Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 16

Luo Wencheng yanked his collar and retched to the sink. He heaved for a long time but didn’t manage to throw up anything. His mind felt foggy, and he forced himself to stay awake. His eyes in the mirror were gloomy and bottomless.

The head waiter came to him: “Xiao Luo, you are here. Are you okay? Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Luo Wencheng shook his head. He lowered his head slightly, looking exhausted, and said, “Head Waiter, I want to resign. I will be responsible for tonight’s losses.”

The head waiter looked surprised: “You are doing a good job, why do you want to resign? The manager called me specifically to praise you. From tomorrow, you’ll be bartending. As for the losses, what losses? Tonight you even generated a profit for our bar, and I will send you a big red envelope.”

Luo Wencheng smiled faintly. That man upstairs should have seen everything, right? Luo Wenjun showed such a face, vicious, perverse and foolish, one kind of person on the surface and absolutely different on the inside. The most ridiculous thing was that once he was provoked, he showed his real face so clearly, stupid from head to toe. If that man could still be interested in Luo Wenjun, then it was really true love.

A sneer flashed in Luo Wencheng’s eyes. He felt a little dazed. Instead of continuing to argue with the head waiter, he left the bar alone in silence.

He would never come to this bar again.

That man, who had been the target of his strategy and to whom he ambitiously wanted to get close – he didn’t want to contact him anymore.

He felt the cold wretchedness that followed the excitement, and suddenly he didn’t know where he should go. Then he saw a Maserati driving away. It should be Luo Wenjun’s car; Luo Kaifang had given it to him as a birthday gift.

An idea suddenly popped up in his mind. He raised his hand to stop a taxi: “Boss, follow that car in front.”


In the night, the blue Maserati was driving down the street when suddenly the man asleep in the back seat woke up: “Stop, stop!”

The driver immediately stepped on the brakes, and the man in the back seat opened the door, covering his mouth, and rushed out stumbling to hold onto the wall and throw up.

The driver immediately followed: “Ershao, Ershao, are you okay?”

Luo Wenjun was called Ershao in his family; this was Luo Kaifang’s order. For Luo Kaifang, Luo Wenjun was his second son. There was no Luo Wencheng and no such thing as changing a son. His second son was the only one from beginning to end.

However, Luo Wenjun didn’t like this name very much. Everyone knew that Luo Wencheng was called “Ershao” in the past. To this day, it seemed to be Luo Wencheng’s exclusive name, so Luo Wenjun didn’t like people calling him that when not at home.

The driver was in a hurry, so he accidentally called him that.

Luo Wenjun, still retching, was so angry that he grabbed his mobile phone and threw it at the driver: “Get lost!”

The driver was unprepared and the phone hit his head, making his temper rise immediately.

He had been driving for the Luo family for twenty years, and even the eldest young master gave him some face. The second young master called him “Uncle” with a grin. What did this pussy, who had only been recognised for three or four years, think he was?!

Yes, Luo Wenjun was the subject of some discussion to the people around him because of his appearance and height. Not only did he look effeminate, there was also something subtly wanton about him. His mother was a vixen who turned from a mistress into a wife, and he was the vixen’s son.

Luo Wenjun didn’t mind his looks but his height was always a pain in his heart.

Hearing the driver cursing “pussy” in a low voice, Luo Wenjun almost cursed back. Fortunately, he realised that he was on the street. Although there were no people or cars at the moment, and the street lights were quite dim, he still walked down the alley, trying to hide his distorted expression.

Today was a terrible day for Luo Wenjun.

Instead of seeing the person he wanted to see, he had been banished and blacklisted. Luo Wencheng managed to look good in front of him, while making a laughing stock out of him.

What a disgrace!

In the distance, a taxi stopped; a man got out of the car, waited for the taxi to drive away and quietly walked closer.

The driver of the Luo family was squatting on the side of the road smoking when suddenly there was a swift movement behind him. Before he could turn his head, he was knocked to the ground with a single blow.

Luo Wenjun retched weakly, cursing Luo Wencheng in a low voice. Finally his stomach settled down and he was about to return to the car when suddenly a big sack fell from the sky and enveloped his upper body. He screamed and then felt a stick hitting him.

“Who is it? Who is it?!”

The answer to him was one stick blow after another.

It hurt!

The blows rained on him with unrelenting force, bruised his ribs, hit his buttocks, slammed onto his fingers. It hurt like hell. In order to keep in shape, Luo Wenjun ate very carefully, and there were no more than two taels of meat on his body. At this moment, the pain was driving him crazy, making him scream and curse.

Only when he was exhausted, his voice was hoarse and his struggles stopped did the stick blows end.

A fruit knife cut a hole in the sack and a hand rudely tugged at Luo Wenjun’s hair. He heard a vicious, husky voice say with a sneer: “See? It was me who hit you.”

Luo Wenjun’s nose was bleeding, his face swollen and bruised. He was almost on the verge of fainting. When he saw the face in front of him clearly, his eyes widened, and he stammered, trembling and resentful: “Luo, Luo Wencheng!”

Luo Wencheng laughed coldly and slapped his face: “Very surprised? You are not the only one who can plot against me, boy. From now on, think before you go after me, next time it won’t be as simple as a few blows.”

Luo Wenjun was mad with anger and a bit scared. The Luo Wencheng in front of him had red eyes; he looked like a vindictive ghost in the dim alleyway. His teeth chattered, “Luo Wencheng, who do you think you are to hit me? You owe, you owe me!”

“Huh, that’s the sentence again.” When Luo Wencheng thought of all kinds of things Luo Wenjun had done to him in his previous life, his heart was filled with endless hatred. He wanted to chop this man into pieces, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t afford revenge on the Luo family and Luo Wenjun’s ever-present, well-connected lover.

In fact, it was already very irrational for him to show his face at this moment. But he had a fire in his heart, and if he didn’t vent, he would be burned to death by this fire.

“I owe you?” Luo Wencheng said in a low, hoarse voice, “It’s really funny. When He Mei gave birth to you, she was negligent and let you be taken away. It was all her fault, but she, in order to use her son to become Mrs. Luo, stole me from my parents who didn’t know anything. My mother died of grief and remorse in the middle of the postpartum period, and my father went far away and his whereabouts are still unknown. It was He Mei who ruined my family and ruined my life!”

Luo Wencheng’s smile was uglier than crying: “You envy me, what is there to envy apart from my privileged living conditions? He Mei treated me like an enemy and abused me secretly. Fortunately, she died early, otherwise I would have become a psychopath if I hadn’t been killed by her. As for Luo Kaifang, he felt that He Mei was blackmailing him with me and he had no choice but to marry her. He indulged me, yes, but in fact he hated me, raising me like a fool and instructed others to lead me astray. Your good brother Luo Wenhao? Hehe, he is the most hypocritical of the whole family. Do you think I care for such a family?”

In his previous life, Luo Wencheng couldn’t see these things before he was imprisoned, and after he was released, he was so desperate for his family’s affection that he made mistakes again and again. It took him dying once and thinking about his life over and over again to realise what a joke fate had played on him and what he had lost.

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    1. Yes, Wencheng needed it. I might have felt sorry for Luo Wenjun because he apparently lived in very bad conditions until he was found by the Luo family. But he persecuted Wencheng for ten years until killing him in a horrible way. Whatever happens to him, he deserves it.

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