Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 68

When Lu Chong saw Luo Wencheng like this, he couldn’t help but take him into his arms. The fear he had felt for many days finally disappeared. He almost choked up and said, “You’re back, it’s great!”

Luo Wencheng blinked, put his hand on Lu Chong’s back, patted it, and pushed him away with a smile, “Didn’t I say I wanted to wander around and see things? It’s not a big deal, you’re making too much of a fuss looking for me all over the city.”

Lu Chong’s excitement and enthusiasm were stalled by his bland attitude. Only after a while did he ask, “Are you still leaving when you come back this time?”

“Not necessarily, it depends. After all, as you know, my ambition is to travel around the world without any restrictions.” Luo Wencheng pointed to the beautiful mountain scenery in the distance, then pulled up his collar as if to shield himself from the cold wind, “By the way, did you find out the cause of the last car crash? Was it an accident or did someone try to kill you?”

Lu Chong noticed his movements; his eyes flashed, he took off his coat and put it on Luo Wencheng, taking advantage of the situation to hold his hand.

“This matter is still under investigation.”

“Then resolve it as soon as possible. It’s too dangerous if someone is planning to kill you. You’re lucky you didn’t get any serious injuries that time, but it won’t be necessarily so if it happens again.” Luo Wencheng said with a concerned look, his fingers gently tickling Lu Chong’s palm.

Lu Chong narrowed his eyes slightly and was silent for a moment, “I think so too. We’ll get some results soon. Let’s go down first.”


The path down the mountain was even more difficult to walk. Lu Chong walked on the outside, carefully protecting Luo Wencheng. The hands of the two were not separated throughout the journey.

Zhou Yishan, who was following them, couldn’t understand why Luo Wencheng was talking so strangely. Didn’t he know how badly Master was injured? He had saved Master’s life, but now he was saying that Master had not been seriously injured, which was too strange.

And Master was also strange; why didn’t he question Luo Wencheng and just agreed with his words?

Sitting in the car, Lu Chong took both of Luo Wencheng’s hands and rubbed them, “Look at your icy hands, what were you doing running up so high, can’t you see the scenery some other day?” He asked the driver to raise the temperature inside the car, while taking off Luo Wencheng’s two wet coats and putting a blanket over him, and then put Luo Wencheng’s hands under his arms.

The action was like flowing water, extremely natural. Luo Wencheng was brought into his arms as a result. He looked up, and Lu Chong took a towel to wipe his hair, very focused and serious.

“Where have you been all these days? You left without saying a word, you worried me a lot, you know? I thought you’d been taken away.” Lu Chong’s expression and tone of voice were extremely natural. “You know I have many enemies, so even if you leave in the future, you must tell me, okay? Even if I can’t accompany you, I still have to send someone to follow you, otherwise how can I feel at ease?”

After he finished speaking and Luo Wencheng’s hair was finished being wiped, he hugged Luo Wencheng’s head and gave him a kiss on his forehead.

It was still so natural, as if they used to be very close.

Luo Wencheng’s eyebrows almost twitched.

Very well, this person quickly accepted his hint and added a play by himself.

Luo Wencheng’s original idea was to give the man a little hint to alert him; then the two would find an opportunity to communicate slowly, mainly to reveal information about the situation at hand, and then Lu Chong would help him get rid of that Professor Delang.

But Lu Chong chose the most intimate mode of getting along.

The two were covered with a blanket, cuddled together, with their hands pressed against each other’s chest and stomach.

To waste this opportunity would be foolish.

Luo Wencheng ran his index finger lightly up Lu Chong’s body.

Meanwhile, he spoke to Lu Chong: “Am I not good? With my skills, ordinary people can’t deal with me.”

Lu Chong pretended to reproach, “What if it’s not ordinary people? You’re too confident. Anyway, you’ll have to follow me around at all times now.”

[I have monitoring and listening devices on me, earring, collar, pockets.]

This was the first sentence Luo Wencheng wrote down on Lu Chong’s body.

[Don’t react abnormally, or I’ll die immediately.]

This was the second sentence.

Lu Chong’s arm, which was half-embracing him, tensed up for a moment. Then he immediately lowered his eyes to hide the murderous intent in them that had risen for a split second.

He asked casually, “What places have you been to these days?” Holding Luo Wencheng’s hand under the blanket, he wrote gently on the back of his hand: [How to save you?]

“Just walked around casually, nothing much to tell.”

“What do you want to eat later, I’ll have someone make it so you can eat when you get there.”

“Whatever, just have hot soup.”

[The other party is convinced that I am brainwashed, but he is not entirely at ease. He wants me to spy on you, and may kill me if I fail, or if there is any doubt.] Luo Wencheng wrote.

[Kill how?]

[I’ve got something in my heart.]

Lu Chong was aghast; he had originally thought that Luo Wencheng had a bomb strapped to his body or something like that, but he hadn’t expected…

In this way, it is impossible to rescue him first and then figure it out slowly.

[What else can be done?] He asked.

[Nothing for the time being, you just need to get along with me as if nothing happened. Within three days, I must install a camera in your study and bedroom. Prepare in advance.]

Luo Wencheng meant for Lu Chong to pack up the things he couldn’t let anyone see or know about, but all Lu Chong could think about was how to make it look difficult for Luo Wencheng but then have the cameras installed smoothly. After all, with his status, there was no way he could let the people around him spy on him easily, it would be too unreasonable.

[Where is the person who controls you?] Lu Chong asked.

[He left the country three days ago.] This was the trickiest part. The professor was not a fool; even though he was confident enough, he still had a precautionary measure, allowing Luo Wencheng to appear three days after he left the country, so that even if something went wrong, he could still ensure his own safety.

Lu Chong’s face darkened slightly. Three days was enough time for the other party to hide. He could send someone to track the opponent down, but if he was not careful in the process and let the other party realise that there was a problem on Luo Wencheng’s side, the opponent might immediately kill him. So he couldn’t do anything until he was completely sure.

This was too passive.

[Although that person has left the country, the hypnotist who hypnotised me is in the country and should be a very famous hypnotist. In addition, I was previously hidden in the basement of a hospital where there is a Director Li, who is in cahoots with those people.]

Luo Wencheng told all the clues he knew, including that the man was called Professor Delang, who specialised in developing strange drugs and was passionate about human experiments, and that he had a lot of power behind him. During their conversations, those people repeatedly mentioned that “Lu Chong is not that easy to mess with”, but they didn’t show much fear, indicating that the man behind them was not much weaker than Lu Chong, but not much stronger either.

Luo Wencheng’s hands were almost stiff from writing so many words, and then the car arrived.

Lu Chong squeezed Luo Wencheng’s hand to signal that he understood everything. He got out of the car first, then helped Luo Wencheng get out, very thoughtful and considerate, looked at him and said, “Welcome back, Wencheng.”

Luo Wencheng smiled faintly, “Thank you.”

After eating, Luo Wencheng went to his room to wash up, while Lu Chong called Zhou Yishan into his study.

“Sir?” Zhou Yishan waited for half a day without getting any instructions, but Master’s face was clearly too solemn, looking like he wanted to kill someone, so obviously something big had happened.

But Luo Wencheng had returned, what other big things could there be?

Lu Chong was thinking, his fingers lightly tapping on the desk before he finally spoke, “Shisan, I want you to do one thing.”

“Please say, sir.”

“I remember some years ago someone put a bounty on my head on some foreign website. You go and post an offer like this, a high price for my life. Better make it look like it was done by someone with a certain big power.”

“Sir?” Zhou Yishan was taken aback.

“I have my own reasons. Remember, this matter must be done by you personally, do not tell anyone. And in the future at home, even with me in private talk, you can’t mention this matter. You can only talk about this matter outside, understand?” Lu Chong’s tone was heavy, and as soon as Zhou Yishan heard it, he knew that this matter must be very complicated, so he immediately got serious.

Lu Chong added, “Also, withdraw all the people outside and reinforce the security around the villa. Tell the public that Wencheng has returned and I am worried that he will run away again.”

Meanwhile, Luo Wencheng took several miniature cameras out of his coat pocket and placed them on his bed. There were more than ten of them; he took two of them and set them up in his room.

Professor Delang had ordered him to be under constant surveillance. Once he was out of surveillance, Luo Wencheng believed that he was not far from death. He touched the small black stud earring in his left ear, and then said with a straight face to the camera attached to the photo frame facing the bed: “Professor, I came back smoothly. I’ll do better next.”

After that he went to take a shower, and when he came out of the shower, Lu Chong was surprisingly already in his room.

Lu Chong held a bottle of red wine in his hand and shook it, “Let’s have a drink?”

Luo Wencheng: “Sure.”

“Your balcony here is not big enough, let’s go to my room. Let’s sit down and have a good talk.”

Luo Wencheng paused, knowing that this was Lu Chong giving him a chance to install a camera in his bedroom: “Okay, I’ll change my clothes, you go first.”

After Lu Chong left, he changed his clothes, put the cameras into his pocket and left the room with a calm face.

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