Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 68

Seeing that Wei Chongrong was completely immersed in his anger, oblivious to what was happening around him, Dongfang poked him with his elbow and reminded him in a whisper, “Master Shizi, everyone is taking their seats now.”

Prodded by him, Wei Chongrong suddenly snapped out of his furious state and forced himself to stop looking at the stage, lest the more he looked, the angrier he became. Taking Dongfang with him, he found a seat with a pretty good view.

At the courtesan banquet in Hundred Flowers Garden, the seats of the participating guests were not arranged randomly. Except for those with royal status like Tuduo, the seats of the others were based on the amount of money spent in the past. The first impression that Wei Chongrong made sitting in his seat was that he was a man who had spent a lot of money.

When he came to Zhuxia, Wei Chongrong used the identity of the son of a wealthy businessman from Nanyue. Although Zhuxia didn’t trade with the Great Yan, it had frequent dealings with Nanyue. Therefore, many commodities from the Great Yan could be seen in the streets and alleys of Yisha City.

The previous group performance was just a prelude to the Flower Empress Banquet, but it was intended to give guests a general idea of the qualifications of the Flower Empress candidates.

The next personal talent show was the main event, because each courtesan had to be auctioned on the spot after the performance, and at the end of the auction, the one with the highest price would be this year’s indisputable Flower Empress.

According to Wei Chongrong’s original intention, his participation in the Flower Empress Banquet was just to join the fun. At most, he would help raise the price halfway to repay Madam Lingxiao’s favour. He didn’t really need to win a beauty. His main purpose was to find a way to get close to Tuduo.

But after seeing that familiar figure, Wei Chongrong changed his mind instantly. No matter what the reason for his coming here was and what he was going to do, he had to win and stop this mess from going any further.

The order and manner of appearance of the candidates was carefully choreographed. Each had their own characteristics and each was very different from the previous ones. Even those in the audience who had seen numerous beauties couldn’t help but be enchanted, waving their silver tickets and bidding higher and higher.

Seven beauties came out in a row, and except for the fifth one, there were few twists and turns. The auction prices soared to the extent that many people were discouraged; but there were still some people who sat motionlessly, as if waiting for something. 

After a general observation, Wei Chongrong found that most bidders were just following suit, that is, as long as the price was within their affordability, they would bid, not caring about the style and type of the beauty. This group of people Wei Chongrong didn’t take to heart. It was easy to deal with them, just bid above their psychological price. However, Tuduo, who didn’t move, gave him a faint bad feeling.

Unlike the Great Yan, Zhuxia didn’t have any requirements for the origin of the concubines in the harem, as long as they were beautiful, the more beautiful the better. Tuduo’s mother was born in a brothel. When she was young, she was known as Zhuxia’s number one beauty. She was taken into the palace by the king who came to admire her.

Tuduo completely inherited the beauty of his mother, and even more than that. It was rumoured that his maids and servants were often punished for losing sight of their duties because they were staring at him; the degree of his beauty could be seen from this.

Wei Chongrong didn’t understand why Tuduo was so keen on collecting beauties when he himself was the beauty capable of causing the downfall of a city or a country. According to the information he got, the Second Prince of Zhuxia had come to Hundred Flowers Garden to bid for courtesans every year since he became an adult, and he had won a beauty every time.

If he wanted to see beauty, he could just take a look in the mirror, and it would be absolute beauty. Why did he need to hoard a room full of them? No matter how many he collected, no one could catch up with him, so what was the point? It was really incomprehensible.

There were still three candidates left, and the next one was already standing on the stage. She was not the one Wei Chongrong was waiting for.

Wei Chongrong couldn’t help but worry if Madam Lingxiao would put his Little Monkey in the finale. She shouldn’t know his true identity. If that happened, things would be a bit troublesome. Snatching someone from Tuduo on Zhuxia’s turf would be no less difficult than to pluck a hair from the tiger’s head.

What was even more troublesome was that once Tuduo was offended, it would be impossible to continue tracking down Wei Mao’s whereabouts.

Just as Wei Chongrong was grinding his back teeth hard, a petite, cute figure appeared on the stage. Although the candidate’s face was covered with a veil, his bright eyes still attracted the attention of many people. The candidate was holding a sword in both hands, as if he wanted to perform a sword dance.

As the music started, the young man on the stage rolled his wrists, drawing sword flowers(1), and then started dancing to the beat. Although Wei Chongrong was angry, he had to admit that the kid’s sword dance was well choreographed, neither too soft nor too firm, but just with the right amount of softness and firmness.

After the dance, there was thunderous applause from the audience, and a few impatient people were already bidding.

Wei Chongrong made up his mind that he would get Little Monkey, but he wasn’t in a hurry to bid, secretly observing who was participating in the auction. Tuduo sitting unmovable like a mountain made him feel a little more at ease; it would be best if he didn’t have to go up against Tuduo directly.

The bids were getting higher and higher, soon surpassing the previous highest bid, but the number of bidders was getting smaller and smaller.

When the last three or four competitors were left, Wei Chongrong patted Dongfang on the shoulder and signalled that he would also participate in the bidding.

Dongfang was watching the show with relish, and when he heard Wei Chongrong’s request, he was stunned. Weren’t they here to see the show, why did they have to participate? What the hell was going on? Wei Chongrong didn’t have time to explain, he just kicked Dongfang and told him not to dawdle.

One of the biggest advantages of Dongfang was his very strong executive ability. Whether he understood it or not, he would do whatever Wei Chongrong ordered. So he stood up valiantly and shouted out a price that had never been seen tonight.

As soon as he announced it, two previous bidders sat back, looking like they were about to withdraw from the competition.

Wei Chongrong calculated that if there were no new competitors, he would succeed in as few as one round, or as many as two.

Sure enough, after Dongfang made an offer, only one person called for a higher price. Dongfang raised the price again, and the man gave up.

Wei Chongrong snapped his fingers happily, already imagining how he would deal with the disobedient Little Monkey later.

Unexpectedly, it was too good to be true. When the auctioneer asked for the third time if anyone offered a higher price, Tuduo’s attendant stood up and quoted a price that surpassed Dongfang’s. Wei Chongrong’s heart suddenly tightened. He didn’t worry about silver, but if Tuduo got involved, there would be no end to it.

The young man in white veil stood on the stage with his sword, and his smart eyes darted around but never stopped on Wei Chongrong.

His whole attention was on Tuduo. When the Second Prince didn’t move, the young man couldn’t help but feel a little anxious; the smile on his face became sweeter.

Finally, Tuduo’s attendant made a bid, and the young man was overjoyed, feeling that the dust had settled. Who would dare to steal something the Second Prince desired?

Unexpectedly, someone still had the guts to really compete with Tuduo. A little curious, the young man looked at the person who had made the offer. He didn’t recognise that man. But behind him the young man saw someone he definitely didn’t want to see at this moment. His face suddenly turned white.

Tuduo was a frequent visitor to the Hundred Flowers Garden. Usually as long as he made a move, others would consciously back down so as not to conflict with him and invite retaliation. 

It was rare to meet someone who didn’t follow this rule. Tuduo felt it was a little novel and glanced at Wei Chongrong.

Although Wei Chongrong was determined to win his Little Monkey, he couldn’t let others see through his plans. When he found that Tuduo was looking at him, he hooked his lips and smiled at him, winking to prove that his love for beauty was indiscriminate.

Tuduo glared at him in disgust, turned away and didn’t participate in the next round of bidding.

Seeing Tuduo withdraw from the competition, Wei Chongrong breathed a sigh of relief, not expecting someone to take notice of his actions.

The beauty who appeared in the finale was radiant, and Tuduo won him for the undisputed highest price, bringing the Flower Empress Banquet to a successful conclusion.

At the end of the banquet, the people scattered and went home. Wei Chongrong asked Dongfang to keep an eye on Tuduo’s movements and hummed a little song happily as he returned to his room. Although the purpose of approaching Tuduo wasn’t achieved, the innocence of his Little Monkey was preserved, which was still a cause for celebration.

Wei Chongrong opened the door into the room. There was no candlelight, but he had deep internal strength and could see at night. The faint moonlight outside the window was enough for him to see that there was a person lying on the wide bed. He deliberately stomped his feet more heavily and walked closer slowly, step by step.

Hearing his footsteps, instead of getting up to greet him, the young man turned over and demonstrated his back to him.

Wei Chongrong raised his eyebrows in amusement, thinking that Little Monkey had recognised him, otherwise he wouldn’t have dared to be so reckless. He walked over to the bed and stood there, reaching out to pat the young man’s thin shoulder, but to his surprise, the young man simply ignored him and pulled up the blanket, covering his head completely.

Wei Chongrong shook his head helplessly and smiled. He sat down on the edge of the bed and took the young man wrapped in the quilt into his arms, saying softly: “Little Monkey, don’t pretend, I know you recognised me long ago. Come out quickly. If you don’t come out, beware…”

Before he could finish the sentence, Jun Hua got out of the quilt and asked, “Beware of what? What are you going to do?”

Wei Chongrong held his shoulders and carefully examined his face. When Jun Hua had been veiled earlier, anyone who looked into his eyes would have thought that he was a devastating beauty; only when one saw his face would one realise that this was a childish teenager.

“Tell me honestly, who told you to fool around? If you don’t give me a clear explanation, beware of me spanking you!” Wei Chongrong was afraid in hindsight. Tuduo had a vicious heart and showed no mercy to people. If Jun Hua fell into his hands, he would be eaten dry and wiped clean.

“Don’t you dare!” Jun Hua broke free from Wei Chongrong’s grip and said defiantly: “Where am I fooling around? I know that the Third Prince disappeared in Honghe County, and at the same time, the Second Prince’s people appeared there. So I deliberately came to Yisha City to find the information.”

Wei Chongrong frowned, his face full of disbelief as he asked in a low voice, “Didn’t you run away from home?”

Jun Hua shook his head again and again: “Of course not! I got Daddy’s permission. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him when you go back.” It was impossible for them to go back to the Great Yan before they found Wei Mao, so Wei Chongrong had no way to verify it. And when they went back, it wouldn’t matter.

Wei Chongrong looked at him intently. Seeing that Jun Hua’s eyes were clear and didn’t look like he was lying, he couldn’t help but sigh. Jun Qing was really enlightened. When he was Jun Hua’s age, Wei Zhao never let him go on missions alone; but Jun Qing probably didn’t expect that Jun Hua would be this bold.

He thought for a while and asked seriously, “You didn’t come alone, did you?” Wei Mao left Yujing and went all the way to Yizhou. In addition to sending Wei Chongrong to track him down, Wei Ming also notified Ji Xin, who was stationed in Yi’an County, to send someone to intercept Wei Mao. If Jun Hua followed someone on the mission, it would make sense.

Jun Hua nodded, not denying Wei Chongrong’s words, his flushed face a little smug.

Wei Chongrong asked again: “But they don’t know your identity, do they?” Jun Hua was the eldest son of Wang Changning and Hou Zhaoyang. Those who knew his identity would never let him approach Tuduo dressed as a courtesan, because no one could afford to bear the consequences.

Jun Hua lowered his head and said nothing. Wei Chongrong was right. His daddy let him go out, but only agreed to him participating in the search for Wei Mao. He didn’t allow him to go to Zhuxia. But Jun Hua didn’t plan to tell Wei Chongrong about these things; he would really be spanked if he did.

Wei Chongrong sighed and stretched out his hand to rub Jun Hua’s head. He was already here, and it was pointless to say anything. It was imperative to find Wei Mao’s whereabouts quickly. Other things could be settled after returning to the Great Yan.

Jun Hua raised his head to look at him and protested righteously: “I’m not a child anymore, you can’t just rub my head any time you want.”

Wei Chongrong smiled and pinched his cheek. Little Monkey had grown up and his face wasn’t as fleshy as when he was a child, so it wasn’t as comfortable to pinch. But why was his face so hot? Was he sick? Wei Chongrong couldn’t help but touch it again, causing Jun Hua to shrink back.

“Brother Rong, don’t touch me, your hands are so cold!” Jun Hua shook his head to avoid Wei Chongrong’s hand, his breathing quickening somewhat.

Wei Chongrong suddenly understood. He jumped up from the bed, first extinguished the incense burning on the table and then opened the window to let in the fresh air. It was his negligence. How could ordinary incense be burnt in a place like Hundred Flowers Garden? It must have had a stimulating effect. Little Monkey was young and innocent. After waiting for him in the room for a long time, it was inevitable that he would be affected. Fortunately, the medicinal properties of the incense were not strong. As long as it was relieved in time, it would not cause any harm to the body.

Jun Hua was at a loss for a while, obviously discovering the effect of incense and the changes in his body. He shrank under the quilt, saying in a trembling voice, “Brother Rong, don’t come over!”

Wei Chongrong was someone who had been there and done that before. Listening to the rustling sounds and the gasps that Jun Hua desperately tried to suppress, of course he understood what was going on. He asked instinctively: “Little Monkey, do you need help?”

  1. You know, that flashy movement with the sword as if spinning it in your hand

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