Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 13

Below, Wei Xingheng, who had been silent till now, raised his head and glanced at Luo Wencheng, and couldn’t take his eyes away. His gaze slid from Luo Wencheng’s face to his slender waist wrapped in a silver vest, and his eyes darkened.

Zhang Dong’s face was extremely distorted. Luo Wencheng’s indifference and disdain angered him. A fake that came out of nowhere had been riding roughshod over him for so many years; now who didn’t laugh at him for championing a fake, saying that his eyes were smeared with shit? He couldn’t just swallow it!

He was determined to see Luo Wencheng make a fool of himself, even if Liu Weizhi was standing next to him, so he sneered: “There is another glass here, but if you really can’t drink it, I don’t think this job is suitable for you. We are brothers, why don’t you come with us? If I, Zhang Dong, have a mouthful of rice, you, Luo Wencheng, will always have a mouthful of soup!”

Luo Wencheng looked at him with a chuckle and went to get the cocktail glass again.

“I’ll drink this glass for him.”

Wei Xingheng stood up suddenly; everyone’s eyes focused on him. He took the second glass of Seven Colour Rainbow, his burning eyes locked on Luo Wencheng, and slowly repeated, “I will drink it for him.”

Zhao Jianping’s face changed, and Zhang Dong tugged at Wei Xingheng’s clothes: “What are you doing? We’re having fun!”

Luo Wenjun kept silent but he sensitively caught something in Wei Xingheng’s eyes that made him frown.

Unfazed, Wei Xingheng raised the glass to Luo Wencheng, tilted his head and drank the cocktail smoothly and proudly. His face didn’t change much, just blushing a little.

“Bravo!” The people around applauded. Wei Xingheng was tall and handsome, dressed elegantly, and blocked the drink (drinking on behalf of someone else, often as a sign of friendship) so readily and heroically that it easily made people feel good.

Luo Wencheng, however, remained unaffected. 

He looked at Wei Xingheng, but in fact, his gaze did not focus on him at all.

Wei Xingheng picked up his coat and said to Luo Wencheng: “You are drunk, I’ll take you home.”

This approaching aura, this burning gaze; Luo Wencheng looked at Wei Xingchneg for a moment and suddenly smiled slowly.

Wei Xingheng’s breath hitched and his eyes darkened. He and Luo Wencheng got to know each other relatively late, but they also went to junior and senior school together. But he had never noticed that Luo Wencheng was so attractive.

Luo Wenjun looked at the two of them, bit his lower lip and went to support Luo Wencheng: “Brother Xingheng, let me take care of Second Brother.” He also said to Liu Weizhi, “Manager, is there any room to rest here? It’s better for Second Brother to take a break.”

He hadn’t forgotten his main purpose of today’s visit, to wait for Lu Jiuye. How could he leave before the target appeared?

Before Liu Weizhi could say anything, Luo Wencheng pulled his arm free: “I’m fine.”

He looked at Luo Wenjun indifferently, “Didn’t you bring these people here today to prove that I am not capable, that the job I’ve found is a mess, and that in the end I can only rely on others to support me?” The same was true in his previous life. He fell from the window and wasn’t incapacitated, so he didn’t go to the hospital and left in a panic. Later, he suffered from alcohol poisoning and barely survived. He was full of hatred and anger but he really didn’t dare to provoke these people anymore, so he ran away to find a job. But every time he found a job, these people would appear to sabotage it.

Zhang Dong, Zhao Jianping, Luo Wenjun, one after another, none of them could bear to see him have a happy day. Although Wei Xingheng didn’t directly take action, he was watching coldly in excitement.

None of them were good!

He was a healthy man, not disabled, but he couldn’t find a job and couldn’t earn money. In the end, he was reduced to scavenging and sleeping on the street. He was beaten up every day for food. At a young age his health was ruined.

He wanted to leave Haining, but he had no money and his ID card was lost. Where could he go? The world was vast but there was no place that could accommodate him, and he suffered discrimination everywhere.

He hated these people, but the one he hated most was Luo Wenjun!

He turned his head and stared at Luo Wenjun.

He had been a plaything for this person for three years; Luo Wenjun was so bold that he dared to engage in human experiments. Thinking of the years when he was paralysed on the hospital bed, a test subject for endless drugs, Luo Wencheng felt a chill in his heart.

Luo Wenjun, how dare you?

Wasn’t it just a golden thigh you hugged once?

Luo Wencheng’s gaze was so terrifying that Luo Wenjun cowered for a moment and hurriedly explained, “Second Brother, I didn’t mean that, I just think this place is not suitable for you. It’s better to let Big Brother find a job for you.”

Luo Wencheng nodded. Others thought he was persuaded, but then he said, “It’s my fault for worrying you, I’ve been too sloppy in the past. So here’s the deal. I’ll let you see my skills, so you don’t have to worry about me all the time.”

His cheeks were flushed, but his speech was very clear. He didn’t look like he was drunk as he said briskly to the crowd: “You are all customers. Since the quality of service of our bar is questioned, please bear witness for a while.”

He said to Liu Weizhi: “Manager, I want to borrow the bar.”

Liu Weizhi glanced at him, smiled and said, “Enjoy yourself.”

Luo Wencheng maintained his steady pace and walked towards the bar. Except for his face being a little red, no one could tell that he was already drunk.

There were only two of Ah K’s bar apprentices at the bar today, and Luo Wencheng smiled at them, “I’ll have to borrow your turf for a bit.”

The two of them knew what had happened just now and gave up their positions very kindly: “What drink do you want to mix, do you need help?”

“Thank you, I’ll mention it if necessary.”

Luo Wencheng bit the tip of his tongue, suppressing the chaos in his mind, washed his hands and motioned to Luo Wenjun to sit down: “What would you like to drink?”

Luo Wenjun looked at Luo Wencheng in disbelief: “Are you going to mix drinks?” He frowned and said, “Second Brother, don’t be too bold.”

Luo Wencheng didn’t listen to him as he placed the shaker, an ounce glass and a cocktail glass in front of him, then added a few ice cubes to the shaker and said, “Since you don’t choose, I’ll decide for myself. A Blue Hawaiian?”

He took the white rum and poured two ounces of it, followed by blue orange liquor, coconut milk, pineapple juice and so on. His movements were very decisive and neat. He only glanced at the drinks at first and didn’t look at them any further, just reaching out and getting the ingredients he needed. With a tilt of the bottle he poured one ounce where one ounce was necessary, half an ounce where half an ounce was required, not too much, not too little, more accurate than a machine, but this decisiveness contained an indescribable sense of beauty, very pleasing to the eye.

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