Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 41

They were stunned for a moment, and then stepped forward to make arrangements: “The ward is this way, this way.”

Lu Chong put Luo Wencheng on the bed, obviously not meaning to leave. He took the towel prepared by the nurse and gently wiped the sweat from Luo Wencheng’s face.


“Good boy, go to sleep.”

Luo Wencheng smiled and fell asleep, while the others felt that the temperature in the room was dropping like crazy from this moment on.

They felt goose bumps all over their bodies and looked at the man beside the bed with fear and trepidation, sensing the dark aura coming from him.

Liu Weizhi also secretly took a deep breath; even the Maitreya Buddha felt a chill in his heart at the moment. He gave Lao Ding a wink.

As a butler, Uncle Ding had been in contact with Lu Chong for more time than the others, and as he was older, he was less afraid of Lu Chong than the others, so he carefully said, “Sir, let me take care of Xiao Luo. Why don’t you go and change your clothes too?”

Lu Chong didn’t move; after a while he slowly said, “Shisan went to Luo Wenhao, right?”

“Yes.” Liu Weizhi answered respectfully, “Do you want to call him back?”

“Yes, tell him to come back.” Lu Chong’s voice was very calm, as calm as the sea before the storm in the dark night, “And bring Luo Wenhao too.”

Liu Weizhi suddenly raised his head, and after realising that he had heard correctly, he quietly retreated.

Lu Chong stood up and handed the towel to Uncle Ding: “Take good care of him and be careful not to hurt him.”


Lu Chong walked out of the hospital ward, took off his isolating clothes, wiped his sweat-soaked front lapels carelessly and said to the doctor who was obediently guarding the outside of the ward: “Thank you for your hard work. Let’s have a talk.”

It was late at night, or rather it was almost dawn.

The man in the bed slowly opened his eyes.

Looking at the ceiling, he exhaled deeply and slowly.

This was the second time he had used a bitter ploy (self-harm to achieve one’s goals or get close to an enemy).

The first time, pretending to be dying, he won Lu Chong’s sympathy and trust, and entered his house.

The second time he deliberately injured himself in exchange for Lu Chong to come forward to support him and push forward his revenge plan.

Now it seemed that both times were very successful.

But he felt no joy.

What he experienced was more of a vague sense of guilt than the pleasure of having succeeded in his calculations against Luo Wenhao.

Especially when the stomach pains kicked in; that wasn’t in his plan, but at the time he still had to play his role.

Luo Wencheng closed his eyes and sighed.

Just wait a little longer, wait for him to succeed, wait for everything to be over.


Luo Wenhao had never been so scared.

Just a few hours ago, when he felt his life was about to take off again, Zhou Yishan, this psychopath, barged in with a bunch of people, like a thug from the last century, smashing his house to pieces and then beating him up.

In front of his assistants and in front of his partners, he beat him brutally.

Luo Wenhao has never been so embarrassed in his life. At that time, he only had boundless resentment in his heart, gritting his teeth so hard that he almost crushed them. However, Zhou Yishan’s fists were too cruel and he picked out the places where it particularly hurt. The pain was so severe that Luo Wenhao couldn’t think straight.

Zhou Yishan just beat him up like a dead dog, and then in front of a room full of people, he said he would beat him up every time he saw him.

Who was behind him?

It was Lu Chong!

Luo Wenhao knew he was finished. In less than half an hour, the news that Lu Chong had found someone to beat him up would fly all over Haining, and everyone would treat him like a virus, including his father and his so-called brother. This time, he wouldn’t have another chance for a comeback.

He was crazy, and he had only one thought in his mind, to find Luo Wencheng and ask him what he had said to Lu Chong. If it was his fault, he would take Luo Wencheng with him even if he died!

However, he never expected that the matter was not over yet. Just when you think everything is bad enough, there will be worse and more terrible things happening.

Zhou Yishan called his people and was going to leave. Luo Wenhao hadn’t had time to breathe a sigh of relief when Zhou Yishan answered the phone. After answering the phone, Zhou Yishan stood for a while, and then looked at him with a sneer.

Luo Wenhao admitted that he was really scared.

If there was something playful about Zhou Yishan before, as if he was indulging in the fun of playing a thug, then after answering the phone, Zhou Yishan was no different from a mad dog, looking at Luo Wenhao as if he wanted to flay him alive and devour his bones.

He looked at him as if looking at a dead man.

Then, then Luo Wenhao was taken to the car.

“You, where are you taking me?” Luo Wenhao didn’t want to admit that his voice was trembling and his teeth were chattering.

He had been immersed in the business battles for many years, and his hands were naturally not very clean. Even his brother, whom he had loved for eighteen years, was sent to prison when he needed to be sent there. There was no fluctuation in Luo Wenhao’s heart when he did those things, and he even had a sense of accomplishment in manipulating the fate of others.

But at this moment, in front of the murderous aura of  Zhou Yishan’s people, he realised that what he had done in the past was almost no different from a kindergarten child playing house.

Zhou Yishan stared at him for a long time and patted his bruised and swollen face: “You’re very capable. Master hasn’t dealt with anyone personally for many years.”

Lu Chong, Lu Chong wanted to see him?

“Didn’t you want to take advantage of Mr. Lu’s power? You can tell him that yourself when you see him later.” Zhou Yishan mockingly patted his face twice more.

Luo Wenhao’s mind was in turmoil.

He had visited Lu Chong in person, talked to Lu Chong at the banquet and even played some subtle tricks in front of him, but never once had he felt such fear. At this moment, he seemed to finally realise that Lu Chong and he were completely two different people of two different worlds.

This thought was particularly clear when he saw Lu Chong again.

The person was still the same, but the feeling had changed absolutely.

“Luo Wenhao.” The cold and indifferent voice reached him, and Luo Wenhao felt a gaze focusing on him like two laser beams, actually making him feel tingling all over his body.

He didn’t even dare to look up at this moment.

“Wencheng called you Big Brother for eighteen years, right?” The voice continued.

Zhou Yishan kicked him: “Master asked you a question!”

Luo Wenhao fell to the side and got up on his hands and knees again: “Yes, yes…”

“I heard you still wanted him to keep calling you that?”

Luo Wenhao was dripping with cold sweat, and the inexplicable pressure made his heart flutter and ache: “I was wrong, Mr. Lu, I was wrong.”

Lu Chong chuckled twice in a low voice: “But why don’t I feel you’re acting like a big brother?” He continued to himself, “Wencheng, I like him very much. I took him in, sent him to study and let him do everything he wanted to do. He was held back by you guys, it’s okay, I can let him go forward and do better, I hope he can continue to grow happily. But why do you always have to jump out one by one?

“Do you know how hard it was for him to get where he is today?”

After experiencing the tricks of fate, the ups and downs of life, and three years in prison, Luo Wencheng didn’t grow crooked, didn’t grow bad, he was considerate and sensible, optimistic and gentle; there was still a bright light in his eyes when he smiled. It was really not easy.

In particular, Lu Chong knew very well that Luo Wencheng might have had a kind of cynicism in his bones, but he hid it deep and well and worked hard to live his life and get better and better.

Lu Chong had come out of the mud, and most of the time his heart was filled with indifference. Apart from the old cat at home and the few familiar people around him, he didn’t have a shred of enthusiasm about anything else, and often his heart was filled with uncontrollable anger and destructive desire. But he had learned to let those emotions rage in his body rather than venting them out.

Therefore, such a Luo Wencheng was even more precious to him and he pitied him, and he couldn’t understand why someone always wanted to destroy him.

Luo Wenhao raised his head subconsciously. Lu Chong, who was sitting in the chair, had a look of doubt on his face, as if he was really waiting for an answer, but his eyes were extremely cold, very cold, devilishly cold.

Luo Wenhao shivered: “Mr. Lu…”

Lu Chong didn’t need him to speak: “The people I obviously protect and hold in the palm of my hand, the people formally taken out and introduced, in the eyes of others they still seem to be objects that can be harmed at will. Shisan, what do you think it is?”

Zhou Yishan grinned, “Master has become more and more gentle over the years. He hasn’t seen blood since he came to Haining.”

“That’s it.” Lu Chong nodded seriously, raised his hand and threw something in front of Luo Wenhao, saying lightly, “Wencheng’s shoulder is injured, and his right arm will not be able to move freely for three months. After that, he will have to go through a long rehabilitation period. So you can pay him what you owe.”

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  1. Our mc is just too kind.
    For someone with time limit of a year, he can still feel guilty? It’s not like by having others to avenge him will cost his dear Mr. Lu losses or something.
    It’s sad though, to feel no joy for taking revenge, especially after he believe he just got a year to live. And it’s even his reason to continue living.

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