Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 44

Such behaviour in a boy of his age could easily lead one to think in a certain direction, but Lu Chong knew it wasn’t like that.

“He still won’t talk.” He whispered as if to himself.

Sitting beside him was Dr. Wang, his personal doctor. At this moment, Dr. Wang put down his medical records, took off his glasses and said to Lu Chong: “Sir, based on his medical history, physical condition and various examination results, I don’t think this should be caused by a physical disease.”

This time, worried that Luo Wencheng would be wary and would resist, Lu Chong didn’t arrange for him to undergo any physical examinations; but the last time he was hospitalised, all kinds of examinations were done, and several tubes of blood were routinely drawn during this hospitalisation. With those tubes of blood, all the tests that could be done had been done.

Everything was normal, he was healthy, and the indicators couldn’t be better.

No one could call Luo Wencheng sickly.

At the same time, Lu Chong also went to Luo Wencheng’s room to check and went to his dormitory to investigate. From his bed and his three roommates, he got some clues.

The situation on the night of the surgery was really not an accident but very likely an everyday occurrence.

Severe pain, violent sweating, starting at midnight and lasting more than twenty minutes.

Every night.

But no disease would have such symptoms.

Therefore, based on the patient’s behaviour, Dr. Wang came to the conclusion that Luo Wencheng’s illness every night was probably due to psychological problems.

“Sir, I think it may be that Mr. Luo has had some bad experiences before, so much so that he has caused himself such a psychological implication: every midnight, his stomach will ache violently.”

In fact, such cases were not uncommon. Many patients did not have any organic diseases but would say that they hurt here and there. Generally, medicine classified this condition as neurosis.

There were also many patients with anxiety disorders who always felt that they were sick, constantly worried and had difficulty sleeping and eating.

There were similarities between Luo Wencheng and those, and there were also very different things, and Dr. Wang couldn’t tell exactly what the cause was.

Dr. Wang said: “If it is really a psychological problem, Mr. Luo’s situation has obviously reached a very serious point. I suggest finding a specialist in this field to understand and assess him in all aspects, find the crux of the problem and prescribe the right medicine.”

Lu Chong was silent. In the surveillance video, Luo Wencheng came out of the bathroom. His steps were much weaker than before, and his left hand was vaguely pressed to his stomach, as if he hadn’t fully recovered.

Lu Chong said, “But he doesn’t want to talk about it.”

He didn’t want to confide even in such a good atmosphere tonight.

Lu Chong claimed that the surveillance camera was to check if Luo Wencheng was really sick. Who knew that he would eventually come to the conclusion of a mental illness.

What kind of mood was he in, toiling away like this day after day to hide it?

Was he worried that he would be looked at differently?

Was he so secretive about his condition because he was terrified in his heart?

Lu Chong felt that he couldn’t do anything to expose the child’s scars, let alone stimulate him.

He decided to slow down for a while.

Luo Wencheng, who didn’t know that he was wearing a label of mental illness and inner fragility, was finally discharged from the hospital. He felt very relieved. The hospital was really not a good place to stay. He decided never to go there again.

He recuperated at home for a few more days, and when another Monday came, he was allowed to go to school.

But Lu Chong seemed to have doubts about his ability to defend himself, and not only put a locator on him, but also added a miniature vital signs monitor, which would alert Dr. Wang if his blood pressure, temperature and other major vital signs reached abnormal levels.

What was most exaggerated was that Lu Chong also arranged for him to have a bodyguard.

Compared to this, the requirement for him to come home every day and be transported to and from school by car was more than normal.

Luo Wencheng was quite stunned.

It took a while before he muttered, “I’ve been a rich second generation for eighteen years, but I’ve never been treated like this. Poverty limited my imagination.”

Lu Chong was amused by his rare mischievousness and tapped him on the forehead, “Right, this is the standard for the black second generation.”

After these words, both of them froze.

Black second generation… (children of gangsters and underground criminals)

So who was the black first generation?

Luo Wencheng recovered first, blinked and said with a smile: “Sir, you can’t have a son of my age! Sir, I’m leaving first, I’m going to be late.”

The atmosphere on campus was very different from the one ten days ago.

As soon as Luo Wencheng arrived, he was greeted by many strange glances.

Now that it was discovered that Luo Wenhao killed the second person, it was normal to receive some stares as the former brother of a murderer.

During class, he met the head of the dormitory and a roommate. The two of them smiled stiffly at him. Luo Wencheng didn’t see another roommate, the one wearing glasses, so he casually asked, “How come I haven’t seen Chen Hao?”

The faces of the two roommates became particularly ugly, and they stammered: he dropped out of school.

Luo Wencheng was a little surprised. Chen Hao was the one who secretly reported his movements to Luo Wenhao, but he had no intention to deal with the other party. Those movements were in fact deliberately leaked out by him. To say the least, he also used Chen Hao to set up Luo Wenhao.

Looking at the expressions of the two roommates, he guessed that this matter had something to do with him. The only one who could make Chen Hao drop out of school because of him was that man, right?

He touched the small instrument on his body and couldn’t help but smile: “Really the black second generation…”

He thought this incident had passed like this, but he didn’t expect that day by day, there would be more weird glances following him.

At first he didn’t understand; besides, his shoulder was injured and he didn’t go to the club much. There were classes, but he went home after them and didn’t stay at school a lot. It took a few days for him to hear the rumours.

He heard someone say, “The elder brother is a murderer, the old man is an evil capitalist and the younger brother has been in prison. There is nothing good in the family.”

He originally thought he was affected by Luo Wenhao’s incident, until he heard more and more people mention the car accident three years ago.

Finally, Zheng Chang reminded him to take a look at the campus website.

Luo Wencheng logged it and took a look. Oh, there was a super-hot post there, talking about the before and after of the car accident that year.

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