Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 45

“By the way, Gifted Scholar was also a famous rich kid back then. There is a good expression to describe him: the second generation ancestor. Gifted Scholar also formed a group called the Four Young Masters of Haining. This group of people drank alcohol, drove cars without a licence, got into fights and did everything they wanted. Their grades were so bad that they could be used as wallpaper. Here is the link to Gifted Scholar’s senior school and earlier transcripts.”

The list of the vices of Gifted Scholar was voluminous but some of them were fake, such as alcoholism. Luo Wencheng was born with a low tolerance to alcohol. He liked to mix drinks, but he had never been a heavy drinker. The one time he had drunk the most was before the car accident, but he hadn’t even drunk much that time. There was something added to his drink.

There were also dark past stories that were true. For example, Luo Wencheng was addicted to racing for a while, but he rarely drove by himself. He usually got together with his so-called friends. When others raced, he placed bets.

Public fights could barely count. Once, he did lead a group of people to fight for three days because of some conflict, but usually he was watching others fight. Those people were not so bold to drag him into a fight. In case he was accidentally injured, everyone would have to suffer.

The original poster dropped the bomb and there were already a bunch of comments below when the original poster added that Heaven kept accounts of good deeds and bad deeds. It turned out that the second generation ancestor was a fake prince.

Now everyone who had a bit of information knew that Gifted Scholar was Luo Wencheng.

The original poster provided a sarcastic and mean-spirited account of what Luo Wencheng did after he was discovered to be the fake prince, and how he tried to repel the real prince who had returned. It was written with a lot of anger and hatred, particularly effective in mobilising the reader’s emotions.

In the end, it went straight to the point saying that Luo Wencheng wanted to kill people to vent his hatred, but instead of killing the real prince, he accidentally hit the real prince’s adoptive sister, causing a girl of flowering age to break her leg and nearly lose her life. From then on, she could only move in a wheelchair. It was simply a human tragedy.

“Lu Zhu (the nickname the original poster uses) was stunned to learn about this. Gifted Scholar has just turned eighteen years old at the time, right? Are kids so extreme now? After seeing the hottest news at the time, Lu Zhu realised that a certain someone started killing people at the age of fourteen and then killed again at the age of eighteen. So it’s not surprising that after Gifted Scholar figured out that his glory and wealth were about to be taken away by the rightful master, he was like the cornered dog who jumped over the wall (someone driven to desperate actions).”

The original poster didn’t directly write out the name of “a certain someone”, but even fools would know who he was talking about.

Someone replied below.

“Oh my god, this seems to be a family tradition!”

“Family tradition +1!”

“Rich people are never good!”

“Why should I believe that? The newcomer is really good looking, I can’t believe it!!!”

“My best friend likes that Gifted Scholar very much. She was rejected several times. Later, he was moved by her persistence, invited her to dinner, and then rejected her again. I thought my best friend would cry to death, but she came back with a big smile on her face, shouting that she was a fan. The other party was so polite and gentle. To turn a crush into an admiration, many of us sisters also turned into fans after listening to it. It didn’t seem to be some kind of tactic!”

“Commenter above, it must be a tactic, ah. I have also heard that many first-year girls know about this and they all like Gifted Scholar very much. There are also some senior sisters who are quite passionate. Look, give up a girl and get a horde of girls. Quite a successful tactic, ah!”


“By the way, what about that adoptive sister? It’s really a disaster!”

“Hehe, it was originally a dove occupying a magpie’s nest and refusing to give way when the rightful master came back. Even trying to kill him? I have never seen such a shameless person!”

“Shameless +1!”

“Shameless +2!”

“Shameless +10086! The most appalling of the year!”

“Weakly raising my hand, my friend was classmates with the real prince. I heard that he is a super cute and adorable person! Now think how pitiful he is!”

“After being lost for so many years, he still has so many bad things to deal with when he comes back. I heard that the elder brother of the true prince, that is, “a certain someone”, as the original poster said, didn’t recognise him in the previous years. It’s very sad!”

“Brainstorming, isn’t it a conspiracy of exchanging a prince with a civet cat?”

“Holy shit! I’m not sure what to think, ah!”

“Think of the worst, ah!”


Luo Wencheng scrolled down expressionlessly. Further down, the style of conversation began to change. It was terrible to have such a shameless and vicious person in the school. He was also rumoured to pick up many underhanded tricks in prison and his mind was probably twisted. Then there was a chorus of calls to get him out of the school.

The school forum was anonymous. Although it was not difficult to check the ID, it always gave people a sense of security and allowed them to speak freely, so the rhetoric grew more intense, and one by one the commenters shouted “get out, get out”.

Luo Wencheng put down his phone.

“Young Master Luo, don’t worry, Master will deal with it.” Luo Wencheng’s personal bodyguard Zhou Qian said.

Originally, Luo Wencheng was called Mr. Luo but Luo Wencheng felt awkward. In addition, Lu Chong was called Mr. Lu, so recently, Luo Wencheng’s name was changed to “Young Master Luo.”

He was now very much like the black second generation.

Luo Wencheng smiled faintly.

This matter was quite insignificant. Subjectively, he didn’t care about the praise or criticism of others. Even if people all over the world scolded him, as long as Lu Chongken continued to protect him, he would be completely unaffected.

He believed that Lu Chong would continue to protect him and would take action to solve the matter.

He was just wondering who was behind this.

Luo Wenhao had fallen, so it shouldn’t be him.

The stock of the Luo family’s company plunged sharply. A large number of employees were quitting every day, and people even ran to the door of the company to throw stinky garbage. Pushed by various forces, those who had been suppressed by the Luo family before, those who had been bullied and those who had suffered financial losses, all came to the door to look for trouble. Luo Kaifang was already overwhelmed. He had angina pectoris and had been at the hospital twice in three days.

So it shouldn’t be Luo Kaifang either.

Then only Luo Wenjun was left.

Luo Wencheng had to admire his courage and marvel at his ability to do this when Lu Chong obviously supported him.

But this was actually exactly what he wanted.

He was haunted by his desperate, unanswered love for Luo Wenhao and Luo Kaifang, and he had a deep hatred for Luo Wenjun. He would never forget being suppressed by Luo Wenjun for all those years, as well as the torture he endured at the hospital in the last few years.

He was worried that he would have no reason to slaughter Luo Wenjun.

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  1. There’s always idiots that thought they were safe because they’re ‘anonymous’ in the internet yet those brave warriors were afraid to scold mc directly to his face.
    In the past or in the current life, Luo Wenjun don’t have any right to torture mc, and yeah, I do think the reason Luo Wenhao ‘cares’ about mc more than his biological little brother is because he knows Luo Wenjun is just as disgusting as he is. Or maybe he just can’t stand how dumb Luo Wenjun is.

    1. Luo Wenhao’s care for Wencheng is really the voyeristic sadist’s care for his victim. Luo Wenhao enjoys watching Wencheng suffering because Wencheng is innocent and sincere. Luo Wenjun is not pure, just a sly little guy, so naturally Luo Wenhao is not interested in him 🙁 🙁

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