Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 19

Lu Chong stood up, turned off the light and walked out. There was a faint confusion in his heart. He himself didn’t understand why he had such patience with this young man he just met in passing. Looking at those eyes, he couldn’t bear to reject him.

There was probably some real resemblance.

The young man who lived in his memories was stubborn and strong, shining brighter than the sun when he was happy and so heartbreaking when he was sad, making Lu Chong want to hold the whole world in front of him.

Lu Chong closed his eyes, his heart throbbing, and when he opened his eyes again, his face reverted to a gloomy and cold look that made people afraid to come closer.

“Go in and have a look in a while, and prepare hangover soup and some light food,” he instructed the manager, went downstairs and left.


In the room, Luo Wencheng opened his eyes as soon as the door closed. There was only one wall lamp left in the room that emitted a weak light. Luo Wencheng looked at the lamp with very complicated eyes.

Lu Chong was much nicer than he had imagined. He was like a good man, not prone to anger at all. Luo Wencheng put himself in his position. Even at his kindest, if he met a drunk, even if the other party was not crazy, a drunk was a drunk. Smelling of alcohol and talking nonsense, it would be enough for him to dislike such a person.

But Lu Chong took him in the car, brought him to the hotel, and even agreed to his rude request to sit down and keep him company.

Such a man turned out to be Lu Jiuye, who everyone was afraid of, the ruthless man changing lovers more than a dozen times a year?

Was there a mistake somewhere?

But reason told him that this man was Lu Chong.

Luo Wencheng closed his eyes. In any case, his plan was very successful, but there were still many flaws, as if he had deliberately stalked his opponent, very suspicious.

Luo Wencheng knew that if he wanted to gain the trust of this man, he had to extinguish every trace of doubt.

Yes, although he had made up his mind earlier that he didn’t want to approach this man, the moment he saw him, he suddenly changed his mind again.

There was a shortcut in front of him, why not take it?

He was reborn to take revenge; no matter how difficult it was, no matter what price he had to pay, he couldn’t back down.

He raised his wrist and looked at the watch. It was going to be twelve o’clock in just a few minutes.

He closed his eyes and stopped using his willpower to resist. The alcohol reaction suddenly overwhelmed him. He vomited as soon as he turned sideways, drenched in sweat, trembling with cold. He felt short of breath; his heart was beating frantically and his head was spinning.

God knows how he had managed to endure it until now, almost at the cost of his life.

He curled up, his eyes so blurry that he was barely able to see anything, and just when he was about to lose consciousness, a sharp pain awakened him.

“Ugh!” He clutched his stomach.

Familiar pain.

He woke up in an instant and glanced at his watch again. It was twelve o’clock.

Time for the nightly torture.

Except for the first time, the pain came at about twelve o’clock at night, and each time lasted from half an hour to one hour. Luo Wencheng called it “punishment time.”

The pain was so intense that he was sweating all over. The smell of alcohol was so strong that it was choking him, but at the same time his symptoms of intoxication were becoming less and less severe.

The smile on Luo Wencheng’s lips grew wider and wider.

He had won the bet; the severe pain from the usage of the grand gift package caused him to sweat profusely, and the sweat that came out took away a lot of substances that were harmful to his body. In simple terms, it was equivalent to detoxification.

The toxins were expelled, and the alcohol that was poisoning his body would of course be expelled too.

The joy of surviving the catastrophe even made the pain insignificant.

Luo Wencheng rolled over, lay on his back on the bed, turned his head and looked at the dark night sky, covering his stomach with one hand. His whole body twitched with pain; his consciousness was very tired but he remained awake. He wondered when he would be found. There was no point in waiting until the “punishment time” had passed and the situation had improved.

He stretched his hand, reached for the table lamp and telephone on the bedside table and swept them to the floor violently. Although the floor was covered with a thick and soft carpet, he still made a lot of noise.

The hotel manager, who had sent Lu Chong down and come up to take a look because he was not at ease, heard the commotion just in time. Through the door he couldn’t clearly hear what happened. The manager frowned and made a hesitant movement. Pressing his ear to the door, he listened with bated breath. There was no sound inside.

The sound insulation was too good.

He thought it would be better not to go in and disturb the guest for the time being. Let’s wait another hour and send in the hangover soup then.

As he pondered what the relationship between the person inside and his master was, he entered the elevator.

Luo Wencheng waited for five minutes but no one came, and he smiled bitterly. This really didn’t work.

But it would be too deliberate to make any more noise. What he created in front of Lu Chong was an image of someone who knew that he was going to die and going to his death calmly and hopelessly; so there shouldn’t be too much struggle before he died.

The sweat pouring out of his body soaked the thick mattress and the pillow, and the massive dehydration made him so weak that his consciousness finally began to blur. His cheeks were sunken and his lips began to dry up.

His condition was not far from going into shock. He knew he was not going to die, it was just the alcohol poisoning causing the “punishment” to be particularly severe. The symptoms of dehydration were also very serious. He would be able to recover after drinking more water, but if others came to see him as he was now, they would probably be scared to death.

It was in this situation that the hotel manager returned. Thinking that this was the person that his master had specially instructed him to take care of, he didn’t dare to be negligent when he thought about it. After knocking on the door for a long time, he took a spare magnetic card and swiped it.  As soon as he entered, he was almost choked by the smell of alcohol and the sour smell of vomit.

His first reaction was that the guy had just vomited, but when he walked in and saw the person on the bed, his legs almost went soft.

“Sir! Sir, you!…” He didn’t care about the dirty smell and rushed closer. Luo Wencheng’s eyes were blank and he couldn’t answer anymore. The manager stomped his feet and hurriedly called for help, and an ambulance was also called.

When he was done, he called Lu Chong: “Sir, something happened to the guest you brought!”


Lu Chong hadn’t gone far and turned his car around to return to the hotel. The room was somewhat cleaned up. Luo Wencheng’s dirty clothes had been taken off and his body was wiped so that he wasn’t such a mess. His peripheral blood vessels had shrivelled due to the massive loss of fluid. The hotel’s resident doctor could only pour liquid into his carotid artery while performing emergency gastric lavage.

“What’s going on?” Lu Chong hurriedly stepped into the room. There was a mess inside and it didn’t smell good. Luo Wencheng was surrounded by busy people and there was no place for him to step in, but in the gap, he still could see Luo Wencheng’s condition. Lu Chong’s pupils contracted; he was shocked.

Obviously, they parted less than half an hour ago, and this person went from being able to speak and move to dying, lying on the bed at the mercy of others, like a pale mummified corpse.

“Acute alcohol poisoning.” The doctor was sweating profusely. “The patient is in shock, his blood pressure is dropping and his pupils are not quite reactive. Gastric lavage is no longer useful. Except for rehydration, all we can do now is to wait for the ambulance to come.”

“Can he be moved now?”


“Put him into my car, drive in the direction of the hospital immediately, contact the ambulance and get them ready to hand over halfway.” Lu Chong knew that it was useless to say more at this point. Time was precious, and not a second was allowed to be wasted.

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  1. Woww the author is really something towards the mc (✪▽✪)👏 seeing mc struggling with his own power and trying his best w/o backing + golden finger to alleviate symptoms is good to see. Poor mc ( ◞ ‸ ◟).. At least ml would have more chances + good feelings for him now 😆

      1. I think the most important part is that he chose to use a power that would cause him pain in the first place. If he didn’t get to choose then I would be a lot more uncomfortable with it.

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