Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 17

Luo Wenjun was so shocked that he couldn’t speak. He didn’t know what happened between Luo Kaifang and He Mei back then.

Luo Wencheng said sarcastically: “Even if I robbed you of your wealth and splendour for seventeen or eighteen years, after you were recognised, you calculated me to be humiliated in every way. You designed me to hit Han Ying and I spent three years in prison. Isn’t it enough to pay you back?

“So who gives you the right? Why do you always feel I owe you? Why do you do everything to suppress me and torture me so much again and again until you drive me to death?”

Luo Wenjun’s eyes widened and the pain in his body was forgotten: “You, you know all this?!”

Luo Wencheng sneered.

Han Ying was the daughter of Luo Wenjun’s adoptive mother, Han Mengfang. Han Mengfang died early, and Luo Wenjun was brought up by Han Ying. Although the two were not related by blood, they were closer than real siblings.

Luo Wencheng said in a low voice: “I know more than this. I also know that your plan was not only to eliminate me, but also to get rid of Han Ying. Han Ying is still recuperating abroad, right? If she knew that her good brother, who was brought up by her single-handedly, treated her as a roadblock and arranged to get her killed, I wonder what she would think.”

When Luo Wenjun was just taken back to the Luo family, Han Ying protected him like a mother hen, always suspecting that the Luo family was not kind enough to him. But how could Luo Wenjun, who was protected by Han Ying, show how pitiful he was and how could he integrate into the Luo family without a hitch?

Han Ying, who was hostile to the Luo family, became an obstacle to Luo Wenjun.

It happened that Luo Wencheng was targeting Luo Wenjun everywhere at that time, and Luo Wenjun, with the help of his lover, designed a big drama of Luo Wencheng hitting people with his car after drinking.

Unfortunately, Han Ying didn’t die. Only one of her legs was broken; otherwise, even if Luo Wencheng didn’t get the death sentence, he would be sentenced to decades in prison.

“You, you…” Luo Wenjun looked at Luo Wencheng as if he was a monster: “Who told you this? Who was it?”

Luo Wencheng sneered: “I have all the evidence in my hands, Luo Wenjun, don’t piss me off, or I’ll send you to hell first!”


He threw away Luo Wenjun, turned around and took a step, then suddenly turned back: “By the way, you went to “Golden Glory” today because you wanted to sell your body, right? It’s a pity, ah, people weren’t interested when you played with your hair coquettishly.”

Luo Wenjun’s gaze filled with horror as he yelled, “How did you know?!”

Luo Wencheng taunted, “Look at your stupid face, you thought no one noticed? Or do you think you’re so good looking that you’ll charm anyone with a casual pose? Forget it, I’ll ruin your face so that you don’t have too many ambitions.”

He approached Luo Wenjun with a fruit knife; the tip of the knife sank into the flesh, and Luo Wenjun, terrified, screamed and passed out.

Luo Wencheng snorted, “Idiot.”

But it was that idiot that had killed him in his previous life. He died and turned into a handful of ashes.

Luo Wencheng really wanted to kill him.

But wouldn’t it be too cheap to kill him like this? He wanted Luo Wenjun to be terrified for a long time, he wanted him to rot in despair and pain, and he wanted to retaliate against Luo Kaifang and the entire Luo family.

Luo Wencheng straightened and walked away without any expression on his face. The stick was thrown away. The knife and the disposable gloves were tossed into the trash can as he slowly walked along the street.

When he was far enough, he stopped and swayed, holding onto a tree on the side of the road.

He covered his heart and gasped violently. His heart was beating so fast that his chest felt tight. He was exhausted and breathless.

Sure enough, sure enough, it was coming.

The Seven Colour Rainbow that he hadn’t thrown up in time was no joke. If it hadn’t been for the grand gift package that made his stamina and endurance stronger, if it hadn’t been for the years of torture in his previous life that had given him an iron will, he would have dropped dead drunk long ago.

But no matter how strong his will was, his physique was there. He felt that all he exhaled was turbid air. There were phantoms in front of him, and his head was about to explode. Alcohol finally began to make waves in his body. He felt inexplicably excited and wanted to yell or dance.

Alcohol poisoning.

He’d checked the information. First excited, then suppressed, and soon he would lose consciousness and die.

He almost died like this in his previous life.

He leaned against the tree and took out his mobile phone. It was almost twelve o’clock. Should he take a gamble or should he go to the hospital?


He opened the address book. It was empty. He smiled bitterly. What number should he call for a taxi? Or just call an ambulance?

By the way, what number should you call for an ambulance? 110? It seemed to be the police. 112? Was it that? Oh, he remembered! He pressed the buttons one by one, 1-2-0. His vision was blurred and the numbers on the screen were overlapping. He took a few steps back trying to see the address on the facade so that he could know where he was.

There was a sharp beep, followed by a rapid braking sound. Luo Wencheng turned his head to face the dazzling lights, and his legs softened when the car was no more than ten centimetres away from him.

Fortunately, the wheels finally stopped at this moment, otherwise Luo Wencheng would have become a corpse under the car even if he hadn’t died of alcohol poisoning.

The driver hurriedly got out: “Are you okay?”

Luo Wencheng nodded; his legs were soft and he couldn’t stand up. His dizziness was overwhelming and he felt nauseous but couldn’t vomit. He smiled weakly: “I’m fine, I didn’t look at the road… sorry.”

He propped his hands on the ground but couldn’t get up. The driver couldn’t bear to look at it and went to help him. Luo Wencheng barely managed to stand up with the driver’s help and smiled at the man: “You are such a good person.”

The fault was his, and it was nice that the driver didn’t just poke his head out of the window and yell at him.

The driver who was issued a good guy card was a bit puzzled, but the young man had a nice smile. He was a little angry before but now the anger was gone. He couldn’t help but be concerned, “Have you drunk too much? Can you stand?”

Luo Wencheng nodded, but as soon as the driver let go, he took a step and fell back again.

Lu Chong was sitting in the car. The class of the car was so high that even when it braked sharply, it didn’t bump much. He didn’t take it seriously, closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep until he heard that voice.

He raised his head, and through the windscreen he saw the young man in front of the car, with a miserable white face and a smile that was worse than crying, looking like he was going to die at any moment.

Lu Chong hesitated a little and got out of the car.

When Luo Wencheng went limp and was about to fall, his arm was grabbed by a powerful palm.

The grip was a bit too strong, and it hurt him a little. He thought it was the driver, said “Thank you”, raised his head and smiled apologetically, and then froze.

Wasn’t this chance encounter a bit amazing? If this man was just his one-eyed benefactor, Luo Wenchneg would have been happy. If this man was just Lu Jiuye, Luo Wencheng would have been happy too. 

But they were the same person.

Luo Wencheng struggled to keep his eyes open, looking at the excessively handsome, stern and cold face in front of him and thought to himself: liar.

He said he was waiting for his lover, but in fact, he was a veteran of carnal pleasures, changing bedfellows one after another, and falling for a man like Luo Wenjun.

Blind and lame and still denying it. Was it his hobby to pretend to be devoted and lonely even to a passerby?

But it was okay. Let’s pretend together.

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  1. They make it sound like LJ is a scum I’ll wait to judge him after all there’s always more when the other side of the story rebels and I find it hard to imagine that he also fell for LWJ deception.

    Thanks for the chapters!! 🤗 🤗

    1. You’re right, he’s not scum at all 🙂 People like to spread mean rumours. But of course Wencheng can’t be objective at this moment 🙂 The story actually picks up from now on 🙂

  2. Mc revealed a lot ah 😅 won’t white lotus retaliate?? Even disposing the evidence easily. Mc still needs to plan and work behind the scenes.

    Aiyooo ml and mc are really fated. I wonder why did ml support clean looking youths. And became the ‘backer’ of green tea. And he didn’t retaliate??

    1. There is a reason why the ML supports teenagers, you’re right! 🙂 🙂
      That was a risky move on the MC’s part but he needed it 😇😇

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