Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 31

The eyes of many spectators focused on Luo Wencheng, and then, when they clearly saw the party concerned, everyone went silent for a while.

Was this elegant handsome looking young man really Luo Wencheng?

The well-cut suit, the polite demeanour, the calm and distinctive temperament were so different from the Luo Wencheng they knew.

Everyone looked at him, and then at Luo Wenjun, who was hiding behind Luo Kaifang.

Luo Wenjun was also dressed decently today, but that playful white tuxedo worn on his too slender and short figure made him look like a child dressed as a man. He was dainty and cute but style? What style?

Luo Wencheng didn’t seem to notice these glances and there was no change in his expression as he followed Lu Chong into the house.

The Luo family’s house was huge. All the original furniture in the hall had been removed and replaced with long dining tables, sofas, chairs and so on. All kinds of food and wine were freely available, and flowers and other decorations were just right. Soothing music was playing. It could be seen that a lot of thought was put into it.

After coming in, Luo Kaifang, the host, lifted his wine glass and said to Lu Chong: “I heard the famous name of Lu Jiuye for a long time but I didn’t expect to see you with my own eyes. You’re really more impressive than the legend. I am here to represent the Haining people and say welcome to Lu Jiuye.”

Everyone hurriedly moved their minds away from the Luo family’s dispute and lifted their glasses in response, looking at Lu Chong with eagerness, in awe or curiously.

Lu Chong said lightly: “I came to Haining to do business. What Jiuye this, Jiuye that? Those who don’t know might think I’m doing something shady for a living. Old Mr. Luo is too polite.”

Luo Kaifang’s smile stagnated.

Someone laughed unkindly.

This was really an ass-kissing that went wrong. Luo Kaifang probably didn’t expect the other party to be so disrespectful that his first sentence would be a cold rejection.

And what about “old”? Luo Kaifang, who had always struggled to look younger, was openly called “Old Mr. Luo” on such an occasion and couldn’t refute it…

The people present were either wealthy businessmen or certain officials; this reception was attended by half of Haining’s notables, so why should Luo Kaifang be qualified to “represent” them?

Seeing Luo Kaifang deflated, many people were happy. They hurriedly took advantage of this opportunity to toast Lu Chong and ask him what business he was going to do in Haining.

A smile appeared at the corner of Lu Chong’s mouth: “I took a fancy to a piece of land. I want to build an amusement park.”

“……” The man who asked thought he was joking, but seized the topic to talk to Lu Chong enthusiastically.

In a moment, Lu Chong was surrounded and calmly coped with the flattery and compliments thrown at him by everyone.

Someone searched for the way to approach him and turned to look at Luo Wencheng, as if not recognising him: “By the way, who is this?”

The smile on Lu Chong’s face became real for a moment: “A young kid, following me around to learn.”

He turned his head and said to Luo Wencheng: “If you feel bored, go eat something. We’ll be able to leave in a while.”

Luo Wencheng glanced at him and smiled: “Okay.”

He got up and got a glass of juice, and immediately several young people came over and said, “Luo Wencheng, now that you’re doing so well, don’t forget your brothers.”

Another one said: “There was some misunderstanding between us before, don’t take it to heart.”

One more asked: “Do you live with Lu Jiuye now? What are Lu Jiuye’s developing plans?”

Another one: “When are you free to come out to have a couple of drinks together?”

Luo Wencheng scanned the faces around him, the blurred, unrecognisable faces of either his former  scoundrel friends or those who had bullied him in “Golden Glory”.

They were all irrelevant people.

He answered them perfunctorily to get rid of them and went outside. The servants of the Luo family he saw along the way treated him with trepidation.

He could still vaguely remember their indifference and mockery when his identity was revealed.

Luo Wencheng smiled indifferently and stood at the edge of the garden quietly looking at the precious flowers and fountains.

Even though the Luo family was having a hard time, its life had not been affected; they continued to live in luxury and pleasure day after day.

Luo Wencheng’s gaze wandered and he suddenly saw a man. He narrowed his eyes slightly. Was it him? Leisurely, he took a step over: “Enjoying the flowers?”

The young man who had been squatting there for a long time raised his head in surprise, pushed up his glasses and said with some embarrassment: “This kind of flower is rare. I didn’t expect to see it here, so I watched it for a while.”

“Do you want to draw it?” Luo Wencheng said with a smile.

“How do you know?”

“I saw you moving your fingers just now, as if tracing its outline.”

“Yes, I am an art student at Haining Academy of Arts.” The young man said.

Luo Wencheng’s eyes flashed slightly, and he said in surprise and joy: “Really? Then we’re probably going to be fellow students.”

“You are too?”

“I should be going to school next Monday. But I’m just a freshman. Should I call you Senior?”

The two started a conversation about school and arts.

The day and night of etiquette torture hadn’t been in vain. Luo Wencheng had already had a foundation, and his good manners and conversation skills he displayed at the moment made the young man called Zheng Chang feel very comfortable. Luo Wenchneg’s insights on painting surprised him, and the two talked without stopping until the elders of the Zheng family called out from the hall, and Zheng Chang left apologetically.

Luo Wencheng stared at his back for a couple moments. He originally thought he would have to go to school to see this young man; but to his surprise he had been exceptionally lucky.

Zheng Chang was not someone important, but his grandfather was the deputy mayor of Haining.

Zheng Zonghuai was about to retire, but he had only climbed to the level of deputy mayor. He had a lot of resentment in his heart and was eager to do something big so that he could move up one more step.

In his previous life, Zheng Zonghuai chose to cooperate with the Luo family after the Luo family indirectly hugged Lu Chong’s thigh. With the help of the Luo family, he finally rose to the position of mayor. This time, Zheng Zonghuai would probably love to have some explosive evidence of the Luo family’s tax evasion and even breaking the law.

He took a sip of orange juice slowly.

“Luo Wencheng, your tenacity is admirable. Climbing up Lu Jiuye is not enough, you want to hook up with a man whenever you see one.” There was a poisonous voice.

Luo Wencheng frowned, turned his head, and saw Luo Wenjun gritting his teeth.

“What are you talking about?” 

“I say you are shameless and cheap enough to be a man’s plaything!” Luo Wenjun walked closer and cursed in a low voice.

Luo Wencheng said with a serious expression: “If you are cheap yourself, don’t think everyone is like you. Mr. Lu and I are not in that kind of relationship.”

“Huh, sell your body and deny it?! Judging by your slutty ways, Lu Chong doesn’t satisfy you, does he? If he can’t satisfy you, you come out to eat on the sly?”

Luo Wencheng’s face suddenly turned cold: “Watch your mouth. Mr. Lu is a good person. He took me in because he sympathised with me and wanted to help me. It’s not something dirty as you think.”

He said it loud enough for others to hear and then whispered in Luo Wenjun’s ear: “Well, I don’t even have to pay with my body and he treats me so well. What about you? Even if you recommend yourself to his bed, he won’t look at you.”

Luo Wencheng knew very well how to touch Luo Wenjun’s sore spot. Sure enough, Luo Wenjun was almost out of his mind with anger when he heard this.

“You, you, quibble whatever you want! Now you hooked up with Lu Chong who knows how, and Father and Big Brother are ashamed of you!” As he said that, he waited triumphantly for Luo Wencheng to show a painful expression.

Luo Wencheng… smiled leisurely and stood up straight: “Is that so? But why did I hear just now that they cleaned up my room, oh no, they cleaned up your room, crying and begging for me to move back?”

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