Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 11

One of them was a slim and pretty teenager, the other was a thin and cold-looking young man; one was a well-dressed customer and the other was a bar waiter in a tight-fitting uniform vest. Either had his own distinctive style. As they stood facing each other, the feeling of the dark tide surging was more and more obvious. Gradually, more and more people looked at them, and some even whistled.

Luo Wencheng returned to his senses and said lightly: “I still have work, you guys have fun.”

Zhang Dong wanted to use Luo Wenjun to embarrass Luo Wencheng, so how could he let him go easily? “Ah Cheng,” he said, “why are you in such a hurry to leave? Sit down and talk. I heard that you are a good drinker. Let’s have a couple of drinks?”

Luo Wenjun hurriedly said, “Brother Dong, that won’t do. Second Brother can’t drink. His alcohol tolerance is very poor.”

Zhao Jianping picked up the topic: “No way? I think Ah Cheng drinks a lot every day, and I haven’t seen anything happen to him. Right, Ah Cheng?”

Luo Wencheng cast a light glance at the familiar faces of these people who feared that the world was not chaotic enough (said about people who mess up the situation to achieve their own goals): “Next time. I have other work to do.”

“What next time? Let’s do it today.” A young man Luo Wencheng didn’t know heckled, “We don’t want to make things difficult for you, just drink the two glasses in front of you first.”

He pointed to the two glasses of Seven Colour Rainbow that Luo Wencheng had just put down on the table. Luo Wencheng’s face changed slightly.

The name “Seven Colour Rainbow” sounded gentle and the cocktail looked very beautiful and colourful. In other bars, this was a low-alcohol drink that was very suitable for girls to drink; but in “Golden Glory” most people didn’t dare to order it, because not only the glass was very large, but also the seven kinds of alcohol used to make this cocktail were each 40% or more.

Although he had been forced to drink a lot of liquor in the past half a month, there were few drinks with such a high degree. Even if there were, they were basically pure, never mixed so badly.

In fact, Luo Wencheng’s alcohol intake was really not good. He had a special physique; the metabolism of alcohol in his body was impaired. After it was converted into acetaldehyde, it tended to accumulate. If he drank too much, he would be poisoned. Therefore, he would eat something to fill his stomach before drinking every time, and after drinking, he would go to induce vomiting as soon as possible. Each time he seemed to drink a lot, but not much was absorbed into his body.

He just vomited a few minutes ago, his stomach was empty, and his head was still dizzy. He couldn’t bear two glasses of Seven Colour Rainbow.

When Luo Wencheng didn’t move for a long time, Zhang Dong sneered: “Don’t even dare to drink a glass? Ah Cheng, if that’s all you’re capable of, don’t be stubborn in front of us brothers, go home with Xiao Jun. The Luo family is generous. If you beg Uncle Luo again, he might still be willing to support you.”

Luo Wencheng raised his head and stared coldly at Zhang Dong who laughed without fear.

The others laughed too. Zhao Jianping pretended to try to persuade Zhang Dong and then shook his head helplessly, as if saying “I can’t help it if someone wants to make a joke.”

In their eyes, Luo Wencheng was a cat with its claws and teeth removed, so he could be teased in any way they wanted. Angry? So what? What else could he do but glare?

Suddenly Luo Wencheng felt a gaze on him, and that gaze was so heavy that he immediately noticed it. With a flash of intuition, he subconsciously looked around but did not find the owner of the gaze.

Could it be from… the private room on the second floor?

Was that Lu Jiuye?

Luo Wencheng looked at Luo Wenjun, who seemed to be trying his best to intercede for him. A very fake act; he was a black-hearted white lotus, but what could be done if someone liked it, ah. In his previous life, that man liked Luo Wenjun enough to keep him by his side for three years. In this life he would probably find Luo Wenjun appealing too.

Luo Wencheng actually didn’t have high hopes for this sugar daddy. After all, he was not the type that the man liked, and he was a bit unwilling to do this sort of thing. But at least, at least, he was going to mess up Luo Wenjun’s plans.

But speaking of this, how did Luo Wenjun happen to get into Lu Jiuye’s favour?

Luo Wencheng recalled that he actually witnessed the encounter between the two of them, or rather, he was the one who contributed to it.

In his previous life, Luo Wenjun didn’t meet Lu Jiuye in “Golden Glory”, so he went to vent his anger on Luo Wencheng. As a result, Luo Wencheng was almost killed by the bunch of them. After getting out of prison, he always felt like hiding because of his low self-esteem. He seemed to shrink in fear, but in fact, he learned a lot about fighting fiercely in prison. He was desperate and ready to set both jade and common stone on fire (destroy indiscriminately), so when Luo Wenjun was about to go home after playing enough, Luo Wencheng took advantage of the moment of inattentiveness to break free from the people who were holding him down and threw himself on Luo Wenjun with all his strength.

He crashed through the glass and fell from the second floor window with Luo Wenjun in his arms.

At that time, he was determined to die with Luo Wenjun.

A car braked sharply behind them.

Luo Wenjun fainted on the spot underneath him but Luo Wencheng still retained a trace of consciousness. The last thing he saw was several people getting out of the car.

A long time later, when Luo Wencheng was lying on the hospital bed, Luo Wenjun triumphantly told him that Lu Jiuye was sitting in the car at that time. He had waited in “Golden Glory” for most of the night and didn’t wait for anyone but Luo Wencheng’s attack sent him right to the wheels of his target.

“…At that time, Lu Jiuye personally took me to the hospital. My leg was broken but it was such a blessing. I really should thank you.”

Luo Wencheng didn’t know how Luo Wenjun had managed to cover up the truth of what happened that night. It was probably nothing more than saying that Luo Wencheng was drunk out of his mind and attacking people, while Luo Wenjun himself instantly turned into a poor baby who was “obviously a genuine young master of the Luo family but was repeatedly hurt by the counterfeit goods.”

What attracted people to Luo Wenjun, apart from his always well-behaved and innocent baby face, was this pure, kind, weak and innocent character. If Luo Wenjun really made a fool of himself, if he revealed his insidious and vicious true face, perhaps that man wouldn’t give him a second look, right?

Luo Wencheng lowered his eyes, bent down and reached out to pick up a glass of Seven Colour Rainbow.

The bright liquids in the glass made Luo Wencheng’s fingers seem even whiter, white like jade. He held the glass to his lips and took a sip.

In an instant, he felt a ball of fire slide down his throat. His oesophagus spasmed in protest and his whole body trembled a little.

Luo Wencheng swayed on his feet.

The people staring at him suddenly booed.

“No way, just this much?”

“It’s just the first sip, can you drink it or not?”

Luo Wencheng’s face was a bit distorted. He took a deep breath and was about to say something when he was suddenly patted on the shoulder. A man came up at some point and said to everyone with a smile: “Xiao Luo is a bad drinker. For my sake, don’t give him a hard time.”

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