Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 12

Luo Wencheng turned his head and was taken aback: “Manager!”

Liu Weizhi looked at him with a smile: “Xiao Luo, let Ah K mix a few cocktails and send them over. The old friends are here, don’t we know how to entertain them?” Ah K was the bartender in the bar, and also a famous gold medal bartender in the industry. In “Golden Glory”, he only made drinks for important guests and the usual drinks were made by his two apprentices.

Luo Wencheng was shocked when he heard this. He didn’t expect Liu Weizhi to stand up for him and even bring up Ah K. Luo Wenjun, a young and rich second generation, definitely didn’t qualify for Ah K’s service. This was Liu Weizhi giving him some face.

Liu Weizhi smiled again and said to Luo Wenjun and the others: “Xiao Luo is my competent employee. Since you are Xiao Luo’s friends, you will get a 30% discount on your bill today.”

As soon as the scene went quiet, the expressions of Zhao Jianping and the others became subtle. They used to see that Luo Wencheng was alone and helpless, so they came to trouble him. They didn’t expect Liu Weizhi to come out. Although for a bar manager, it was normal to deal with difficult situations that the employees below couldn’t handle, Liu Weizhi sounded protective as soon as opened his mouth, as if he was taking Luo Wencheng under his wing.

Zhao Jianping boasted that he had some friendship with Liu Weizhi, so he said with a hasty smile: “Lao Liu, when did you become such a mother hen? We know that Ah Cheng is your employee, we are just playing with him. We won’t do anything to him. We’re trying to persuade him to converge and go home.”

“That’s good. I’m optimistic about Xiao Luo, I’m going to be angry if you break him.” Liu Weizhi still had the Maitreya Buddha-like smile on his face but everyone could see the weight of his attitude. Zhao Jianping was a little embarrassed now.

Liu Weizhi gave Luo Wencheng a wink: “What are you still doing in a daze, go to Ah K.”

Luo Wencheng was stunned; why did Liu Weizhi…

Suddenly, he caught a whiff of a faint smell from the other party – the smell of tobacco, fresh and clear like grass in the snow, very special and charming. The smell was very light, as if brought from where Liu Weizhi had come from. If it weren’t for Luo Wencheng’s senses to become more keen because of using the grand gift package, he might not be able to smell it.

He had only smelled this smell on one person, the one he had encountered in the bathroom not long ago.

Luo Wencheng was in a daze; did Liu Weizhi accompany that person?

Come to think of it, his one-eyed benefactor was of extraordinary status at first glance, so naturally he was worthy of Liu Weizhi’s personal hospitality.

But shouldn’t Liu Weizhi be with Lu Jiuye at this moment? That was the big boss of “Golden Glory”, Liu Weizhi’s immediate boss.

Could it be that that person was also with Lu Jiuye and knew him?

Liu Weizhi looked at Luo Wencheng with a smile on his face, and a touch of curiosity flashed in his eyes. For his master to order him to come down personally and help this young man… What was so extraordinary about Luo Wencheng?

His gaze drifted upstairs.

Luo Wencheng noticed this look and followed it. He thought to himself that it was impossible for Liu Weizhi to help him for no reason. He hadn’t noticed him or taken special care of him for half a month. Today was unusual. Was he entrusted by others?

Was he… entrusted by that person?

Luo Wencheng couldn’t help but get excited.

The window of the private room on the second floor was one-way, but if you looked closely, you could see the shadow behind the glass. Luo Wencheng followed Liu Weizhi’s gaze and saw the figure standing at the window of the VIP private room.

There was a hint of familiarity in the vague figure, and Luo Wencheng couldn’t help but want to laugh. The man actually remembered him. Then suddenly his expression went stiff.

The thought flashed like a sudden spark of electricity.

A hint of familiarity…

In a daze, it seemed that he saw the tall figure stepping out of the car and walking closer, illuminated by the blinding headlights. At that moment he had Luo Wenjun under him, lying on the cold ground, his whole body pierced with glass shards, numb with pain. At that moment he was cowardly praying that this person was the saviour who came to rescue him.

But he seemed to hear Luo Wenjun’s bragging words: “…During that time, I was at the hospital with my leg broken, recuperating, and Lu Jiuye came to visit me. I tried my best to get close to him. He is such a cold man, but he never rejected me. He always smiled at me tenderly and with concern.”

It’s you, ah.

It was easy to understand some things once you got an idea, Luo Wencheng thought in a daze. It turned out to be you.

Lu Jiuye. 

Lu Chong.

The one-eyed benefactor who gave him food, the biggest backer of his enemies, the one in the present he could never forget and the one in the past he was haunted by.

So it was all you…

He lowered his head, his face pale. Even his lips were bloodless.

His heart felt a little uncomfortable, a little lost, not obviously, but as if breathing tugged something inside him.

He looked at the gorgeous Seven Colour Rainbow in his hand, smiled at himself and said, “Thank you, Manager, but let’s not bother Teacher Ah K. Isn’t it just a glass of cocktail? Why spoil the fun for everyone?”

He took a deep breath, raised his head and downed it in one gulp. The smell of alcohol almost made him gag, causing him the illusion of being drowned.

It was as if layers of paper towels covered his face again and drinks were poured down on him like sea water.

He closed his eyes, swatted away these images fiercely, then slammed the glass on the low table and the remaining ice at the bottom of the glass bounced a few times.

There was a moment of silence.

Luo Wencheng gasped heavily, his breath clouded with alcohol, his heart beating like mad, thud thud thud! Thud, thud, thud! It was as if it would explode the next second.

Luo Wencheng opened his eyes, slowly let go of the glass and straightened up.

“Want another drink?” He asked lightly, trying his best to maintain the calmness and stability of his voice. In fact, the people and things he saw in front of him at this moment were floating and distorted.

He felt that he was about to float too.

However, in the eyes of everyone, Luo Wencheng’s fair cheeks were coloured with a pink glow as soon as he drank that glass but his expression remained calm and indifferent. Slowly, the blush spread over his cheeks to the roots of his ears, as if a clear piece of beautiful jade was stained with blood, revealing fierce and flirtatious beauty.

Even Luo Wencheng’s eyes that had always been light in colour were moistened by alcohol. The scarlet tinge slowly appeared in them, glowing in the dazzling light of the bar, mesmerising.

Everyone was startled, some applauded, some hooted, some blushed. Liu Weizhi looked at Luo Wencheng, a little surprised and a little helpless, shaking his head apologetically towards upstairs. He tried to help, but the other party didn’t accept it; there was nothing he could do.


The private room on the second floor.

Behind the one-way glass, a tall and upright man stood in front of the window, his gaze focused on the eyes of the young man below.

Cold eyes, reddened eyes, stubborn eyes. He saw the restrained fire in them, bursting out and being suppressed by the owner. So beautiful and… helpless.

The man’s gaze was lost for an instant, as if he was thinking of something very long ago.

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