaowen leaning over the car window and waving at him from far away, and although he wasn’t smiling, anyone could see his jubilant look.

Ou Renjin opened the car door, and as soon as he sat down, he pulled Ou Shaowen’s head closer and gave him an affectionate kiss. Uncle Li, who was driving, looked straight ahead. The two people in the back seat in the throes of passion didn’t try to avoid suspicion at all! 

After a long time, Ou Renjin took the initiative to push away the young man who was getting more and more excited, “Sit down, your clothes are all messed up.”

So Ou Shaowen sat straight obediently, gently touching his lips with his fingers, as if thinking about something.

“Right.” Ou Renjin suddenly remembered a certain thought that flashed by just now. “It seems that I’ve never seen you smile since I’ve known you.”

He felt as if Ou Shaowen had smiled in front of him many times, but when he thought back carefully, he realized that he had actually never shown even one real smile. He relied on the pair of his eloquent eyes to smile, not on the corners of his mouth, so you could always experience his happiness and think that he had already smiled in front of you.

But… this time, he just wanted to see the young man give him a smile with the corners of his mouth turned up and his teeth showing.

Ou Shaowen also tilted his head in confusion, “Haven’t you? I haven’t smiled?”

He clearly felt as if he had smiled many times.

Ou Renjin called up the selfie mode of his mobile phone, put his hand on Ou Shaowen’s nape and showed his usual smile to the camera. Many people said that he looked good when he smiled. It was the kind of smile that made people forget everything negative about him in an instant, the smile that made people want to give him everything they had.

Ou Shaowen looked at the camera blankly.

“Learn from me, smile!”

His gaze fell on Ou Renjin’s face.

“Hey.” Ou Renjin curbed his smile and warned in a low voice, “Smile, or I won’t kiss you again the next time we meet.”

It was only then that Ou Shaowen snapped back to his senses and slowly, slowly flashed a standard smile based on Ou Renjin’s smile on the screen as a template.

Ou Renjin pressed the shutter at that moment. He let go of Ou Shaowen and lowered his head to look at the photo on his phone, “Remember, just smile like this when you are happy in the future.”

When he really saw Ou Shaowen’s smile, Ou Renjin felt that it was just a smile, nowhere near as good as when he looked at you with a smile in his eyes.

“Okay.” Ou Shaowen unconsciously tilted his body in his direction, very curious about that photo.

Seeing this, Ou Renjin simply posted the photo on Weibo, “Didn’t you tell me earlier that you applied for Weibo? Go there and take a look.”

Ou Shaowen immediately picked up his phone and clicked on the Weibo account that was almost forgotten. This account had always been managed by Qi Yue, and from the time he applied until now Ou Shaowen had only cooperated with the magazine to repost a few photos. He didn’t bother with those and directly clicked on the followed page, according to what Qi Yue had taught him before, where the very harmonious and beautiful looking photo appeared.

Ou Renjin’s Weibo posts were not frequent. After he had disclosed his relationship with Ou Shaowen, this was the first time he mentioned his existence on Weibo, but it was a straightforward show of affection.

“Damn, a feast for face dogs (people who have no resistance to all things with good looks).”

“It’s been 21 days since they were photographed, and it’s finally officially announced on Weibo. From today on, little brother Shaowen will be the righteous Fifth Aunt!”

“No, he was even taken to a charity dinner and flirted with in front of the camera, but it’s still not an official announcement.”

“I’m a doubting Thomas, doing a full aerial 360 degree spin on my knees. God bless me, let my future boyfriend have one millionth of this beauty.”

“Little brother Shaowen is super good-looking when he smiles. Is he only smiling in front of President Ou?”

“I… I seem to have become a cp (pairing) fan, what to do, I’m already heartbroken for myself in six months.”

“Fuck, Ou Renjin scum is quite scummy, but he’s really fucking handsome. Do you accept dating? I’m definitely not the kind that expects to be Sixth Aunt.”

When he saw the last one, Ou Renjin gave a very, very merciless reply: Not accepting, too ugly, scram!

Tilting his head, Ou Shaowen zoomed in the picture to the maximum and was still there staring at it.

“Repost it, what are you doing in a daze?”

“Huh?” Ou Shaowen looked back at him with a confused look.

“Didn’t you say that your little assistant had taught you how to play with Weibo?” Ou Renjin leaned forward, took hold of Ou Shaowen’s index finger and tapped to repost, “What do you want to say, type it here.”

“Say what?”

“If you don’t know what to write, just say what you think of this photo.”

“Oh.” Ou Shaowen nodded, thought for a short while, typed in a line and posted it.

Ou Renjin, who had refreshed his Weibo page, then saw Ou Shaowen’s silly new Weibo post.

Ou Shaowen: You are so beautiful // @OuRenjin: I finally caught someone and took a photo. Picture.jpg

“Pff!” He clicked on Weibo and commented, “Good boy, don’t talk nonsense, I know.”

Ou Shaowen’s phone dinged with one of those special attention only beeps, and Ou Renjin glanced at him to see that he was tapping on the alert with some surprise before saying happily about the reply he had just made, “I can receive your message!”

“That’s right.”

“How did you do it?”

Ou Renjin leaned over again, stretched out his hand and clicked on the comment page of his Weibo. His comment reached the top in the shortest time, “When you see the post you want to reply to, just click here and type a comment.”

“Can you receive my messages too?” Ou Shaowen seemed to have instantly turned into a curious baby.

Ou Renjin nodded good-naturedly, “Yes, I can receive them.”

“Okay, I see.” Ou Shaowen lowered his head again and fiddled with the Weibo that was a bit unfamiliar to him. He focused all the way, and only when they reached their destination did he put away his mobile phone.

As soon as he stepped out of the car, he was greeted by a garden that was lush and leafy even in late winter.

“Don’t be afraid.” Ou Renjin reminded him in the same warm voice as before they walked down the red carpet. “Next, block out everyone’s words except mine and just eat quietly.”

“Okay.” Ou Shaowen nodded, not thinking it was anything difficult to do.

But to his surprise, he soon failed to obey Ou Renjin’s instructions.

When Ou Zhenghui saw another man walking hand in hand with Ou Renjin, his face turned livid. At that moment he forgot all manners and shouted sternly, “Stop!”

Ou Renjin was oblivious, pulling Ou Shaowen to the dining table to sit down, before smiling and looking around at his family, “Grandpa, don’t be angry, you knew sooner or later this day would come.”

“I can’t control how you want to play outside, but who gave you permission to bring these freaks home?” Ou Zhenghui was so angry that his body was trembling, and he pointed at Ou Shaowen with his hand shaking, “Get him out of here, or you will follow him.”

“Don’t worry, Grandpa.”Ou Renjin smiled and said, “I leave every time after I eat anyway. It’s too far to come here, so we can’t leave hungry.”

Ou Yiyun frowned and turned his face aside in disgust.

His wife, Qin Yueran, chimed in, “Ah Jin, your grandfather’s health is already bad lately, so if you deliberately irritate him again and again, in case something happens to your grandfather, your conscience will torment you for the rest of your life.”

“Auntie, why are you cursing Grandpa? I think he’s in good health, he’ll live another twenty years.” Ou Renjin still smiled, “Besides, when I came out of the closet back then, weren’t my eldest uncle and eldest aunt waking up from their dreams with a smile, ah? The second branch of the family is extinct, what a joyous thing.”

“You shut up.” Ou Zhenghui’s lips trembled; he moved quickly, picking up the teacup from the table and smashing it at him.

Ou Renjin felt funny, laughing and complaining in his heart at the same time.  Why do you want to provoke them when you know what all they are? It’s not like you can avoid them and it’s not worth getting hurt here.

Before the thoughts in his head were finished, he saw a figure suddenly appear by his side, and the sound of glass clashing with glass was followed by a harsh scream.

“Ah!” Qin Yueran clutched her arm that was hit hard, staring at them incredulously, her chest heaving so much that she could not say a complete sentence, “You… you…”

Ou Shaowen stood in front of Ou Renjin,shielding him tightly. He held a half broken porcelain plate in one hand, covering his face with the other. Just now, he used the plate as if hitting a tennis ball. The plate sent the flying teacup to fly back. He didn’t deliberately calculate the angle to avoid anyone, or smash into anyone; at that time he couldn’t think about it, he was just hitting back those who were hitting them, the harder the better.

Ou Renjin looked at his back in astonishment for a long time before smiling pleasantly, “Wow, you’re really good.”

Ou Yiyun hurriedly leaned over to check on his wife’s injuries. Once the shock was over, her arm hurt even more unbearably. Qin Yueran let out a low cry. Ou Yiyun slapped the table and stood up.

He took just two steps forward when he saw Ou Shaowen grab a knife on the dining table and look at him fiercely and coldly. He was holding the handle of the knife in a reverse grip, in the kind of position where he could plunge it into his neck at any moment.

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