Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 59

Xie Qiu and Wei Zhao talked, and Wei Chongrong listened silently, never interrupting. It was just that when he heard that the wind in Yujing had changed, he couldn’t help but feel his heart thud, and a faint sense of premonition emerged.

All along, Wei Chongrong regarded the Eastern Palace and Wang Qin’s residence as one, united in glory and defeat. Nowadays, the witchcraft incident had been eliminated before it happened, and the battle against Fuyu had also achieved a decisive victory. As long as nothing else happened, in another three or four years Wei Ming would be able to ascend to the throne smoothly. How could Wei Chongrong have imagined that with those misfortunes left in the past, the one in the most uncertain position would be Wei Zhao, the man who had changed everything?

Since ancient times it was common for those in power to be suspicious. Wei Su was a typical example. And what about Wei Ming? How would he view Wei Zhao?

The restoration of Youzhou was nothing. Li Kang had done it ten years ago. Even earlier, Ji Qing, Jun Lin and others had recovered the lost lands of Shuozhou, Yanzhou and other places for the Great Yan. Wei Zhao’s greatest achievement was in creating Lingzhou.

Even if Wei Ming was open-minded and didn’t care about Wei Zhao’s unparalleled achievements, what about the people around him, what would they think? There was also the emperor. The two sons from the empress, one inside and one outside, held governing power and military power respectively. Would he feel insecure?

In front of Xie Qiu, Wei Chongrong didn’t say a word. Later, when he returned to the original royal palace converted into the governor’s residence, he voiced his doubts to Wei Zhao. He was also very curious about what Wei Zhao thought about the throne.

After listening to his son’s words, Wei Zhao was taken aback. After a while, he smiled and asked, “Rong’er, how come you have such an idea? Or rather, where do you see that I have an intention for that position?”

Wei Chongrong shook his head and said in a low voice, “Daddy, I don’t think you want to fight with Uncle, but I’m afraid… some people will think so.” In his previous life, the Crown Prince’s fate was such a tragedy: Wei Ming never wanted to harm the emperor, but the emperor thought he had harmed him.

It didn’t matter if Wei Zhao wanted to replace the Eastern Palace. What mattered was whether the emperor thought he had such an idea, and whether the Crown Prince thought he had such an idea. Once one person’s answer was “yes”, the calm situation would become tumultuous.

Wei Zhao was silent and didn’t speak for a long time. He suddenly realised that his son’s thoughts were correct. If he and the Crown Prince didn’t get along, it would give people an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. But if he and the Crown Prince were too close, the emperor wouldn’t feel comfortable when he saw it.

After a long time, Wei Zhao stretched out his hand and rubbed his son’s head, saying solemnly, “Don’t worry, I will take care of this matter.”

Wei Chongrong saw that Wei Zhao’s expression was quite sure, and he didn’t ask anything else. After all, they still had more than half a year to return to the capital, and up to now, the Crown Prince Uncle still cared about them, father and son, no different from the past.

Starting from the 29th year of Yongjia, when Ji Yu had given his life to recover Ulan and Baicheng, it took a full twenty-one years for the Great Yan to recover Youzhou. It took less than three months to establish Lingzhou, which was incredibly fast.

However, Wei Zhao knew very well in his heart that it was one thing to lay down Lingzhou, and it was another to truly achieve the unity of people’s hearts. The current situation in Lingzhou seemed calm, but it was his thunderbolt tactics that had a deterrent effect. Beneath the surface, there were still dark undercurrents.

Wei Zhao never intended to indoctrinate the remaining Fuyu people so that they would feel from the bottom of their hearts that they were the Great Yan’s subjects. He simply treated them in a gentler way than the original Fuyu nobles, giving them fields to cultivate and letting them have no worries about food and clothing.

At the same time, Wei Su moved people from the neighbouring counties and even the central parts of the country to the area in large numbers and encouraged marriage with locals. Two or three generations later this land would be truly branded with the brand of the Great Yan and become an integral part of it from then on.

Before he knew it, it was six months since Wei Chongrong returned to Qingjia. The first snowfall in the north came just after the ninth month, giving the newcomers a big shock. Wei Chongrong was born in Qingjia and had lived here for more than ten years in his previous life, so he was very accustomed to the cold climate, and often dragged Tuoba Xianhan to build a snowman, have a snowball fight or something, and play crazy. He also took off his clothes and went for a winter swim in the river. The people around him were stunned. Was he really not cold? It was truly scary.

Unfortunately, Wei Chongrong’s good mood didn’t last long, because Wei Zhao was sick, and very seriously sick.

Military doctors were definitely necessary for the battlefield, but what they were good at were traumatic injuries. They were helpless against Wei Zhao’s fever.

Seeing that Wei Zhao was burning more and more severely, Wei Chongrong scratched his ears and head in worry. He even sent someone to ask Shangguan Yuan if he had studied medicine with his father, and the answer was negative. Suddenly, Wei Chongrong had a flash of inspiration, thinking of someone. He hurriedly ordered Tuoba Xianhan to find that person.

Wei Zhao was awake at that time, lying on the kang wrapped in a thick quilt, looking very tired. Seeing Wei Chongrong jumping up and down, restless, he couldn’t help but whisper: “Rong’er, don’t jump, my eyes are blurry, come and sit down for a while.”

Wang Qin gave an order, how could Wei Chongrong dare not follow it? He ran over and sat down by the kang. He first touched Wei Zhao’s forehead, and then asked softly: “Daddy, do you feel better? I think it’s not so hot anymore?”

Wei Zhao sighed and said with a wry smile: “You check it ten times in an hour, can you distinguish it?”

“Yes, I can.” Wei Chongrong nodded again and again, and then complained: “I said a long time ago that we should go back to Yujing early, but Daddy just didn’t listen…” The winter in Lingzhou was really too cold, and Wei Zhao’s repeatedly traumatised body was obviously unable to withstand it.

Wei Zhao opened his mouth to speak when Tuoba Xianhan called from outside, saying that he had found the shaman doctor Wei Chongrong asked him to find.

Wei Chongrong jumped off the kang with excitement and hurriedly said, “Xianhan, bring him in quickly.” He realised that the old shaman doctor’s medical skills were no less than those of the imperial doctors in the Imperial Hospital.

The shaman doctor followed Tuoba Xianhan into the inner room. His expression was neither humble nor overbearing, and the look he gave Wei Zhao was calm, without the slightest hint of resentment.

“Greetings to Wang Qin, greeting to the little prince.” The shaman doctor bowed and saluted Wei Zhuo and Wei Chongrong.

Wei Chongrong reached out to help him up and made a gesture of invitation, “Doctor Yilou, this way please.” It was only a short while ago that he learned that the old doctor who had delivered him personally and saved him and Wei Zhao on more than one occasion had the surname Yilou and the name Sheng.

The shaman doctor glanced at Wei Chongrong, walked silently to the kang and reached out to check Wei Zhao’s pulse. Wei Chongrong stared at his expression, afraid of seeing any bad signs. However, the shaman doctor’s expression was so calm that he couldn’t tell what was going on.

Not long after, the shaman doctor stood up and cupped his fist: “The little prince doesn’t need to worry, the prince just caught a wind chill, it’s not a big deal. I will prescribe a medicine, drink two doses of it and he will be fine. It’s just…”

“Just what? Finish speaking!” Wei Chongrong asked anxiously. He knew that the main point was to follow that “it’s just…” If it was a little wind chill, the military doctors wouldn’t be so helpless. There must be other reasons.

The shaman doctor focused and said solemnly: “The prince’s foundation is damaged. Although he carefully recuperated, he is not as healthy as ordinary people, and he has used too many good medicines. Ordinary medicines are no longer effective for him, so his recovery will be very slow, and…”

“And what? You want to worry me to death, don’t you?” Wei Chongrong was speechless about Dr. Yilou’s temperament.

The shaman doctor turned his head to look at Wei Zhao, and seeing him looking sideways at him, he slowly said, “I suggest the prince return to the south as soon as possible. Spending the winter in Qingjia is extremely detrimental to your body. If you get two more wind chills, there is nothing I can do.”

After listening to the shaman doctor’s words, Wei Zhao was silent and waved his hand after a long time, motioning him to go and prescribe the decoction first.

Tuoba Xianhan followed the shaman doctor out of the door; Wei Chongrong returned to the kang and sat down, pleading: “Daddy, you have heard it all, don’t be stubborn anymore, shall we go back to Yujing? I don’t like seeing you sick, I don’t like it at all…”

Wei Zhao frowned deeply and didn’t say anything. He had a good idea of how his own health was, but he still had so many things left to do. Unless there was a suitable replacement, he wasn’t willing to lose all his work if he left now.

Seeing that Wei Zhao refused to answer, Wei Chongrong gently pounced on him and said in a coquettish tone: “It’s only the tenth month now, and your body can’t stand it anymore. If it gets colder, what will you do? Daddy, you don’t want to leave me alone, do you?”

Wei Zhao put his hand on his son’s back, stroked him gently and sighed helplessly: “Rong’er, let me think about it again.”

Yilou Sheng did have skills, and after drinking the medicine he prescribed, Wei Zhao’s temperature slowly dropped.

Wei Chongrong was afraid that he wasn’t strong enough to convince Wei Zhao, so he deliberately asked for two helpers. With Huo Qingyang and Xie Qiu patting their chests in reassurance, Wei Zhao finally sent Wei Su a memorial, asking to return to the capital early.

With Shangguan Xiang and Duanmu Hui’s words about Wei Zhao still ringing in his ears, there was no reason for Wei Su not to allow it, and he immediately approved the memorial. He was getting old, and he, the white-haired person, had buried too many black-haired people. He didn’t want to see any more accidents happen.

Of the 100,000 men who had marched to Fuyu at the beginning, those who should have gone back had already been brought back when Ji Xin returned to Yujing, and the rest were to be stationed in Lingzhou for a long time. Therefore, when Wei Zhao returned to Yujing, he wouldn’t take a large army with him, but would travel light with three hundred personal soldiers escorting him.

After Wei Zhao left, the troops left behind were at the command of Huo Qingyang. Anyway, back then, when he took over Qingjia City, Wei Zhao rewarded him for his merits and made him Hou Wu’an, so his qualifications were definitely sufficient and he wouldn’t be criticised.

Thinking of the impending separation, Huo Qingyang sulked for days on end, trying to stick to Wei Zhao’s side in every way possible.

Seeing this situation, Wei Chongrong not only found it funny, but also felt an inexplicable sense of crisis. However, thinking that Huo Qingyang might not be able to return to the capital for four or five years as Lingzhou was being developed, he was generous enough to forgive him and lend Wei Zhao to him for the time being.

Although Huo Qingyang couldn’t go back to Yujing, he asked Wei Zhao to take two people with him. One was his long-lost sister Huo Qingyue, and the other was his seven-year-old niece Huo Yingying.

Huo Yingying originally had a Fuyu name. After Huo Qingyang found the mother and daughter, he discarded her original name and asked Wei Zhao to give her another one. Her surname was Huo and she was called Yingying, which referred to the purity of jade(1).

Huo Yingying was a quiet girl. Wei Chongrong never heard her say a word in the six months he spent with her. Of course, they didn’t have many opportunities to interact with each other, they only met two or three times a month.

It was Tuoba Xianhan who took care of Huo Yingying and her mother because of the same painful past and sympathy for each other. Wei Chongrong once asked Tuoba Xianhan if he wanted to change his surname to his mother’s, just like Huo Yingying. Tuoba Xianhan thought for a while, shook his head and said that it wasn’t necessary.

At the end of the tenth month, Wei Zhao and his party set off for Yujing. Although Huo Qingyue and Huo Yingying were added to the group, both mother and daughter were excellent riders, each riding a horse and completely keeping up with the group’s progress, very impressive.

Passing through Qingzhou, Wei Zhao and others encountered a little trouble when someone tried to assassinate them. However, the number and strength of the assassins were very limited, and Wei Chongrong was still thinking about whether to rush up to have fun in the melee when all the assassins had already been dealt with.

“Your Highness, there is no mark on the assassins’ bodies, so it’s impossible to say their origin. The two captured alive… both took poison and killed themselves…” An assassination attempt was a very irritating thing, and it was even more unpleasant if there were no clues. It was no wonder that the soldiers who came to report were unhappy.

Wei Zhao waved his hand and said calmly: “They’ve come prepared. You don’t have to worry, just strengthen your vigilance in the future.”

The soldiers took their orders and went away. Wei Chongrong frowned and said, “Daddy, what happened today is a bit weird.” The strength of the assassins was too weak, which made people doubt their intentions, and it was strange for them to rush to their deaths like this.

Wei Zhao snorted coldly and said with sarcasm: “Actually, it’s nothing, it’s just that some people want to take advantage of the situation.”

Wei Chongrong frowned even more and said curiously: “Daddy, do you know who sent the assassins?”

“I don’t know.” Wei Zhao shook his head and sneered: “But I know what the purpose of doing so is.”

Wei Chongrong took a long breath and his forehead smoothened. He only hoped that the Crown Prince Uncle would be as level-headed as his father.

Perhaps someone knew that Wei Zhao had become wary, so the journey afterwards was extremely smooth, and no more unscrupulous people dared to trouble them.

Although Ji Xin had already enjoyed a welcome from the Crown Prince when he returned to the court, when Wei Zhao arrived at the capital this time, Wei Ming still travelled thirty li out of the city to welcome him in person. Wei Ming didn’t come alone, he had brought his three sons with him.

When Wei Chongrong heard the news, a big stone fell from his heart. Regardless of what the Crown Prince Uncle had in mind, the fact that he could make such a gesture was the most powerful retort to those who had used Wei Zhao’s military success to provoke trouble in their brotherly relationship.

“Younger Brother pays respects to His Highness the Crown Prince, eternal happiness to His Highness.” Wei Zhao dismounted, bowed his head and knelt.

Wei Ming stretched out his hand to help Wei Zhao up and said loudly: “You are my brother, why be so polite?”

Wei Zhao got up, smiled and said, “The ceremony must not be abolished, Imperial Brother.”

Wei Ming didn’t care, stared at his face for a moment, and sighed: “So dark, so thin…”

The brothers were busy catching up, and Wei Xuan, Wei Chongrong and others had to salute each other, otherwise they couldn’t speak.

Among Wei Ming’s three sons, Wei Chongrong’s favourite was Wei Xuan, and he immediately congratulated him: “Congratulations, Big Brother, on having a daughter. When can I see my little niece?” The scourge of witchcraft didn’t happen, and this little girl was blessed.

Wei Xuan was a father for the first time, and he smiled when he mentioned his daughter: “You get the news quite fast, did Ah Qiu tell you?”

Wei Chongrong grinned cheekily but didn’t say anything. He didn’t dare to say that he said it after calculating that it was the right time.

Wei Lan stood next to Wei Xuan, his expression habitually arrogant and contemptuous. Wei Chongrong wasn’t surprised when he saw it, so he didn’t pay attention to him at all.

On the contrary, Wei Mao was quite excited when he saw Wei Chongrong: “Rongrong, I have read the war report, you are amazing!”

Wei Chongrong was inexplicably frightened and took a step back. What did Wei Mao mean? Did he take the wrong medicine?

  1. Literally, “lustre of gems”, the word used to describe bright, shiny objects

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