Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 1

“Get out! Take the money and get the hell out of here! There is no member like you in my Luo family!”

“Second Brother, Daddy hasn’t closed his eyes for days because of the family’s business. Try to be considerate of him and stop making trouble.”

“Young Master Wencheng, please leave now or I’ll call the police!”

All sorts of voices mingled together, and Luo Wencheng seemed to be dazed by the sounds of cursing and beating. Then the next moment he saw a shadow hurtling towards him. His body instinctively dodged; he ended up missing a step and fell down the stairs, unable to recover from the fall for a long time.

Pain was slowly coming from all parts of his body, especially the back of his head that must have hit something and hurt as if it was going to crack.

How could he still feel pain when he was already dead?

Yes, after he died, a cold voice came out of nowhere, saying it could bring him back to life…

His vision gradually cleared and he could see where he was.

In the European-style villa, he lay on the floor in front of the black marble stairs of five or six steps, from which he had fallen just now.

He touched the back of his head in pain and felt a large bump. He took a glance at himself silently. His body was scrawny, his skin was sallow and dull, and he was wearing a yellowed wrinkled suit, like a migrant worker who had stolen a young master’s clothes.

He had been born into the Luo family, the richest family in Haining, and had never lacked food or clothing since he was a child. Every season there would be one or two high-end suits, and although he was uneducated and ignorant, he was good-looking and had a good figure. So when he put on a suit and slicked his hair with hair oil, he would look like an elegant young gentleman. He had never been dressed so poorly.

Only once, just after his release from three years in prison, did he put on the Armani suit that his elder brother had prepared for him before the trial and that was kept in the prison storage room for three years, trying his best to look as smart as before, and then rushed back to the Luo family’s house, full of anxiety and eagerness.

However, it was not the warm welcome and affection of his loved ones that awaited him; he could not even enter the living room and was kicked out like a stray dog.

There was no doubt that he was reborn; the voice had not lied to him.

Luo Wencheng raised his eyes and saw Luo Kaifang who was glaring at him angrily, rubbing the left side of his chest. Next moment Luo Kaifang reached out and grabbed a pot of moth orchids on a white faux European-style pillar and slammed it at Luo Wencheng: “Get out of my sight! You bastard! Bearer of back luck! How dare you come back!”

Luo Wencheng subconsciously ducked his head, but the flower pot still brushed against his brow, and his skin immediately turned red, oozing a few drops of blood.

The flower pot shattered, splattering the dirt on Luo Wencheng.

Luo Wencheng glanced at it, pursed his lips and rose from the floor in silence.

The person supporting Luo Kaifang was a very beautiful young man, whose face Luo Wencheng would never forget even if he died again. The young man stroked Luo Kaifang’s chest gently, his pretty face looking like he was about to cry. He said anxiously, “Daddy, take it easy, the doctor said you can’t get excited.”

The young man, also known as Luo Wenjun, turned his head to look at Luo Wencheng pleadingly, his big eyes filled with tears, “Second Brother, please stop making Daddy angry, I’m begging you to leave first, okay? I really don’t want to steal anything from you at all. As long as you’re willing to leave, I’ll give you back your status as Luo Ershao (second young master) immediately.”

“Nonsense!” Luo Kaifang said impatiently, “Xiao Jun, you are my son, the youngest master of the Luo family will always be you. We don’t let any cat and dog enter our Luo family just because they wish to!”

He looked at Luo Wencheng with an icy gaze filled with disgust.

He seemed to have forgotten that this “cat and dog” had spent eighteen years fair and square in the Luo family and had been indulged by him infinitely, even if much of that indulgence had been for the sake of raising a son that would not threaten his beloved eldest son. But they had been father and son for eighteen years at least.

Luo Wencheng’s gaze was devoid of any emotion as he looked down and gently patted the dirt off his body, frowning slightly. He was so thin that the suit that was supposed to fit him well seemed empty. After three years in prison, although he hadn’t eaten enough, he still grew taller, so the trouser legs were naturally too short. He didn’t need to look in the mirror; he knew how strange his image was at this time.

Luo Wenhao, who had been standing not too far away, watching the drama with an inscrutable expression, finally spoke up: “Father, don’t be angry, I’ll take him away.”

He walked up to Luo Wencheng’s side. In his black striped suit and immaculate leather shoes, he had an elite aura about him. Standing next to Luo Wencheng, he was tall, handsome and noble as if he were from another world. He gave Luo Wencheng a condescending look and there was no warmth in his voice, “Follow me.”

With that, he turned around and walked ahead out of the house.

Luo Wencheng didn’t follow immediately. He looked down and searched around, and just as he remembered, he did see a white paper bag that had been thrown not far away. There were two small walnuts carved out of wood that had fallen out of the bag.

He walked over and picked them up, blew on the wood carvings and put them carefully into the bag. He had brought them here and naturally wanted to take them away. Then he walked out of the Luo family’s house, carrying the bag. He didn’t look at Luo Kaifang or Luo Wenjun again.

Luo Wenhao’s long, narrow eyes flashed with surprise under the lenses of his glasses. He opened the door of the passenger seat: “Come in, you can’t get a taxi here. I’ll give you a lift.”

Luo Wencheng sat in without saying a word. Luo Wenhao was even more puzzled. The young man in front of him seemed to have become a different person all of a sudden. Was he that disheartened because he had been kicked out and insulted?

He walked to the other side and got into the car, fastened his seatbelt and said while starting the car, “Father is angry not only because of you. There is some trouble with the company, he’s been upset for many days. Don’t come back for a while. I have an apartment that happens to be vacant, you can stay there for the time being. We can discuss the future plans later.”

Luo Wencheng seemed to be listening absent-mindedly, looking at the scenery outside. The twilight was gradually setting in. This place was near the mountains; beyond the rising hills was the wilderness, a vast and distant landscape passing before his amber eyes. He had forgotten how long it had been since he had taken a quiet look at the world like this. It was good to be alive.

He closed his eyes and gently inhaled the cold air pouring in from the window.

Luo Wenhao glanced at him again and looked at the bag he was holding. “Is that a gift for Father and me? Give it to me.”

He reached over to take it, but Luo Wencheng pulled the bag closer to his side in a gesture of rejection.

Luo Wenhao narrowed his eyes and didn’t say anything else. He drove all the way to the city silently. Unexpectedly, there seemed to be a car accident on the road ahead. The road conditions were very poor; the car was stuck and couldn’t move for a long time. Luo Wenhao felt a little irritable while waiting. Luo Wencheng suddenly said, “Let me out.”

His voice was hoarse; Luo Wenhao looked at him, “I will take you there, you don’t know the way.”

Luo Wencheng looked ahead at the flashing police lights, “Why bother, you don’t need to worry about me at all.”

Luo Wenhao said, “To me, you will always be a member of the Luo family. I won’t abandon you.”

The corner of Luo Wencheng’s mouth curled in a sneer. He had heard this sentence three years ago before his trial. Luo Wenhao had brought him a suit, put a tie on him, dressed him up like a real gentleman and then told him, “Even if you don’t have the blood of the Luo family in your veins, you will always be a member of the Luo family. Hold your head high. You have grown up, don’t lose face of the Luo family. “

He then added, “Trust me, be good. Big Brother will get you out.”

Because of these words, Luo Wencheng was calm during the trial. Even when the verdict was announced, he held back and remained silent. He gave up his only chance to change his fate and pinned all his hopes on Luo Wenhao. Unfortunately it turned out that everything was just a magic potion that his good big brother had poured into him to keep him at bay.

Luo Wenhao’s phone suddenly rang and he picked it up. Luo Wencheng could faintly hear Luo Wenjun’s voice coming from the other side of the phone. Luo Wenhao had a slightly impatient expression on his face as he said to Luo Wencheng, “I’m getting out of the car to take a call, you stay in the car.”

Luo Wencheng looked at his back as he walked to the side of the road. His amber eyes were as cold and quiet as stagnant water at night.

Luo Wenhao… Luo Wencheng really didn’t understand what he was thinking.

Ever since he was a child, Luo Wenhao had always loved him; but he also watched indifferently as Luo Kaifang raised him as a waste. He seemed to dislike Luo Wenjun and only acknowledged Luo Wencheng as his younger brother, but he had been willing to cheat Luo Wencheng into prison and ignore him for three years. He had watched Luo Kaifang scold him and kick him out, but he gave him a place to live afterwards. Then, for years, he let Luo Wenjun persecute him until he had been tortured to death.

Why did he give him hope when he had already given up on him? If he was willing to care for him, why did he refuse to pay more attention?

Luo Wencheng remembered very clearly that in his previous life, Luo Wenhao had taken him to that apartment and left, and as soon as he left Luo Wenjun arrived, and the “friends” he had brought with him had beaten him into a coma. When Luo Wencheng woke up again, he was under a flyover ten kilometres away, nearly naked.

Luo Wencheng’s eyes were cold. He would never give these people the chance to insult and hurt him again in his life.

He put his hand on the car door, chose the moment when Luo Wenhao didn’t look, opened the door with a click and then quickly got out, bowing down and taking advantage of the darkness to disappear in the caravan of cars.

Luo Wenhao happened to turn in that direction and saw him out of the corner of his eye. His face changed: “Luo Wencheng!”

Luo Wencheng suddenly accelerated his speed, not bothering to cover his tracks, and ran as fast as he could. The traffic was chaotic and it was dark; he swerved left and right among the cars and soon vanished out of sight. At first, he heard Luo Wenhao chasing a few steps behind, but after a while he looked back and couldn’t see Luo Wenhao anymore.

Luo Wencheng was panting. He didn’t know how far he had run, but when he saw a flyover, he climbed on it and looked down, relieved that he didn’t see anyone coming after him. Then he had to laugh at himself. Luo Wenhao wanted to play the role of a good big brother and give him a place to stay; but could he chase him all over the street without regard for his image?

It took him a long time to calm down. His throat was parched, his stomach cramped from hunger, and he was shivering when the sweat on his body was drying in the cold wind.

He curled up next to a trash can and silently pondered what to do now.

The immediate priority was to fill his stomach and find a place to stay, yet he was penniless.

He looked at the openwork fence of the flyover behind him. Not far away, the lights were shining and the sirens were blaring. It was actually the scene of a car accident. A car was crushed under the chassis of a large truck, deformed beyond recognition. Rescuers were carrying bloodied bodies from inside.

Luo Wencheng suddenly felt something was wrong. There were so many onlookers below, but why was it so quiet on this flyover?

“…I have seen the gift Mr. Chen gave me, but it’s a bit too gruesome, I really don’t like it. I have always been a man of principle. Whoever owes me a debt, I’ll only collect my due. Your son hurt one of my eyes, I’ll settle for a pair of his, it’s fair enough. As for the accomplice, I don’t care.“

The sound of leather shoes snapping on the ground approached. A low magnetic voice had such a nice sound but carried a cold and merciless killing aura, clear and sharp against the noisy background below.

Luo Wencheng stiffened slightly and quietly poked out his head, only to see a tall, slender figure walking slowly from the other side of the flyover. In the light from below, the man seemed to be surrounded by a golden halo, dazzling. He was talking on his mobile phone and his palm inevitably blocked a part of his face, revealing the sharp lines of his chiselled features. Luo Wencheng saw him glance carelessly at the scene of the car accident below. In his gaze watching the tragic and bloody picture below there was no trace of compassion, indifferent to the extreme.

The man’s tone of voice was gentle and contained the power that no one would dare ignore: “Since Mr. Chen is so idle that he could plan such a good show thousands of miles away, it is better to spend more time educating your son. Next time, he will lose more than just his eyes. It’s as simple as that.”

Luo Wencheng’s pupils shrank. He… seemed to have stumbled upon an incredible occasion.

He huddled there motionless, hoping for the other party not to notice him, but as the footsteps drew nearer, so did the dangerously oppressive aura.

The sound of footsteps stopped abruptly.

Not far away.

Luo Wencheng’s heart was pounding, and after a few moments of enduring, he peeked over the trash can and stared cautiously.

Just to meet the other party’s gaze.

There was no emotion in it, no joy and no anger, nothing but a quiet, heavy sense of oppression. 

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