Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 53

Wei Xingheng still couldn’t figure out the situation. He got up instinctively and tried to choke Luo Wencheng.

Lu Chong strode over, grabbed him and punched him.

This punch to the stomach was more lethal than all Luo Wencheng’s previous punches and kicks combined. Wei Xingheng, who was already bleeding, almost felt that his stomach was about to be punched through and lost consciousness. Lu Chong threw him away and knelt on one knee to look at Luo Wencheng intently.

“Sir?” Luo Wencheng looked at the man in front of him in amazement, trying hard to get up.

Lu Chong helped him up carefully: “Where are you hurt?”

“It’s all skin injuries… ouch!” Luo Wencheng slowly straightened his right arm twisted behind his back to its normal position.

Lu Chong’s face was displeased but he didn’t say anything to him here: “Let’s go back and talk about it.”

As soon as he helped Luo Wencheng up, Luo Wencheng smiled at the group of onlookers outside: “Sorry for spoiling everyone’s fun. I’ll treat you another day to make up for it.”

How would anyone dare say anything? They were scared almost to peeing in their pants by Lu Chong’s face, okay? So they hurriedly asked Luo Wencheng to go to the hospital first.

After the two left, everyone wondered what to do with Wei Xingheng, who was half-dead on the floor in the toilet. 

But soon they knew they didn’t need to worry, because two men in black came in, picked up Wei Xingheng and dragged him out like a dead dog.

Everyone was silent for a while looking at each other with the unreal sense of having peeked into the shadows of the black society and a deeper appreciation of Classmate Luo Wencheng’s background.

Meanwhile, Luo Wencheng was taken to the private hospital where the old specialist who had operated on him was summoned from home and was on standby. After seeing Luo Wencheng’s situation, he put a shoulder brace on him again and explained a bunch of matters with a serious face.

Lu Chong asked, “That’s all?”

The expert almost muttered: do you want me to take a knife and cut him again to cure him right away? For doctors, patients who don’t take their bodies seriously are the most annoying. But at any rate, he remembered Lu Chong’s identity and said, “This is the only way for the time being. Using a surgery again may affect the functionality after healing. But if he continues to mess around, this arm will really be ruined.”

Lu Chong wrote it down and thanked the expert.

The other injuries were skin injuries and bruises. After a brief treatment, Luo Wencheng obediently got in the car with Lu Chong.

The car was as quiet as if no one was there. Luo Wencheng was still a little groggy from drinking. It took a long time before he thought of a question: “How did you get there, sir?”

Lu Chong didn’t speak for a long time, and Luo Wencheng thought he wouldn’t answer, when he said, “The monitor alerted us.”

Luo Wencheng was dumbfounded for a while before he understood.

He had been drinking, his heart was beating fast and his blood pressure was going up, so Lu Chong knew about it through the little device he was carrying.

He knew and rushed over?

Luo Wencheng thought for a while; from the moment he drank the first glass of wine to the time when Lu Chong kicked the door, it was twenty minutes at most.

He turned his head to look at Lu Chong’s cold and hard profile. Alcohol was playing tricks on him. He leaned over a little, tilted his head and stared at Lu Chong boldly, looking up from below: “Sir, you came there at once?”

Lu Chong ignored him.

Luo Wencheng waited for a while, and said to himself with certainty and some loss: “Mr. Lu is angry and ignores me.”

Lu Chong finally turned his head to look at him, facing a pair of moist eyes, black and bright, with thick fluttering eyelashes, so beautiful as if thickened and lengthened by a make-up artist.

The young man looked at him with a big grin, his eyes much bolder than usual, showing a bit of stupidity and childishness that he didn’t usually have.

This expression was so clear and direct.

The emotions in these eyes were no longer disguised; there was softness and attachment, and something even more sticky and hot.

Lu Chong raised his hand almost uncontrollably.

He did struggle, his hand paused halfway, but in the end, it ghosted over to the young man’s cheek.

The cold fingers fell on the reddened warm cheek, wandering over the delicate, silky skin to the chin, and then Lu Chong’s thumb rubbed the corner of the bruised mouth as he asked, “How much have you had to drink?”

Luo Wencheng thought for a while: “Two glasses?”

He lowered his head like a kitten and rubbed against Lu Chong’s palm, as if he wanted to rub all the heat that made him feel uncomfortable into this big hand. Then he lunged forward; his free left arm encircled Lu Chong’s waist as he buried his face in Lu Chong’s arms and rubbed hard again, calling coquettishly: “Sir.”

Lu Chong leaned back. The weather was getting hotter and he didn’t wear much. The temperature of Luo Wencheng’s body was transmitted very clearly through the thin cloth, and his hair seemed to be directly rubbing over his skin. The hair that was very soft to the touch made his heart itchy, and he was in a daze and a little bit in pain.

Lu Chong’s expression didn’t change much. He seemed to have no reaction to the sudden extra weight and heat in his arms. His hand stagnated in the air for a moment and fell gently on the back of Luo Wencheng’s head.

He held the young man in his arms.

The driver in the front was simply dumbfounded.

He didn’t see it wrong, did he? Master and Young Master Luo…

He had already driven into the garage, and he didn’t even know if he should make a sound to remind them to get out of the car.

It wasn’t until Uncle Ding came over and knocked on the car window that the two people hugging each other separated. Lu Chong calmly led Luo Wencheng out of the car, then accompanied upstairs, all the way to Luo Wencheng’s room. He didn’t go in, but gave Luo Wencheng the medicine he carried: “Take a shower, rub in the medicine and go to bed early.”

He turned around to leave, but his wrist was caught. Luo Wencheng looked up at him with an aggrieved expression: “Sir, I can’t rub it in. The injuries are on my back and on my shoulders. I need to rub it well but I only have one hand.”

Lu Chong looked at his right shoulder in the brace: “I’ll find someone to help you.”

“I don’t want them, I just want you.” Luo Wencheng interrupted him. The two looked at each other. The drunkenness on Luo Wencheng’s face dissipated a little bit. He looked at Lu Chong steadily, almost stubbornly. Suddenly, he pulled Lu Chong into the room, slammed the door shut with his foot and pressed Lu Chong to the wall with his left hand.

“Sir, you have feelings for me, don’t you?”

He looked at the left side of Lu Chong’s chest and tapped his fingers lightly there: “Just now, it was beating so fast and heavy. I could hear it clearly. If you didn’t have feelings for me, why would you react like this?”

He raised his head slightly to look at Lu Chong, and said in a very certain tone: “Lu Chong, you like me.”

Luo Wencheng might be a little drunk, but he would never be so drunk that he was delirious and let his emotions leak out to the point of being coquettish.

He just wanted to take this opportunity to be reckless and to test the waters with that tiny hope he had.

He also knew very well that Lu Chong could see through his little tricks, but Lu Chong not only didn’t stop it but also condoned it, and even his heart beat faster.

If he didn’t have any feelings, then what were feelings?

Lu Chong lowered his eyes and looked at him calmly. He didn’t refute or push him away. With Lu Chong’s strength, as long as he didn’t want to, Luo Wencheng, who could only use one hand, couldn’t even pull him into the room. But he didn’t show resistance from start to finish.

For Lu Chong, such a reaction was actually a tacit acceptance.

Surprise uncontrollably welled up in Luo Wencheng’s heart and his eyes lit up.

“Am I right? Am I right?!” He tugged at Lu Chong’s clothes, impatiently waiting for a confirmation.

Lu Chong closed his eyes and used almost his strength to maintain the calmness on the surface. After opening his eyes, he didn’t directly respond to Luo Wencheng’s question, but whispered: “Wencheng, I don’t want to deceive you or hurt you, but I once promised one person that I would never like the second person in this life.”

Luo Wencheng’s expression stiffened for a while, his heart aching: “But, but hasn’t it been many years since then?” He didn’t want to poke Lu Chong’s wound by saying that maybe that person would never come back, nor did he want to say that not every promise was worth guarding for a lifetime. That was not his place to comment on the past.

Much less could he say: am I not worthy of you giving up that promise?

He looked at Lu Chong, “It’s been more than ten years, it’s been long enough, hasn’t it? Why don’t you give yourself a chance?”

“I never thought about it…”

“Then think about it now!” Luo Wencheng said anxiously, “Wouldn’t it be good to give yourself a chance and give me a chance too? One’s life is really very short… Lu Chong, sir…”

He almost begged in the end. He knew that he only had this one chance, and he couldn’t bear to imagine what would happen if he heard a negative answer from the man’s mouth.

The firm “no” in Lu Chong’s heart couldn’t be uttered after all.

When he looked at Luo Wencheng like this, he only felt his heart ache.

It was an emotion that he could hardly restrain anymore. The only thing he wanted to do at the moment was to hug the young man in front of him and soothe his panic so that he stopped showing this anxious and helpless expression.

It was an emotion he had never felt before, even for that person.

Lu Chong raised his hand and, under Luo Wencheng’s expectant gaze, gently put it on his head, rubbing it as he had done many times before, comforting him: “Let me think about it, okay?”

Luo Wencheng let out a sigh of relief.

He was about to say something, but suddenly his face changed and he bent down, holding his stomach.

Lu Chong panicked: “Wencheng!”

Luo Wencheng hung on his arm, clenching his wrist and looking at the time. It was midnight.

He exhaled in a low voice; this time it hurt more than ever, probably because of the alcohol he had consumed.

And there were many bruises on his body; although his bones were not hurt, his whole body tensed with this pain, and his injuries, large and small, were affected. He was hurting from head to toe; there was no place where it didn’t hurt.

He couldn’t stand still, saying intermittently: “Help me… go to bed.”

Lu Chong picked him up and carried him to the bed, then propped him against the bedside and asked, “Do you want to call a doctor?”

He knew Luo Wencheng’s special situation. He would have an attack once a night, on time, without exception. There would be no use even if the doctor came. 

Moreover, Luo Wencheng himself was very secretive about it.

Luo Wencheng gritted his teeth and shook his head.

Lu Chong looked at him for a while, then suddenly turned and left.

Luo Wencheng’s eyes were already wet with sweat, and he watched Lu Chong’s blurred figure walk away. He raised his hand to remove the monitor that was beeping on his body, threw it away, turned his head and buried his face in the pillow, biting the corner of it.

There seemed to be countless knives cutting his stomach, searing hot, sharp knives.

Luo Wencheng counted the time silently and tried to think about something else to divert his attention.

He didn’t hear the footsteps approaching again until his face was turned forcefully but gently, and a warm towel lightly wiped it.

“Sir… sir?” He hadn’t left?

Lu Chong wiped his sweaty face until realising there was no end to wiping it. The sweat seemed to be flowing like rain, and Luo Wenchang’s hair and clothes were almost drenched.

Lu Chong was shocked.

The last time he was in the surgery room, it was not so serious. Now Luo Wencheng’s condition seemed to be worse than last time. If this continued, even if he didn’t die of pain, he would be very dehydrated, right?

He had no idea what kind of psychological condition would cause such pain.

Could it be that both he and Dr. Wang guessed wrong, and it was not a psychological condition at all?

However, Luo Wencheng had absolutely no physical illness, unless it was completely undetectable at the current medical level.

Lu Chong couldn’t calm down anymore. Panicking, he knelt on the side of the bed, touching Luo Wencheng’s face: “Shall I call a doctor to help you?”

Maybe the doctor could give him a painkiller injection or just put him to sleep; this was just too painful.

“No…” Luo Wencheng shook his head, “Sir… stay with me… talk… talk to me.”

Lu Chong was silent for a moment, put the towel aside, got up and took off his coat, then lay down on the bed and took Luo Wencheng into his arms.

Luo Wencheng leaned over.

Every time this pain in the early hours of the morning helped Luo Wencheng expel the impurities in his body; that was why his body and skin were so good. After more than half a year, there were no more impurities, but he had drunk wine today. The wine was poisonous to him, which was why the reaction was so violent this time. As his sweat continued to flow, the smell of wine was getting heavier and heavier.

Lu Chong noticed it, but he didn’t think too much. He lowered his head and kissed Luo Wencheng’s forehead. Perhaps because it was something he had wanted to do for a long time, or maybe he was purely thinking about comforting Luo Wencheng; in short, this action was so natural that Lu Chong didn’t even realise it. Then he kissed Luo Wencheng’s face again and said softly, “What do you want to hear from me?”

Luo Wencheng’s whole body froze.

He was on the verge of fainting from pain but not really fainting. He looked up at Lu Chong in a daze, seeing the worry and tenderness in his eyes. It was as if he had received great encouragement, and his resolution was suddenly boosted. He sprang upwards, craned his neck and kissed Lu Chong on the lips.

Lu Chong went very still.

Without waiting for his reaction, Luo Wencheng already occupied the position that he had earned by kissing. Half of his body was pressed over Lu Chong. Originally Lu Chong was lying on his side, but he was pushed flat by Luo Wencheng. His lips never left. On the contrary, the robber intensified his attack.

What pain, it all seemed to be forgotten.

Lu Chong hid the shock on his face, watching Luo Wencheng’s eyes gradually dim. He hesitated for two seconds, choosing between pushing him away and holding him tightly. He chose the latter and responded with a forceful kiss.

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