Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 21

The fine, smooth hair was as soft as he thought, and when he dutifully gave it a touch, the young man looked like a pitiful little animal begging for comfort. Lu Chong thought of the old cat at home and his eyes became gentler, but his tone remained cold: “Now you finally know it’s uncomfortable?”

“I knew for a long time.” Luo Wencheng was quiet for a while before saying softly, “I could have endured it, but suddenly I didn’t want to endure… Sir, am I your little brother who was lost?”

Lu Chong was stunned, “Why do you say that?”

“Otherwise, why do I always meet you, otherwise, how could you care about me so much?” Luo Wencheng’s face was pressed against the man’s stomach, and his nose was filled with the clear and comfortable smell that belonged to this man alone. He said in a hoarse voice, “I wanted to just go to sleep and not wake up again. But when I opened my eyes and saw you, I felt sad on one hand, ah, how come I still woke up, but on the other hand, I was very happy in my heart, very happy to see you again… I don’t know what I’m saying, don’t be angry with me, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

At the end, his voice choked. He was bewildered by life, disgusted with himself and tired of all kinds of things. He also hated his passive and weak self, but life really didn’t seem to have the slightest thing to look forward to, and he could only cling harder to the only light in his hand.

Lu Chong lowered his eyes to look at him, and suddenly felt a twinge of revulsion for the Luo family and Luo Wenjun in his heart. A good child, forced into this by them.

“Sir…” The door of the ward was suddenly pushed open, and Liu Weizhi was about to come in, followed by the doctor. When he saw the scene in the room, Liu Weizhi’s eyes were about to fall out, and he paused for a moment before saying, “Uh, the doctor is here.”

God, what was he seeing?! His master, who never liked to be touched by anyone, was holding Luo Wencheng in his arms and stroking his hair!

Luo Wencheng instantly sobered up when he heard Liu Weizhi’s voice. He was seen by others as weak and begging for comfort; he suddenly felt embarrassed and hurriedly let go of Lu Chong and lay back on the pillow.

If it wasn’t for the redness of his eyes, he would have looked as if nothing had happened.

Lu Chong didn’t think much of it and gave way for the doctor to examine him.

The doctor asked Luo Wencheng whether he felt uncomfortable anywhere. Luo Wencheng said that he was dizzy and a little painful. He was confused and had no strength. The doctor said that he had not fully recovered, should take a good rest and not to worry.

After the doctor left, Lu Chong said to Luo Wencheng again: “Take a good rest, don’t think too much. You’re still so young, no matter what happens, don’t joke with your life.”

When had Lu Chong ever said such words of enlightenment and persuasion to anyone? And in such a soft tone? Liu Weizhi was simply amazed and looked at Luo Wencheng with an even more complex and surprised gaze.

Lu Chong said a few more words of reassurance, then added that he would come to see him again later and left with Liu Weizhi. After confirming that Luo Wencheng could not hear him, Lu Chong asked Liu Weizhi to stay and take care of Luo Wencheng.

Liu Weizhi nodded: “I rushed over here when I heard the news. All the arrangements in the hospital are made. Don’t worry, sir.”

“Check his grievances with the Luo family, and check the matter of him being in prison as well.” For Lu Chong, Haining City was just a small place. Naturally, he would not know the family grudges of the little “richest man” here. Although he had listened to Liu Weizhi explain a few things in the bar before, he only had a rough idea.

But what happened tonight, the vulnerable and helpless young man in the ward, gave him the urge to know more.

Liu Weizhi nodded solemnly, thinking that he would send an old-fashioned person to investigate, someone who wouldn’t miss a single detail from start to finish.


After that night, Luo Wencheng didn’t see Lu Chong again for several days.

Luo Wencheng was asked to be hospitalised for observation and underwent various examinations. The results were fine; it was the “punishment time” every night that was very nerve-wracking. There was no way this abnormality wouldn’t be discovered, so he had to take a shower around 12 o’clock every night and bite something to prevent himself from shouting in extreme pain. Every time he washed for more than half an hour, the nurse was always worried that something would happen to him inside.

The weather turned colder day by day, and on one of the rare sunny days Luo Wencheng sat under the tree with a small drawing board and painted.

He already had some skills, and after he opened the grand gift package, his comprehension and learning ability had grown, so after a few days of practice, he was able to draw quite well.

Although Lu Chong didn’t appear again, since Luo Wencheng had already taken the first step, he would not stop thinking about approaching him.

Lu Chong was a man with all the power and wealth. He was also in excellent shape, and his lovers and subordinates had to have their own strengths. If you wanted to get close to such a person, you couldn’t do it without something special about you. The method of selling misery could only be used once in a while, and selling it every day would only make people annoyed.

Woodcarving or bartending could only be counted as a bonus, occasionally interesting. In contrast, painting seemed to be more recognised as a talent, and this skill was innocent and harmless enough.

“Big brother, are you drawing?” A boy in a hospital gown ran up to him to pick up a ball and peered over curiously.

Luo Wencheng looked at him and smiled: “Yes ah.”

“That’s amazing… Ah! Is this me?”

Luo Wencheng was drawing a sketch of a couple playing with a ball with their child. The child in the drawing was this boy, running after the ball with a big smile on his face, making people feel happy when they looked at him.

Suddenly Luo Wencheng seemed to have sensed something and looked up. A black Audi was driving down the driveway in the distance, getting closer and closer.

Lu Chong, who was sitting in the car, saw the young man sitting under the tree from far away. Luo Wencheng was wearing a white sweater and was smiling and talking to a little boy next to him. His expression was soft; he was thin, handsome and polite.

The young man suddenly raised his head and looked in Lu Chong’s direction. At the same time, the wind blew, raising his thin bangs; the leaves above his head rustled, and a slender beam of sunlight fell on his face. At this moment, he was simply beautiful. 

Lu Chong narrowed his eyes slightly. On the seat next to him was a file with Luo Wencheng’s information. Everything he had experienced and done since he was a child was in it.

He parked the car, gave himself a minute to think about something, then got out of the car and walked over.

Luo Wencheng apologised to the boy’s parents: “…I’m really sorry for drawing you without your consent.”

On the contrary, the boy’s parents were very happy, because the sketch was really good. The boy liked it very much, so Luo Wencheng gave it to them.

Lu Chong walked up to him: “You still know how to draw.”

Luo Wencheng was taken aback for a moment, surprised to see him: “Mr. Lu!”

While he was hospitalised, Liu Weizhi came every day. After Luo Wencheng was awake and stable, he naturally had to ask about the identity of his saviour. Liu Weizhi refused to tell him at first, but later told him Lu Chong’s name.

Luo Wencheng… therefore truly determined Lu Chong’s identity.

Most people might not have any reaction when they heard the words “Lu Chong”, but Luo Wencheng, as the former little prince of the Luo family, knew all too well the status and the power represented by this name. So at this moment, his face was full of gratitude, joy and affection at seeing his benefactor, and there was also a trace of nervousness because of Lu Chong’s identity.

Many emotions were placed just right on his face by Luo Wencheng. He still had a drawing board and a pencil in his hands. He was holding two things and didn’t know where to put them, so he said earnestly: “Thank you so much. I haven’t seen you these days. I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to thank you. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know what would have happened.”

Lu Chong raised his eyebrows slightly. The way the young man thanked him so excitedly and jerkily was different from the way he talked that night, but for some reason, seeing him and hearing what he said, Lu Chong felt his previously unperturbed mood fluctuate slightly.

It seemed that whenever he saw this young man, his mood would fluctuate. Whether it was his dumb and sincere look on the flyover, the smiling and self-deprecating look in the bathroom, the stoic look when he was being embarrassed, the look of self-confidence when bartending, the fragile and pitiful look after drinking, or the look of blushing with excitement now, all of them inexplicably entered Lu Chong’s eyes. Everything about this young man seemed to be naturally in accord with his heart.

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