Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 12

Ou Shaowen instantly raised his eyebrows cheerfully and quickened his steps to walk up to Ou Renjin, “Aren’t you busy with work again today?”

Every time he said he didn’t have time to come to the villa before, Ou Renjin would use his busy work schedule as an excuse.

“When I want to see you, no matter how busy I am, I can spare time.” He said casually; his words were sweet but his expression was flat, “Your assistant has become a friend who can take up your grievances so quickly?”

His words were sarcastic and carried a hint of boredom. No matter what happened in the future, maybe he would end the relationship with Ou Shaowen within half a year as they thought, maybe it would last longer or shorter, but it was none of their business. Who asked them to come to Ou Shaowen one by one to warn him, each one of them claiming to be able to see the future?

“Well, he is very lively and likes to talk. I learned several new words today, and…” Ou Shaowen opened the mobile phone to show him, “He helped me apply for Weibo, saying that I can share whatever I want in the future…”

Ou Renjin interrupted him, “I don’t like this assistant, let’s get you a new one tomorrow.”

Ou Shaowen’s expression followed suit and became colder. He retrieved his phone, paused for a moment and nodded gently, “Okay.”

“You’re angry? What, very reluctant?” Ou Renjin chuckled lightly, “Before, didn’t you say during the interview that you thought I would never force you to do something you didn’t want to do? At that time, I wanted to tell you that you misunderstood, it was just that you didn’t have anything you didn’t want to do at the moment, and you hadn’t encountered anything you liked yet. You see, now you’ve encountered it.”

Ou Shaowen listened to his words with some confusion and after a while explained, “I’m not angry or reluctant. It’s you who’s being unhappy, isn’t it?”

Ou Renjin rarely smiled so strangely or spoke to him in such a tone. He didn’t quite understand what happened, but he could feel Ou Renjin’s displeasure.

Ou Renjin glanced at him deeply, turned around and walked into the house. “It seems that people are always easily influenced by their environment. So now you’ve become so talkative too.”

Ou Shaowen followed Ou Renjin quietly. This was the second time Ou Renjin had mentioned that he was becoming more talkative. Ou Renjin didn’t seem to like the fact that he was becoming more talkative.

“Why don’t you answer?” Ou Renjin stopped and turned his head to look at him. In the process of talking to people, Ou Shaowen always seemed to have a compulsion to respond to every word you said, with his voice, with his eyes, with his body. In short, he would respond to you.

Ou Shaowen raised his eyes and met his gaze, “What do you like? Is there something that makes you happy?” He was a little preoccupied trying to figure out the ins and outs.

Then Ou Renjin recalled the young assistant’s advice to Ou Shaowen earlier, “You don’t need to give me gifts anymore.”

This time, his expression was serious as he emphasised, “Do you know when a gift given to someone makes them happy?”

Ou Shaowen listened attentively.

“When two people are equal in status, assets and financial resources. When the gap between the two is too wide, one seems to be giving alms and the other seems to be flattering.” He paused, “Can you understand?

“I don’t need you to spend every payment on buying me gifts. You don’t always have to think of giving me something in return. The things I give you are only the least worthy of mention among the things I have, so when you have so many things that are not worth mentioning one day, you can give them to others. Now, I will not be happy when I receive your gift.”

From beginning to end, his tone was bland, not like he was angry, but definitely not happy either.

Ou Shaowen did not understand. Not in the sense that he did not understand a certain word or phrase; he could not understand Ou Renjin’s mood at this moment, could not figure out what kind of response he should give, as if a difficult question was put in front of him, but he could not even read the question, so it was logical that he could not get the correct answer.

“Okay.” He nodded calmly, using his most superficial understanding to try to come up with the kind of answer Ou Renjin was expecting to get, “I won’t give you any more gifts. I didn’t know it would make you unhappy. Last time, you didn’t tell me directly.”

He was as well behaved and calm as ever, as if he could accommodate all your sudden emotions.

Ou Renjin’s urge to be ruthless suddenly calmed down. He snapped his fingers, suppressed a little bit of chagrin, and stretched out his hand to Ou Shaowen, “Come here.”

Ou Shaowen took two steps closer to him and was swept into his arms.

He was wrapped in warmth, his body was so comfortable all over that he was happy, and he rested his chin on Ou Renjin’s shoulder, momentarily forgetting the subtle atmosphere of their conversation earlier.

“Come on, don’t stand here, let’s go inside.”

Ou Renjin finished eating dinner with him and sat with him on the carpet in front of the sofa to play two games before leaving the villa in the car again.

In the kitchen, Aunt Zhou was washing the dishes. Ou Shaowen went in to help her, and asked, “Aunt Zhou, do you know Ou Renjin well?”

“What’s the matter?”

“I don’t quite understand what he meant by what he said to me this afternoon.”

Ou Shaowen stopped moving and turned his head to repeat their conversation word for word. Even Ou Renjin’s tone of voice was imitated. Then, he said in distress: “So, what should I do to make him happy?”

It must be said that Aunt Zhou’s curiosity was satisfied to the greatest extent at this moment. She inwardly marvelled at the fact that President Ou talked to his young lover in this way and actually analysed it for him seriously and carefully. “I told you, where does President Ou need your gift! He’s not angry with you, he’s feeling sorry for you. Look at you, you’ve had such a hard time before, and finally you have some disposable income. Surely you should use it to spoil yourself first. You can use the money to buy things you once longed for, good-looking clothes, delicious food. Things you want to try, you can try them all.”

“He…” Ou Shaowen was a little hesitant, “is that what he means?”

“Yes, it’s not that he doesn’t like receiving your gifts. He means that when you become successful and rich in the future, he will be happy to accept whatever gift you want to buy him.“ Aunt Zhou couldn’t help but giggle twice as she said that and patted Ou Shaowen on the shoulder vigorously, “You are so likeable, President Ou must like you very much.”

Ou Shaowen nodded thoughtfully, “Well, I see.”

After this, he finally stopped thinking about buying Ou Renjin a gift. His days continued to be uneventful and fulfilling. He had reached the third row of books in the bookcase. Although there were finance, art, fashion, movies and many things he could not understand for the time being in these books, he still read every page of every single book in order. He also watched many movies, many TV dramas, many variety shows. His own shallow understanding and opinions of so many years collided with the outside world, and he was, as Ou Renjin said, influenced by his environment at a rapid rate.

By the day he was to go on that game variety show, Ou Shaowen was again a very different person compared to the one he had been days ago.

He had just pulled open the car door and got into the car that picked him up when his eyes widened in surprise, “Qi Yue?”

“What happened?” Qi Yue looked back at him, puzzled.

“Are you going to accompany me to work?”

“What else?” He laughed, “Do you want your agent to accompany you personally? By the way, do you know who your agent is? It’s President Ou! He’s taking you on personally, every single one of your jobs can only be arranged with his approval. Now you’ll be able to relax for a few days, but I hear you’ve got a magazine shoot and dancing and singing lessons coming up, so you’ll be busy.”

“Then he must be even busier.” That was why Ou Renjin hadn’t been in touch with him for so many days again.

“I’m a little minion, how can I know the whereabouts of big people? I only know you are definitely the youngest one in this variety show today. So, God bless you, let there be no traffic jams. We must be the first to arrive.”

Ou Shaowen lowered his head and recalled the conversation between him and Ou Renjin that day, and then somehow, he felt a little happy.

Was Ou Renjin making trouble when he said he was going to change his assistant? He applied the look of female leads on TV who were having a meltdown to Ou Renjin that day, thought for a long time, and nodded with certainty.

Yes, it was making trouble!

So you see, Ou Renjin was just like Ou Shaowen said he would be, and wouldn’t force him to do things he didn’t want to do.

Even though he wasn’t as reluctant as Ou Renjin had said. That little hesitation at the time was just because Ou Shaowen didn’t want to repeat the process of getting acquainted with someone like that all over again.

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