Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 23

Previously, Luo Wencheng was so far away that he didn’t see that Lu Chong himself was driving. It wasn’t until he got in the car that he realised there was no driver.

He sat in the passenger seat and suddenly felt a little uneasy: “Mr. Lu, why don’t I drive?”

Lu Chong glanced at him, “Fasten your seat belt. Do you have a driver’s licence?”

Luo Wencheng: “…no.” He was not yet an adult before he was imprisoned, and although he was a very good driver, he had not yet obtained his driving licence.

But he never expected that the dignified Lu Jiuye would actually drive by himself, and he was driving such an unimpressive Audi. If he didn’t know his identity, he would probably think it was an ordinary white-collar worker.

Luo Wencheng couldn’t help being surprised.

“Don’t worry, my driving skills are good, and I won’t put your life in danger.” Lu Chong turned his head and said to Luo Wencheng as he drove the car out of the hospital area along the driveway and waited at the gate to pass.

His smile was calm and easy-going. Dumbfounded, Luo Wencheng whispered, “I’m not worried, I just didn’t expect someone with your status…”

After paying the parking fee, Lu Chong stepped on the gas, turned the steering wheel and drove to the road. While looking at the road conditions, he asked, “What status, what did Lao Liu tell you?”

“It’s not what the manager said,” Luo Wencheng said hurriedly. “Although I didn’t care about these things before… I still heard Lu Jiuye’s name.”

Lu Chong raised his eyebrows: “Then you haven’t been scared away yet?” He also knew that he had a bad reputation.

Luo Wencheng took a closer look at his face and found that he was not angry. He smiled and said, “I also have my own judgement. You are not the same as the rumours.”

Lu Chong smiled and didn’t answer. The car drove to the outskirts. Luo Wencheng carefully observed and found that several cars followed them neither far nor near. It should be Lu Chong’s people. Sure enough, if Lu Chong went out, how could he not be followed by some bodyguards?

Half an hour later, they stopped outside a villa, and Lu Chong got out of the car: “Here we are.”

Luo Wencheng was a bit surprised. He thought Lu Chong would arrange him in an apartment or something. This villa had three floors and was so chic that it would be too much to use it as a golden house for a lover. It looked like Lu Chong’s own place.

The driver who greeted Lu Chong inside confirmed Luo Wencheng’s suspicions. He said, “Sir is back” and nodded to Luo Wencheng with a smile, “Mr. Luo’s room is ready.”

There was no disdain in the man’s eyes, his tone was as if Lu Chong had brought a relative or friend to stay with him, and Luo Wencheng felt more and more strange. Although he didn’t want to always think of himself in a lowly way, he did position himself by Lu Chong’s side in a way that was not honourable and worthy of respect. 

He followed Lu Chong into the hall, changed his shoes at the entrance and walked through the spacious, bright and simple living room towards the stairs. Lu Chong said, “Your room is on the second floor. There is a swimming pool and a small garden on the third floor. If you have nothing to do, you can go up and play. I don’t have any arrangements for the recreation room. If you want, I’ll ask someone…” He said, looking up and down at Luo Wencheng, “Forget it, what you should go to now is the gym. Look at your thin arms and legs. Have you ever worked out?”

Luo Wencheng shook his head and asked in a daze: “I, will I live here in the future?”

“Otherwise? Do you have a place to go?” Lu Chong seemed to take it for granted.

“Then, where do you live, sir?”

“My room is at the end of the corridor, several rooms away from yours, but I don’t come back every day.” Lu Chong seemed to see Luo Wencheng’s inner worries, patted him on the head, and said soothingly, “Don’t worry, I won’t attack you in the middle of the night. I know that the rumours about me are not very good. If you are still afraid, I will arrange another place for you to live.”

Luo Wencheng shook his head, his heart beating hard. What Lu Chong meant seemed to be different from what he had always thought. He hesitated for a moment and raised his eyes to look at Lu Chong: “Sir, why are you so kind to me?”

The young man’s eyes were dark and bright, hiding a trace of anxiety. Lu Chong smiled: “Didn’t you say you’re my little brother who was lost?”

Luo Wencheng’s face flushed suddenly. Lu Chong turned and took him upstairs. At this moment, they heard a long, sharp cry of a cat. Luo Wencheng only saw a flash of black shadow in front of him, accompanied by Lu Chong’s soft exclamation: “Ribs!”

The next moment, a fluffy, warm, super fleshy thing jumped up and stuck to Luo Wencheng’s face, covering his whole face and even his neck tightly, two paws clinging to his hair.

Luo Wencheng let out a low cry of surprise and got a mouthful of hair. His whole body was thrown back by the considerable force of the impact.

You know, he was on the stairs.

A powerful hand immediately supported him, catching him into a firm embrace. Luo Wencheng felt Lu Chong hold him and help him take a step forward until he could stand steadily. In a panic, he grabbed Lu Chong’s clothes with one hand and grabbed something on his face with the other, feeling a handful of fur.

What was it?  A cat? He didn’t dare to push hard, the cat’s four paws were clutching him tightly.

“Meow! Meow meow meow!” The big, fat cat was grinding on his face, scratching him with its claws, so excited that Luo Wencheng’s hair was about to be pulled out by it. He felt almost strangled by the heavy body clinging to his neck.

A big hand grabbed the fur on the back of the big cat’s neck and picked it up. Lu Chong calmly looked at the big cat: “Ribs, you are too rude.”

“Meow! Meow!” This fat cat called Ribs, with black, yellow and white fur, looked a bit ugly. Waving its four short legs, it struggled to pounce on Luo Wencheng, revealing a snow-white fat belly that looked funny and cute. But it was too big, and when it was picked up by its nape, its fleshy belly was hanging down like a big lump, the sight that made people feel a bit panicky.

This girl’s attack power was not weak at first glance.

Luo Wencheng wanted to laugh a little, and then tentatively touched his face, hissing in pain. It hurt a bit. Was he scratched by this fat cat?

When Lu Chong noticed it, he didn’t even care to lecture the cat and pulled his face over for a closer look. There were a few scratches on Luo Wencheng’s cheeks and forehead, basically just red stripes, with only one oozing blood, particularly dazzling on the jade-like smooth and delicate skin.

Lu Chong suddenly became a little angry, suppressed his anger and said, “I’m sorry. Ribs didn’t scratch people like this before. But she is very healthy and you won’t get infected. Just in case, I’ll disinfect the scratches first and then take you to the hospital for an injection.”

Although he was angry with the cat, he still bent down and put the cat on the ground instead of just throwing her, with the gentleness accumulated over the years in his movements.

Lu Chong took Luo Wencheng back downstairs and asked someone to bring the medicine box with the intention to disinfect Luo Wencheng’s scratches personally.

Luo Wencheng hurriedly said, “I’ll do it myself. Is there a mirror?”

But Lu Chong didn’t allow him to resist, so he sat down and had his scratches wiped gently with a cotton swab.

It was slightly irritating, but Luo Wencheng didn’t care about the pain at all. He looked at Lu Chong’s focused and serious expression and was in a daze for a while. Then he saw the big cat, who was obviously a little uneasy because of the owner’s anger. She clearly wanted to come over but didn’t dare and only wandered not far from Lu Chong’s feet, hesitant to go around him and approach Luo Wencheng. With her short paws, her fat belly was almost dragging on the floor, rubbing it like a professional fluffy mop.

“Mee mee mee!” Her thin and weak voice was very inconsistent with the fat body. Was she being coquettish?

Luo Wencheng looked at the cat, and the cat also looked at Luo Wencheng with two moist, bright yellow eyes, with a particularly pitiful expression.

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