Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 5

Under the overhead light, the mirror reflected a thin, pale young man with slightly hunched shoulders and heavy blue shadows under his eyes. His facial features were actually very good-looking. He was originally a sunny and handsome big boy, but now he had become ghost-like. No matter how good his appearance was, these three points of gloom and the cold light in his eyes made him unattractive.

What kind of person would Lu Jiuye like?

Luo Wenjun was considered beautiful, with a delicate baby face and tender, flawless skin. He looked like a teenager even when he was over thirty, and the most rare thing was that his skeleton was small and his figure so slender that it seemed to break if you hugged him too hard. He was the best of the best and fit Lu Jiuye’s taste perfectly: fresh, beautiful, white and tender.

He was very popular with Lu Jiuye and stayed by his side for three years while it was well-known that no one had ever stayed with Lu Jiuye for more than a month before.

After his rebirth, Luo Wencheng had a vague idea in his mind. He wanted to snatch away Luo Wenjun’s biggest reliance!

But there was one big problem. Lu Jiuye only liked petite teenagers seventeen or eighteen years old. With Luo Wenjun’s baby face it was okay to pretend to be seventeen or eighteen, but Luo Wencheng’s facial features were not the delicate and cute ones. In terms of height, he was 1.75 metres tall. It was not particularly tall but it was not short. Unless Lu Jiuye was two metres tall, Luo Wenchneg really had no chance to get to his side.

Luo Wencheng looked in the mirror for a while before saying slowly, “Confirm to use the grand gift package.”

This grand gift package was an extra gift from that cold voice that could increase Luo Wencheng’s various attributes by twenty perfect.

If Luo Wencheng’s current health was only fifty, then it would be sixty after using the grand gift package; if his intelligence was one hundred, then it would be one hundred twenty after the increase; his appearance and temperament, and so on, would also be improved correspondingly.

After he said these words, he clearly noticed that his reflection in the mirror had changed. He was still the same self, but his facial features became a little more refined, his skin became fair and smooth, his eyes became clearer, his complexion was better, and even his height had increased a little bit…

Luo Wencheng’s expression remained calm. In his opinion, the biggest effect of this gift package was not on the surface. Its true value lay in its permanent effectiveness, which was tantamount to improving the potential of this body.

No matter what he did in the future, if he put in one hundred percent effort, he would basically get a return of one hundred and twenty percent!

Luo Wencheng was not a particularly smart person, and this increase was of great benefit to him.

Suddenly Luo Wencheng’s face changed. He clutched his stomach and bent down, instantly breaking out in a cold sweat.

It hurt!

The place where his stomach was seemed to be cut with a knife and burnt with fire, the pain a hundred times more intense than the usual hunger pains.

This was the reason why Luo Wencheng hesitated to use this grand gift package. There was no free lunch in the world. What the cold voice actually gave him was just the right to use this gift package. In order to really use it, Luo Wencheng had to pay a price, and this price was to suffer the same amount of pain as the benefits he received.

Luo Wencheng knelt down slowly and curled up like a shrimp, almost rolling in pain. His eyes blurred as he let out what seemed like a low growl or a sob. Blue veins throbbed on his forehead and neck. His whole body was drenched in sweat.

After a full half an hour, Luo Wencheng calmed down. By then, he was almost delirious, twisted and limp on the floor, with only enough strength to gasp for air. After a while, he moved his eyes, inhaled deeply – and then almost threw up.

It was so sour and stinky!

He sniffed his body and made certain that the disgusting smell was from the murky, sticky sweat on his skin. He froze for a moment: was this an expulsion of impurities?

He gingerly got up and took another shower, after which he found that his skin was firmer and more supple, his complexion was rosier and his whole body felt lighter, as if he had been taken a large dump after being constipated for days. He felt very comfortable.

He couldn’t help but smile after a while. It seemed that such a painful lunch had additional benefits. He looked at his body. He was no worse off than those seventeen or eighteen years old, right?

But when he thought that this transformation was to attract the attention of that man, most of the joy in his heart suddenly dissipated. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled to himself, returned to bed and quickly fell asleep again.

Meanwhile, in a certain apartment, three uninvited guests arrived.

They opened the door easily with the key and rushed aggressively into the bedroom, only to find the bed empty.

“Jun Shao, there’s no one in the bed!”

“There’s no one in the other room either!”

“I’ve checked the toilet and the balcony, no one’s there!”

Luo Wenjun’s eyebrows were furrowed, his eyes full of cruelty and irritation at the failed attempt, making his pure and beautiful face look hideous: “How can there be no one here? Big Brother arranged this apartment just for that bastard, where else would he go if not here?”

The two strong men he had brought with him couldn’t answer his question, and Luo Wenjun sneered, “That little bastard seems to have learned his lesson. Let’s go, clean up the traces of our visit!”

At the same moment, Luo Wenhao listened to his assistant’s report, “We’ve searched the area, but there’s no sign of Ershao. If we want to expand the scope, we’ll have to pull up the surveillance.”

But the surveillance was not something that could be viewed whenever he wanted to. If it was in the past, it wouldn’t be difficult for Luo Wenhao to go to the Public Security Bureau to get the surveillance videos, but now it was a troubled time. The Luo family had offended the Lu family, and there were a group of people who were jealous of the Luo family and were making little moves here and there. Luo Wenhao glanced coldly and said, “Forget it, there’s no need to look.”

He sat down wearily on the sofa and rubbed his brow. He hadn’t slept properly for days because of the Luo family’s ships trespassing on the Lu family’s turf. Did Luo Wencheng think he was idle?

He had thought that the three years in prison were enough for his younger brother to learn his lesson. He didn’t expect him to still be so willful and ignorant. He was protecting him in his own way. Although he might be a little wronged temporarily, why didn’t he understand it was for his own good?

A hint of hostility flashed in Luo Wenhao’s eyes, “Keep an eye on Ershao’s former friends. Tell me as soon as you find him, but don’t alert him.”

Luo Wencheng was broke and didn’t have any skills, so where else could he go but to his former so-called friends? But he would soon learn that none of those friends could be trusted and that the world outside the ivory tower that his elder brother had prepared for him was cruel and dangerous.

A child, only when he has suffered enough will he know who is good for him.

When the assistant nodded in understanding, his mobile phone suddenly rang. He picked it up and listened to the few sentences attentively to say with joy: “Mr. Luo, the one from the Lu family might have come to Haining!”

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  1. Interesting I had never seen an MC having to pay for the use of his golden finger and apparently there is more to let go of his love and hope 😩

    Thanks for the chapters!! 🤗 🤗

    1. Oh yes, he thinks now he won’t have any love and hope, but won’t it be even more tragic if he does have them and will have to give them up?

  2. Mc got stomachache.
    I read that line and thought, “That was normal. He eats after starving for days, he got indigestion.
    Apparently that’s the price for using golden fingers.

    1. P/s: Good guy Luo Wenhao. Protecting mc in his own way = letting him rot in prison for three years + letting his little brother torturing mc for years.

      1. He probably wanted to be the hero saving the beauty. But he thought the beauty should suffer more to appreciate saving, and then some more, and some more… in the end he forgot about saving and just enjoyed watching the MC’s suffering.

  3. *sigh* I had a little hope in LWH and think maybe LWJ playing trick that made LWH didn’t know that A Cheng had been tortured. But it seems that A Cheng is right, LWH didn’t help A Cheng for the sake of A Cheng but he do that to make the image of good elder brother he wants to uphold more perfect.

    1. Luo Wenhao is a really rotten guy. I don’t want to go into details to avoid spoilers, but how could he not know? Saying “I didn’t know” is the weakest and most hypocritical excuse.

  4. That older bro really didn’t know that his “new” younger bro is doing bad things to our mc? He said he cared about his younger bro but he didn’t know what he endured in life. 🙄

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