Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 54

The early morning sun shone through the window, and the man sleeping on the bed slowly opened his eyes.

The first feeling was that in his arms resting on the pillow there was an extra weight and heat that had never been there before.

Lu Chong looked down at the young man in his arms. Luo Wencheng was sleeping very heavily; his fine hair was messy on his forehead, and the bruises on his face and at the corners of his mouth became even more eye-catching after the night, looking a bit shocking on his fair skin. His lips were much redder than usual, slightly swollen, and even rubbed raw in two places. This was evidence of the frantic kissing last night.

Lu Chong watched silently for a long time, then carefully withdrew his arm, lifted the quilt and got up.

He was in his crumpled pyjamas, and Luo Wencheng was naked down to his waist.

After Luo Wencheng’s pain ended last night, both of them were covered in sweat. Luo Wencheng was already dehydrated and out of strength. Lu Chong fed him water, carried him to wash, and then applied medicine. After he finished his work, it was almost two o’clock.

Because of Luo Wencheng’s arm, Lu Chong didn’t put the pyjamas top on him. At the moment when he lifted the quilt, he saw many blue and purple traces on his skin. Although they were all from the fight, they still appeared strangely charming and seductive on Luo Wencheng’s young and beautiful body.

Lu Chong glanced twice, silently withdrew his gaze, tucked in the quilt and quietly walked out of the room.

Uncle Ding happened to be in the corridor and saw Lu Chong coming out of Luo Wencheng’s room. A trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, but this surprise was not particularly great.

He also knew Luo Wencheng’s situation. He was in pain; Master stayed with him all night, feeding him water and taking care of him. It seemed that there was nothing, but Master being capable of such a move already meant something in itself.

Lu Chong was looked at but his face remained calm. He just said to Uncle Ding: “Wait for him to wake up, prepare some light food for him, and call Dr. Wang over.”

“He’s already waiting,” Uncle Ding said. In fact, Dr. Wang was called over in the middle of the night last night but never came in handy. However, Master didn’t say let him go, and even though Dr. Wang lived in the house next door, he didn’t go back.

“Okay, tell him to come to my study.”

Luo Wencheng slept straight until noon.

There was no source of heat next to him, and he lay on the bed in a daze.

He remembered how crazy he had been yesterday when he had plunged in for a forceful kiss. He touched his lips that still hurt a little. How could he have been so bold?

And a little later Lu Chong’s passionate response left him overwhelmed and stunned with surprise.

He recalled that scene, and his face grew hot. Even taking a shower later, although he did it by himself, half because he was really weak and half because he pretended to be weak, Lu Chong practically accompanied him the whole time, also applying ointment and rubbing in medicine wine later…

Luo Wencheng closed his eyes, grabbed the pillow where Lu Chong had been lying and hugged it in his arms, taking a deep breath. The ecstasy and restlessness in his heart almost overwhelmed him.

Ah ah ah, how could it be so good?

He couldn’t even believe that he had succeeded in confessing his love. Well, he didn’t seem to make a clear confession, and Lu Chong didn’t give him a clear answer.

But it had been confirmed, ah, Lu Chong liked him, and the two had taken a big step forward in their relationship. Could it be any better than that?

After the excitement was over, he lay flat carefully, his whole body aching. Wei Xingheng didn’t pull any punches, especially as far as his right shoulder was concerned. Now it was in constant pain. Luo Wencheng had some regrets in his heart. If it weren’t for his injury, if it weren’t for the inconvenience of using his right arm, would it be more than just a kiss last night?

Oh, Luo Wencheng, what are you thinking?

He got rid of those unhealthy thoughts and began to think about business.

Thinking about his future.

Now that the relationship had been determined, death was definitely not an option.

He remembered that when the one-year period expired, he had two ways to go: either to die straight away, or just like when he was reborn, to hand over the hope and love in his heart.

When he was reborn, he thought it was very funny, because he felt that things like love and hope would never be possible for him to have again in his life. Who would have thought that in just over half a year, he would have them again. He felt that his heart was now filled with these two things, so full that it was almost overflowing, his whole being bubbling with happiness and excitement.

But the thought that after the year was up he would lose his love for Lu Chong made his heart that was burning hot at the moment feel as if it had been violently immersed into ice water.

He had already experienced the power of that mysterious voice, which took away his hope and love without a hint of ambiguity. It was as if his many complex emotions for the Luo family had been emptied out in an instant, leaving only a clear and solid hatred.

He was worried that it would be the same with Lu Chong at that time. He would clearly remember all the bits and pieces about this person, he would clearly know that he loved this person, but he wouldn’t feel a shred of love and tenderness for him in his heart. 

What kind of situation would that be? Luo Wencheng couldn’t imagine it.

Should he hide the truth from Lu Chong and pretend that he still loved him, and then by his side silently build up his love for him again? Or should he tell him the truth and let him help and work together?

He was afraid the former would easily cause misunderstandings. Lu Chong was such a keen person. He would be able to tell whether Luo Wencheng was sincere to him. But the latter would be too hard and too unfair to him, right?

And after the first year like this, in another year, would this process have to be repeated again? As long as he was alive, would every new year of life have to be exchanged for the love and hope of the previous year? Every year, would he and Lu Chong have to start all over again?

Can Lu Chong persevere? And Luo Wencheng himself, under such circumstances, could he really fall in love with Lu Chong again within a year every time?

If he couldn’t hold on, he would die. If he couldn’t love, he would die without new love and hope to exchange for his life. It was a road without end, full of predictable hardships and pain. He had been worried about it before, that was why he struggled to suppress his feelings.

Luo Wencheng was lying on his side, holding the pillow in his arms, looking at some point in nothingness in front of him.

His gaze was silent and empty, uneasy and dazed at the thought of such a future; but soon, his eyes became firm again.

For Lu Chong, he was willing to try and work hard. And if it was Lu Chong, he would also be willing to help him and stay with him.

Luo Wencheng took a deep breath and said to himself: “Cheer up, Luo Wencheng, there are no obstacles that can’t be overcome. Now it is the best situation possible.”

He got up, changed his clothes one-handedly with some difficulty and combed his hair.

This hair Lu Chong personally washed for him. The more Luo Wencheng looked at it, the more he liked it; he seemed to be able to feel Lu Chong’s fingers gently running through his hair.

In a rare moment, he looked in the mirror and checked his appearance.

Was the collar turned up? Was his shirt creased? Was his hair messy?

The bruises on his right cheekbone and at the corner of his mouth were so unsightly, greatly damaging his appearance. And the slight swelling and redness of his lips caused him to chuckle secretly. That kind of excitement, sweetness and a hint of anxiety made him feel not like himself anymore.

After looking in the mirror enough and getting in the right mood, he put on a smile that looked quite calm and collected, so that he didn’t look so jittery and impulsive. Then he opened the door and went downstairs.

However, he didn’t see the person he wanted to see.

Uncle Ding told him that Lu Chong had something to do and went out.

What could it be that required Lu Chong to go out and do something in person?

The corner of Luo Wencheng’s mouth dropped slightly, and then he said to himself as if nothing had happened, “A newcomer cannot win against an old one”.

Lu Chong was undoubtedly a person capable of lingering feelings, which was one of the reasons why Luo Wencheng liked him, so he didn’t mind his past and didn’t want to explore it. As long as Lu Chong had him in his heart now, as long as Luo Wencheng was standing next to him, this was enough. He would try his best to change the object of Lu Chong’s affection from the person in the past to him now.

After he finished breakfast plus lunch, Dr. Wang came with another doctor and said he wanted to see how he was recovering from his injuries, sort of a daily consultation.

Luo Wencheng was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t have to think about it; he knew that this was Lu Chong’s arrangement and he accepted it graciously. However, he was keenly aware that the new doctor was secretly observing him. In just a few sentences of conversation, he asked Luo Wencheng if he felt anxious and if he had ever had any psychological shadows.

Of course, the other party asked very carefully. Most people would think it was just an ordinary conversation, but Luo Wencheng was not an ordinary person.

He was very sensitive to the emotions of others.

When he figured out the other party’s purpose, he said directly, “You don’t need to come up with some special approach, there are some things I will tell Mr. Lu personally.”

The man and Dr. Wang glanced at each other, and both of them smiled bitterly. Luo Wencheng was too defensive.

Luo Wencheng politely sent the two of them away. He was not offended or displeased, because he knew that Lu Chong cared about him. He decided that he would tell him the truth about things that should be known to Lu Chong.

Luo Wencheng went to find Ribs to play for a while, but he had nothing to do in the afternoon. Because of his injury, he once again stayed at home. After thinking about it, he went to cook for Lu Chong. This time it was different from the past. He was full of love and warmth, and everything he made was love food.

In his heart, he was looking forward to what kind of reaction Lu Chong would have when he ate these dishes, and what kind of evaluation he would give.

Lu Chong came back very late, and Luo Wencheng couldn’t see anything different from usual from his expression and demeanour.

Luo Wencheng, on the contrary, became a little nervous.

He was like a young boy who had just furthered the relationship with his lover. He was sentimental, shy, uneasy and awkward, but fortunately, he was someone who had lived to his thirties after all. No matter how complicated the emotions in his heart were, as long as he wanted, he could make his expression invulnerable.

Then he took the freshly made noodles and went to Lu Chong’s study.

He knocked on the door and entered smoothly. The spacious study was very simply furnished, and the man stood by the window with his back to the door, with his arms crossed on his chest, looking at something or thinking about something, leaving Luo Wencheng only with his tall, cold back.

Luo Wencheng’s footsteps paused, and he called out softly, “Sir.”

The man turned his head and looked at him with calm eyes: “You are here.”

Luo Wencheng didn’t see any strange emotions in those deep eyes and asked Lu Chong, “You haven’t eaten outside, have you? Would you like some noodles?”

Lu Chong said in a gentle voice: “You can leave it here.” He paused and added, “I heard you have something to tell me.”

Luo Wencheng did intend to tell him, and he was working on the draft before he came in, but at this moment he felt it was inappropriate.

There seemed to be nothing wrong with Lu Chong’s eyes and tone, but he still faintly noticed something.

Maybe it was because Lu Chong stood there and didn’t approach; maybe it was because he went out for a whole day, and after he came back, he had no intention to look for Luo Wencheng.

Or perhaps it was the fact that such a stoic and bland performance was in itself wrong.

Luo Wencheng hated his sensitivity a little bit at this time. He told himself not to be too pretentious, but his heart full of joy and excitement gradually sank.

He put the noodles on the table and said after a moment of silence: “I haven’t figured out what to say yet.”

“Then come to me anytime you think about it.” Lu Chong was also silent for a while, “Tonight, you will still…”

Luo Wencheng thought a lot for a moment, and then said in a relaxed tone: “No, it was so serious yesterday because of drinking, and it will be much better today.” He didn’t plan to rely on this to get anything from Lu Chong. Although he knew that as long as he said he needed Lu Chong, Lu Chong would probably come to accompany him tonight; but he didn’t want to do that.

“I can make it through tonight by myself.”

As he said that, he glanced at the table inadvertently. There was a very large drawing spread out on it. It was a concept drawing of the amusement park after it was completed. It was colourful and dazzling. Luo Wencheng could see how beautiful, how gorgeous it was with just a glance. 

Luo Wencheng’s fingertips lingered for a moment on the edge of the white porcelain bowl as he whispered, “I’ll leave first, then.”

He went out calmly, and gently pulled the door close behind himself. At the last moment, Lu Chong suddenly said, “Wencheng, I’m thinking about something.”

Luo Wencheng couldn’t figure out whether Lu Chong’s words were simply explaining something, or if he was worried that he might think of something because of his cold attitude and said it to comfort him.

He couldn’t guess what this man was thinking, especially at this moment.

He nodded and closed the door, standing in the doorway for a moment longer before walking to his room.

Perhaps Lu Chong was still hesitating, or perhaps he was thinking about how to make a break with the past.

Luo Wencheng slowly walked along the corridor, analysing calmly in his mind.

More than ten years of feelings and more than ten years of waiting were really not something that one could give up easily. Lu Chong said he still had to think about it. It was okay, he could wait.

Watching the door close, Lu Chong slowly let out a sigh of relief.

It was still evident, wasn’t it?

He gently stroked the concept drawing of the amusement park on the table.

“Lu Jiuding (Lu Chong’s name before he was called Lu Chong), do you think there really are people in this world who only like one person for the rest of their lives?”

“There will be.”

“I don’t believe it. One keeps saying that he likes that person the most and swears to live and die together, but in a while it will change. This is the case for adults. The adults are like that, they love one for a while, but then they say that time is too cruel and dilute everything, and then they say that they are too lonely and start looking for another one. If they can’t do it, they can’t do it, and no one will blame them. They just have to make it sound good, and in the end, they have all kinds of excuses. Hypocrites!”

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