Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 9

“Arrange for him to sign a contract with the company,” Ou Renjin instructed, and then changed his mind. “Forget it, I’ll talk to him myself.”

Leaving people unattended and ignored, it was really not the way a good golden master should be. Ou Shaowen was also too quiet and well-behaved, and never took the initiative to look for him.

So, using this as an excuse, Ou Renjin finally went to the villa again. Hearing the sound, Ou Shaowen, who was sitting on the carpet in the living room playing a game, turned his head abruptly. Then, without hesitation, he threw down the game controller and stood up to stare at Ou Renjin without saying a word.

“Hey, you’re dead.” Ou Renjin reminded him with a smile.

Ou Shaowen glanced back at the screen and let out a soft “oh”.

Ou Renjin stared at the “game over” screen on the TV, his tone a bit surprised, “You set the new record?”

“Yes.” He nodded.

“That’s impressive.” Ou Renjin pulled the young man to his side, ready to rub his head. The boy looked malnourished, yet somehow he had grown as tall as him, making this habitual action of his less smooth than in the past.

As he was thinking this, Ou Renjin saw Ou Shaowen lower his head in response to his gesture, catching his palm with his whole head. Slightly stunned, Ou Renjin rubbed his hair.

When Ou Shaowen raised his head again, he looked a little more cheerful to the naked eye. His expression was soft and his look slightly expectant, as if he wished Ou Renjin touched him again.

“What have you been doing lately?” Ou Renjin avoided his eyes and found a random topic of conversation.

“Working out, reading books, playing games, surfing the internet, learning to cook with Aunt Zhou…” Ou Shaowen counted them one by one, then suddenly thought of something, “Wait for me first.”

He turned around and ran upstairs, taking two steps at a time and disappearing in a few moments.

Ou Renjin was a little embarrassed for a while. He knew what the boy was going to do, so he felt even more uncomfortable. He rarely encountered this kind of occasion where he was waiting for someone to give him a gift sincerely and genuinely, so he could only take out his mobile phone like a cover-up, and click on a few pages at random, without knowing what he was looking at.

Although Aunt Zhou had previously dismissed Ou Shaowen’s idea of buying a gift for President Ou, she could not resist his repeated requests and could only try to mention a few of President Ou’s interests. Ou Shaowen then dragged Uncle Li through the shopping mall for the whole day, and there was not a single yuan left on his card. Uncle Li even had to transfer him some money he got from Ou Renjin.

So, when Ou Shaowen handed Ou Renjin the packaged cufflinks, he had his head down and didn’t look very happy, “I thought these ones were particularly nice so I bought them, but I didn’t have enough money, so I’m sorry I made you pay for them yourself. Next time I will definitely buy you better looking ones.”

Ou Renjin took the gift box almost stiffly. It was the first time he had heard someone say such things to him. He felt funny and a little… strange for no reason.

Ou Shaowen waited for a while and saw that Ou Renjin still had that scowling, silent look, and somewhat anxiously reached out his hand and held his fingers to open the box, “Look, aren’t they beautiful?”

Bright and shiny, like his eyes that always had a soft smile on them, they were beautiful.

Ou Renjin glanced at them and closed the box, “Well, they’re pretty, but I have hundreds of pairs of them lying around my house. You don’t have to spend money on them for me, there’s not much chance I’ll be able to wear them.”

“A few hundred pairs?” Ou Shaowen’s eyes widened in surprise before he exclaimed, “That’s great!”

One could have so many favourite things at home that one couldn’t even finish touching them for a day when they were laid out.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to wear them. You received this gift today. After taking a look at it, you can feel a little bit of the joy of receiving the gift. Every time I receive your gift, I am also very happy.” Ou Shaowen didn’t know how to describe his joy and excitement. He felt that even if he gave Ou Renjin a thousand or ten thousand gifts, it would not be worthy of the joy that his whole heart would overflow with at that time.

How could he repay that feeling? Ou Shaowen was in a rare state of distress.

Ou Renjin was a little in a daze when he heard these words. What the young man said was very sweet, with his unique quirky directness, yet sweeter than the sweetest love words he had said to all his “adoptees” before.

“You are getting more and more talkative now. One can’t really tell what you were like before when you were like a little mute.”

“Uh-huh.” Ou Shaowen nodded and replied seriously, “I have been learning to speak properly, I will become more and more fluent in the future.” He loved talking to people, he was always comfortably enveloped by their gaze when he was talking.

Ou Renjin felt a little helpless. The young man always failed to understand his hints; he was like a little genie kept in a glass jar who felt that every little bit of air he came into contact with was kind.

“Good, keep up the good work then.”

Having given the gift, Ou Shaowen was thinking of showing his cooking skills, but it wasn’t mealtime, so he could only take a bag of the little biscuits he had baked earlier and hand them to Ou Renjin to eat, “Here, I baked them.”

Ou Renjin was about to say something but was interrupted by Ou Shaowen again and again. He tasted a piece indifferently and praised it with a few words of “delicious” perfunctorily. Then, before Ou Shaowen came up with some new ideas, Ou Renjin mentioned the newly sent invitations, “There are a few new jobs looking for you.”

“Taking pictures in weird clothes like before?” Ou Shaowen found this kind of work easy, except for the fact that he would be forced to answer questions he didn’t know how to answer.

“Not that kind anymore,” Ou Renjin explained, “this time you’re being asked to play games with others.”

“Play games?” He frowned slightly, a little puzzled, “Can you make money that way too?”

“Yeah.” Ou Renjin stroked his cheek, running his fingertips over the bridge of his straight nose, “Superior looks can be exchanged for money. As long as you’re handsome, there are people who like to look at whatever you do.”

Ou Shaowen stared at Ou Renjin’s exquisite face and tilted his head thoughtfully.

“What are you thinking about?” Ou Renjin sensed the meaning in his gaze and couldn’t help but reach out and push his face to the side, “You don’t understand now, so read more magazines and watch TV later, and you will slowly understand.”

Given Ou Shaowen’s character, the path of an actor was almost closed, and it was good enough to take the route of a model idol.

“Okay, I will.”

Ou Renjin took out the contract with the company and handed it to Ou Shaowen, explaining it carefully even though he knew that he probably didn’t quite understand it, “This is the agency contract with the company. The company is under my name, so you at least don’t have to worry about being deceived and left out. After you sign, the company will use its own channels to arrange more jobs like this for you and then take a cut of your pay. This contract is for five years and the pay is 50/50, which is better than any newcomer contracts. Of course, you have the right to refuse.”

“Five years?” Ou Shaowen’s eyes widened and he looked at Ou Renjin with an expression of surprise that he had never had before, dumbfounded. He almost thought he had heard wrong. Would the lab… allow him to leave for a full five years?

Perhaps it would, but it would have to cost a considerable amount of money, enough to make up for the loss of five years of the lab missing the organ source.

Granted, he was only one of the many profitable projects of the lab, but he still couldn’t imagine that the lab would let him go easily.

Why would this man be willing to go this far for him? The money he spent on this must be enough to pay for the organs of his whole body many times. Ou Shaowen felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, like being squeezed in someone’s palm, making his chest so tight that he couldn’t breathe.

“Five years is short enough.” Ou Renjin misunderstood his overreaction. He tossed the contract aside and smiled carelessly, “But as I said, you can do it or not do it. Indeed, you don’t have a clear enough understanding of the world, so you can take the time to think about it.”

“No!” Ou Shaowen grabbed his hand with a force that made Ou Renjin a little uncomfortable, “I am willing.”

His beautiful eyes were misted with a thin layer of moisture, full of disbelief and sudden outburst of grievances and surprise, as well as the nervousness and trepidation that his beautiful dream would be shattered. He pounced and hugged Ou Renjin tightly, his trembling voice repeating over and over, “I’m willing, I’m willing to do whatever you want me to do.”

Ou Renjin was pushed backwards by his excessive force and wrapped his arms around his slender waist, collapsing together into the soft cushions of the sofa. Ou Shaowen was still oblivious, only repeating the word “willing” in his ear over and over again, making it seem as if the slightest glance of distrust could make him cry.

“Okay, I know you’re willing.” Ou Renjin smiled with his usual look of gentleness, “You’re not going to cry, are you?”

Ou Shaowen raised his head; his eyes were a little red, but no tears were visible. Somehow, Ou Renjin felt a little regretful. He patted his back comfortingly, “Why do you suddenly act like you are taking an oath? You can’t just say that you are willing to do anything, you will be laughed at if you say it and can’t do it.”

“I can do it.” After Ou Shaowen finished speaking, he buried his head in Ou Renjin’s neck again. He felt that he needed to treat Ou Renjin very well in the future, so that he would not regret taking him out of the laboratory.

Afterwards, he signed his name on the contract very neatly and raised his head, saying with a sincere look on his face, “So in the future, half of the remuneration for my work will be given to you, right?”

Before Ou Renjin had time to answer, Ou Shaowen said the next sentence, “Then you can take more, seventy-thirty or eighty-twenty, it doesn’t matter.”

Ou Renjin held his forehead and smiled helplessly, “It’s okay, just try your best to work hard so that I can get enough money even if it’s a 50/50 split.”

“I will.” Ou Shaowen nodded heavily.

Ou Renjin couldn’t help but smile again, “I’ll have someone send a tuxedo to you in a couple of days, so you can prepare and attend a charity dinner with me.”

“A charity dinner?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just to take you to a place with many people for dinner. You don’t need to worry about other people, just eat with peace of mind.”



So guys, if the favorability is digitised, who do you all think has the highest favorability rating in Ou Renjin’s heart among the five aunts, including that legendary first true love?

“Heh, Li Zhongming, the so-called first true love, also has the nerve to stick in his face. As the only gossip object who has not been publicly recognised, it’s better not to post it again and again to rub off the heat, too shameless!”

“Although some of Qi Shuyang’s tawdry actions after the break-up made people drop their good feelings, it is still sensible to admit that he is indeed the one Ou Renjin was most attached to. Ou Renjin has been photographed personally driving him to and from work on several occasions.”

“If the favorability rating is out of 100, Qi Shuyang is 73, Xiao Yao 65, Qin Yining is 55, Liu Changran is 50, and Ou Shaowen is currently unknown. He has only appeared in public once, it’s not easy to judge yet.”

“Gosh, the commenter upstairs overestimates this scum Ou Renjin’s conscience. I see Qi Shuyang as 50, Xiao Yao as 40, Qin Yining and Liu Changran are the same, 20 points would be flattery, Ou Shaowen unknown. Temporarily giving a base score of 10 points. In short, none of them can pass.”

“Xiao Yao >> Qi Shuyang >> Liu Changran >> Qin Yining, right, Xiao Yao is the only one Ou Renjin still has dinner together after breaking up. I don’t know if his favorability rating was better than Qi Shuyang’s when he was favoured, but it’s definitely higher than his now. As for Ou Shaowen, will have to watch for a while, I heard that Ou Renjin is ready to sign him up with a five-year 50/50 contract, good enough to score at least higher than those two in the lower circle (the upper circle and the lower circle in the entertainment industry, that is, more popular and less popular ones).”

“Can Ou Renjin’s rotten girl fans have some face, they act like they’re so high and mighty, talking about Second Aunt this and Third Aunt that. Do they really think Ou Renjin is the emperor choosing concubines! May you all be raised as “Aunts” by similar people in the future!”

“It’s just for fun, there’s no need to be so hostile.”

“I also resent the fact that Ou Renjin’s fans are calling them “Aunts”. To put it mildly, this name is already insulting to a person.”

“Not to mention anything else, Ou Shaowen is really handsome. Everything about his body perfectly pokes my aesthetics. I bet he can last six months, otherwise Ou Renjin would be too blind.”

“If Ou Shaowen wants to enter the competition, it’s still early, we have to wait until they break up and see Ou Renjin’s attitude before deciding. Let’s disperse, or someone will come to scold us again for being stinky rotten girl fans.”

“Forget it, the original poster worded it inappropriately and deleted it since then.”

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