Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 52

His lazy glance suddenly made Wei Xingheng freeze in place.

Luo Wencheng’s skin was extremely fair, with the kind of amazing delicacy. His cheeks were red because of drinking, his eyes were also a little red, and his lips were even redder and more charming.

But he was probably depressed. He leaned against the wall decadently, his bangs falling down, casting shadows over his eyes. He narrowed his eyes and looked very indifferent, but his handsome, exquisite face revealed a bit of arrogance.

Wei Xingheng stood still.

Then he heard that faint, lazy voice pronouncing his name.

Wei Xingheng, who had drunk a lot of alcohol, had an almost immediate reaction.

Luo Wencheng changed his position, leaning against the wall to face Wei Xingheng, and looked up and down at him: “What a coincidence. Had too much to drink?”

Wei Xingheng smiled slowly: “Yes, there is a client who wants to sing, and he has to drink while singing, so I can only drink with him.”

“So bad? With your drinking capacity, it is not easy to drink until you vomit.”

“Compared to Zhao Jianping and Zhang Dong, I am much better.”

Luo Wencheng tilted his head, and because of the effect of alcohol, his reaction was a bit sluggish: “Oh? What happened to them?”

“You don’t know? After testifying in court that day, as soon as they got home, they were beaten up by their families, their legs were almost broken, and they were kicked out of the house. I don’t know where they beg for food now. By contrast, I can still dress decently and come out to socialise.” Wei Xingheng smiled at himself and looked at Luo Wencheng, “What do you think, am I much luckier?”

Luo Wencheng’s eyes drifted a little. That afternoon he was rejected by Lu Chong. How could he be in the mood to pay attention to other things? He really didn’t know what happened to Zhao Jianping and Zhang Dong.

“However, you don’t seem to have much of a spring in your step. The one in your family is so protective of you, and he is willing to let you have troubles?” Wei Xingheng said.

The words “the one in your family” made Luo Wencheng’s heart sink. The carelessness on his face slowly faded. He turned around and washed his hands, then walked to the door, swaying slightly.

Wei Xingheng was also a veteran of love affairs, so how could he not see what was going on with Luo Wencheng? He stared at Luo Wencheng’s handsome, slender back, the beautiful butterfly bones under his shirt and his thin, slim waist. There was fire in his eyes; his head was burning. He stepped forward and hugged Luo Wencheng’s waist, breathing out ambiguously: “It seems you have fallen out of favour.”

Luo Wencheng stopped in his tracks and glanced at him coldly: “It seems that you are looking for death.”

“Can death be worse than I am now? I accompany people to drink every day. The guys who used to be unworthy to carry my shoes can now pretend to be the bosses in front of me!” Wei Xingheng laughed, saying to Luo Wencheng, “I am better than Zhao Jianping and Zhang Dong, but they deserve it. What did I do wrong? Why did you convict me with them?”

Wei Xingheng suddenly took a step back and ripped open his clothes, exposing the white strap on his chest: “Look, look, do you know what this is? My old man beat me up. Not only were those two idiots beaten that day, I was also beaten up as soon as I went back! He broke three of my ribs! In front of so many people, I was held down and hit with a stick again and again. My uncles, my cousins, everyone who wanted to fight with me, all laughed like crazy. Do you know what I felt? I wanted to kill someone!”

Just because his old man was afraid of Lu Chong, he was going to kill his son and throw him in front of Lu Chong to sell his good deeds. If it weren’t for his mother’s hard work, the same thing that had happened to Zhao Jianping and Zhang Dong would have happened to him. And now, in fact, it wasn’t any better. The family wouldn’t let him go back, his money was frozen and he was thrown into a small company that was about to go bankrupt. In order to survive, he had to bend his knees every day and take turns to suck up to people!

“Tell me, what do you think I did wrong, I wasn’t even involved in the drugging of your drink, why should I suffer this!” Wei Xingheng grabbed Luo Wencheng and shouted at him.

Luo Wencheng slowly broke the grip on his collar.

Even if you didn’t participate in the drugging, weren’t you the one who encouraged him to be idle and do nothing?

Yes, at that time, Luo Wencheng was ignorant and had no discernment; he couldn’t blame others for it. But in his previous life, Zhao Jianping, Zhang Dong and Luo Wenjun went out of their ways to humiliate him. When did Wei Xingheng not watch?

The great hatred had already been avenged. Luo Wencheng actually didn’t feel much hatred anymore. He was not interested in remembering and thinking about it again, so facing Wei Xingheng’s resentful, reluctant face, his heart remained calm.

“Don’t tell me this. It’s not me who did that to you. If you want to blame, you can blame your Wei family for being weak. If you want to blame, you can blame yourself for having a bunch of timid and ruthless relatives. If you want to blame, you can blame…”

He threw Wei Xingheng away, looked at him coldly, and said word by word: “Whether in your own home or in Haining, you, Wei Xingheng, are insignificant.”

Because he was insignificant, he was thrown out to calm the anger.

In fact, Luo Wencheng was not sure if there was any pressure from Lu Chong behind this, but based on his understanding of Lu Chong, the man could at best engage in suppression of business, not personal injury.

The Wei family was so scared that they couldn’t bear the pressure, and before anyone said anything, they panicked and beat Wei Xingheng up and drove him out to curry favour. Who was to blame?

Luo Wencheng walked towards the door when his arm was suddenly grabbed and yanked back.

It was his right arm that was yanked. The force caused a tearing pain in his shoulder that had not yet fully healed. Luo Wencheng was already unsteady on his feet. He took a few steps back, hit the wall heavily, holding his shoulder and bending over. The pain was so bad that he couldn’t make a sound for a while.

Wei Xingheng locked the door, turned around, pinched Luo Wencheng’s chin and pushed him against the wall: “You can be noble now and I’m insignificant, you ass seller…”

Before he finished speaking, Luo Wencheng, who was bent over and hadn’t been fully lifted up by him, suddenly pressed his back with his left hand and pushed him down. His knee slammed into Wei Xingheng’s abdomen fiercely, and his left arm quickly delivered an elbow strike on his spine.

This blow was extremely cruel, but after all, the strength was insufficient. If it was sufficient, Wei Xingheng wouldn’t be able to get up from the floor. But at this moment, although Wei Xingheng was in extreme pain, he still reacted quickly and pushed Luo Wencheng back.

Without pause, Luo Wencheng kicked, but his kick was blocked by Wei Xingheng.

Normally, Luo Wencheng should have retreated after his movement failed. However, he didn’t. Even though his leg was blocked, using it for support, he turned around and kicked with his other leg.

Wei Xingheng was caught off guard; the bridge of his nose was hit by the hard sole of Luo Wencheng’s shoe. He suddenly fell back. In a burst of violent suffocating pain, two streams of blood gushed out of his nostrils.

Luo Wencheng also fell heavily to the floor, the impact causing severe pain all over his body. His head was dizzy.

Yet in just two seconds, as if by tacit agreement, they both rose from the floor at the same time, one holding his right shoulder, the other his nose, one with a cold gaze, the other with a fierce face, breathing heavily as they stared at each other, confronting each other.

Then, at the same moment, they lunged at each other in silence, tearing and fighting like two wild animals.

This was a completely desperate fight.

Why were they fighting? There seemed to be many reasons, but none of them were so bad as to kill each other. But in fact, there was no need for a reason. They were drunk, they were in a bad mood, and they disliked each other. One friction can create a big flame. What’s more, between men, as long as there is anger, who cares if three times seven is twenty one; no one will step back even if they die.

Of these two, one had his right arm almost ruined, and the other had three broken ribs. Wei Xingheng was a member of the family that had specially trained him since he was a child. His physique and skills were first-class. In contrast, when Luo Wencheng was still Luo Ershao, he didn’t like to suffer hardships and had no fighting skills. But he had also learned a little in those three years in prison, and in the ten years of his previous life, he didn’t have a shortage of fights either. Coupled with the pain at midnight every day, even though Luo Wencheng was thin, he was in really good health and he was not at disadvantage.

In addition, he had a 20% bonus; no matter what he did, he could do it very well, including fighting. So although he had no systematic training, he naturally knew what to do, and some angles were extremely tricky.

The two of them fought, grabbing each other and rolling around, but no one obviously had the upper hand.

Until Wei Xingheng found that Luo Wencheng had difficulty moving his right arm and attacked him exclusively on the right side. Luo Wencheng’s right arm was hit and the severe pain caused him to suddenly lose his strength. He was dizzy and was pressed face forward against the restroom door with a loud thud.

Luo Wencheng pushed against the door with his left hand. His right arm was twisted behind his back at an extremely distorted angle, and he grunted in pain.

The two of them gasped violently together, both with bruised noses and swollen faces. Wei Xingheng looked a bit more miserable; Luo Wencheng’s mouth was bleeding and his cheekbones were red. Wei Xingheng sneered and said, “Show me fight again, I can’t see it, it’s pretty good to fight!”

“Knock, knock, knock!”

There was an anxious knocking on the door, and Zheng Chang’s even more anxious cry followed: “Wencheng, are you in there? Wencheng!”

Wei Xingheng was startled.

Luo Wencheng took advantage of the moment of his distraction but didn’t reach out to open the latch of the door. Instead, he stretched out his left hand, grabbed Wei Xingheng’s face and stepped back violently. When Wei Xingheng’s back hit the wall, Luo Wencheng let go of his hand and slammed his head backwards.

There was a bang.

Luo Wencheng was a few centimetres shorter than Wei Xingheng, and the back of his head hit the bridge of Wei Xingheng’s nose. The nose that had finally stopped bleeding suddenly broke completely. Wei Xingheng screamed. Luo Wencheng also knocked himself almost unconscious, and the two fell down at the same time.

Half of Wei Xingheng’s body pressed on top of Luo Wencheng.

At the same time, the toilet door was kicked open, and the door panel slammed against the wall, making a second loud noise.

There was a circle of people outside, but that circle of people was more than half a metre away from the man in the front.

The man in the front was extremely tall and imposing. Just looking at his long legs and his posture of kicking the door, you could see what a terrible explosive power was hidden in his body.

When the man saw the situation in the restroom, his already dark face suddenly turned as black as the bottom of a pot.

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