Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 10

He walked over with steady steps, but before he reached the table, Luo Wenjun stood up swiftly and exclaimed, “Second Brother!”

This excited look, this worried yet joyful expression; Luo Wencheng sneered in his heart, his acting skills were really not bad.

He lowered his eyes and bent down, placing the two cocktails on the tray on the low glass table, “The Seven Colour Rainbow you ordered, please enjoy.”

He turned to leave but of course he couldn’t make it. Zhao Jianping was one step quicker and put a hand on his shoulder, “Ah Cheng, are you getting used to it here? Xiao Jun knew you worked here and was very worried. You’re brothers, sit down and talk.” Zhao Jianping was a strong man and his grip was so firm that Luo Wencheng felt it was impossible to break free.

He noticed provocation and mockery in Zhao Jianping’s voice and gestures that had not been present on previous occasions when he had come to “visit”.

It seemed that Zhao Jianping was not going to pretend anymore.

Zhang Dong also smiled and said, “That’s right, Ah Cheng, don’t you know that Uncle Luo is very strict with Xiao Jun? It’s so hard for him to get out. Why don’t you say anything?”

Luo Wencheng raised his head and met Zhang Dong’s eyes. Facing the undisguised malice in them, Luo Wencheng’s gaze slowly became cold. Among the Four Young Masters of Haining, Zhang Dong was basically the one who always offered bad advice. Luo Wencheng’s fighting people and racing cars was encouraged by Zhang Dong. He seemed to be doing everything for Luo Wencheng’s good, but in fact, he was looking for trouble for Luo Wencheng and his good was the last thing Zhang Dong thought about.

Luo Wencheng felt that he was incredibly stupid to treat such a person as a brother.

But it was interesting that they were all here together. Was it because they knew that Lu Jiuye was the owner of “Golden Glory” and would show up here today?

It shouldn’t be so. Although the entire upper echelons of Haining City were gossiping that Lu Jiuye of the Lu family had come to Haining many days ago and would probably develop his business here in the future, with everyone trying his best to get ahead of others to bow to him, no one could find Lu Jiuye’s whereabouts.

But Luo Wenjun had been living in the slums in the west of the city before he returned to the Luo family. He had met people from the three religions and nine schools, rats, mice and snakes. No matter how many people in Haining couldn’t find out anything about Lu Jiuye, Luo Wenjun’s inconspicuous “friends” could.

So Luo Wenjun was here.

Probably because Luo Wencheng was working in “Golden Glory” in this life, Luo Wenjun came here under the guise of visiting him, and brought along Zhao Jianping and the others to make it seem more reasonable and natural.

“Second Brother, I didn’t know before that you were here because of the family’s recent busy schedule.” Luo Wenjun squeezed out of his middle seat with genuine concern on his face, “Come home with me, what if something happens to you here?”

Luo Wencheng lowered his eyes and said faintly, “I’m fine here, you can leave.”

“No, I’m not leaving! If you don’t want to come with me, I’ll come here every day as long as you stay here.”

Luo Wencheng thought to himself, what a good idea, to come over every day and wait for the golden master in the name of worrying about your brother and visiting your brother. It made perfect sense. In his previous life, Luo Wenjun had met his future big backer on the first day, but the current Luo Wenjun didn’t know that yet, did he?

Luo Wenjun looked worried as his eyes were secretly examining Luo Wencheng.

When Zhao Jianping told him that Luo Wencheng was working in “Golden Glory”, he hoped for  a good show and asked Zhao Jianping to secretly spread the news so that people would come to trouble Luo Wencheng. He was waiting to see Luo Wencheng desperate and cornered. But after he found out that “Golden Glory” was actually the property of Lu Jiuye, he didn’t look at it that way anymore. He wondered if Luo Wencheng had learned something in advance, otherwise why would he come to “Golden Glory”?

But Luo Wencheng started working in “Golden Glory” half a month ago, and Luo Wenjun only confirmed yesterday that Lu Jiuye was the owner behind “Golden Glory”. So how could Luo Wencheng have known about it half a month earlier?

He probably didn’t even know who Lu Jiuye was, did he?

Luo Wenjun had his doubts, but when he walked up to Luo Wencheng, his eyes widened.

“You, your face…” Pointing at Luo Wencheng’s face, he almost whimpered.

Until the spinning light turned he really didn’t notice that Luo Wencheng’s skin that used to be dull and rough was delicate and fair now. And why was Luo Wencheng’s hair so long? Three weeks ago at the Luo family’s house it was cropped short, but now he had bangs!

Wig! It must be a wig!

Luo Wenjun bit his lower lip. If he only had a slight suspicion before, now he was almost sure: Luo Wencheng must have gotten the information from somewhere, otherwise why would he work so hard to upgrade his looks? Bitch, he had learned to seduce men.

Luo Wencheng glanced at him lightly, “What’s wrong with my face?”

Luo Wenjun said with a meaningful smile, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, Second Brother, and your complexion has become much whiter and your skin has improved so much. What skincare products do you use?”

Luo Wencheng smiled calmly, “Unlike you, I don’t have the habit of putting make-up on my face.”

Looking at Luo Wenjun up close, it was clear he had gone to a lot of trouble for today. His hair, it’d just been done, right? His face, he’d put a lot of concealer on it. His clothes looked casual, but every detail was near perfect, and there was a subtle fragrance coming from his body that in no way could be his natural body smell.

This was a wholehearted effort of someone eager to hook up with the golden master.

“To visit me, you’ve even sprayed yourself with perfume. I’m really flattered.” Luo Wencheng said indifferently.

Luo Wenjun blushed, “No, how could I?” As he glanced at Luo Wencheng, a trace of jealousy flashed in his eyes.

Luo Wenjun inherited his looks and figure from his mother, a charming and graceful woman who had advanced from a mistress to a wife, with a baby face that looked pure and bright, never ageing, and a petite, delicate figure. Although Luo Wenjun relied on these conditions to survive to his age and was proud of his appearance, in private he felt secretly inferior because of his height of 1.6 metres.

Luo Wencheng was different. As a teenager, he was tall and upright, with handsome features and sharp edges, and because of his privileged family background and decent manners, he had a confident and domineering look.

As long as he didn’t do any stupid things, he could serve as an example of a young master from a good family everywhere he went. If Luo Kaifang hadn’t deliberately raised him as a waste, Luo Wenjun wouldn’t dare to imagine how good Luo Wencheng would have been at the age of seventeen or eighteen. So when he first saw Luo Wencheng, he was jealous to the point of vomiting blood.

Therefore, Luo Wenjun wanted to destroy Luo Wencheng; to make him lose his edges and his sharpness, to make him hunch over, to fill his eyes with darkness and misery, to make him unable to hold his head up in front of people! And he did it, he put Luo Wencheng into prison, and every time he received a picture of Luo Wencheng in prison, dishevelled and miserable, he was overjoyed.

But now, instead of the wretched appearance he had imagined, Luo Wencheng looked much better than before, like a porcelain piece that had been played with and washed for a long time, and finally got a layer of a rich, lustrous coating.

Luo Wenjun felt a pang in his heart.

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