Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 6

Luo Wenhao sat up upright, “Really?!”

“The latest news, Mr. Luo, do you remember the car accident at Gaoyang intersection that caused Ershao to escape just now? The owner of one of the cars was Geng Qile, who is still in resuscitation.”

Luo Wenhao frowned, “Geng Qile? The brother-in-law of Chen Jingqiu, the head of the Chen family? Who would dare to touch him?”

The Chen family was one of the major families in the capital that could be said to be on the same level as the Lu family. In the last ten years or so, the Lu family had gained a lot of momentum due to the ascension of Lu Jiuye, leaving the Chen family far behind. But the Chen family’s century-old heritage was there, and Chen Jingqiu’s name was not something anyone could look down upon.

But Luo Wenhao was a little disapproving when he said it, mainly because Chen Jingqiu’s brother-in-law was the mud that couldn’t hold the wall (had poor ability or low level). Geng Qile offended people in the capital a few years ago and was sent by Chen Jingqiu to Haining to open a small real estate company. Chen Jingqiu’s people also talked to the Luo family specifically about this matter. Luo Wenhao wiped Geng Qile’s ass a lot in the past, and he was quite happy to hear that the man had a car accident.

The assistant said, “It was Chen Jingqiu himself who ordered someone to do it.”

Luo Wenhao became interested: “What happened?”

The assistant received the information on his phone and said excitedly, “You can see for yourself.”

When Luo Wenhao took a look, he quickly understood. Geng Qile was assigned to the “frontier” and was extremely eager to return to the capital. It happened that Chen Jingqiu’s sons were fighting for inheritance rights. The eldest son was impatient to make a quick profit and wanted to have some achievements. He learned that the Chen family’s biggest enemy, Lu Jiuye, would pass by Haining, so he came up with an unconventional gambit and teamed up with Geng Qile to assassinate the opponent.

Speaking of being a partner, Geng Qile just played a minor role to help in the plans of Young Master Chen.

But in the end, the conspiracy was not very successful. Besides, Young Master Chen hadn’t wiped his trails clean, and the man called Lu Jiuye found out.

Chen Jingqiu valued his eldest son the most, so he put the blame on Geng Qile and quickly tried to kill him to make amends to Lu Jiuye. It was a pity that Lu Jiuye didn’t eat this. Chen Jingqui was stunned to find out his eldest son, whom he had hidden, had two of his eyes gouged out.

In the conspiracy, one of Lu Jiuye’s eyes had been injured.

Luo Wenhao laughed coldly: “Chen Jingqiu has given away a bride to lose the army on top of it (suffered a double loss after trying to trick the enemy).” His eldest son was completely ruined, and although Geng Qile was worthless, the fact that his sister, Chen Jingqiu’s wife, held the shares of the Chen family’s company was still there.

It should be mentioned that Chen Jingqiu’s wife never had any children and his sons were all born to his mistress. It was said that the eldest son was raised by Chen Jingqiu’s wife from a young age; but even if he was raised from a young age, an illegitimate son was still an illegitimate son, not to mention the fact that his own mother was still alive and well, so how could he compare to the woman’s own brother?

Chen Jingqiu, there is a fire in your backyard, ah!

Chen Jingqiu had already submitted but the Lu family still gouged out his son’s eyes, which was quite something. No wonder they all said that Lu Jiuye was cold and ruthless, did things without scruples and never showed mercy to anyone. Even if the Chen family was not as good as the Lu family, it was still a behemoth.

Luo Wenhao frowned fiercely; this kind of person was not easy to deal with.

He asked, “Is that one injured eye blind?”

“It doesn’t say so over there.”

Luo Wenhao was a little disappointed.

It would be nice if it was really blind.

This information was provided by someone planted on the Chen family’s side, so naturally that person wouldn’t know too much about the situation on Lu Jiuye’s side. But it was revealed that when Chen Jingqiu and Lu Jiuye negotiated over the phone, Lu Jiuye was in Haining.

“Сonceal the news for now, gather the manpower to investigate and prepare a car. Geng Qile had an accident, I should go to visit.”


Luo Wencheng raised his head and looked at the bar in front of him.

Haining City had developed well in recent years, and the downtown area was very prosperous, which was reflected in the large number of bars. This “Golden Glory” was not very famous but a very high-class one and most of the people who came here to play were either rich or influential.

The cleaning girl at the door saw him standing there for a long time and came over to ask, “Can I help you, sir?” It was still early in the morning, the bar had not yet opened, and this man didn’t look like he was here to spend money.

Luo Wencheng held up his mobile phone: “I saw on the internet that you were recruiting here, so I came to apply for the job.”

The cleaning girl took a quick look at him and couldn’t help but blush a little. This guy was really good looking and spoke gently, but he was a bit too thin and looked like he had just been sick. Such a good looking young man should be a student at any university, not to come to work in the bar…

The cleaning girl instantly made up a string of tragic plots in her head; her sympathy surged, and she showed her sweetest smile: “Yes, please follow me.”

Luo Wencheng: “……” Why did it feel like she was looking at him with pity in her eyes? Was there something on his face?

Luo Wencheng was taken to the manager’s office but the manager was not there. While waiting, Luo Wencheng slowly walked to the bar and looked at the liquor cabinet full of dazzling drinks as well as at the various glasses hanging upside down, reflecting the brilliant light.

A few people from upstairs came down, continuing their conversation: “…Zhao Shao, walk slowly.”

Luo Wencheng looked up, and the young man who was led down by the manager also saw him.

The other party froze. Luo Wencheng’s body stiffened, his eyes narrowed slightly, a chill emerging from their depths.

The young man quickly walked down: “Ah Cheng! What are you doing here? When did you get out of prison?” While vigorously patting Luo Wencheng on the shoulder, he looked full of surprise.

Didn’t expect to meet you here either.

Luo Wencheng lowered his head slightly, as if looking a bit cramped, and said softly, “I’ve been out for a few days.”

Zhao Jianping seemed very happy for his good brother and said repeatedly, “It’s good, it’s good to be out, but why didn’t you come to me? Look how thin you are, let’s go and have a drink! Dongzi and Xingheng must be very happy to know you’re out. Let’s ask them out too, so the four of us can have a good get-together.”

Hearing those two names, the chill in Luo Wencheng’s eyes intensified, and he hastily refused, “No, I still have something to do…”

Zhao Jianping asked, “By the way, what brings you here?”

Luo Wencheng looked at the man who accompanied Zhao Jianping downstairs. The man was in his thirties or forties, white and fat, looking kind and friendly. He wore a “Manager” badge on his chest. It was Liu Weizhi, the manager of “Golden Glory”.

Liu Weizhi also looked at Luo Wencheng and asked Zhao Jianping with a smile, “This is…”

The cleaning girl looked back and forth. She didn’t dare to say that this person was here to apply for a job. Zhao Jianping hugged Luo Wencheng’s shoulders and smiled: “Lao Liu, I would like to introduce you. This is my good brother, Luo Wencheng, who used to come to this area to play. Oh, you have not been in Haining for long, you may not know.”

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