Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 47

“This kind of thing can be found out if you put some effort into checking it out. But there are some things that are best known to the people involved. So tell me more about the situation at that time.”

Luo Wencheng pondered for a while, organised his thoughts and said, “At that time Luo Wenjun had been back for almost six months. He was very kind and timid on the surface, but as long as Luo Kaifang and Luo Wenhao were out of sight, he would use all kinds of words and actions to stimulate me. I quarrelled with him several times. That day someone asked me out for a drink.”

Luo Wencheng glanced at Lu Chong and said with some shame: “It was the other three people who were known as the Four Young Masters of Haining with me at the time. After drinking, I was very excited, and I bragged in front of many people, saying that I was going to kill Luo Wenjun.

“As a result, when I went out, I saw Luo Wenjun and Han Ying. I don’t know what I was thinking. My mental state was very wrong. When I got in the car, I stepped on the gas and drove.

“I actually just wanted to scare him, but the usually good throttle became very sensitive, and the speed was not right. As soon as the throttle was pressed, the speed soared to more than a hundred, and then I hit Han Ying.”

The fact was that he was a subjective component in this incident. Although he just wanted to scare the other party, he really did drive the car at people and this was one of the reasons why he couldn’t defend himself in court, and ultimately didn’t speak out.

But at the same time, he also knew very well that there was something wrong with his drink and the car had been tampered with, and the presence of Luo Wenjun and Han Ying was definitely not a coincidence.

Lu Chong listened and said, “So, the other three of the Four Young Masters were also involved?”

Luo Wencheng shook his head: “It’s hard to say. I think there was something added to my drink. Even if they didn’t do it personally, they should have been aware of it. As for whether they were involved in this matter, it is not clear.”

“This is easy to find out. Catch and torture the three of them, won’t we know everything?”

Zhou Yishan, who was sitting in front as the driver, suddenly spoke up.

Luo Wencheng smiled and didn’t say anything hypocritical about those three people being respectable people in Haining, so it wasn’t good to touch them like that, right?

For one thing, Zhou Yishan didn’t care about the status of those people at all, and for another, Lu Chong made it clear that he was going to do justice for him, and he wanted the same, so it would be pointless to pretend to refuse hypocritically.

Lu Chong didn’t mean to stop Zhou Yishan either. He asked Luo Wencheng again: “Do you know the people Luo Wenjun came into contact with?”

Those people were certainly not ordinary people.

Luo Wencheng said: “Luo Wenjun grew up in the slums and came into contact with a lot of people, but I remember he mentioned Brother Kun many times.”

Zhou Yishan said again: “Brother Kun, as soon as you hear the name, you know it’s just a small-time gangster.”

Luo Wencheng looked at him and didn’t say anything. Anyway, he couldn’t hear the difference between these names. It seemed to him that Lu Jiuye was not much more dignified than Brother Kun, but of course he couldn’t say such things.

Of course, in fact, this Brother Kun was indeed just a gangster.

Lu Chong said to Zhou Yishan: “Go and check this Brother Kun.”

If it was just a small gangster, it would be impossible to make such a fuss under his nose.

Either this Brother Kun was a big shot, or there was another hand reaching out to Haining, wanting to arm wrestle with him.

When the car drove to the villa, Luo Wencheng found that the car behind him didn’t follow up. Lu Chong didn’t seem surprised, so he didn’t mention Han Ying again.

He knew that since Lu Chong had promised him that this matter would be resolved soon, it would definitely be resolved soon, and there would definitely be a good result.

In the next few days, the students of Haining Academy of Arts were surprised to find that the post that they thought would be blocked was not blocked.

Some thought that Lu Chong might not dare to block the post due to public opinion, while others thought that Lu Chong didn’t think that highly of Luo Wencheng and therefore left the matter alone.

In any case, they continued to discuss the matter in the thread with great enthusiasm and intensity, and some uploaded photos and videos of Luo Wencheng and Han Ying’s interaction in front of the school that day.

The video was not very clear because the person who took it didn’t dare to get too close, but the contrast between Luo Wencheng’s arrogance and indifference and Han Ying’s anguish and misery was quite obvious, which made the comments below even more skewed towards Han Ying, and more accusations and criticisms against Luo Wencheng followed.

Luo Wencheng simply didn’t go to school anymore.

He had injured his right shoulder now and although he could still hold a pen, he needed to rest after all. Instead of going to school for just theory classes, it was better to stay at home.

With Lu Chong’s promise, he didn’t worry about outside things at all, and after thinking about it again and again, he even let go of the matter of retaliating against Luo Wenjun.

He let go and waited for the result Lu Chong promised him.

The only thing he was distressed about was that since his right arm couldn’t move freely, he couldn’t make food for Lu Chong.

Fortunately, after recuperating for a while and doing rehabilitation every day, he was allowed to do some simple movements with his right arm, so he used this opportunity to get into the kitchen and start working.

Unnoticeably, the weather was getting colder and colder, and New Year’s Eve finally arrived, but there was no New Year atmosphere in the villa. Except for Uncle Ding, who gave big red envelopes to everyone, there was nothing special.

And Luo Wencheng, being half-disabled, couldn’t help in creating the atmosphere either.

However, he still made a large pot of dumpling stuffing with his own hands and then wrapped a lot of dumplings with the chef and the servants in the villa. So this New Year’s Eve, everyone in the villa sat together and ate dumplings.

These people were all from the capital and naturally they couldn’t go home for the New Year. It was good to eat dumplings together.

Luo Wencheng took his and Lu Chong’s share and went upstairs to find Lu Chong.

Lu Chong was sitting on the terrace with Ribs lying on his lap, looking at the river reflecting the street lights in the distance and the lights of other houses farther away.

Luo Wencheng slowed his steps. He felt that Lu Chong looked particularly lonely and isolated at this time of the year, but he also knew that Lu Chong didn’t need anyone to comfort him in his loneliness and isolation.

It seemed that no one was allowed to set foot in his world. Even though Lu Chong treated him well and was better and better to him, Luo Wencheng always felt that there was a long distance between them that he couldn’t cross in any way. 


As soon as this idea came, Luo Wencheng was shocked and realised that his thoughts had really taken a bit of a dangerous turn recently.

It was one thing to be grateful to Lu Chong, it was one thing to have many, many good feelings for him, and it was only right to want to repay him for the help he had given. But he never, never should have had any thoughts about crossing the line.

This man was not easy to touch, and Luo Wenchange didn’t have that much time.

He didn’t want to do anything unnecessary; it would be very irresponsible to himself and to others.

Lu Chong didn’t look back but he knew Luo Wencheng was coming. He gently stroked the cat’s back with one hand and whispered, “Another year has passed.”

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