Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 70

Luo Wencheng did not immediately answer this question. Lu Chong then continued: “You first appeared in Haining. Later you mentioned that you had a father and elder brother. Your upbringing and appearance all indicated that you were born in a wealthy and powerful family. There were many such small clues. The most important thing was that, when you appeared again, Ribs was unusually warm to you, even… even when she was about to leave, she had to have you by her side to feel at ease.”

Lu Chong said with a bitter smile, “Animals are much more spiritual than people. The little girl recognised you the first time she saw you. I didn’t even think in that direction, although I also found you familiar in many ways and many things made me like you.”

Apart from not remembering Luo Wencheng’s face, there was also a big reason why he had always thought that the young man back then was not an ordinary person, if not from an alien planet, then from some mysterious race.

“I’m sorry, Wencheng, you have already come to me, and I didn’t recognise you and did a lot of things that made you sad,” he said gently and guiltily.

Luo Wencheng was uncomfortable hearing his words, silently turned his face away and whispered quietly, “Corny.”

He couldn’t help but wonder what Lu Chong’s face would look like if he said that wasn’t him. Would he be upset, shocked, and struggling like he had before?

Luo Wencheng felt his own emotions at the moment and realised that compared to the complete indifference at the beginning, he now felt a hint of intolerance towards Lu Chong and his sad emotions.

Was this a little bit of progress?

He couldn’t help but glance at Lu Chong as he said lightly, “It’s not your fault. I only recently remembered it.”

Receiving this affirmative answer, Lu Chong was relieved, showing an almost silly smile, holding Luo Wencheng’s hand tightly, not knowing what to say for a moment. He could only repeat: “This is amazing! This is amazing!”

Luo Wencheng then watched as Lu Chong’s eyes slowly turned red and even glistened with water, and when he wanted to look away, he was embraced once again.

This hug was different from the past, and Luo Wencheng heard the pounding heartbeat in the man’s chest. He couldn’t empathise with it but did wait for Lu Chong to finish with his excitement with some understanding.

But one minute, two minutes, three minutes…

He patted the man, “Have you finished hugging yet?”

“Not finished hugging. Chengcheng, you’re not going to leave me again, are you?” The man asked in a very vulnerable tone.

Luo Wencheng’s teeth almost ached at the tone and the “Chengcheng”: “Speak normally!” After a pause, he said, “I won’t leave until I die.”

Lu Chong laughed and pulled him closer, “I won’t let you leave, let’s go do the examination first.”

Lu Chong had some suspicions about the power behind Professor Delang. After all, even the big shots were not all willing to touch or dared to touch such things as experimenting on humans. Coupled with the characteristics of the new drugs, the scope of suspicion was greatly reduced.

He had people keep an eye on the suspected domestic and foreign powers, and after two months, finally found that one of them was recruiting talents in the area of deep sea excavation. At that point, the target could basically be identified.

At the same time, the annual medical conference in Beijing was held, and invitations were widely distributed to well-known hospitals and well-known doctors across the country. A maternal and child health centre in Haining received one that invited Director Li to participate by name.

Because the case of amniotic fluid embolism rescue that Director Li personally performed successfully at the beginning of this year was praised all over the country, Director Li immediately became famous in China. For a small maternal and child health centre in a small county, this was an unprecedented honour. The director of the county hospital came to congratulate him.

Amidst the looks of admiration, congratulations and jealousy, Director Li embarked on a flight to the north.

After the plane landed, the organiser sent a special car to pick up Director Li, who happily got into the car and then arrived at the hotel.

The hotel was very nice, and Director Li decided to take a shower first and then sleep to replenish his energy.

However, as he washed, for some reason his head got heavier and heavier, and by the time he realised something was wrong he no longer had the strength to open the door. His feet slipped and he passed out on the floor.

The bathroom door was opened from the outside; there were several people there. Ling Su looked into the bathroom and waved his hand in front of his nose in disgust, while the others rushed in, picked up Director Li and took his clothes.

An hour or so later, a new Director Li appeared. He was dressed in Director Li’s clothes, wearing Director Li’s watch, and a make-up artist was working, making him look exactly like the real Director Li who was unconscious on the bed.

“Done.” The make-up artist finally announced; the new Director Li was exactly the same as the old one.

Ling Su sat on the sofa with his legs crossed, taking a closer look at the face, “Out there, no one is allowed to make the slightest mistake, you know? Your Brother Ling almost got retired. This task is a hard-won one, so don’t mess with me.”

In order to be able to do his job again, Ling Su had to spare no effort sucking up to that kid surnamed Luo for three months. He was about to lose it. When Ling Su thought about it, his face turned a bit black.

The fake Director Li smiled, “Don’t worry about it, Brother Ling.” He was speaking with the exact same demeanour and tone as Director Li, no more no less.

Ling Su nodded and waved his hand at the two men, who then retreated.

Someone examined the unconscious Director Li up and down, inside and out, “Brother Ling, he definitely doesn’t have anything on him that transmits a signal.”

“Alright, wake up our friend.” After Ling Su’s words, someone threw a basin of icy water on Director Li’s face.

Director Li woke up with a jolt, only to find that his limbs were tied up and several people in the room were surrounding him, looking extremely fierce.

“You, who are you?” He said in horror.

“Why be so surprised? If you walk at night, you will surely meet ghosts. Think of all the bad things you’ve done, you should have expected this day to come, right?” Ling Su said lazily, “Now start explaining everything you have done to anger God.”

“What are you talking about? Have you gotten the wrong person?”

“Still refusing to tell, are you?” Ling Su sighed, seemingly helpless about the other party’s lack of cooperation, “Then since you know Professor Delang, tell us about this one.”

Director Li’s face instantly stiffened; it was really about this matter.

Professor Delang had left China more than three months ago. Director Li thought it was all over, otherwise he wouldn’t leave Haining and come to Beijing.

A few hours later, Luo Wencheng hung up the phone and continued to distribute the soil for the new potted plants, “Ling Su called, the professor’s identity was confirmed. The person behind him is the same as the one we determined before. I’ll have him report directly to you for details.”

He filled one pot with soil and Lu Chong gave him the next empty one, “Actually if you don’t like him…”

“I really don’t like him much, the man is too aggressive, but that’s a personal matter between me and him. Lu Chong, you don’t need to quarrel with the people around you because of me. Ling Su is very efficient in his work, loyal to you and does everything without any personal feelings. He is an invaluable helper, it’s a shame to hang him out to dry like this.”

Luo Wencheng continued his actions, adding the fertiliser to the pots. Then he began to stuff the seeds into the pots, saying as he did so, “I know that you and the brothers under your command have had a bad time over the past six months or so because of me. It really was unnecessary.”

Lu Chong used to be a liberal and magnanimous person, at least when it came to the people under his command; but since the car crash, he had become harsh and demanding, looking at everyone with displeasure, and even with Lao Ding and Liu Weizhi, the trust and intimacy of the past was gone.

Those people were not fools, they had their own thoughts. No matter how loyal the heart is, no matter how strong the relationship is, it can’t stand too much grinding. Luo Wencheng didn’t want to see Lu Chong destroy the solid part of his rearguard because of him.

Of course, the most important reason was that the way people looked at him when they happened to run into each other sometimes annoyed him.

It was as if he was some kind of a traitor who damaged the country and caused suffering to the people.

Not only did Lu Chong ask him to stay in the Lu family’s old house, taking care of him in every way; basically, no matter what Lu Chong did, no matter how important the occasion was, he would bring Luo Wencheng along with him, and it was getting worse and worse.

Luo Wencheng now felt that some people seemed to be ready to “clear evil ministers around the ruling monarch”.

In the end, it was because the difference in their social status and power level was too great that Luo Wencheng was tired just thinking about it. Obviously he should have been content. He knew that he should have lived his life to the fullest. He knew that Lu Chong was one hundred percent on his side. He should have felt more and more at peace and comfortable; but when he thought about it, those world-weary thoughts seemed to pop up every minute.

That Ling Soo, trying to find ways to see him all day long to make amends; Luo Wencheng was actually annoyed with him. He didn’t hate the man, but he hated being bothered.

“Just assume I don’t want to be the focus of conflict,” he said.

Lu Chong looked at him in silence for a long time and said, “I didn’t think about it well. I know what to do.”

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  1. That Ling Su guy really takes the wrong approach. Ironically it’s because he’s loyal to Lu Chong that makes him hostile to our mc. Though I do prefer to learn more about his suffering in detail.

    1. The only thing that excuses Ling Su is that he is sincerely loyal to Lu Chong, not jealous 🙂 So, he can be useful, and everyone is happy 🙂 🙂

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