Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 30

Lu Chong walked over, opened the fridge door and took a bottle of water.

The movement awakened Luo Wencheng.


Lu Chong unscrewed the mineral water bottle: “Still up so late?”

“I was about to go to bed, just waited for the milk.” Luo Wencheng took the milk out of the microwave oven. Seeing that Lu Chong was going to drink mineral water, he hesitated and said, “Sir, it’s not good to drink ice water so late. Would you like to drink milk together?”

Lu Chong was startled.

Luo Wencheng had already taken a cup and poured half of the milk in the glass, then handed the cup with both hands courteously and diligently: “This is better to drink, and it helps you sleep.”

Lu Chong didn’t move for a moment.

No one had ever dared to control his actions, even what he drank. The first emotion that appeared in his heart was a faint displeasure. However, seeing the young man’s sincere concern and a trace of nervousness in his eyes, Lu Chong knew that he only cared about him. 

Facing such eyes, he really couldn’t bear to get angry.

He took the cup, warm to the touch. There was cold mineral water in his left hand and warm milk in his right hand, the mellow scent of milk wafting over.

Luo Wencheng held his own cup in both hands, sipping milk little by little, his eyes secretly glancing at Lu Chong.

After his glances were noticed, he immediately drank the milk solemnly, washed the cup clean and then said, “Sir, I will go up first, you rest early too.”

After saying that, Luo Wencheng steadily went upstairs and quickly disappeared around the corner.

Lu Chong froze for a moment; was this because the young man was worried that he would be angry?

He shook the cup gently; the milky white liquid swirled under the lamp, and the scent of milk became stronger. The smell that he had never liked suddenly seemed to be quite pleasant.

The next day, Luo Wencheng studied with Teacher Chen all morning, and in the afternoon, the formal dress was delivered, and a special stylist also arrived.

Luo Wencheng’s hair was not very long, so it was just blown up by the stylist to create a wild and cool look, coated with thick hairspray and sprinkled with a layer of glitter. As if this was not enough, the stylist also painted him with thick eye makeup. At first glance, it looked like there were two dark circles under the eyes. Luo Wencheng opened his eyes and was startled by his own appearance: “This… It’s just a banquet, no need to exaggerate so much?”

“What do you mean, just a banquet? This is the first time Master will appear in Haining. As the only person who accompanies him, you can’t lose his face. You need to show your momentum!” The stylist retorted vigorously.

“But…” Luo Wencheng looked at himself in the mirror with mixed feelings, “This seems to be more like going to a nightclub, right?” If you go to a banquet like this, those people will laugh crazy.

“Nonsense, such an expensive and authoritative look, you can go to a royal dinner like this. Hurry up, make a domineering expression!”

“Domi… domineering?”

“You don’t know how to do that, do you?” The stylist rolled up his sleeves and went straight to work, “Chin up, eyes down, be defiant, be contemptuous, imagine you have a particularly annoying and noisy guy standing in front of you.”

Luo Wencheng was caught off guard. Looking at himself in the mirror, he confusedly adjusted his expression, “Like, like this?”

The young man in the mirror had all his hair cocked up exaggeratedly, revealing a smooth, full forehead. Although the eye makeup was extreme, it was actually well layered. The peach blossom eyes that were originally very beautiful suddenly acquired a bit of wildness. As he lowered his eyes slightly, the amber irises reflected the light, making them seem bottomless.

Suddenly, the image of a gentle, serious university student seemed to lift a veil, revealing the arrogance of an aristocrat, and the handsome features became sharper and brighter.

“Tsk tsk tsk.” The stylist touched his chin, “You look really good at first glance, but there is something missing. A little more indifference, a little more contempt in your eyes, no, something is wrong, oh yes, an ear diamond stud! Let’s pierce your ears.”

Luo Wencheng hurriedly covered his ears: “No!”

“Which one do you want? Do you like the red one or the blue one?”

“Zhou Shisan, are you too idle?” A calm voice sounded behind them.

The stylist froze and turned his head with an awkward smile: “Brother Jiu, why did you come down so early?”

It was only after four o’clock, and the banquet started at six o’clock. According to Lu Chong’s character, there was no way he would prepare for such a trivial matter in advance.

Standing on the stairs, Lu Chong glanced faintly at Luo Wencheng, who hastily got up from the chair, especially at his shiny hair and eye makeup. He said: “If I didn’t come down, a good person would be ruined by you.”

The stylist smiled: “Brother Jiu, this kid of yours is so interesting. He is very obedient and looks good. Haven’t my hands been itching lately?”

Luo Wencheng looked at this, then at that, blinked, and suddenly understood that he… seemed to have been fooled.

“You are not a stylist?”

“Of course not, please call me by my name, Soul Artist!”

Luo Wencheng lowered his head silently: “Sir, I’ll go wash my face.”

Lu Chong nodded: “Go ahead.”

“Hey, don’t, it’s so beautiful, I’ve been painting it for a long time.” The “stylist” jumped in, but Luo Wencheng left without paying attention, then came back after two steps and took the makeup remover.

Walking into the bathroom, Luo Wencheng looked at his exaggerated appearance in the mirror and smiled. Zhou Yishan, also known as Zhou Shisan (Thirteen), was one of Lu Chong’s confidants and even somewhat of a friend.

At this time, Zhou Yishan was still unknown to most people. It wasn’t until a few years later that he gradually emerged, and Luo Wencheng was fortunate enough to meet him once.

He recognised Zhou Yishan as soon as he arrived but pretended that he didn’t know anything, letting him work on his hair and face, because he knew that this man had the heart of a master stylist and when he saw someone good-looking, his hands itched to give the other party a new look, in a bad taste of sorts.

Lu Chong had many secret things that were done by Zhou Yishan. Zhou Yishan was also very well-informed and had a lot of tricks up his sleeve. If Liu Weizhi was someone on the bright side, Zhou Yishan was walking in the dark. It was important to make friends with such a person, or at least to leave a good impression on him.

Luo Wencheng quickly removed the makeup and washed his hair. When he went out, Lu Chong and Zhou Yishan were no longer in the room. The real stylist came and gave him a little haircut and not much else, and then asked him to change into formal attire.

The shape of the outfit was very simple; the royal blue suit of the slightly luminescent material, sparsely embellished with a pattern of tiny pink petals, a little amorous in their depth, with a row of radiant and delicate buttons on the cuffs and a good and proper cut that showed off Luo Wencheng’s figure. His shoulders were not particularly wide, but his whole figure was almost perfectly proportioned, his waist slim and trim, his legs long and straight. 

He walked out; in the yard Lu Chong and Zhou Yishan were talking about something. Turning to look at him, Zhou Yishan whistled: “Not bad.”

Lu Chong said, “Let’s go.”

Luo Wencheng’s eyes widened slightly; just like that?

Lu Chong didn’t change his clothes. He still wore a white shirt like at home. Even though he put on the black suit coat sent by Uncle Ding, he never tied a tie. Well, with his figure and appearance, even if he put on a sack, he would still look noble and extraordinarily elegant. There was no need to dress up at all.

Compared with him, Luo Wencheng felt that he was making a mountain out of a molehill, and he felt strangely embarrassed.

Lu Chong seemed to know what he was thinking and suddenly said as he was getting into the car, “You look good like this.”

Luo Wencheng’s face flushed. He obediently sat next to Lu Chong, while Zhou Yishan, who was sitting opposite, looked at him and then at Lu Chong, raised his eyebrows and showed a meaningful smile.

Half an hour later, the car stopped in front of the Luo family’s villa. At this moment, the lights were already on and the guests already gathered, but Luo Kaifang and Luo Wenhao who had received the news still left all the guests behind and rushed to the gate to wait.

“Mr. Lu, I have heard so much about you for a long time.” Luo Kaifang’s face was full of smiles, as if the person who came to the door was a close friend he hadn’t seen for many years. However, when his gaze fell on Luo Wencheng, who was half a step behind, he stiffened and a touch of disgust flashed in his eyes. Then he smiled and said, “Ah Cheng is here. Your elder brother called you a few times but you refused to come home. Your room was cleaned up for you a long time ago. Go and see if you’re dissatisfied with something.”

Luo Wencheng twisted his fingers, glanced at Lu Chong first, then smiled politely but coldly at Luo Kaifang and said, “Mr. Luo has taken the trouble.”

Not a word more was said.

Luo Kaifang’s face darkened slightly.

Luo Wenhao beside him looked at Luo Wencheng’s outfit. His eyes lit up and then also darkened: “Ah Cheng, we brothers haven’t talked for a long time. We must have a good drink today.”

He took a step forward trying to put his arm around Luo Wencheng’s shoulders, in a gesture particularly suitable for brothers.

However, a big, slender hand was placed on Luo Wencheng’s shoulder a heartbeat earlier. Lu Chong turned his head to Luo Wencheng and said, “Let’s go in.”

There were low gasps from the surrounding guests.

They had heard that the former second prince of the Luo family, the fake one, had somehow gotten lucky with Lu Jiuye after he was released from prison, but many of them didn’t believe it. They didn’t expect it to be true. 

The way they looked at Luo Wencheng changed immediately. Those who had bullied him in “Golden Glory” went pale in horror and quietly ducked back, while many more looked like they were watching a good show – the Luo family had broken off their relationship with Luo Wencheng, announcing it in the newspapers, and even kicked him out after he was released from prison, only for him to turn around and get a golden backer. The Luo family now regretted and repented, right?

See, now they wanted to be nice but their kindness was not accepted.

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  1. I’ve yet to learn how our mc plans to destroy the Luo family.
    But seriously.
    With how they treats mc, it’s amazing how they thought mc will reconcile with then.

  2. Hmm, after reading so far I have a theory that MC and ML met when they were younger and raised/rescued a cat together (lil cutie Ribs~). Something happened that cause ML to not remember the face and we don’t know whether MC remembers anything about this just yet. Maybe the reason ML gives support to teenagers is because he thinks MC could be one of them 🤔 since he doesn’t remember much

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