Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 8

The photographer glanced at him, picked up his camera, turned his head and left.

When sitting in the car for the return trip, Xiao Liu was still smiling and comforting him, “The photographer who took pictures for you today is called Mu Yi. His personality is a bit arrogant, but his skills are good. He has won photography awards internationally before, but something happened later, so he can only take those cheesy pictures for second-tier magazines. His heart isn’t on it but he is not targeting you. Don’t mind him too much.”

It took a couple of seconds before Ou Shaowen moved his eyes away from the window and looked at Xiao Liu blankly.

Behold, it seems that this little ancestor didn’t take it to heart at all.

“It’s okay, keep looking at your scenery.”

Two days later, the magazine first published the video from the dressing room. With Ou Shaowen having absolutely no prior fame or any work, the Weibo post instantly hit the top spot, while the video also generated buzz in various entertainment forums and groups.

“It’s a really handsome guy, I like it, fiercely protective when confronting the interviewer. This mother-in-law has unilaterally agreed to the marriage.”

“Damn, the appearance of Fifth Aunt is really distressing, so why did he have to follow this scumbag Ou Renjin?”

“Just photographed having dinner with Ou Renjin, next thing photographed in a magazine. He says nice words but the inner purpose is obvious. If he doesn’t enter the entertainment industry, I’ll eat shit live.”

“Little brother, wake up, Ou Renjin is very dark-hearted. His gentleness is an illusion. Don’t be a love brain. You have to have your own plan for your career. If you can profit from him, profit from him, ah.”

“Come on, someone pretends to be innocent, do you really think he is innocent? It is not a village network (some place where the news lag behind). When you are with Ou Renjin, can you not know his previous stories? Anyway, one is willing to give a beating, one is willing to get a beating. When you break up in the future, don’t cry that you really loved each other, too fake, too disgusting.”

At the same time, Ou Renjin was also watching the video of the man who obediently said that he was gentle, and couldn’t help but smile. It was strange. Obviously they had only met a few times and spent so little time together, how could someone say with such conviction that he was a good man, that he wouldn’t force him to do what he didn’t want to do?

There were always people in this world who were too naive, as if they had never seen anything evil, and always believed everyone they met so easily. Or was it simply pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger (to be weak and harmless to win over the opponent)? But then his acting skills were too good and he knew how to please him too well.

Ou Renjin switched to the surveillance cameras and checked several rooms before finding Ou Shaowen. He was in the kitchen, earnestly cutting potatoes. Aunt Zhou couldn’t help but glance at him as she stir-fried, admonishing him over and over again, “Be careful, don’t cut your fingers.”

“Okay.” Ou Shaowen nodded in response for the millionth time. Although he cut slowly, his movements were steady and the potatoes were sliced very evenly.

Aunt Zhou looked at him again and suddenly smiled, “I have to say, you’re quite perceptive. That pork liver soup you cooked last time was quite good.”

“I just did what you said.” Ou Shaowen didn’t know that he could be praised for doing such a simple thing, and the movements of his hands became a bit more serious. He was a little happy in his heart.

“You always ask me to teach you how to cook these days, do you want to cook for President Ou?”

He looked up, “Will he be happy if I cook for him?”

“Of course he will!” Aunt Zhou narrowed her eyes in a smile, “President Ou, he has a sense of measure in his heart. If you really care about him, he will naturally feel it. For example, the previous Qi Shuyang, by the way, do you know him? At one o’clock in the morning, he said he wanted to eat ice cream and called President Ou. President Ou was still working overtime then, but he insisted he wanted to eat it. We said we could buy it for him, but no, President Ou had to buy it himself and deliver it. President Ou really liked him at that time, and he bought it for him regardless of his work, but the thorn in his heart was there. Once someone you like uses you like this, what’s the point? But then it didn’t take long for the relationship to fall apart, did it?

“You must not do that,” she said, “Two people have to be understanding and tolerant of each other in order to last.”

On the other side of the camera, Ou Renjin sneered, thought for a moment and couldn’t hold back a few more chuckles.

See, it was times like this that were the funniest.

He remembered the occasion Aunt Zhou had mentioned, when he worked late into the early hours of the morning for several days in a row and his heart began to feel uncomfortable. He was unable to hold on and was ready to go home to rest, when Qi Shuyang called him and pouted that he wanted ice cream. Ou Renjin complied with him good-naturedly as always, but when he bought the ice cream and drove to the villa, he felt that it was time for this game to end.

This originally so simple and considerate child was finally spoiled by him to be capricious and selfish, would take everything for granted and would take advantage of his power to bully the newcomers on the set.

They all go the same way.

On the screen, Ou Shaowen thought seriously for a while, and asked, “What is ice cream?”

Aunt Zhou was taken aback for a moment and then laughed, “This stuff is usually eaten in summer. It is not stocked in the fridge at this time of year. If you want to eat it, I’ll go out and buy it for you tomorrow.”

He hesitated for a moment, but nodded, “Yes, I’d like to eat it.”

“Haha.” Aunt Zhou found this gluttonous and frank look of his a little cute, “Okay, I’ll buy it for you, buy you a box and put it in the fridge, take your time and eat it all winter long.”

“Thank you.” He thanked her sincerely. After the ice cream hurdle, he returned to the topic just now, “I will not want to eat ice cream in the middle of the night… Even if I want to eat, I will tell you during the day. I won’t bother Ou Renjin.”

“Yes, in the future, if there is anything you want, tell me, I have more than enough special funds in my hand each month, there is never time we’re short of money.” As she spoke, a fried eel was already served on a plate, and Aunt Zhou moved aside from the stove, “Here, it’s your turn, just do what I taught you yesterday.”

Ou Shaowen took the spatula, adjusted the heat, boiled the oil, and stir-fried the potatoes with great skill. Aunt Zhou didn’t notice that Ou Shaowen’s movements were exactly the same as hers when she had shown him how to stir-fry hot and sour shredded potatoes yesterday, when to add salt and when to stir, as if he had copied the whole process.

Only when Ou Shaowen finished frying did Ou Renjin suddenly realise that he seemed to have been staring at the surveillance camera for quite some time. On the screen, Ou Shaowen was walking towards the living room with two plates, and while walking, he turned his head, “Aunt Zhou, do you know what Ou Renjin likes? I got paid and want to buy him a gift.”

“It’s not necessary to buy something for President Ou, he doesn’t lack anything, you just need to care more about him on a regular basis.”

“But…” Ou Shaowen frowned, as if he wanted to say something else. Ou Renjin slammed the page shut, pressing the mouse with too much force to make a loud “pop”.

The room fell silent and he took a deep breath, covering his heart, not knowing why he was fleeing from this picture.

Consequently, he didn’t look at the footage for a few more days, nor did he go to the villa to meet Ou Shaowen. Then Guan Qijun told him that several more offers for Ou Shaowen had been handed over, a talk show and a sports game variety show.

“He’s quite the charmer.” Although Ou Shaowen had made a name for himself through the scandal with him, the fact that he had been approached by outside resources so quickly, without Ou Renjin having to say hello, made him much more impressive than his “exes”.

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