Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 48

Luo Wencheng threw away those thoughts and walked forward with the dumplings: “Yes, another year has passed. Will you eat dumplings, sir? On New Year’s Eve, there is no reunion dinner, but dumplings are always to be eaten.”

Lu Chong looked up at him; his gaze was not as cold as Luo Wencheng had imagined, but somewhat warm: “Sorry, I don’t have the habit of eating New Year’s Eve dinner. Is the house a little too cold? You, Lao Ding and others can have a feast of your own.”

Luo Wencheng smiled and said: “To celebrate the New Year or not celebrate the New Year is not about the rituals. If you want to have a good time, you can still have a good time without the rituals, but if you don’t want to have a good time, even if you make everything look festive, it’ll be just a lie.”

He looked at Lu Chong and said, “Without you, sir, it is meaningless.”

After he finished speaking, he felt that this sentence was a bit strange, as if he was blaming Lu Chong, so he quickly remedied the situation, “I haven’t had a New Year’s Eve dinner for years either. It’s just watching the gala and then eating a few extra dumplings.”

He put the dumplings on the coffee table, “Sir, try my craftsmanship. I made these by myself.”

Before Lu Chong could say anything, the big cat on his lap had already opened her eyes, propped herself up, leaned to the coffee table to sniff, and then stretched out her paws to Luo Wencheng.

Seeing that she seemed to mean she wanted him to hold her, Luo Wencheng glanced at Lu Chong. Lu Chong picked up the cat and handed her to Luo Wencheng. Luo Wencheng took Ribs and put her on his lap.

The big cat was heavy and her whole body was warm, but the place where Lu Chong held her seemed to be exceptionally warm. Luo Wencheng paused, lowered his head and picked up a dumpling to feed to the cat.

Two men and a cat ate dumplings on the terrace.

Perhaps the atmosphere was good and the dumplings tasted really good; Lu Chong’s appetite was also good and most of the dumplings on the plate entered his stomach. Luo Wencheng saw that he was eating with relish, and he felt particularly satisfied.

This New Year’s Eve, there were no fireworks, no sumptuous dinner and no crowded house full of people, but he felt that this was the most comfortable, happiest and beautiful New Year’s Eve he had ever had.

He cuddled the big, fat, warm cat on his lap and looked at the elegant, clean man sitting beside him under the lamp, thinking that he would always remember this day, and that perhaps at the end of his life, when he remembered this scene and this man, he would not have too many regrets in his heart.

After all, he was so lucky to have met this person.


“What’s the matter? Is there anything on my face?”

Lu Chong suddenly turned his head and asked, looking straight at Luo Wencheng, as if puzzled.

Luo Wencheng froze, only to realise that he was looking at him too obliviously.

“No…” He petted the cat to hide the discomfort of being caught in the act, “I was thinking, if only I could celebrate the New Year with you next year, sir.”

“What’s so good about celebrating the New Year with me? Maybe this time next year, you will sit with someone who is more funny and interesting, someone you can talk more to,” Lu Chong said slowly.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but Luo Wencheng felt that he meant something by this statement.

He felt a little guilty and didn’t dare to look at Lu Chong anymore.

He glanced at his watch and found that time was slowly approaching midnight again.

Although he really wanted to celebrate the New Year with Lu Chong as this was the last and only time he had the chance to do so and he really wanted to have this memory, thinking about his special circumstances, he finally returned Ribs to Lu Chong: “Sir, I’m going to bed first.”

Lu Chong glanced at him deeply: “Go ahead, staying up late is not conducive to injury healing.”


On the third day of the New Year, when the whole of Haining was still immersed in the festive atmosphere, the car crash incident that had been fermenting on the campus forum of Haining Academy of Arts had spread to several other famous forums in Haining and finally had a new development.

This development was that Han Ying took Luo Wenjun to court.

This incident shocked the whole of Haining.

On the one hand, the Luo family was already in trouble, and many pairs of eyes were staring at it. On the other hand, this matter had really fermented to the point where almost everyone knew about it.

Everyone was waiting for Han Ying to bite Luo Wencheng and speculated whether Lu Chong would still protect Luo Wencheng in the end. The result was that Han Ying turned her head and tore into her own adopted brother. Didn’t everyone say that this sister and brother had a good relationship?

The melon eaters couldn’t understand this divine twist anymore.

Then the next development surprised people even more.

So the case of the fake prince trying to kill the real prince and ending up crippling the real prince’s adoptive sister was actually the case of the real prince trying to frame the fake prince at the expense of his own sister?

The Luo family obviously knew the inside story of this matter, but back then the story of the true and fake princes had already made too much of a fuss, turning the Luo family into a laughing stock for the people of Haining and causing a huge loss of face for Luo Kaifang and the entire Luo family, also very detrimental to the company’s image. Therefore, the Luo family decided to cover up the truth and send the son they had raised for eighteen years to prison.

Some people sighed that the Luo family was simply amazing, and some people sighed that the true prince was really too bold, not afraid of getting killed by accident. More people sighed that the noble circle was really chaotic, and the big dramas of the wealthy were endless, with new shows every year.

It was already the end of March and the beginning of April when the weather warmed up. Luo Wencheng also appeared in court. To his surprise but also somewhat according to his expectations, Zhao Jianping and Zhang Dong, two of the Four Young Masters of Haining, also appeared on the witness stand.

They confessed that they were the ones who added the drug to Luo Wencheng’s drink at that time. They also knew that Luo Wenjun wanted to deal with Luo Wencheng, but they didn’t know the specific plan. Out of jealousy of Luo Wencheng and eager to watch the show, they agreed to cooperate with Luo Wenjun.

Han Ying didn’t sue them, so they just acted as witnesses to accuse Luo Wenjun and apologised to Luo Wencheng in court, and then there were no consequences for them.

Of course this was only on the surface; Lu Chong would not let these two go.

In addition to Luo Wenjun, there was also Brother Kun in the dock. That Brother Kun seemed to be an ordinary man in his thirties, but he was quite famous in Haining. Luo Wenjun followed him since he was fifteen or sixteen years old. Later, Luo Wenjun was accepted back to Luo’s family and wanted to deal with Luo Wencheng. Brother Kun also wanted to follow Luo Wenjun to make a fortune, so he helped him do this.

Luo Wencheng’s car was tampered with by Brother Kun’s people.

The two of them, one the main offender and the other the accomplice, both were convicted and had a fight in court.

After all, Brother Kun was someone from the underground business. He didn’t lack dirty words. Calling Luo Wenjun a bitch and a slut, he also said that if it hadn’t been for Luo Wenjun to keep coming to him and tempting him in bed, he would not have done such a thing.

At first Luo Wenjun cursed at him and then covered his face and kept crying, but no matter how badly he cried, no one would sympathise with him. The image of a weak and noble young master who had suffered enough in his childhood was completely broken.

Watching Luo Wenjun falling apart, Luo Wencheng frowned slightly.

It was not that he thought Luo Wenjun’s punishment was too light.

He knew that Brother Kun, who was convicted because of Luo Wenjun, must have hated him. Although Brother Kun also went to prison, after all, his sentence was relatively light and he was going to come out earlier than Luo Wenjun. Coupled with his contacts, both in prison and after he got out of prison, there were ways to finish off Luo Wenjun.

The reason Luo Wencheng frowned was that until this time, the scientific research madman who worked with Luo Wenjun had not appeared.

When exactly did Luo Wenjun meet him?

Luo Wencheng had to repay him. In his previous life, he died so miserably because of the drugs developed by that lunatic. If he let the other party get away with it, he would never feel at ease. The other party didn’t show up, and he felt a little anxious.

But thinking about it carefully, maybe that person only appeared by Luo Wenjun’s side a few years later. At that time, he would have died a long time ago. In this life, there shouldn’t be an intersection between him and that lunatic, right?

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