Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 27

Luo Wenjun, left hanging in the living room, looked at Luo Wenhao at a loss, stunned. He had already apologised, what now?

He bit his lower lip with a look of helplessness and humiliation, and glanced at Lu Chong, but Lu Chong continued to drink coffee quietly, not even looking at him.

Luo Wenjun was a little disappointed.

Luo Wenhao simply wanted to rip off this idiot’s head: “Why don’t you follow and apologise?”

“Big Brother…” He had apologised, did he want him to apologise again? Wasn’t this too much?

Lu Chong finally put down the cup, picked up a napkin and wiped the corners of his mouth: “Mr. Luo said that there was business to discuss?”

“Yes, yes!” Luo Wenhao said hurriedly.

Luo Wenjun also said, “Yes, let’s get to the point, why don’t we go to the study to talk?” Lu Chong was coming to his help, right? Did it mean that…

Lu Chong got up and walked out of the living room. Luo Wenjun thought that his suggestion had been accepted and was very excited. He was just about to follow, but he didn’t expect an arm to stretch out to stop him.

Uncle Ding, the butler, had a standard smile on his face: “When Master talks about business, he doesn’t like the presence of unrelated people.”

“This… me…”

Luo Wenhao turned his head: “Go out and wait.” Couldn’t this idiot see that Lu Chong was not only not interested in him, but even didn’t want to look at him?

After speaking, he hurriedly followed Lu Chong, while Luo Wenjun was driven out. Luo Wenjun couldn’t believe it. He felt suffocating but he didn’t dare to vent. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Luo Wencheng had said something in front of Lu Chong. He looked around and didn’t see Luo Wencheng, so he decided to find him and ask clearly.

However, after only a few steps, a man appeared out of nowhere and looked at him unkindly: “Guest, please don’t walk around at will. Wait in the reception room prepared for you.”

“The… the scenery here is so beautiful, I just wanted to take a look.”

“This is not a park.” The man said coldly. Although he didn’t show any other expressions, Luo Wenjun felt that he was mocking him. Ashamed, he could only go back and wait in a daze.

Before long, Luo Wenhao also came out, his face grim.

Luo Wenjun’s heart thumped when he saw this. He asked cautiously, “Big Brother, how did your talks go? Did Lu Jiuye promise to release our ships?” He added indignantly, “It’s all because Second Brother refused to speak for us, holding a grudge about the past!”

Luo Wenhao turned his head and looked at him: “Do you really not know who is to blame that the things can’t be discussed?”

Luo Wenjun was shocked: “Big Brother, I was really angry that Second Brother was rude to you just now, so I couldn’t help but scold him, and I have already apologised…”

“So it’s actually my fault?” Luo Wenhao smiled, but his eyes were cold, “Do you know that Ah Cheng was almost killed by you?”


“You have also long known that that bar belongs to Lu Chong.”

“Big Brother?”

“Lu Chong said that he had reservations about the integrity and ability of the Luo family that had brought up such a dark-minded and smarmy person.”

Luo Wenjun was struck by lightning.

Luo Wenhao glanced at him without a trace of emotion, turned and got into the car, ordering the driver to move.

Luo Wenjun was left where he was, sprayed with a faceful of car exhaust.


Luo Wencheng didn’t know what was happening after he left. He played with the cat for a while and when he went back, Luo Wenhao had already left.

He was surprised: “He left so soon, didn’t he want to talk to you about cooperation, sir?”

“That depends on whether I am willing to talk to him or not.” Lu Chong looked at him intently, “Were you upset just now?”

“No, no!” Luo Wencheng said hurriedly, “Sir, you protected me and supported me. I, I was very touched.”

So those rabbit-red eyes just now were because of him?

Lu Chong chuckled.

He said, “It’s good that you don’t mind me meddling.”

“How could I! I wanted to retaliate against them for a long time, but I didn’t have a chance and I didn’t dare. Just now, both of them were about to explode in anger but they had to pretend that nothing was wrong. I, I feel very happy.”

Lu Chong nodded secretly. As soon as Luo Wencheng was released from prison, he ran to the Luo family and begged to be taken in. He thought the young man was still attached to the Luo family.

Luo Wencheng continued: “I used to be stupid. I couldn’t let go, couldn’t bear it. But I have died once. All I know now is that I would be dead without you, sir. Compared to the Luo family, you’re the one who is good to me, sir.”

Lu Chong’s heart jumped a little; he said, “It’s a good thing to let go of the Luo family. They are just a small player. You are the one I protect now. You don’t need to be afraid of them, and you don’t need to take them seriously. In the future when I am around, you can scold them whatever way you want… but in front of other people, you just need to ignore them.“

Luo Wencheng nodded obediently, “I know, I don’t want to deal with them anymore.”

The way he nodded obediently was like a primary school student who listened to a lesson carefully. It made one want to touch his head. Lu Chong coughed softly and couldn’t help but say more gently, “I’m afraid it won’t be easy. If you don’t go to them, they will still come to you. Just remember, fighting in front of others will only make you lose your face. Learn to hide your emotions in front of others, whether you are happy or angry. If you are seen through, you will be at a disadvantage.”

Luo Wencheng thought for a while: “I understand. Thank you for teaching me, sir.”

Lu Chong said, “Do you have any plans for the future?”

Luo Wencheng was taken aback for a moment; his mind worked quickly, but his mouth blurted out: “I want to stay with you all the time, sir!”

Lu Chong smiled: “I mean, you are still young, do you want to continue studying?”

Luo Wencheng lowered his eyes and pondered. It was probably not a good thing to be Lu Chong’s little tail every day; fragrant from afar was stinky from near. As long as he could be sure that he wouldn’t be driven away, it was better to stay away appropriately, and he also needed some time alone.

He hesitated and said, “I want to continue studying. My grades were not good back then and I’m sure I’m even worse now.” He raised his eyes and looked at Lu Chong, “If it’s a university…”

The expectation in this little look couldn’t be hidden. Lu Chong smiled: “Of course it’s going to be a university. Do you want to take the entrance exam?”

Luo Wencheng smiled a little shyly, “Can I really go to university? My basic subjects are really poor. If I go to university, I must go through the back door.”

“You just say which university and which major.”

“It doesn’t matter which university, just not too far. As for the major…” Luo Wencheng said, “I would like to draw.”

Lu Chong nodded; his drawings were indeed very spiritual.

“There are several universities in the capital that specialise in arts.”

Luo Wencheng asked: “Are you going back to Beijing soon, sir?”

“No, I won’t be leaving in a year or two.”

“Then I don’t want to go to the capital either. The Haining Academy of Arts is also very good. It ranks in the top five art universities in the country, and the Fine Arts Department is very strong.”

You know it so well?

Lu Chong said, “Good, I’ll send someone to find out.”


The Luo family.

Luo Kaifang and Luo Wenhao sat opposite each other for a long time without saying anything, and finally Luo Wenhao couldn’t help but exclaim: “Father, just make a decision.”

Luo Kaifang narrowed his eyes and put both his hands on his cane: “What do you think should be done?”

“Accept Luo Wencheng back.”

Luo Kaifang was silent. When he thought of Luo Wencheng, he was reminded of how he had been deceived by a woman, the woman who had died more than ten years ago.

Raising someone else’s son for eighteen years and being tricked by a woman was a disgrace! There were still people talking about this matter, especially after Luo Wencheng was released from prison.

Luo Kaifang wished that this person had never existed and even planned to get rid of him.

“Huh, your good brother, he’s really using all his tricks to get back to the Luo family. He’s forcing me!”

Luo Wenhao frowned, remembering the way Luo Wencheng looked at him in Lu Chong’s house. He had a feeling that this matter was not so simple.

“Okay, if he wants to come back so much, let him come back!”

“Then I will immediately ask someone to clean up Luo Wenjun’s room.”

“Why do you want to move Xiao Jun?” Luo Kaifang disagreed.

Luo Wenhao said indifferently: “The room he lives in now originally belonged to Wencheng.”

“No, I don’t agree. There are so many rooms in the house, just find one for that bastard.”

“Father.” Luo Wenhao closed his eyes and said solemnly, “Since you decided to accept him back, why bother with such a trivial matter? Lu Chong values him very much now.”

The words “values him very much” were emphasised.

Luo Kaifang’s cheeks shook with anger, and he knocked his cane on the floor: “Fine, fine! It’s the world of the young people now, I can’t control it anymore!” As he said that, he left in anger. Although he grumbled, he actually gave in and agreed.

Luo Wenhao sighed and called the housekeeper: “Auntie Zhang, clean up the room.”

“But what about Ershao… Oh no, it’ll be Sanshao (Third Young Master)?”

“Find him another room.”


Luo Wenjun hid at the entrance of the stairs, crept back to his room, picked up the pillow and smashed it desperately on the bed like crazy.

Luo Wencheng was coming back!

So what was he doing all these years?

He had already ruined Luo Wencheng, why, why would this happen again! Things were back to square one, no, not square one, this time Luo Wencheng had the upper hand, just because he caught Lu Chong!

And, and he knew Luo Wencheng had set him up back then! Thinking about the look in Luo Wencheng’s eyes when he beat him up that night, Luo Wenjun couldn’t help but feel a little chill down his back.

What would he do, what would he do when he came back?

Looking at the room full of his things, he wanted to smash them all up, tear down the room and burn it down. He couldn’t let Luo Wencheng have it, he didn’t deserve it!

But he could do nothing. Hearing the knock on the door and Auntie Zhang’s call, he let out a long sigh. He had to rearrange the messy bed, smoothen his distorted face in front of the mirror and put on a well-behaved and somewhat aggrieved smile. Then he opened the door.

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    1. It’s so sad, he dreamed of being accepted back in the previous life, still hoping that his father and elder brother cared for him. And now… hehe, a big surprise for them 😅😅

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