Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 25

“Still can’t find anyone? Damn it, are your men useful at all?” In the Luo family’s house, Luo Wenjun growled into the phone in a low voice. Then the person on the other side of the phone said something, and Luo Wenjun’s expression froze. He forced a smile, “Sorry, Brother Kun, I, I didn’t mean it like that, I didn’t mean to say anything against you…”

Before he finished speaking, the call was unilaterally hung up by the other side.

Luo Wenjun was so angry that he wanted to smash his mobile phone on the floor, but in the end he held back and threw it on the bed.

He turned his head and saw himself in the dressing mirror, with a hideous expression and fierce eyes, not at all like an elegant and calm gentleman from a luxurious family.

Damn it, he wasn’t supposed to look like this! He was already the young master of the Luo family and had been back for over three years. If Luo Wenhao hadn’t refused to acknowledge him and take him to important occasions, making his position awkward, he wouldn’t still have to stoop to Jin Kun’s level.

Just a lowly thug…

It was unbelievable he still needed to suck up to him and rely on his help.

“The eldest young master is back.” Luo Wenhao’s car drove into the yard. Luo Wenjun came to the window and looked at the man who got out of the car. His fists clenched. He came back bruised and battered that night and said that Luo Wencheng attacked him. No one believed it. No, Luo Wenhao believed it, but what did he say?

“I told you a long time ago, don’t provoke Ah Cheng. He has been spoiled by me since he was little and has a temper so strong that even I can’t handle it when he’s pissed off.” A trace of helplessness and indulgence flashed in Luo Wenhao’s eyes, but the way he looked at Luo Wenjun was like looking at a poorly performing clown, “Because of the blood flowing on your veins, I allowed you to return to the Luo family, but since you define your role as a good boy, just keep on being a good boy. Don’t play smile-in-your-face, knife-in-your-back games if you don’t have the ability. Do you know what rumours your ugly scandal in ‘Golden Glory’ caused?”

Luo Wenhao’s gaze suddenly sharpened as he said in disgust: “Also, don’t ever let me find out that you went to Ah Cheng again. He is mine, and you are not qualified to bully him.”

Luo Wenjun reluctantly watched Luo Wenhao walk through the door. Obviously, I am your younger brother. Why do you never have me in your eyes?

Do I have to show my value before you can look at me differently?

But all his plans to approach Lu Jiuye were ruined by Luo Wencheng. These days, he didn’t dare to go out; he could imagine what those people would say about him becoming a laughing stock.

Luo Wenjun gritted his teeth, sorted out his expression and went downstairs with a smile. In the living room below, Luo Wenhao was talking to Luo Kaifang: “…The gift is ready, and I will visit in a while. This time I will go first and explore Lu Chong’s attitude.”

Luo Wenjun took two quick steps: “Big Brother, did you find out anything about Lu Jiuye?”

When Luo Wenhao saw Luo Wenjun, a faint trace of disgust flashed in his eyes, but because Luo Kaifang was there, he gave a vague “en”.

Luo Kaifang was in a good mood and explained to his second son: “Someone saw him go in and out of the central hospital yesterday. If he didn’t want anyone to know his whereabouts, no one would know, so this is a sign that he intends to reveal his whereabouts to others. And this is a sign that he is ready to meet guests.”

Luo Wenjun ran to Luo Kaifang’s side and hugged his arm: “Daddy, let me go with Big Brother too.”

Luo Wenhao sneered: “What are you going to do, aren’t you ashamed of yourself enough yet?”

Luo Wenjun bit his lip and his eyes immediately reddened: “Big Brother, I really drank too much that night. If it weren’t for Second Brother stabbing me with his words, I wouldn’t say those things. This time I promise I will behave myself.”

What rich second generation didn’t get drunk and didn’t go crazy? It was already good Luo Wenjun just said a few foul words; but he was usually too well-behaved, so the contrast was too great.

Luo Kaifang agreed and said, “Yes, if it weren’t for that bastard’s provocation, how could Xiao Jun lose his temper? Well, it’s just a trivial matter. It’s good for Xiao Jun to go with you. He’ll be able to adjust the atmosphere and maybe Lu Chong will be more polite.” He patted Luo Wenjun’s hand and said meaningfully, “Be good.”

Luo Wenhao wanted to say that Luo Wenjun was useless and couldn’t do anything, but seeing Luo Wenjun’s delicate girlish face and his smug expression, he swallowed his words. Lu Chong’s tastes were not a secret. If Luo Wenjun could get him interested, it wasn’t a bad thing. If not, it would just kill Luo Wenjun’s arrogance and save him from thinking that the world had to revolve around him.

Luo Wenjun breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, they didn’t know that “Golden Glory” was Lu Jiuye’s property, otherwise they wouldn’t let him follow. But even if he made an ugly scene in “Golden Glory”, so what? He didn’t do anything excessive. Luo Wencheng robbed him of his identity first, didn’t he have the right to vent his grievances after everything he had suffered?


Luo Wencheng opened the window. The sun was shining and the breeze was cool and fresh. It was a beautiful day!

He saw his face on the glass window. The pain in his body from last night still seemed to be there. Once he thought of it, his soul trembled; but his spirit and complexion were so good that he looked invulnerable from the outside.

Luo Wencheng smiled at himself. This was very good. All the truth was packaged and hidden, and what was displayed in front of people was a perfect image worthy of liking and pleasant to see.

He opened the door and went downstairs. Lu Chong was sitting at the dining table, holding a piece of dried fish in front of the cat. He was wearing a simple white shirt. His expression was gentle, his whole image refined and elegant. His delicate collarbones were slightly visible in the open collar. It was hard to imagine that a man with such a deep and cold face could have such beautiful collarbones.

Luo Wencheng glanced and turned his eyes away. This man seemed not to be afraid of the cold; it had been quite a while since autumn.

Seeing Luo Wencheng come down, the big cat with a black and yellow back and a white belly immediately jumped off Lu Chong’s lap and ran to Luo Wencheng, meowing.

Luo Wencheng smiled and bent over to pick up the cat: “Good morning, Ribs.”

“Meow!” The big cat rubbed against his chest coquettishly, very affectionate.

“Good morning, sir.” Luo Wencheng greeted Lu Chong.

Lu Chong nodded and looked at him: “Looks like you slept well.”

“That’s right.” No, he didn’t sleep well at all. He didn’t sleep for the first half of the night, and then after half an hour of pain, he took a shower and tidied up the bathroom. In order not to reveal anything, he had to clean up all the traces in the room and wash the soiled clothes. It was two o’clock when he was done.

Because there was a “punishment time” every night, Luo Wencheng could never get a full night’s sleep, but it was also because of this “punishment” that he could “detoxify his body and nourish his beauty” every night and remain in his best condition. Day after day, he was always full of energy, healthy and strong; but his soul was gradually getting tired.

“Sit down and eat. By the way, what are your plans for later?” Lu Chong reached out and served him a bowl of porridge. Luo Wencheng took a look. It was a very simple porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat, but it was very fragrant. It was definitely a chef’s work.

“Plans? None.”

“That’s good, there will be a guest coming later, you can help me entertain him.”

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    1. Absolutely!!! I’m not sure if it’s sexual (I mean if Wenhao admits it to himself) or plain possessiveness, but there is something very sick about it.

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