Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 39

Lu Chong’s fingers on his knees twitched, rubbing unconsciously.

Before he could figure out the reason for this discomfort, Dr. Wang pulled out his hand.

“The bone is not injured. The preliminary judgement is that it is a rotator cuff injury. It is best to have an MRI. If it is serious, the surgery is needed as soon as possible.”

Lu Chong’s gaze was still on Luo Wencheng’s shoulder. Watching him fix his collar with one hand, Lu Chong was a bit slow to react after hearing these words. Then his face darkened slightly: “Surgery is needed?”

“If the tendon tear is serious, surgery is necessary. His shoulder is swollen now, and the soreness and restricted arm movement are obvious. It is estimated that the situation is not very optimistic.”

“Lao Ding, prepare the car.” Lu Chong said immediately.

Uncle Ding, who was watching, quickly went to make arrangements. Luo Wencheng was pulled up by Lu Chong, and the cat on his lap was also taken away.

“Sir?” Luo Wencheng didn’t dare to speak and followed until he noticed that Lu Chong had also gotten into the car; then he said hurriedly, “I’ll just go by myself.”

It was too much to ask Lu Chong to accompany him.

But when Lu Chong gave him a look, he didn’t dare to say anything.

He could see that Lu Chong was angry, and not just a little.

This time they went not to the municipal hospital, but to a famous private hospital, went through the VIP channel and had an MRI as soon as they arrived. The result came out quickly; the whole supraspinatus muscle tendon was torn.

The surgery was arranged quickly. Luo Wencheng was taken for a blood test, changed his clothes and was put on saline. It didn’t take long for him to be pushed into the surgery room.

He was a little dazed and uneasy, as if he couldn’t digest the rhythm, and subconsciously looked past the medical staff around him to find Lu Chong’s figure.

Lu Chong felt his helpless puppy-like gaze. His heart softened as he walked over and touched his head: “Don’t be afraid, it’s just a small minimally invasive operation. The surgeon is a very experienced orthopaedic specialist, it’ll be over soon.”

Luo Wencheng was a little relieved but still took Lu Chong’s hand and didn’t want to let go.

Lu Chong chuckled a little. Now he knew how to be afraid, huh?

He let Luo Wencheng hold his hand, his attitude almost a bit doting.

Luo Wencheng felt his indulgence and worry, and his heart became more and more uncomfortable. He was lying to this man, had been lying to him, and even used this almost self-harming way to gain his sympathy and help.

This was the last time; he vowed that he would never use such extreme methods again.

Luo Wencheng was pushed into the surgery room and glanced at the clock on the wall. It was almost ten o’clock.

He had been worried that there might be someone around him at midnight, and now it looked like he was going to spend the night directly in the surgery room. He just hoped that he wouldn’t scare these people when he had a seizure.

Outside, Lu Chong’s face gradually darkened.

Liu Weizhi came over at some point and said to him, “We found out, it’s Luo Wenhao.”

This hour or two was enough for Liu Weizhi to find out what had happened, and it didn’t even require him to use many tactics.

He first found the taxi that brought Luo Wencheng back through the surveillance in front of the villa, contacted the driver, found the place where Luo Wencheng got in, then retrieved the local surveillance and found the van, and then easily found out that the car belonged to Luo Wenhao.

He didn’t alert Luo Wenhao, but ordered someone to take away the two people in the van who restrained Luo Wencheng at the time.

The two men were bodyguards who had been employed by Luo Wenhao for a long time, but Luo Wenhao was no longer the same as before and was not paying them as much as he used to, so they had been secretly planning to find another way.

So it took Liu Weizhi no time at all to dig out the whole story from the two of them; even the conversation between Luo Wencheng and Luo Wenhao in the car was reproduced.

Lu Chong flipped through the printed dialogue, his eyes getting colder and colder: “This flea…”

He sent Luo Wencheng to the hospital twice, the first time because of Luo Wenjun, and the second time because of Luo Wenhao. He was too kind to these two trash, not letting them taste the pain.

Zhou Yishan jumped out and rolled up his sleeves: “Sir, this Luo is lawless, let me go and deal with him.”

He himself thought he would be rejected, but unexpectedly Lu Chong glanced at him and said, “Don’t waste it, let the whole Haining know.”

Zhou Yishan and Liu Weizhi exchange glances; it seemed that this time Master was really angry.

According to usual practice, those who pranced in front of Lu Chong’s eyes were generally ignored, and those who were really annoying were simply disposed of. Those who could make him take a closer look at them were either of a certain status and could not be killed at once, such as Chen Jingqiu, or else they made him really angry.

Luo Wenhao was obviously the latter.

But it was normal. Luo Wenhao had tried to put his hands on Luo Wencheng several times; it was equal to bearding the lion in its den, ah. This was not only reckless, but also meant treating people like fools, could one not be angry?

As soon as Zhou Yishan was given the go-ahead, he went straight to the Luo family’s house, rubbing his hands.

There, Luo Wenhao was so excited to get Luo Wencheng’s “promise” that he couldn’t sleep and didn’t have time to sleep either.

He immediately asked his staff, assistants and some of his business partners who were still in good relationship with him to meet him at his place.

He planned to coax Luo Kaifang to give him all the resources he could still use, and then start another business by himself. In the future, he would also rely on Lu Chong’s people. With his brains and his own team, what could he not do?

One of his business partners asked, not quite convinced, “Can you really catch Lu Chong?”

Luo Wenhao leaned back on the sofa very confidently, playing with the lighter in his hand, looking askance: “Don’t worry, I have someone by Lu Chong’s side.”

The other man chuckled and said, “It’s not that brother of yours, is it?”

Luo Wenhao smiled without saying a word, very mysterious, but also kind of acquiescing.

The man heckled, envying Luo Wenhao.

Someone else asked: “Your brother doesn’t seem to have a very good relationship with your family, does he?”

“That’s with the rest of the family. He was brought up by me since he was a child, and his feelings for me are naturally different.” This proud tone made many people’s hearts sour.

They also wanted to bring up a potential stock from an early age.

As they were talking and laughing, looking forward to a wonderful tomorrow, suddenly there was a scream outside from a bodyguard or a driver!

Before anyone could stand up, the door was slammed open, and a tall man with a fierce grin on his face strode in.

Behind him were several guys dressed in black with baseball bats in their hands.

This piece of oppressive blackness was overwhelming, as if someone was there to kill for revenge, and it was very challenging for psychological endurance.

People stood up in a panic: “Who are you?!”

Someone else had secretly called the police.

Luo Wenhao recognised the man in the lead, so he was more panicked than everyone else.

“Mr. Zhou? What brings you here?” He laughed dryly, “You’re…”

Zhou Yihan was just like the gangsters who came to the door to collect debts in the last century, flaunting his thug-like demeanour. He turned around, flipped through this and kicked that: “Oh, I see, dressing nicely, drinking wine, listening to music, nice nice, ah.” Then he said with a grim expression on his face and a cold look in his eyes, “Smash everything for me!”

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  1. In the first chapters it is mentioned that Mr.Lu wears eyepatch, right? After in the club MC meets Lu Chong second time, he didn’t wear eyepatch but has a scar on his eye. Is he still wears eyepatch? Is he blind in one eye? (Recent chapter didn’t mention about it)

    1. Nope, he isn’t blind and he doesn’t wear an eyepatch (although it would be cool if he did) 🙂 🙂 His eye healed at some point, it seems to be mentioned in passing somewhere.

      1. No, it’s me who can’t express myself properly 🙂 He was wearing the eyepatch in the first chapter but the next time they met in the toilet, he was already without it. But I still think having the one-eyed ML who’s not a pirate or a space pirate would be cool 🙂

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