Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 35

Luo Wencheng couldn’t help but sigh that Du Taozheng’s nerves were too good; he packed his things as if nothing had happened. The group soon dispersed and went home to organise and perfect today’s harvest. On Monday, the two clubs would have a meeting.

Luo Wencheng suppressed his mood and spent the weekend calmly. It was a pity that he did not see Lu Chong who seemed to be very busy.

On Sunday night, he made a lot of food that was easy to store or could be warmed up without affecting the taste, and put it in the fridge. This was prepared for Lu Chong.

Although he lived in school, he couldn’t miss out on leaving a good impression whenever he could.

He didn’t notice Uncle Ding’s somewhat complicated expression and played with Ribs for a while. At midnight, he stood quietly in the bathroom, suffering the pain of a thousand cuts in his stomach.

He could basically endure this kind of pain now, and his expression would be less distorted. He found that the most troublesome thing about living in the dormitory was that he couldn’t run to the toilet in the middle of the night every time, or his roommates would think he was doing certain things there.

So he could only spend this period of time lying on the bed without moving. After a long time, he could count it as practising. The only problem was that he couldn’t control his sweating. The quilt was damp every night, so he could only change it frequently.

When it was finally over, Luo Wencheng collapsed on the washbasin, sweating profusely, panting for a long time, then took a shower, returned to bed and fell asleep, exhausted. 

When he got back to school the next day, he was a little impatient to find out what Du Taozheng would do next, but he could only keep quiet. When he met Du Taozheng and Zheng Chang at the evening meeting, they both behaved normally.

Luo Wencheng was a little disappointed, but not too anxious.

The appearance of bones at the abandoned construction site of the Luo family was not necessarily related to the Luo family. It was not easy to investigate, but the fact that the Luo family had given up the land in the first place was the biggest oddity in itself, so as long as someone was intent on finding trouble with the Luo family, they would never let go of this clue.

As long as the Zheng and Du families were willing to investigate, they would definitely have results. After all, when Luo Wenhao killed people, he was fourteen the first time and eighteen the second time. Both times, things were not done cleanly.

As for their unwillingness to check?

The Zheng family needed to do something big to get a chance to be promoted, and the relationship between the Du family and the Luo family was not friendly.

The Luo family needed a positive image and press, and needed to cover up certain bad things. They repeatedly bribed the Du family to do things for them.

There were generations of journalists in the Du family, many of whom were righteous and passionate. The behaviour of the Luo family naturally made them unhappy, and the more times they did it, the more the Du family felt that it was exclusively working for the Luo family but was not treated with respect. Who would be pleased with that?

In the days that followed, Luo Wencheng, through his listening to conversations and his observations of Du Taozheng and Zheng Chang, did find that they should be in possession of something crucial.

The only thing was that these two people looked at Luo Wencheng with somewhat complicated eyes every time.

Luo Wencheng was puzzled at first and then he realised: they couldn’t be concerned about him, could they?

Now the whole of Haining knew that the merchant ships of the Luo family broke into Lu Chong’s territory and the matter had never been resolved. Then the youngest son of the Luo family offended Lu Chong. Lu Chong had never given the Luo family face since he arrived in Haining. The status of the Luo family in Haining was not as good as before, and many people wanted it to fall.

The Zheng and Du families also wanted to seize this great opportunity.

But what if they were concerned about him?

After all, he was from the Luo family and now was sheltered by Lu Chong.

What if they felt that once the Luo family was in trouble, he wouldn’t be able to bear it and would ask Lu Chong for help regardless of his past…

Luo Wencheng thought about it and his face darkened a bit as he rubbed his forehead.

Perhaps another point was that the current Haining was not the previous Haining. Lu Chong’s arrival was tantamount to a mountain pressing on the head of the Haining natives. Anyone who wanted to do something, especially something big, would inevitably have their hands tied.

Lu Chong must first show his attitude on this matter.

“Classmate Luo…” A voice intruded into Luo Wencheng’s thoughts. He stopped and raised his head. There was a girl in front of him blocking his way.

The girl was very pretty and held a pink envelope in both hands; her head was bowed nervously and shyly as if she didn’t dare to look at him: “Classmate Luo, I’ve liked you for a long time.”

Luo Wencheng had already encountered this situation many times before. Regardless of his background, his appearance and temperament alone had a devastating effect. Since he started school, there were many people who confessed to him, both girls and boys.

Luo Wencheng usually politely declined, but this time he focused on the girl’s face.

The girl was even more nervous.

Luo Wencheng said slowly: “Have you given me this before?”


“More than once. It should be three times.” Luo Wencheng raised three fingers, “Every time the hairstyle and clothes are different.”

The girl was surprised that he could recognise and remember her. She was ashamed that her disguise was seen through, and she was so anxious that she almost cried.

Luo Wencheng smiled slowly. His smile was so gentle that even the most anxious person would drown in his smile and all their bad mood would be soothed.

Luo Wencheng’s eyes seemed to be filled with soft waves of light that made him look very tender.

He stretched out his hand and took the envelope, and said somewhat helplessly: “If I don’t take this, you have to continue to change clothes. Let’s make an appointment to talk. If you keep doing this, it will delay your studies and delay your life.”

The girl couldn’t hear what he said at all. She only knew that her envelope had been accepted. She was about to explode or faint. When she recovered, Luo Wencheng was waiting for her to answer: “Tomorrow afternoon, after the fourth class, how about we talk in the tea house opposite the school?”

“Good! Good!” The girl nodded again and again. She had countless things to say but didn’t dare. She blushed and left.

Luo Wencheng looked at her back and smiled a little. How young and pure she was, while he had a bright skin and a dark mind full of calculations, rotten to the core.

He returned to the dormitory with the envelope, as if inadvertently putting the envelope on the table.

The roommate came up as if discovering the new world: “This is a love letter, right? You actually brought a love letter with you? Tell me, which goddess is it?”

Luo Wencheng smiled and didn’t say anything.

Another roommate who said less than the other two looked at the envelope, pushed up his glasses and looked at Luo Wencheng: “It seems that the next step is to have a date, right?”

Luo Wencheng said: “It’s not a date. I asked her to have a chat tomorrow afternoon. I don’t plan to have a girlfriend.”

“I see.” When Luo Wencheng left, the roommate picked up his mobile phone and seemed to be chatting with someone. In fact, he secretly typed a text message and sent it out.

“Tomorrow afternoon will have a date with a girl, the identity of the other party is unknown, the location is unknown.”


The next day was Friday. As usual, Luo Wencheng was going back to Lu Chong’s house. He called Uncle Ding early in the morning: “Uncle Ding, I may come back later in the afternoon, so you don’t need to leave me dinner.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and a low voice that seemed to be slightly smiling came: “A date with a beauty?”

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