Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 15

Everyone was in an uproar. No one expected Luo Wenjun to say such things. There were few people present who didn’t know Luo Wenjun, but whether they had seen him or heard of him, Luo Wenjun gave them the impression of being innocent and harmless. Just a short while ago he was coaxing Luo Wencheng gently; if you didn’t know, you’d think they were real brothers. Who could have imagined that after drinking two cocktails, he would reveal his true colours?

Also, what about being an inferior person? Just listen to Luo Wenjun’s tone of disdain for bartending and his sense of superiority as the Luo family’s member. Although most people who came to “Golden Glory” were not ordinary, not everyone was like Luo Wenjun, Zhao Jianping and the others with a big family business behind them. Many of the customers here were white-collar workers with no wealthy background. Luo Wenjun’s contempt for Luo Wencheng basically included them all.

Suddenly, a lot of people frowned and looked at Luo Wenjun coldly.

Especially the bartenders and waiters, including Ah K, were instantly disgusted with Luo Wenjun to the extreme.

Only Luo Wencheng was unmoved. He straightened his back, looked at Luo Wenjun as if he was looking at an unreasonable child, and said lightly: “Then what do you think is a superior person? Is it a person like you who has the blood of a wealthy family like the Luo family in his veins? I rely on my own ability to earn money. I don’t think there is anything I should be ashamed of. There are many people like me in the world. Anyone who has a skill and works hard to earn a living not only is not shameful, but is the most respectable. You also spent time at the bottom of society, and I thought you would understand this.”

Luo Wencheng untied his bow tie, with fatigue and helplessness on his face: “You questioned my ability to make a living. I have proved it to you. I hope you and your friends will not bother me again in the future, and I hope you understand that I really don’t have the same ambition to live off someone as you do.”

After he finished speaking, he bowed to Ah K: “Sorry for causing trouble to Teacher Ah K.”

Ah K waved his hand: “I also want to thank you for showing me this new technique. We need to have a good talk when we have time. After all, we do this for a living, unlike some young masters who have nothing to do all day and pick fights everywhere, thinking they are so superior. They seem to really think they live in the Old Society (China before 1949).” 

Ah K sneered and looked at Luo Wenjun, Zhao Jianping, who was a little embarrassed, and the others. Zhao Jianping and the others were already feeling uncomfortable because of the strange glances around them and were even more embarrassed by what Ah K said. Besides, there were people around who were not afraid of anything and heckled: “Yeah, since you look down at bartending, what are you doing in a bar?”

“They don’t just look down on bartenders, they also look down on cooks, drivers, cleaners and workers.”

“Keep your voice down, these guys are from the top big families in Haining. They are superior people and very noble.”

“What kind of big families, such a poor upbringing, is simply creating scum for society!”

Luo Wenjun was still a little dazed when Zhao Jianping and the others dragged him to the exit. They came in a flashy manner but fled in a dingy way. It could be expected they would be a subject of gossip for the people in Haining for a long time.

Liu Weizhi, who left at some point and returned at some point, announced with a smile, “Our boss said that he opened a bar to do business, and he is just an uncouth businessman. Our low-class bar can’t afford to receive such noble and wealthy young masters. From now on Mr. Luo and Mr. Zhao will never be entertained here.”

“Well done!”

“The boss is real, ah!”

“In someone else’s bar, you point at the nose of someone else’s staff and scold them. Even I personally wouldn’t be able to stand in.”

The customers were unanimous in their reaction. Luo Wenjun, who was not completely out of the door yet, heard Liu Weizhi’s words and instantly sobered up, his face turning pale.

Wasn’t the bar owner Lu Jiuye? What did he mean by that?

He had gone to all the trouble to come here today, but not only did he not meet anyone and leave a good impression, but on the contrary, he had even made people disgusted?

Luo Wenjun was angry and anxious. His stomach spasmed and he suddenly vomited all the alcohol he had just drunk as well as the food he had eaten before. Zhao Jianping, who was supporting him, was startled and quickly pushed him away in disgust. Luo Wenjun slipped on his own vomit and fell. His appearance was so embarrassing that the people around him couldn’t help but retreat and look at him in contempt.

Luo Wenjun was so angry he was going to faint.

He had dressed up today so that he would appear in his best light and then use Luo Wencheng’s rudeness, vulgarity and incompetence to set off himself, a delicate, kind, simple, elegant, sensitive boy. He heard that this was Lu Jiuye’s favourite type.

But Luo Wencheng didn’t follow his script at all.

He even acted like a different person. He had done nothing but mix a few drinks, yet he had messed up all Luo Wenjun’s plans and made an ugly spectacle out of him.

Luo Wenjun could imagine that after today, Luo Wencheng’s image would probably be turned over and everyone’s after-dinner topic of conversation would become him, Luo Wenjun.


Liu Weizhi went upstairs again, entered the VIP private room and said respectfully, “Sir.”

Lu Chong was sitting on the sofa, and there were several cocktails on the low glass table in front of him, all of them just mixed by Luo Wencheng. It was Liu Weizhi who had sent someone to get a few without drawing anyone’s attention.

Lu Chong was holding a glass of light green liquid in his hand. This cocktail was called Bamboo. The colour from top to bottom changed from light to dark. The drink exuded a subtle aroma, making people feel like they were in a lush bamboo forest, relaxed and happy, enjoying both the sight and the smell.

He had tasted many drinks and seen a lot, but he had never seen such a wonderful thing.

There seemed to be a mystery in that young man.

Liu Weizhi asked, “Do you like this cocktail, sir? Would you like me to bring him here to mix something specially for you?”

His words sounded tentative, because it was so unexpected that Lu Jiuye, who had always been indifferent to everything, would actually notice Luo Wencheng and even send him to interfere and help him out. In the end, Liu Weizhi was even asked to go and make his announcement, completely ruining Luo Wenjun’s face.

When had Mr. Luo ever been so attentive to people? In the past, even if he had shown concern for some teenagers, he would only spend some money to support them. And Luo Wencheng was no longer a teenager, so he was not within the scope of Mr. Luo’s compassion.

Lu Chong thought about the young man who was obviously angry to the extreme, but remained calm, like a stream of flowing water, quietly resolving his difficulty, using his decency to reflect the opponent’s ugliness and embarrassment.

Very smart; smart and stubborn, stoic but not bloodthirsty, with the calmness displayed in full view that hinted at the soul with distinct edges and sharp angles.

He seemed… more like that person from a long time ago.

Lu Chong closed his eyes and smiled: “Do I look so much like an alcoholic?” He put down the glass, “Let’s go.”

Liu Weizhi was a little puzzled; did it mean that he was not interested?

However, Mr. Lu’s mind had always been difficult to guess, and Liu Weizhi didn’t dare to think too much, obediently following him.

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