Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 49

In the end, Luo Wencheng received court apologies from Han Ying, Zhao Jianping and Zhang Dong, as well as certain financial compensation. He seemed to have finally gotten rid of the knot in his heart, and his whole body relaxed.

Since he was reborn in the late autumn of last year to the end of March this year, it had been less than half a year. The things that were originally scheduled to be completed within a year were all over, and it was so easy.

All he had to do was to use a bitter ploy and pretend to be pitiful, and he didn’t even need to do those things he thought about. Everything ended successfully according to his wishes.

When he saw Luo Wenjun being escorted out of the courtroom, he smiled faintly at him with vicious eyes and turned to look at Lu Chong beside him.

Lu Chong didn’t look at Luo Wenjun at all, but said to Luo Wencheng, “Let’s go home.”

Luo Wencheng felt a lot of emotions in his heart for a while.

In his previous life, Lu Chong stood behind Luo Wenjun, so Luo Wenjun became a winner in life, and he ended miserably.

In this life, he gained Lu Chong’s trust and help one step ahead, and the ending of him and Luo Wenjun completely changed.

Before he met Lu Chong, he always thought that Lu Chong and Luo Wenjun had a certain relationship, but after getting to know this man, he felt that the reason why Luo Wenjun was able to get Lu Chong as a backer in his previous life was probably because he, like Luo Wencheng himself, used bitter ploys.

He could pretend to be pitiful and weak, and Luo Wenjun could naturally do the same. As long as he got Lu Chong’s trust and goodwill, and roughly understood his character, it was not difficult to attack him step by step.

As for Luo Wenjun’s process of dealing with him, whether it was Lu Chong who helped him the same as he helped him to deal with Luo Wenjun today, or whether it was simply Luo Wenjun’s fox exploiting the tiger’s might (using powerful connections to intimidate people), Luo Wencheng didn’t know, and he didn’t want to think about it. 

He believed it was the latter, but it was impossible for him to go back to his previous life to find out the truth, let alone catch Luo Wenjun or Lu Chong and ask clearly.

He only knew that this time, Lu Chong, who he met first, Lu Chong, who he caught first, was so kind to him, giving him the protection and care that no one else in this world could possibly give him.

As they walked out of the courthouse, Han Ying caught up with them: “Mr. Lu.” She said with some fear, “Thank you, Mr. Lu.”

Lu Chong: “No need.”

Han Ying looked at Luo Wencheng with a complicated gaze: “Wencheng, can I have a few words with you alone?”

Luo Wencheng was taken aback for a moment, nodded and said, “Yes.”

The two walked aside, and Han Ying said in a low voice: “I’m really sorry for those three years.”

Luo Wencheng said: “In fact, you don’t have to apologise to me. I do have part of the responsibility for this matter. Those three years in prison were not completely unjust.”

Han Ying looked into his calm and indifferent eyes and couldn’t help but say, “You… have really changed a lot.”

“After so much experience, you always have to grow up.” Luo Wencheng’s gaze fell on her missing leg, “For this matter, in fact, I’m the one who needs to apologise to you.”

Han Ying followed his gaze and smiled bitterly: “It has nothing to do with you. After I was hit, Luo Wenjun wasn’t satisfied and tampered with my medicine.”

The situation at that time was really critical. Luo Wenjun tampered with her medicine, probably with the idea of killing her.

As soon as she died, Luo Wencheng’s sentence would be much heavier or might even become, under the one-sided public opinion, the death penalty, and Luo Wenjun would live better in the Luo family after having lost his only relative.

But she was very lucky, and in the end she only had necrosis and lost a leg, but her life was saved.

“Ridiculous, isn’t it? I treated him like my own brother and he wanted me dead, so maybe this is retribution.”


Han Ying took a deep breath: “There is one thing, I once promised my mother that I would never say anything. Even to Luo Wenjun at the beginning, I didn’t reveal more than half a word.”

Luo Wencheng frowned slightly. He had a hunch that behind this story there was something to do with him.

Han Ying continued: “My youngest uncle had a tumour in his stomach when he was a teenager, which was malignant, but if he had surgery at that time, he would have a chance to survive. But my grandparents were very poor, and there were already many sons in the family, so they chose to give up treatment.

“My youngest uncle somehow found out about this. He wanted to live. He made trouble with his grandparents, but it was useless. The family just couldn’t get the money, so he decided to earn it by himself.

“But he only graduated from primary school, what could he do? He finally decided to take the risk.” Han Ying paused, “He joined a human trafficking gang.”

Luo Wencheng’s pupils shrank slightly.

“He had been watching that rural hospital for many days. There were several women in it, and he basically took notes of them, but he didn’t dare to do it until one day a woman inside was about to give birth and some people came, looking big and rich. They turned the hospital upside down and made it very chaotic. My youngest uncle took the opportunity to make a move.”

“The baby he stole was the child of that woman, Luo Wenjun.

“But my youngest uncle regretted stealing the baby. He was only in his teens. He was very scared. He took the baby back to his widowed elder sister, who was my mother. He hesitated and refused to say the origin of the baby but later, he was forced to tell the beginning and end of the matter.

“My mother was also very scared, because this baby was obviously a child of a rich family, but when she inquired about it later, the big rich man didn’t lose his child. He left the hospital very early, but a migrant couple lost their child.”

Han Ying gave a wry smile and didn’t dare to look Luo Wencheng in the eye: “My mother and uncle thought that my uncle had stolen the couple’s child. You know, migrants, they look poor, they have no money, have no connections, they won’t be taken seriously even if they report it. After making their way through half of the city, they couldn’t find anything…”

“Have you never thought about turning yourselves in?” Luo Wencheng said suddenly, “Or at least secretly returning the child?”

He slowly raised his head; his eyes were already slightly red.

He thought he would be indifferent when he heard such a story.

In his previous life, he tried his best to inquire and investigate, but only found sporadic clues. He didn’t know who his parents were. He only knew that his mother died and his father went far away. At that time, he just felt pity for the couple.

He had grown up with a father, a mother and an elder brother; although that father’s favour was to raise him as a waste, although that mother was always cruel and abusive behind people’s backs, although that elder brother was also a piece of shit. But he had had these family roles in his life.

He didn’t have much consciousness of being an orphan.

Having been reborn after his death, he cared about it even less and had no intention of looking for his father. When he was beating up Luo Wenjun and complaining that He Mei had ruined his life, it was more out of hatred for the Luo family.

However, at this moment, when Han Ying said, “they look poor, they have no money, have no connections, they won’t be taken seriously even if they report it”, his heart actually ached fiercely.

For the first time, he had a clear understanding that the couple who had lost their child more than twenty years ago, the couple who was terrified and had no one to turn to, were his biological parents!

“Do you know, your uncle stole Luo Wenjun, Luo Wenjun’s birth mother stole me, my… my parents lost their child and went crazy. My birth mother ran around as soon as she gave birth, anxious and scared, fell ill, and died soon!”

At the end of Luo Wencheng’s words, he vaguely felt a hint of cutting pain. Frightened and anxious until her death, his mother must have felt very helpless at the time, right?

At the last moment before she died, was she still worried about her child?

“Even if, even if you just returned Luo Wenjun, if they found the child, they would naturally stop looking for it, and she would probably not die.”

Han Ying also had red eyes. She choked and said, “We didn’t dare turn ourselves in, nor did we dare to return the child.”


“My youngest uncle joined that organisation. When joining, he wasn’t too clear about his personal information. He lied that he was an orphan. Those people probably didn’t bother to check. He quit halfway and ran away, and because he didn’t come into contact with any secrets, those people didn’t bother to pursue it. But if something else was involved, what would happen if those people came to the door?”

Han Ying looked at Luo Wencheng with tears in her eyes: “My uncle didn’t have many days left to live. My mother lived with me alone. My grandparents were old. We didn’t dare take risks.”

Luo Wencheng was stunned; after a while he laughed a little comically.

So in this matter, because the Luo family didn’t look for the child, because the person who stole the child didn’t dare to speak out and the child didn’t show up, everything was suppressed. The only couple looking for the child couldn’t make any waves at all, and one of them died soon after.

It was not until seventeen years later that the patriarch of the Luo family, the richest man in Haining, discovered that his youngest son had the wrong blood type that the matter was brought up again.

Luo Wencheng took a step back and leaned against the wall a little weakly.

Han Ying took out a folded piece of paper from her bag: “My uncle was frightened day and night, and his conscience was tormenting him. His condition deteriorated badly. He passed away in less than a month. Before he died, he left these notes with some information about the women who gave birth in the hospital back then.”

Luo Wencheng’s eyelashes trembled as he looked at the piece of paper.

“You, if you want to find your father, this might help you.”

Luo Wencheng looked at the piece of paper without moving for a long time.

“You bring it now, what’s the use…” His voice was so low that it was barely audible. To find his father?

Find his father, recognise each other, hug and cry, and then let the white-haired man bury the black-haired man six months later?

Fate was really ridiculous. When he wanted to find something, he couldn’t. He had already let it go and was already preparing in his heart to face death calmly, but now another attachment popped up.

But he finally took the piece of paper.

A thin piece of paper, but it was so heavy that it seemed to break his wrist.

He didn’t know when Han Ying left.

He didn’t know when Lu Chong came.

Then he saw Lu Chong looking at him with concern and worry, asking him in a gentle tone what was the matter.

He felt that the piece of paper in his hand turned into a stone again, smashing straight into his heart.

Smashing his state of mind that he had been claiming to be so calm all the time to pieces.

“Sir…” He looked at Lu Chong’s handsome, concerned face, the warm and worried light in his eyes, reached helplessly towards Lu Chong, leaned on his shoulder and said in a low voice almost inaudibly, “Sir, what should I do?”

But Lu Chong heard it.

He also heard the helplessness, panic and confusion in the young man’s voice.

His heart ached faintly; he raised his arm to gently wrap around Luo Wencheng’s shoulders, touched his head and soothed him in a soft voice: “What happened? What did Han Ying tell you? Tell me, I’ll solve it.”

No, you can’t solve it.

Why are you being so nice to me?

It’s so good that I feel more and more reluctant to let go.



“Why do people have attachments?”

This is clearly the most cunning thing in the world, finding ways to hold you, to hang on to you, to stir your heart, to make you torn, uncertain, afraid to pick it up and unable to let go.

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