Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 50

“Why do people have attachments?”

The bitter and painful question made Lu Chong’s heart stagnate. He looked down at the young man leaning on him with complicated eyes.

The young man’s hand was clenching the hem of his clothes so hard that his phalanges turned white and his veins were clearly visible.

Lu Chong could clearly feel his fragility and need at the moment.

He vaguely realised that something was out of control. No, not vaguely, but for sure.

He lowered his eyes and pressed slightly with his palm but in the end he didn’t push the person in his arms away.

Two men hugged not far from the gate of the court, soon attracting a lot of attention, both explicit and implicit.

Lu Chong didn’t care about that, but Luo Wencheng gradually calmed down and found himself leaning into Lu Chong’s arms. The two of them were almost glued together. He hurriedly took a step back and said shyly, “Sir, I’m sorry.”

Lu Chong was about to say something when Zhou Yishan, who had been waiting for a long time, finally found a chance to come up and speak: “Sir, there is a call from Beicheng…”

Then Luo Wencheng saw Lu Chong’s face change a little. It was not that it turned solemn in a big way, but it was like immediately entering a state of taking it seriously, giving a priority to the important matter. If Lu Chong had at least seventy or eighty percent of his mind on Luo Wencheng before, when Zhou Yihan said that, those percent were taken away completely.

Luo Wencheng was a little flustered for no reason, so when Lu Chong asked Zhou Yishan to send him back, he grabbed Lu Chong’s hand almost without thinking: “Sir, I will go too.”

With these words, not only Lu Chong was stunned, but Luo Wencheng himself also froze.

What was he talking about? Lu Chong had business to attend to, so what was he doing following him? He had always been very discreet, not asking Lu Chong about anything, and this was way out of line.

But it was probably that he hadn’t completely calmed down, or he was still trapped in the reluctant imaginary parting of life and death, so he grabbed Lu Chong’s hand, simply wayward, and didn’t want to let go.

He even thought that it would be better to anger Lu Chong and let him pour a pot of cold water on him.

He resigned himself and waited for Lu Chong to show impatience and displeasure, but Lu Chong just looked down at the hand he had grabbed, the point where their body temperature was passing to each other, moved his lips, his eyes shifting back and forth a few times, and finally said, “Fine then, you come with me.”

Luo Wencheng was stunned.

Zhou Yishan had a meaningful expression on his face.

Why did he feel that something didn’t smell right between these two?

He knew very well that the thing in Beicheng was not a big deal. Luo Wencheng wanted to go along and it was not too out of line; it was not too strange that Master agreed to let him follow either. But why were the tone and eyes of the two of them so weird?

Sitting in the car, separated from Lu Chong by one person and unable to smell the fresh scent of grass and wood, Luo Wencheng really calmed down.

Why was he so impulsive just now?

What if Lu Chong got really angry?

He was thinking about it, and on the one hand, he thought he shouldn’t be a demon, shouldn’t break their current mode of getting along and live a good life together, wasn’t it already good enough? On the other hand, he thought: are you really willing to spend the remaining half a year in this way? It’s better to go all out, Lu Chong is so kind to you, so patient, maybe, maybe… he also has a bit of that kind of meaning?

As soon as this thought came out, he slapped himself fiercely in his mind. Luo Wencheng, you are ungrateful. People treat you so well but you want to drag people into the water. When the time comes, you pat your ass and leave, what do you expect people to do?

Thinking about it this way, Luo Wencheng felt almost manic, but the person in question was by his side, and he didn’t dare to show the slightest abnormality. In the end, he could only massage his aching head and turn his face to the wind that came in through the car window, forcing himself to suppress all this nonsense. 

After a long time, he tried to distract himself by opening the crumpled paper in his hand and reading it.

It recorded the name of each woman who had given birth in the rural hospital at that time, her approximate age, clothing, appearance, and even accent.

Luo Wencheng’s parents were highlighted. It was probably Han Ying’s youngest uncle who was upset afterwards. He thought about the couple who had “their child stolen” by him, so the record was very clear.

Luo Wencheng squeezed the paper tightly.

The rural hospital was demolished more than ten years ago. In his previous life, Luo Wencheng spent a lot of time and energy and only found a few nurses who worked in that hospital when he was born, but they didn’t have much impression of the women who gave birth at that time.

He also went to the local public security bureau to inquire about the missing baby case, but the result was that the file got wet during the rain and was destroyed.

There was too little information and too long a time had passed. Even if he asked Lu Chong to help him, it would be very difficult to find someone; but with the piece of paper provided by Han Ying, it was much easier to find his biological father.

But Luo Wencheng was very hesitant to look for him.

If he didn’t look, he would be upset. He did want to know what happened to his biological father. But after looking for him, there was that situation again…

In the end, it came back to the biggest contradiction, which was annoying.

The car stopped.

Luo Wencheng recovered, only to find that the car had already made half a circle around Haining.

Outside was an unfamiliar sight, but if he was right, this would be Beicheng. Compared with the urban area, the degree of development here was very low.

Lu Chong turned his head and asked him, “Do you want to go together or stay in the car?”

Being thick-skinned enough to follow, and then sitting in the car and waiting?

Luo Wencheng cleaned up his emotions for a while, and said with his usual expression: “I will go too.”

He really wanted to know what made Lu Chong so concerned.

He felt that this was the reason why Lu Chong came to Haining and this was what he was busy with every day during this time.

Lu Chong didn’t object, but he seemed to be hesitating about something, and when Luo Wencheng tried to get a better look, he was already getting out of the car.

Luo Wencheng also followed. There was a construction site outside. When Lu Chong was seen coming, someone came to meet him. Luo Wencheng listened to the tone and content. Lu Chong came here every day.

He was very concerned about the project here.

Luo Wencheng looked around and was surprised to find: “An amusement park is being built here?”

Lu Chong was discussing something with the person in charge, pointing to the drawings in his hand while saying something with a serious and focused look, as if it was a kingdom being built.

Luo Wencheng felt a little incredulous, but he suddenly remembered that at the Luo family banquet, those guests asked what business Lu Chong was going to do in Haining, and he replied that he wanted to build an amusement park.

What he said turned out to be true?

Was that why he came here from the capital?

He suddenly remembered that he knew about this amusement park in his previous life. Beicheng, which had not been much developed, suddenly built an extremely luxurious amusement park. This amusement park had been built for three years, stimulating the rapid development of the surrounding area. In those years, Beicheng was full of factories and construction sites. He had also changed several jobs here.

However, after the amusement park was built, it had never been open for business.

Three years, in his previous life Lu Chong was also in Haining for three years, right?

Zhou Yishan came over, smiled and said, “Surprised, huh? That’s why Master came to Haining. From site selection to design, from materials to employees, Master did everything by himself. He has to come and have a look every day, rain or shine.”

Luo Wencheng murmured, “Why?”

“This is a taboo subject for Master, and no one dares to mention it. If you want to know, ask Master yourself.”

Lu Chong and the person in charge talked for about twenty minutes before it was over. Supposedly the construction of the amusement park had encountered some problem that needed Lu Chong’s decision. From the looks of it, it was obviously not a big problem. 

Yet he had come all the way here immediately.

Luo Wencheng looked at Lu Chong as he walked back, pursed his lips and finally couldn’t help but ask: “How did you think of building an amusement park here, sir?”

Lu Chong looked at the sunlit ferris wheel that already had a skeleton, and there seemed to be a lot of incomprehensible things in his eyes: “This is a promise I made with a person many years ago.”

Luo Wencheng’s heart jumped.

“A promise?”

Lu Chong: “Yes. I promised that person that when I got rich in the future, I would come back to his hometown and build a big, big amusement park for him, so that many, many people can come to play, but only he would be given a VIP card, so that he didn’t have to line up and could play whatever he wanted.”

Luo Wencheng thought to himself, was he too sensitive or too nasty to hear anything other than innocence in this passage?

Wasn’t this a common promise made by an elder brother to a playful child?

But he already had the answer in his heart.

He didn’t look at Lu Chong, but he felt Lu Chong glance at him, and then he heard Lu Chong’s low, nostalgic voice full of some kind of suppressed emotions: “Actually, I should have done this a long time ago, but I wanted to wait for him to come back and finish it with him. But for so many years, I haven’t been able to find him, so I thought, let’s build the amusement park first, maybe he will come back when he gets the news?”

Lu Chong looked at Luo Wencheng; a trace of forbearance flashed in his dark eyes, and he slowly said, “What do you think?”

Luo Wencheng suddenly remembered that when he first met Lu Chong, the man was standing on the flyover at night, his gaze lonely and distant, saying that he was waiting for someone who might never come.

He still thought at the time that it was rare to find a person who could feel so deeply, especially since Lu Chong’s appearance and temperament were so outstanding.

Later, he knew that Lu Chong was the Lu Jiuye he was looking for. He felt that the man was pretending to be affectionate, acting for fun, because everyone knew that Lu Jiuye had many little lovers.

Later, he discovered that Lu Chong was a righteous man, and this matter was completely forgotten by him.

He still remembered that he asked Lu Chong a question at that time.

Luo Wencheng raised his head, and the gentle afternoon sun at the end of March reflected in his amber eyes, making them almost transparent. He asked softly, “Is that person your lover?”

Lu Chong’s voice was calm: “Yes.”

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