Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 26

“Is it appropriate for me to entertain your guests, sir?” Luo Wencheng was surprised.

“There is nothing inappropriate about it.” Lu Chong said, “It happens to be someone you know as well.”

The person who visited Lu Chong was also someone he knew, and Lu Chong made a point mentioning it.

“Could it be… could it be Luo Wenhao?”

Lu Chong was a little surprised: “Why did you think of Luo Wenhao at once?”

“Guessed.” Luo Wencheng lowered his eyes and slowly petted the cat. “The biggest and most well-informed family in Haining now is the Luo family. The first person to visit you, sir, is probably one of them. You also said that it is someone I know, sir, so I could only think of the Luo family.”

“Then why must it be Luo Wenhao?” Lu Chong asked.

“My dad…” Luo Wencheng paused, “Luo Kaifang is the head of the family after all, and he is proud of his status. He wouldn’t condescend to running over in such a hurry. It is most appropriate for his eldest son to visit.”

Lu Chong smiled: “How did you end up with a reputation as a straw bag while being like this?”

Luo Wencheng was a little embarrassed: “This is just very simple logic, everyone can think of it.”

Yes, everyone can think of it, but it took him such a short time and his tone was flat and affirmative; obviously he was convinced of his guess.

Confident; Lu Chong added another trait to his perception of Luo Wencheng. 

Lu Chong couldn’t help but wonder if the child in front of him and the uneducated, impulsive and irascible Luo Wencheng described in the investigation file were the same person.

The Luo family was really toxic.

Luo Wencheng said hesitantly: “Sir, can I not see him?”


Luo Wencheng moved his lips, his eyes flashed slightly, but he couldn’t say anything.

There were too many reasons, but in a nutshell, he didn’t want to see any of them. The experience of being abandoned and thrown out was too painful and embarrassing, and he didn’t want to face it again.

But it would be too cowardly to say it out loud.

At this moment, the butler came in: “Sir, the two young masters of the Luo family are here.”

“Two?” Lu Chong raised his eyebrows slightly, saw Luo Wencheng’s body stiffen and said, “Let them in.”

Luo Wenhao was dressed very formally, with a respectful and humble smile on his face, and his always straight figure was slightly bent to show respect.

When he came in, he said apologetically: “Jiuye is still eating, we are early. Jiuye, take your time, we will wait…”

As he said that, he glanced at the person sitting across the table, interested to see who could be here at this time, sharing a meal with Lu Jiuye. He didn’t hear that Lu Chong came to Haining with a little lover in tow, ah.

Not to mention Luo Wenhao, Luo Wenjun, who followed in obediently behind him, caught sight of another figure and his heart sank and then flooded with acidity. There was someone beside Lu Jiuye? Wasn’t he here to recuperate from his injuries?

However, there had never been a shortage of people around Lu Jiuye, and whoever could stay long enough depended on their ability.

Although Luo Wenjun was not happy with his height, he was quite confident in his appearance. He knew that powerful men liked his style, not to mention the fact that he fit Lu Jiuye’s tastes perfectly. 

The two brothers with their own thoughts looked at Luo Wencheng at the same time, and recognised him at the same time.

Luo Wenhao’s heart sank suddenly, and Luo Wenjun, whose self-control was a little worse, shouted, “Luo Wencheng?!”

Luo Wencheng, who was sitting at the table and feeding the cat, slowly raised his head. He didn’t give Luo Wenjun half a look but just glanced at Luo Wenhao. The expression in his eyes became complicated for a moment, then he looked away and continued to play with the cat, as if he didn’t know this person at all.

He was also wearing a white shirt, slightly more complicated than Lu Chong’s. The white shirt on Lu Chong was noble and elegant, but on Luo Wencheng it was clean and fresh. His pale pink lips were slightly pursed, showing a sense of alienation and stubbornness, but also making him full of vitality.

Compared to Luo Wenjun who was more jealous than shocked, Luo Wenhao was more shocked. The last time he saw Luo Wencheng was when he had just been released from prison. At that time, he was completely different from the delicate and fresh young man in front of him.

No wonder he couldn’t be found anywhere! It turned out he had a backer!

Luo Wenhao was extremely angry in his heart, and his face became gloomy. Fortunately, he still remembered where he was. He glared at Luo Wenjun to stop his uncouth scream and smiled slightly at Luo Wencheng with a hint of surprise, just like a kind elder brother meeting his younger brother who hadn’t been seen for a long time.

“Ah Cheng, what are you doing here? I was so angry when I heard that Wenjun had gone to mess with you. But when I went to the bar to find you, they said you had quit. I was very worried about you.”

I was very worried about you.

This sentence was very sincere, full of concern and relief, and there was a bit of complaint in Luo Wenhao’s tone, as if he was complaining that Luo Wencheng hadn’t gone to him when something happened. The image of a kind and conscientious elder brother was portrayed to perfection.

Luo Wencheng thought mockingly: the Luo family really consisted of actors. In this way, he was also quite like the Luo family; otherwise how could he be so neat when he played his role in front of Lu Chong?

He couldn’t help but look at Lu Chong across the table.

Lu Chong mistakenly thought he was asking for help, and nodded slightly to him with gentle encouragement in his eyes.

Luo Wencheng’s eyes widened a little, and he suddenly understood why Lu Chong told him to stay.

Was this… to let him deal with Luo Wenhao?

Luo Wenhao watched the two of them exchanging glances in front of him, and his anger became more intense. Then, before he could say anything, Luo Wencheng looked at him and said formally: “Thank you for your concern, Mr. Luo. Your brother went to my place of work to make a scene. It is excusable, it’s just been a few years since he returned to the Luo family. He can’t be held accountable if he didn’t receive the proper upbringing. It’s just that Mr. Luo still needs to discipline him well. Bringing him here to see Mr. Lu, is it for business or personal matters, and isn’t it inappropriate if it’s for business?”

Luo Wenhao’s face changed, as if he had been punched.

How dare he talk to him like this, not even giving him face in front of Lu Chong!

Luo Wenjun, on the other hand, was incredulous and then exploded in anger. This bastard had actually scolded him for not having proper upbringing!

He couldn’t help but sneer, “Second Brother is very sharp-tongued now. Oh, I forgot, Second Brother has always been like this. Before he went to prison, he used to get in a lot of trouble and fought a lot. Daddy was so angry that he was hospitalised. Now Second Brother even disrespects Big Brother. I said that you put me in a sack and beat me up, but Big Brother still spoke for you.”

He emphasised the word “prison”, as if underlining it, so that Lu Chong could be disgusted with Luo Wencheng.

In Luo Wenjun’s opinion, no matter how spicy a man’s tastes were, he would never look at someone who had been in prison. Who knew what happened in places like that; one could look innocent on the surface and be dirty long ago on the inside.

Lu Jiuye still kept Luo Wencheng around, he probably didn’t know that he had been in prison.

After being in prison he also picked up a bad habit of beating up his younger brother and disrespecting his elder brother…

Luo Wenjun was racking his brains to represent Luo Wencheng in a certain way. Unexpectedly, Luo Wencheng was not alarmed; he raised his eyes, glanced at him coldly and said: “Luo Wenjun, it seems that that beating didn’t scare you enough.”

The big cat on his lap also glared, made an offensive posture and showed sharp teeth: “Meow!”

Luo Wenjun took a step back in fright.

What a fierce cat!

Lu Chong’s face darkened as he finally said, “If the two of you come here just to scold my guest, forgive me for not entertaining you. Uncle Ding…”

The butler appeared, ready to send them away.

Luo Wenhao said hurriedly: “Mr. Lu, apart from paying a visit, I still would like to talk to you about cooperation. I heard that you want to start a big project in Haining.”

Lu Chong’s gaze was indifferent: “Are you threatening me in your capacity as the richest family in Haining?”

Luo Wenhao felt goosebumps, bowed and said, “No, no, who is Lu Jiuye and who are we? Who would dare to threaten you? What I mean is that the Luo family is willing to go all out to help you with this project, as a compensation for the two ships mistakenly straying into your territory.”

Lu Chong picked up the coffee and took a sip, “The Luo family is willing to help? Apart from your Luo family, there are many people in Haining who can ‘help’ me, but they wouldn’t dare to point fingers at my guests.”

Luo Wenhao’s heart tightened, and he scolded Luo Wenjun: “Apologise to Ah Cheng!”

“Big Brother!” Luo Wenjun’s eyes widened.

“Apologise immediately!” Luo Wenhao’s eyes were menacing.

Luo Wenjun shivered, gritted his teeth and said to Luo Wencheng unwillingly and resentfully: “I’m sorry.”

From the previous life to the present, it was the first time one of the Luo family apologised to him, even if reluctantly.

Luo Wencheng was almost in a daze.

His goal of rebirth, the thing he thought he would have to spend a year carefully planning to achieve, had just been accomplished in one small step.

He looked at Lu Chong; it was because of this man, because he backed him up.

“What’s the matter?” Lu Chong asked softly.

Luo Wencheng’s eyes were red.

He lowered his head: “Sir, I’m full, so I’ll leave first.”

“Go ahead,” Lu Chong said gently.

Luo Wencheng walked all the way to the garden holding Ribs before suddenly stopping and covering his heart with one hand, feeling the faint throbbing there.

“Ah ah ah, Ribs!” He pressed his face to the cat’s belly, muffling his voice.

“Meow? Meow meow meow?” Ribs froze for a while, then thought he was playing with her and happily pedalled with all her four paws.

Luo Wencheng was excited for a while and then calmed down, savouring the aftertaste of the scene just now.

Luo Wenhao’s gloom and forbearance, Luo Wenjun’s jealousy and fear, his distorted face when he apologised, really, it was… He could eat an extra bowl of rice today.

Of course, this was not enough; the Luo family, they were far from even being called bruised.

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