Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 14

The director who was monitoring the scene screamed “oh my god” silently.

“Director, what about this situation, there is still a plot ready to be triggered by the key.”

The director knocked on the table twice in annoyance and connected to the actress’ headset, “Xiao Yan, play by yourself, make him send you back to your room first, find the key and then rescue you properly.”

So Yu Yan instantly grabbed Ou Shaowen, who was about to leave, and said in a tearful voice, “No, I can’t just go away with you. I hope you can convince my father to let me out himself with the key. Qing’er is unfilial and was meeting privately but Qing’er can’t just jump from the window and leave. If we want to leave, at least let’s ask my father to forgive me and let me leave through the front door in a dignified manner.”

The director breathed a sigh of relief, admiring this little unknown actress’s resourcefulness.

Ou Shaowen was silent for a moment, nodded and said “Okay”, put his hands around the actress’s waist and lifted her upwards, easily placing her on the windowsill, “You go back first, someone else will come to help you later.”

Then, without looking back, he turned around and walked away.

Actress: “……”

Just, just like that, he left?

Ou Shaowen didn’t have the slightest intention of going through the father plot. Convincing people was something he was never good at, so this task would be better left until someone came later.

When the man in black saw Ou Shaowen in his field of vision for the millionth time, he almost felt the urge to vomit blood on the spot. Is it easy to make some extra money on the show? What kind of grudge does this man have against them that he has to make them fly like a kite over and over again?

Usually when they hunted down the participants, most of them mainly hid. Although there would be an alarm if they stayed in the same place for too long, it was not uncommon for people to hide from the beginning to the end of the show. Even when they met a participant, they would either catch him or her a few steps, or they would be quickly shaken off by the participant according to the rules.

But this Ou Shaowen was different. He never actively ran towards an obstacle. So many times they watched as the distance between them widened a little and couldn’t catch up, but not to the extent when he disappeared from their view. So they could only grit their teeth and continue to chase. After forty or fifty minutes of running, even though they were professional athletes who usually had an extra-large training volume and even though their number gradually increased to a dozen or so, they were still quite overwhelmed. When they saw Ou Shaowen’s figure from afar, they couldn’t help but walk around as if they didn’t see him.

What kind of monster was this? He had enough stamina to run a marathon and bring glory to his country. What was he doing here abusing them, promising young athletes!!!

Ou Shaowen gave up a few tasks where he had to go through the plot with the NPCs, and other than that, almost all the tasks were completed by him. He even saved the other participants once or twice in the middle of the race, looking so laid back and relaxed that it made people’s teeth itch.

In the last stage of the game, the men in black became more and more dense, and near the end of the countdown Ou Shaowen was finally encircled by three of them on a wooden bridge.

He was less than five metres away from the end of the bridge, but there was already a man in black blocking his way, glaring at him viciously, with the joy of an impending successful revenge.

Ou Shaowen’s expression was very calm. He quickly visually measured the distance between the wooden bridge and the shore, and rushed over without stopping. At the moment when the black-clothed man’s hand was about to catch the corner of his clothes, he stepped on the railing of the wooden bridge with one foot and leapt forward. The time froze still, kinda like when a basketball player dunked from the free throw line. Then Ou Shaowen landed lightly on the shore.

The men in black were stunned, and before they could get frightened that a participant might be accidentally injured by their chase, they saw that the man who looked like a game bug had already run away quickly.

“Holy shit!” The cameraman couldn’t help but curse, thankful that he had the foresight to get to the shore first and capture the image of Ou Shaowen’s jumping from the front, while he couldn’t help but gossip in his mind about who was pitching and who was catching between this guy and Ou Renjin.

This physical strength, this athletic talent, how many times was he stronger than the refined President Ou?

At the end of the game, apart from Ou Shaowen, who was expected, Meng Yueyue, who was good at hiding, also managed to win a prize of 100,000 yuan. Holding the cheque token representing the prize money, Meng Yueyue said with a smile, “I will donate the prize money to the leukaemia patients as usual, for their daily treatment, hoping that they will all have hope for a cure.”

After saying that, she turned her head to look at Ou Shaowen.

The other guests also looked at Ou Shaowen.

Taken aback, he said with some confusion, “So this money doesn’t belong to me?”

It was true that the 100,000 prize money was a real 100,000 prize money, but who came to this show for money? Although this money couldn’t be completely disregarded by some of the young stars, since one person had set a precedent of donating money, who would dare to take the money for themselves? Inviting the audience’s scolding and doubts about your character for so little money was not worth it.

So when Ou Shaowen opened his mouth, almost everyone looked at him incredulously. Meng Yueyue’s expression management had always been good; she quickly smiled and explained, “No, no, it belongs to you, donating or not is a personal wish. Charity can be done at any time, and it doesn’t have to be this money. After all, it’s a symbol of winning the game, it’s also good to use it as a reward for yourself.”

One had to admit that for a popular little flower who had been in the entertainment industry since she was a child, Meng Yueyue’s emotional intelligence was indeed very high, and those few words were very beautiful.

Ou Shaowen nodded and emphasised, “This is my first big income since I started working, and I want to keep it for myself.”

In his mind he had not yet fully understood the meaning of charity and did not understand why some people could get donations from others without having to do anything. Was it because they were too pitiful? But there were so many pitiful people in the world, and everyone had a life to live, and no one was obliged to help them bear the bad luck in their lives.

In the evening after recording “Desperate Escape”, Ou Renjin specially asked Ou Shaowen out for dinner. At the table, he had a somewhat strange expression, “I heard… you refused to donate the show’s 100,000 yuan prize money?”

Ou Shaowen had only eaten half of his food. When he raised his head to look at Ou Renjin, he was still chewing a piece of pork ribs. He nodded, and his eyes seemed to be asking, “So what?”

Ou Renjin stroked his head, his tone gentle, as if once Ou Shaowen had taken his surname, he had really become a child who did not yet understand many things and needed his leadership and teaching, “You don’t know yet, there are some truths that cannot be said in front of others, and some emotions that cannot be shown in front of others.”

This was something he knew best and was best at.

He came out of the closet never looking back, and his feelings had been the topic of conversation for others during tea time. He was far from conventional, yet there were few official accusations and criticisms, simply because he had always known how to establish his own image. He single-handedly created the largest and most transparent and credible charity fund in the country. The fund would have financial disclosure every six months. The whereabouts and details of each donation were published on the official website for everyone to check. He personally participated in several charity activities every year, and even learned Braille and sign language in the process. He gave a blind girl a letter in Braille that he wrote himself and was able to communicate easily with the deaf young man without the help of an interpreter. Whenever these stories were reported online, the netizens’ opinion was, “private life has nothing to do with outsiders, at least Ou Renjin’s character and virtue are beyond reproach; the man is someone who is genuinely doing charity, not putting on a show.”

But they all misunderstood. He was also putting on a show, but in a more clever and dedicated way.

“So, which truths can be said and which cannot, which emotions can be shown and which cannot?” Ou Shaowen finally swallowed the food in his mouth and looked at him frankly.

“For example, if you don’t want to make a donation, you can think that, but you can’t say that.” As soon as Ou Renjin learned about this situation, he arranged to donate half a million yuan in Ou Shaowen’s name before the show aired.

“But I’ve already said it on the show, and it’s too late for you to tell me now.”

“I will naturally remedy today’s incident for you. We can say that you are young and ignorant. After all, it is the money you won by playing the game for the first time, it means a lot for you and it is natural you want to keep it. After that, just make a larger donation.”

“But why?” Ou Shaowen didn’t understand, but he knew he had caused Ou Renjin trouble and felt a little guilt and an unexplainable grievance.

“You will slowly understand why later, you don’t need to understand now, you just need to listen.” Ou Renjin’s expression became stern, his gaze sharply locked on Ou Shaowen, “Don’t say things like ‘I don’t want to donate’, you can’t say them again, do you understand?”

“Understood.” Still nodding, Ou Shaowen suddenly explained, “I kept that money because I wanted to buy gifts for Aunt Zhou and Uncle Li. Aunt Zhou said that the jade she was wearing was broken and she wanted to go to the temple to beg for another one, and Uncle Li also said that he was short of money recently and seemed to be planning to buy a car for his son.”

“Gifts again, you like giving gifts to people that much? What, were you Santa Claus in your previous life?” Ou Renjin snorted, feeling quite sarcastic, “Aunt Zhou’s jade broke, Uncle Li is going to buy a car, what does it have to do with you? You can’t bear to donate 100,000 yuan to patients who are in danger but have no money for treatment, but you are quite generous to Uncle Li and Aunt Zhou?”

He didn’t understand, he had never understood Ou Shaowen. Sometimes he was all about pleasing others, putting himself down, and sometimes there was a kind of indifference that came out of his bones, as if the world had nothing to do with him.

“Those people might be sick and die tomorrow, but I don’t know them. But Aunt Zhou and Uncle Li have been good to me, so of course I want to repay them. I want to repay you too, but you don’t want gifts, do you?” Ou Shaowen’s tone was still the same flat and even one, but it made Ou Renjin feel headache and annoyance.

He was annoyed as hell!

Repaying him? This guy was so obsessed with gifts, did he hope to be rewarded?

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  1. this was a really interesting take on the entertainment world, or at least how celebrity works. it make sense for the MC to feels more indebted towards who’s good to him vs adopting the concept of charity, both acts are good but our MC only familiar with repaying kindness so far. however, i feel like the ML lack compassion towards MC’s track of thoughts and his jealousy (?) causes our poor MC to be confused a lot 😅 thank you for this chapter, and please don’t take offense if i interpret the plot incorrectly, these are just my feelings of the couple so far 🙏🏼

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  2. This reminds me of parents raising their children according to what they think society norms should be. It really is irksome.

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